15 Savage AF Memes About Roman Reigns

Whether you like it or not, Roman Reigns is the top guy in the WWE, and he will remain the top Superstar for years to come (or at least until Vince McMahon grows tired of him). Regardless, as he self proclaims, Roman is definitely "The Guy" in the WWE, and his booking reflects that. Very few wrestlers on the current roster go over Roman, clean or not. The only guys that have done so recently are Seth Rollins and Finn Balor, and those defeats were suffered when he was amidst his "Wellness Policy Violation" scandal, so the WWE and McMahon had no choice but to "punish" The Big Dog. (even though his "punishment" was only defeating and burying Rusev for the US Championship, poor guy). So many fans love to hate Roman, and they display their disdain for him each and every week by booing the Samoan out of the building.

His recent WrestleMania win over fan-favorite, The Undertaker was just the icing on the cake. Even though technically Reigns is a "babyface," Roman is really the biggest and most despised heel in the business today. With the shear amount of buzz Roman draws into WWE, I'd say he's doing his job just fine. No matter if you boo him, or cheer him, there's little doubt that he's the guy people care about and pay to see. It's almost become a trend to hate on Roman, but regardless, he captures the audiences attention. Because of the plethora of Reign's haters, there are plenty of funny and savage memes regarding WWE's most talked about top star. Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 Savage AF memes of "The Big Dog," Roman Reigns. With that said, let's begin!

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15 The Five Moves Of Doom

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Yes, yes, Roman Reigns has always been hated on for his fairly small and simple arsenal of moves. These moves consist mainly of the Spear, The "Superman" Punch (I honesty cringe every time I hear the commentator's call it the "Superman" punch, it just sound so dumb and corny), The Samoan Drop, Corner Clotheslines, a Leaping Clothesline and the roll-up into a Powerbomb move. I'll agree, to some point, Roman's Reign's moves are pretty basic and somewhat boring.

Roman doesn't incorporate many flips, dives or other risky spots into his arsenal, but I'd say that the few moves he does perform are executed pretty decently. Sometimes his Spear and his Corner Clotheslines look pretty sloppy and unconvincing, but I'd say he does them pretty well most of the time. Some fans say Roman's very similar to the franchise star before him, John Cena, in the way that they both perform mainly "5 moves of doom". However, haters are gonna hate regardless though. Even if Roman incorporated every possible move out of the book of wrestling, he would still be hated on because he wasn't the wrestler that the fans wanted to be "The Guy".

14  14. They Were THE Drugs

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Here we have a meme related to Roman Reign's drug bust which occurred last year. Now we all know Roman's absolutely annoying catchphrase was "I'm not a good guy (clearly), I'm not a bad guy, I'm THE Guy (I'd really say you're Vince's guy). Regardless, it was such a dumb catchphrase, so this savage AF meme is absolutely perfect. I sincerely still fail to understand as to why Roman Reigns decided to take enhancement drugs. It's not like his performance improved that drastically nor did his appearance (owned). If anything, Reigns looked more bloated and less defined.

Ironically, despite Roman Reign's Wellness Policy violation being all the buzz last year, Roman surely wasn't punished. Sure he was suspended for 30 days, but in all honesty, Vince probably said "Roman, since I love you so much, I'm going to give you a month vacation". Although many expected Roman to be punished when he returned, he barely was, as his "punishment" was dethroning (and burying) Rusev for the US Championship. Sure he was defeated by Balor and Rollins, but his punishment was still extraordinarily light. Actually, now that I think about it, how is losing two matches against two other top stars punishment to begin with? You tell me.

13 Bada-Boom! Heelest Guy In The Room! How You Booin?

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Now we all know that Roman Reigns is FAR from being an Enzo Amore when it comes to speaking on the mic. This funny savage AF meme capitalizes off of Roman Reign's lack of mic skills, as well as the fans absolute hatred for him (even though those who hate him love him deep down inside). Even though I don't totally despise Roman, whenever he opens his yap, pure monotony cringe follows. Roman Reign's promos come across as super forced and fake, hence why nearly everyone boos Reigns even more when he opens his mouth.

I really can't imagine who could be responsible for writing Roman Reign's bland, boring, corny and cringey promos. It's as if the WWE are purposefully giving him utter trash scripts, just so that the fans can boo him even louder. I know WWE is amidst the PG era and that the company needs to ensure that they don't air anything too controversial, but seriously, I think Reign's awful promos are controversial for being so bad. I like Roman, I really do, but whenever he puts a mic in front of his face, I can't help but clinch my teeth and hope and pray that the guy he's rambling on about comes down to the ring and hits his mic out of his hand.

12  12. Roman Gains

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Okay, who can't help but laugh at this hilariously savage meme. I bet even the most loyal "Roman Empire" supporter would find this one funny. Roman Reigns is booked to be the WWE's residential "badass" or the super "strong" guy. Although Reigns isn't weak by any stretch of the imagination, he's far from being the most physically intimidating or strong guy on the roster. Despite breaking away from The Shield nearly 3 years ago, Roman is still very much a Shield brother, based on his never-changing ring attire and his theme music.

Why is Roman still dressing like he did in 2014? Well, one of the definite reasons for this is due to Roman not having the most intimidating physique, mainly his stomach and his chest. Roman is far from being "ripped", and Vince likes to cover him up with the Shield apparel so that Roman's body isn't exposed. Roman's arms look pretty buff but the rest of his body, not so much. Although this meme is an extreme exaggeration, it's sort of based on the truth to some degree, isn't it?

11 Even The Rock Can't Get Roman Over

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We all know Roman won the Royal Rumble in 2015, much to the fans delight (sarcasm). Once the wildly popular "Yes" movement Superstar Daniel Bryan was eliminated early on by Bray Wyatt, the '15 Rumble was from that point onwards, a total boo fest. Roman was booed to no extent, and he was definitely despised that night since Daniel, the guy nearly everybody in the arena and those watching worldwide wanted to win, was eliminated so early in such geeky fashion. As you would expect, every fan in attendance was rooting for anyone but Roman including Wyatt, Ambrose, Ziggler and even Rusev, the despised "anti-America" villain.

To make things worse, who came out to aid our beloved Reigns? Well, it was none other than The Rock. The Rock laid a beating down on Rusev, thus allowing Reigns to throw the Bulgarian Brute over the top rope, solidifying Reigns as the Rumble winner. I really applaud Vince for pulling that maneuverer. If there was one guy that could make the fans cheer for Reigns, it would have been The Rock. However, as you can see from this meme, that wasn't the case at all, and when The Rock raised Roman's hand in victory, the crowd exploded in boos. Sorry Vinnie Mac, you'll have to go back to the laboratory and come up with a better plan.

10 AxelMania Is Running Wild!

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When the "Axman," the guy famously renowned for his "the genesis of McGillicutty" promo on NXT is more over than Reigns, then you know Roman is struggling pretty badly. Yes, even "AxelMania" was more over with the WWE Universe than Roman Reigns. I mean, even Dean Ambrose's plant, Mitch, was more over. Although Axel was more over, did fans really give two you know whats about him? The same cannot be said for Reigns.

Despite being booed like crazy, fans still tune in religiously to see what The Big Dog is going to do next. Even if the supposed anti-Reigns fan say that the only reason he/she keeps up to date with Reigns is so that they can boo and hate on him, they're still paying attention to him and proving to the WWE that he's a draw regardless of whether people love or hate him. I seriously bet Roman could sit in the ring and drink a cup of coffee and still get way more views on YouTube than a match between let's say, Sheamus vs. Titus O'Neil (okay not the best example, as that match would be an absolute snooze fest). People hate Roman, but they love to hate him.

9 Leggo My Eggo!

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This is by far one of the funniest, yet savage memes regarding Roman Reigns on the Internet. The segment where this meme originated from was without a doubt, one of the worst and most cringey Reign's segments of all time. This promo was leading up to Brock Lesnar's and Roman's WrestleMania XXX WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. I believe this was the go-home RAW heading into 'Mania, and it couldn't have ended in a stupider way.This promo ended with Roman Reigns And Brock Lesnar playing a dumb game of "tug of war" over the WWE Championship.

The ending of this segment seemed so childish and dumb. Few words can truly describe the dumbness of it. Instead of intriguing the fans to tune into their WrestleMania match with the interaction ending with Reigns being taken to Suplex City and then being F-5'd, Vince and creative chose the most uninteresting and cringiest possible route to go, by having Reigns and Lesnar fight over the belt like two 10 year olds fighting over a video game. Just mind boggling! This meme perfectly represents that segment, because I'm sure Brock was not a fan of the stupidity or just being involved in the whole dumb segment to begin with.

8  8. Stay Off The Mic Reigns!

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Without a doubt, the highest number of savage Roman Reigns memes are in one way related to Reign's incredible (sarcasm) mic work. I think this is due to the fact that us fans are treated to long and annoying Roman Reign's promos all the time (almost every RAW). I guess this is to be expected considering he's "The Guy" right? I still can't believe that the WWE chose to go the completely wrong direction with Reigns. The WWE should have given Reigns the "silent badass" role, because Roman being the corny goof-ball who is supposed to be the role model for children is laughable.

Roman Reign's promos are incredibly forced and fake (I've probably already said this a half dozen times already throughout this article), and I doubt that there's a single person in the audiences or watching worldwide that believes there is any genuine feelings coming out of his mouth. It just comes across as Reign's reading word for word what Vince wants him to say, hence why fans are tapping their feet for the cringey segments to end. Thankfully, Reigns is decent in the ring because if he wasn't, (and we all know that Reigns would have still been pushed since Vince loved his look), it would have been a brutal number of years, I can guarantee you that.

7  7. Reigns Needs To Feel Strong

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"They weren't the good drugs, they weren't the bad drugs, they were THE drugs." We all know that Roman Reigns, Vince's favorite guy (aside from maybe Cena and The Rock), failed the WWE's Wellness Policy last year which was all the talk for months. Every media outlet, even ones completely irrelevant to the wrestling business were discussing Reign's and his drug bust. Because Vince McMahon is in love with Reigns, as a result, McMahon has given Roman the world in the form of being the newest guy to be shoved down our throats, and to be thrown into every possible main event and WWE Championship match.

I'm sure Vince was very disappointed when he found out that his buddy was on the juice. However, despite being suspended, Roman received no real punishment, but why should have we expected him to? It's fairly clear that Vince adores him, so he just got a light slap on the wrist as his punishment. He's back on track as being the "new Cena" like nothing ever happened. I mean, it looks like McMahon himself is still on the juice to this day, so he would be pretty hypocritical to punish someone else, especially his BFF, for doing the same thing, wouldn't you say?

6  6. Roman Cena

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This is definitely one of the most accurate and hilariously savage Roman Reigns memes on the Internet, no doubt. It was extraordinarily clear right from the start, that Vince's intention was to create the next John Cena in Roman Reigns. However, I fail to understand why. As we all know, Cena is the goody good superhero for all the children around the world. He's the Superman babyface of the WWE, and he takes down (and bury's) all the bad guys, and he sends them flying into irrelevancy. Roman Reigns is being positioned in a very similar way.

However, I fail to understand why Roman, a guy who looks and talks nothing like John Cena, is being positioned in this fashion. John looks like a cookie cutter good guy but Reigns, not so much. In my opinion, Roman looks like a naturally born mix between a pirate and a Roman times gladiator. Reigns quite simply looks like a heel in the truest sense of the word. It's still mind boggling to me as to why they chose Reign's of all people, to be the cookie cutter babyface, when in reality, he looks nothing like one. Roman would be a money heel if the WWE ran with the idea of Reigns being heel, and letting him be the silent badass who destroys everyone in his path. That gimmick would suit him far more than a goofy Cena character, that's for sure.

5  5. Roman Reigns Puts You To Sleep

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With Roman Reigns' current gimmick, this savage meme is absolutely true (especially when a mic is presented to Roman's hands). Personally, I find Roman to be entertaining when it comes to his in ring work as of late, (even though some of his moves are boring and repetitive) but I cannot say the same for his promos. If anything, Roman's promos have gotten worse and more boring over the years, probably because of the fact that Reign's is morphing into the company's biggest star, and as a result, this means that he needs to be on a tighter leash.

Even the most loyal Roman Reigns supporter can't actually make a legitimate argument over his promos entertainment factor. Sure, fans could argue over his ring work as to if it's boring or not, but his mic work, it's definitely clearer. The WWE seriously needs to work on Roman's scripts, because they certainly aren't flying with the WWE Universe. I think Vince McMahon has downplayed the WWE fans into thinking that we're all a bunch of morons, but I'm afraid to let you know Vinnie, that is far from the case. People can tell if something's not working, and Roman's boring promos certainly aren't.

4  4. Kevin Owen's Tainted Brownies

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Poor Kevin Owens, his pre-match bag of brownies were tainted into making him feel like he just sat and watched through an entire Roman Reigns promo. We all feel for you Kevin, we really do! This meme is totally savage and true at the same time, hence why it's so funny. I have laughed on more than one occasion during a Roman Reigns promo, after looking at the audience and seeing someone yawn or look like they're clinching their teeth. For that reason, I find Romans promos to be entertaining, because we all know that they're so bad.

They're entertaining in a cringey sort of way. I'm not sure if Vince McMahon is imagining in his head that The Rock, Roman's alleged "cousin" is performing the promos, but regardless, they're pretty awful. Reigns is certainly NOT The Rock when it comes to the mic. The Rock can talk, and talk some more, where as Roman is lucky to make two sentences flow together. I know I sound a little hateful regarding his mic work (can you blame me?), but I do like Roman for his in ring work (most of the time), so don't hate the messenger all you Roman Empire undying fans!

3 Stone Cold Hypnotically Helping Reigns Out

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Okay, this is a pretty hilarious and savage Roman Reigns meme. We all know that Roman isn't very good (barely passable) on the mic. Everyone knows it. No matter what kind of promo script Reigns is given, he talks too slow, not authentically, and it just comes across as corny. Even John Cena, a guy who is the literal definition of corny on the mic, is far superior than Roman's mic work. But at the end of the day, can we blame Roman for his lack of mic skills? Well we obviously could, and many fans on the "I hate Roman" bandwagon do, but I think it's Creative's and Vince's fault for the most part.

I have witnessed times when Roman came off as confident on the mic and times where he actually made sense and his words flowed decently. Most of these occurrences were usually on the "exclusive" segments or even on RAW talk. These are probably the only segments where Reign's isn't forced to read word for word off of a stupid script. I'm sorry Vince, Roman Reigns is not able to make reading lines off a script seem authentic and have it flow smoothly. I wish they'd let Reigns be himself a bit more on the mic, and not try to forcefully manufacture a goody good guy like Cena, because it's not working.

2  2. The Master Of The Mic

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True is the only word that can be used to describe this straight savage meme of Roman Reigns. With the pure and utter regurgitated mumbo jumbo that Roman Reigns is given for a script, one can start to understand why Reigns would be feeling this way. After two lines of a typical Roman promo, the fans are already bored and half asleep. The fans usually don't wake up until someone comes down to the ring to shut him up, or until Reigns is out of the ring and we're into the next segment or match.

Even though Reigns performs these promos week in and week out, I seriously doubt that he's enjoying himself considering the fans negative reaction towards them. But at the end of the day, I also doubt that Roman gives two you know whats because he's rolling in the dough so why should he care? I'm sure he knows Vince and the Creative team are out of touch, but he probably just goes along with them considering his position. I guarantee he wouldn't risk his spot for telling McMahon that he wants better and more entertaining scripts to read off of (or no scripts at all would be even better).

1 Vince "Out Of Touch" McMahon

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Vince McMahon is a Certified G and a Bonified Stud most of the time, but when it comes to listening to the fans desires, he is S.A.W.F.T. Vince McMahon has proven on multiple occasions that he's either completely out of touch, or he just doesn't give a crap about what the fans want versus what he gives us. When the fans chant "we want Ambrose", Vince gives them Reigns. When the fans chant "Yes!" Vince throws Roman in front of Daniel Bryan and tells Reigns to spear him into retirement.

At the end of the day, Roman Reigns is Vince's pet project, and he doesn't care how the fans react to him, as long as they do react to him (which they do, albeit mainly boos). Regardless, he's going to shove Reigns down our throats until we love him which may never happen, so does that means he'll be shoved down our throats for eternity? Well no, probably just until Roman Reigns retires because he'll have to retire at some point, he's not Superman (although Vince would like to convince us otherwise). This Roman Reigns and Vince McMahon meme is savage AF because oh it's true, it's damn true!

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