15 Rumored WWE Spoilers Expected To Take Place In 2017

One wouldn’t need to search far and wide to find exciting, if not always logical, World Wrestling Entertainment rumors and whispers via social media platforms or websites. It's often joked among respected journalists that things change and change quickly in the WWE Universe, particularly as it pertains to storylines that are important in the eyes of company czar Vince McMahon. That is one reason why fans should only put so much stock in any rumors he or she finds. After all, something major such as an injury to a main-event worker, or something as silly as an argument on a bus or backstage, could lead to storylines changing and a wrestler being added or removed from a feud faster than any of us could possibly imagine.

A plethora of interesting rumored WWE spoilers expected to occur between the posting of this piece and the end of 2017 are swirling around heading into the final week of July 2017. Some involve the upcoming SummerSlam 2017 show, while others are about the NXT brand. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that several of the rumored spoilers for the remainder of 2017 have to do with either current or former mixed martial arts stars who have links with the WWE for one reason or another. Is it possible the Ultimate Fighting Championship and WWE will continue to have a working agreement that involves additional crossovers before January 1, 2018? If such rumors prove to be accurate, the final five months of WWE programming should be fascinating even for casual followers of the product.

15 The Revival Will Win Gold

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It was widely believed the WWE, specifically Triple H, was high on The Revival when the company moved the duo of Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson from NXT to the main roster in the spring of 2017. Any push planned for the team had to be delayed after Wilder suffered a legitimate jaw injury, however, but the Revival are now back in action during the summer months.

The rumored spoiler here is that The Revival are set to win the Tag Team Titles at some point in 2017, perhaps after a feud with Matt and Jeff Hardy. While The Revival are a solid throwback to classic tag teams from the 1980s, they also do well to generate heat among in-person audiences who often cheer for heels. We look forward to seeing the “Top Guys” carry gold on editions of Raw.

14 Mojo Rawley Will Turn Heel

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This one is likely not even a little surprising to fans who follow the WWE and SmackDown Live on a weekly basis. In fact, the WWE even teased in early July Rawley had actually already turned heel on tag-team partner Zack Ryder after he eliminated his “Hype Bro” from a battle royal during a SmackDown show.

Those two apparently made up via social media, and they’ve also been shown talking with each other on programs. Still, it seems as if it is only a matter of time before we'll see the official heel turn from Rawley heading into a feud involving the former partners. Here’s to hoping the WWE doesn’t try to swerve fans and turn Ryder heel, as we have little confidence the company would properly execute that story.

13 Saturday Night’s Main Event Will Return

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This, technically, isn’t a rumored WWE spoiler as it pertains to the roster or to on-air storylines, but it's nevertheless interesting. As was explained by a post on CagesideSeats, the WWE and NBC have discussed bringing back Saturday Night’s Main Event at some point down the road.

If this is set to occur in 2017, it seems logical the two sides would agree for the show to take place in either November or December since it is, on paper, far too late to produce such a program to air before SummerSlam. Perhaps the WWE could utilize this time slot for a Tribute to the Troops show, or maybe an 11:30 pm ET program could be used to promote the 2018 Royal Rumble.

12 Nikki Bella Return

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This is another rumored WWE spoiler that shouldn’t surprise many out there. While Nikki Bella is legitimately sidelined because of a neck injury following her getting engaged to John Cena at WrestleMania 33, that in-ring slice of reality was never meant to be any sort of retirement for the former Divas Champion.

The Women’s Divisions on both Raw and SmackDown could use an injection of life, and it’s been rumored throughout July that Bella could serve as such a spark and make a return at SummerSlam. History shows the WWE hasn’t always been keen on using those big annual shows for debuts and returns, however, so it may make more sense for Bella to reestablish herself on the main roster on either the Raw or SmackDown following SummerSlam. Brie is also slated to return at some point, it'll be interesting to see which Bella return first. 

11 Adam Cole Debut

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Just about everybody from Bryan Alvarez to Dave Meltzer to even “Good Ol’ J.R.” Jim Ross has talked about Adam Cole making his debut in WWE in 2017. While we have yet to see Cole on NXT, Raw or SmackDown as of late July, it’s maybe the worst-kept secret in wrestling that he will be joining WWE on a full-time basis sooner rather than later. Heck, the Young Bucks even killed his character on their YouTube Show!

All that’s left to be determined, as far as we know, is if Cole will be allowed to skip NXT and go to the main roster as did A.J. Styles. The rumor, as of the summer, is that Cole will appear on NXT in 2017, but that could change depending on several factors.

10 Cris Cyborg On WWE TV

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There is often at least a little fire wherever there is smoke, and smoke regarding this potential rumored WWE spoiler has been billowing all because of Twitter. Current UFC fighter Cris Cyborg has taken to Twitter to feud with Becky Lynch as of late, and WWE.com even picked up the story and made it seem as if the two could have a showdown as soon as at this year’s SummerSlam.

With the Mae Young Classic set to be revealed on the WWE Network, and also other MMA personalities already having ties with the company (more on that later), it wouldn’t be shocking to see Cyborg appear inside a WWE ring for even a segment. Rumor is Cyborg working with WWE could be part of an agreement involving Brock Lesnar performing for both companies.

9 Jinder Mahal Vs. John Cena

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The WWE is nothing if not predictable, which is why one cannot help but roll his or her eyes upon seeing this rumor pop up in July 2017. Expectations are that Mahal will retain the WWE Championship up through at least August, and that he will continue to play a foreign heel to American audiences.

Logic suggests only one person can stop Mahal, and that is none other than All-American hero John Cena. There were actually rumors this past June that Cena could return to SmackDown to topple Mahal on July 4th, but that obviously didn’t take place for whatever reasons. Cena versus Mahal is apparently a feud that will play out in 2017, and rumor is the leader of the "CeNation" could be the man who ends Mahal’s push.

8 Chad Gable Turning Heel

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Any hopes one may have had about the WWE possibly giving American Alpha a push in the Tag Team Division were dashed in July when the company introduced the storyline that Jason Jordan is the son of Raw General Manager Kurt Angle. While opinions on this direction have varied among fans and analysts, nobody can deny this decision left Chad Gable, Jordan’s partner, somewhat hung out to dry.

The WWE appeared to tap into that emotion during a segment of SmackDown when Gable had a slightly more-heelish persona while being interviewed. Bryan Alvarez of the F4WOnline and the Wrestling Observer Live radio program later hinted he believes Gable will have a run as a heel in 2017. Gable could potentially turn as quickly as the final SmackDown of July or during the fall.

7 reDRagon In NXT

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Depending on when you read this piece, you may find more than one spoiler here. The tag team of Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish, better known on the independent scene as reDRagon, has already officially debuted in NXT but as singles wrestlers. Ironically, both men lost their debut matches in NXT to Aleister Black.

The rumored spoiler regarding these two is that there actually is no irony both took an “L” to the same opponent, and that they will eventually recognize they are better together than on their own. In fact, there are even rumors reDRagon could receive such a big push as a team that they could serve as the duo that finally defeats the Authors of Pain for the NXT Titles before A.O.P. are added to the main roster. Whether or not that will happen before 2017 ends is unknown.

6 Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen

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The old adage has existed for years that nothing that occurs at a WWE show while cameras are rolling happens by accident. That’s only one reason why so many fans were hyped to see Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Bayley, three of that company’s Four Horsewomen, get into a stare-down with Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke during the Mae Young Classic.

The Four Horsewomen of MMA may not necessarily take on the WWE’s Four Horsewomen (with Sasha Banks serving as the fourth competitor of that faction) at an event in 2017, but the rumor is that something will be teased for a future encounter involving, at the very least, Rousey and Baszler. It's widely believed Baszler will receive a WWE deal once the conclusion of the Mae Young Classic airs on the WWE Network.

5 Matt & Jeff Hardy Will Be BROKEN

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If you’re anything like us, you’re struggling to keep up with the latest rumors and potential spoilers regarding this matter. Matt and Jeff Hardy made headlines throughout the wrestling world last year playing their “BROKEN” characters in Impact Wrestling, and the WWE has repeatedly teased that both “Broken Matt” and “Brother Nero” will be reborn on the main roster before 2017 comes to an end. The latest rumor is that Anthem Sports & Entertainment, the company in control of Impact and the legal holders to the gimmick, possesses the foundation of an agreement that would transfer the characters back to the Hardys, and also that all parties have signed off on the deal. Assuming all of that is accurate, you’ll see the Broken Hardys on Raw in 2017. It is not yet known if they will feud with each other or if they will play their broken personas as a unified duo.

4 Drew McIntyre NXT Champion

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This may not be as much of a spoiler as it is the inevitable conclusion to solid and logical storytelling. Almost immediately after Drew McIntyre was reintroduced to WWE audiences as a member of the NXT roster, it was rumored that the was going to be positioned as that brand’s top babyface and as the man who would take the title from Bobby Roode.

Once Roode successfully defended the championship versus Roderick Strong and McIntyre won the right to become number one contender for that belt, a future title switch became seemingly inevitable. McIntyre may not necessarily get the job done and beat Roode at the NXT Takeover: Brooklyn show if the company wants to extend this feud, but expect to see McIntyre eventually win the title in 2017.

3 Brock Lesnar to Drop Universal Championship at SummerSlam

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The combat sports world was turned upside down in July when numerous reporters leaked rumors that Brock Lesnar was interested in making a return to the UFC for at least one more fight, a bout that could occur in late December of this year. That could be reason enough for the WWE to accelerate at least one storyline and have Lesnar drop the Universal Championship to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam en route to Lesnar seeing what’s available in the UFC.

Having Lesnar lose in August could set him up for a return to WWE programming during the 2018 WrestleMania season, it would allow him to focus on a UFC opponent if he signs a deal this coming fall and it would kick-start the next rumored spoiler spotlighted in this piece.

2 Roman Reigns Vs. Bray Wyatt Feud

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Roman Reigns is going to need something to do if he is, in fact, the man picked to defeat Brock Lesnar and carry the Universal Championship into the fall months. After all, the company cannot possibly expect fans to continue to care about him feuding with Braun Strowman.

The existing rumor, as of late July, is that the WWE wants to restart a feud between Reigns and Bray Wyatt, and that could be the reason for why Wyatt has actually been booked to be a strong heel as of late. Unfortunately, WWE has routinely gone hot and cold with the Wyatt character, so it shouldn’t surprise anybody if an existing plan for this feud is scrapped in the eleventh hour. We hope it isn’t, because we wouldn’t mind seeing Reigns and Wyatt feud over the title.

1 Asuka To Lose To Ember Moon

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We end the piece with a pair of potential spoilers for the price of one, because we aren’t quite sure which of the two rumors are more likely to play out over the remainder of 2017. The first, that Ember Moon will be the woman to defeat Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship at the NXT Takeover: Brooklyn event, is the most obvious because of storyline and also the reality that Asuka desperately needs to be called up to the main roster either one day or two after SummerSlam.

If WWE wants to surprise some fans and keep that title on Asuka, however, the possibility exists the company could have the winner of the Mae Young Classic beat Asuka before the “Empress of Tomorrow” joins either Raw or SmackDown. Which of those two rumors would you like to see become reality?

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