15 Saddest Lives After Professional Wrestling

Professional wrestling has to be one of the world's strangest professions. In one aspect, you have to be athletic and another you have to be a good actor. But you also have to have a look to you. Very few wrestlers are able to pull off all three. The physical and athletic side of wrestling takes a toll on wrestlers. Although the actions performed in the ring are choreographed, it's still a rough and painful living. Many people fail to leave the business without having an issue. The Rock is one of the few wrestlers you can say was very successful inside and outside a WWE ring. Triple H is another wrestler who had tremendous amounts of success inside the ring as well as outside. Wrestlers struggle to find things to do besides wrestle which is why some wrestlers hang on for so long. Painkillers were often used among wrestlers and that has been responsible for a decent amount of deaths in the wrestling business. It has also been responsible for wrestlers living poorly after leaving the business.

Here are the 15 saddest lives after leaving professional wrestling.

15 Test

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Test was a promising talent in the WWE during the beginning of the New Millennium. Test was the muscle for Vince McMahon's Corporation. From there, he transitioned to Stephanie McMahon's boyfriend, and then one half of T&A with Albert. From there, it was all downhill for Test. After the Invasion angle, Test floundered in WWE's mid-card until 2004 when he was released. In 2006, he was brought back as a member of the revived ECW and would be released after a Wellness violation. TNA brought him in for one PPV and Test retired from professional wrestling after a retirement tour in early 2009. A month later Test died after an overdose of oxycodone. It is believed that like many other retired wrestlers, Test suffered from CTE.

14 Perry Saturn

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Perry Saturn made himself known in ECW as one half of The Eliminators with John Kronus. In ECW, Saturn would win the tag titles three times before leaving his partner for WCW. In WCW he would be a member of Raven's Flock. He enjoyed minimal success in WCW and had a memorable feud with Chris Jericho. Saturn along with Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko left WCW for the WWE to form The Radicalz. Compared to the other three members, it worked out for Saturn the least. He was given a mop named Moppy and his professional wrestling career and his life has been downhill ever since. After performing in some indy shows, Saturn went missing for seven years and began wrestling again in 2011. He was homeless for a short time during that period. Recently, Saturn said he was at risk of being homeless again.

13 Lex Luger

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Lex Luger fit the stereotypical wrestling body to a tee. Luger was jacked from head-to-toe and some could say he was more jacked then his predecessors like Hulk Hogan. The difference between Luger and Hogan however was that Hogan was decent in the ring and Luger was not. He was given a major chance everywhere he went. From WCW to WWE, Luger was always in the running for a major world title run. Although he never won the title in WWE, he is a two-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately, Luger life after WWE has been far from good. He's been accused of being responsible for Miss Elizabeth's drug overdose. In 2007, he suffered a spinal infection that left him as a quadriplegic for a short while. Although he was able to get back some of his ability to walk, Luger's body is in horrible shape.

12 Chris Kanyon

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Chris Kanyon had a somewhat successful WCW career. He debuted under a mask as Mortis and teamed up Wrath. The two feuded against Glacier and The Kat in a feud that was supposed to resemble Mortal Kombat. Kanyon rebounded from this and became a member of the Jersey Triad with Bam Bam Bigelow and Diamond Dallas Page. They defended the WCW Tag Titles using the Freebird Rule. After the stable broke up, Kanyon floundered in the WCW mid-card. After WCW was bought by WWE, Kanyon won the WCW United States Title. He and DDP would win the WCW Tag Titles as well in the WWE. After his WWE run it was all down hill. Injuries caused him to get released but he claimed it was because he was gay. He began suffering from bipolar disorder and in 2010 he committed suicide. A bottle of antidepressants were found at his apartment.

11 Virgil

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Virgil may be best known for his life after the wrestling business and that shows how hard he had it after leaving the business. Many fans made fun of the fact that no one wanted to come to his booth at a convention. Virgil set up a GoFundMe page to help him become a millionaire. It is safe to say that he hasn't had the best life outside of the WWE. His professional wrestling career was highlighted by him being the manager for Ted DiBiase. When he finally turned on the Million Dollar Man, his WWE career suffered and became a jobber. He was picked up by WCW and renamed to Vincent, a play on Vince McMahon. Vincent mainly managed various members of the NWO and when he did wrestle he often lost. He wrestled rarely since leaving WCW and is now begging for money online.

10 Kamala

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Kamala the "Ugandan Giant" was a wrestler for the WWE in the '80s and '90s. He was a mobile big man and wrestled in between the high mid-card to main event scene for much of his WWE career. Although he didn't achieve much championship success in his professional wrestling career, he is a memorable figure for most wrestling fans. His final WWE feud came against the Undertaker and from that feud we had the first televised Casket Match. Undertaker obviously won the feud and Kamala made rare appearances in the WWE ever since. His life would take a horrible turn for the worse in 2011. He had one of his legs amputated because of diabetes and high blood pressure. The following year his other leg was amputated. He now relies on Disability checks from the government.

9 Miss Elizabeth

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Miss Elizabeth is the ex-wife of "Macho Man" Randy Savage as well as his former manager. She added a lot to his character in the WWE and helped him get to championship gold. Elizabeth's first real storyline of any significance came after WrestleMania IV. Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage teamed up for the majority 1988. Savage began to think that there was something going on with Elizabeth and Hogan. He turned on Hogan and became controlling of his wife until he dumped her for Sherri. At WrestleMania VII the two reunited in a very emotional moment. By the time she left the company her and Savage divorced. Her WCW career was nowhere near her WWE run. She left the business in 2000. In 2003, she died from a mixture of Vodka and painkillers.

8 Scott Hall

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Scott Hall has thankfully been able to steer the ship the right way. He's back in good graces with WWE and WWE may be looking to give him a job at NXT. Five years ago that wouldn't have ever been option. He was a severe alcohol addict and was arrested on more than occasion because of his drinking. His body wasn't in the best shape either as well as he was falling apart. He needed hip surgery and dental work and needed help paying for it. Luckily in 2013 he joined the DDP Accountability Crib and fixed his life and his body. In 2014 he joined the WWE Hall of Fame and that was a welcome site for all wrestling fans.

7 Marty Jannetty

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Marty Jannetty made his name and fame as one half of the Rockers alongside Shawn Michaels. He was apart of one of wrestling's greatest heel turns when Michaels threw him through the window of Brutus Beefcake's talk show. In his feud with Michaels, he won the Intercontinental Championship and after that his career was downhill for the most part. They attempted to reform the Rockers with Leif Cassidy and that was a massive failure. After minimal appearances in major companies, Jannetty has wrestled for much smaller wrestling shows and he's a wreck. More often than not he's drinking and uncomfortable to watch. In his mind he believes he's fine and that's why he has yet to get help.

6 Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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Jake Roberts has had one of wrestling's most amazing comeback stories. Roberts is one of WWE's top promo guys of all time. He never won a championship in WWE and he's one of the few performers who never needed one. Sadly, his demons caught up to him and he couldn't come close to being the performer he once was. His demons are showcased in the documentary Beyond on the Mat and it's hard to watch at times. He appeared at the one time event Heroes of Wrestling in 1999 and was clearly under the influence and couldn't perform to what he's capable of. Roberts similar to Scott Hall got his life together at DDP's Accountability Crib. He went in the Hall of Fame in 2014 and it like Hall, had a very emotional speech.

5 Sean O'Haire

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Sean O'Haire was one of WCW's most impressive stars to come out of WCW's Power Plant. He debuted in 2000 and was a member of the underrated wrestling stable, the Natural Born Thrillers. He won the tag titles 3 times with members of the Natural Born Thrillers. He appeared during the Invasion and was then sent down to OVW until 2003. He developed one of WWE's most botched gimmicks as O'Haire became a literal devil's advocate. They pulled the plug on the gimmick and paired him with Roddy Piper and O'Haire became more of an afterthought. After his release in 2004, he wrestled in New Japan and competed in MMA. He was arrested twice after leaving the business. He was suffering from depression and killed himself in 2014.

4 Bret Hart

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Bret Hart is considered by some to be the best in ring performer to ever step inside a WWE ring. I am not one of those people but I do recognize his great ability in the ring. Many fans need to be appreciative of Bret Hart being the first smaller wrestler to get a real opportunity. He won the WWE Championship five times and the first came after he defeated Ric Flair. He left in 1997 after the Screwjob and joined WCW. WCW ruined Bret Hart's wrestling career and used him poorly. At WCW Starrcade 1999 Bret Hart took a bad superkick from Goldberg and was concussed. That kick ended his wrestling career and could no longer wrestle. In 2002 he had a stroke after a bicycle accident and he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2016. He doesn't look very good physically which is unfortunate as he is only 60.

3 Dynamite Kid

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The Dynamite Kid was one half of The British Bulldogs with his partner Davey Boy Smith. Bret Hart has referred to Dynamite Kid as the greatest wrestler ever. He was the first wrestler we saw in the WWE that wasn't gigantic or a bodybuilder that we saw utilized well and pushed. He was able to achieve the coveted Dave Meltzer Five Star match. He and Davey Boy Smith won only one tag title in the WWE and he and Smith had animosity between each other. He dislikes Smith for taking The British Bulldog name. After several years of destroying his body in the ring, his body deteriorated to the point where he had no mass whatsoever. He was suffering from seizures, but continued to wrestle when he should have retired. Dynamite Kid is now relegated to a wheelchair

2 Sunny

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Sunny was pivotal for the success of women in WWE. She brought character and personality to women wrestlers in the WWE. She managed many teams during her time with company. Sadly, a woman named Sunny came along and away went Sunny's time on television. Sunny and Sable's dislike for one another is well noted and both were notoriously not easy to work with. The difference between the two was that Sunny had talent and Sable didn't. Yet for some reason, WWE chose Sable over Sunny. And thus begun Sunny's downward spiral. She cheated on her husband several times with several men, she was addicted to various medications, and she has been arrested on numerous occasions. In 2016, Sunny stooped to a new low, making a sex tape.

1 Chyna

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Chyna helped to revolutionize women's wrestling. Her physical appearance was different for that period where we saw women like Marlena, Sable, and Sunny. She wrestled with male wrestlers which is something hardly done in wrestling. She's the only woman who has held the Intercontinental Championship. She dated Triple H until he would move on to Stephanie McMahon. She would be released from the company in 2001 and thus began the unfortunate complete collapse of her personal life. She became heavily addicted to drugs. She had a tumultuous relationship with Sean Waltman that saw them make a sex tape. After the sex tape came a full fledged career in the adult film world. In 2016 Chyna passed away from accidental drug overdose coming to conclusion many saw coming.

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