15 Savage AF Memes About Seth Rollins

Over the past five years, Seth Rollins has climbed his way through the ranks in WWE and has become one of the biggest stars in the company.

It hasn't been easy for the former Shield member. When he turned his back on his brothers back in 2014 he was handed death threats by many of the WWE Universe before he was then the victim of a hacking scandal in 2015 that saw many pictures of the former World Champion leaked online by his fiance.

Rollins had his first real injury problem at the end of 2015 which forced him out of action for seven months and meant that he missed WrestleMania 32. Luckily Rollins made his return and was part of another scandal when messages were leaked that he had sent to a fan through Twitter.

Rollins is in a decent position in WWE right now since he defeated his former mentor Triple H at WrestleMania a few weeks ago. But given the ups and downs that Rollins has had over the past few years, it makes sense that there have been a few memes made about Rollins that are absolutely hilarious.

Here are 15 of the best memes that have been made about Seth Rollins throughout his WWE career.

15 Roman and Seth

Seth Rollins turned his back on The Shield back in 2014 and seemingly aimed much of his anger towards Dean Ambrose, which then opened up a lengthy rivalry between the two former Shield members for much of 2014. This meant that Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins didn't really have a chance to have a match until 2016 because Roman was first injured and then Seth was injured when they were scheduled to face each other for the second time.

Roman and Seth have been together on the Raw brand ever since the WWE Draft last summer and as this meme shows, even though they have been able to be partners again, it seems that they are no longer friends. It will be interesting to see what happens now all three Shield members are now on Raw.

14 That Hairstyle

It was a lengthy joke throughout Kaitlyn's time in WWE that she had the same hairstyle as Seth Rollins. Back when he was a member of The Shield, Rollins had one piece of his hair dyed blonde and stated that he did this to stand out when he was making his debut along many men who had long dark hair.

Kaitlyn is a former Divas Champion in her own right and she had blonde hair with dark brown tints when she was in WWE. And it seems that the WWE Universe can't tell the difference between the two and so whenever there are images of Kaitlyn online, there is a joke that Seth Rollins had a sex change and now he looks like a man but he used to be a woman. It's different, I guess.

13 When You Mess Up A Promo

Seth Rollins has been a master on the mic for a long time. He was one of the stars of The Shield who was the full package, which is why it made sense that Triple H recruited him. But sometimes even the professionals make mistakes.

Seth was cutting a promo on John Cena a few years ago when he stated that he should tuck his legs between his legs much to the amusement of the WWE Universe. Cena obviously made a joke about it and it has led to many jokes about Rollins and his promo ability over the past few years. Obviously, there are not as many memes about it as there is about Reign's botched promos, but it's still a funny mistake and one that Rollins has learnt from.

12 Small Package

Seth Rollins had the unfortunate luck of having his Instagram account hacked back in February 2015 and in response to the pictures that were put online his fiance then leaked images of Rollins which were quite personal.

#FourInchesIsFine was trending on Twitter for a long time after the WWE Universe were aware of the images and then many jokes were made about Rollins and his package. This includes the one above where it was stated that Seth Rollins should change the name of his finisher to The Small Package. Obviously, WWE never mentioned the leak on TV and allowed the jokes to be made. Rollins was still given the WWE World Heavyweight Championship despite this, which shows that WWE will stand by their stars if they believe that they are not at fault.

11 Blame Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has gained something of a reputation as of late. Not only did he injure John Cena in their match on Raw, but he later went on to injure Sting in their match at Night of Champions 2015 before injuring himself and being out of action for seven months.

Rollins then returned and was blamed for injuring Finn Balor at SummerSlam 2016. Bret Hart was quite outspoken about the entire situation and it led to a lot of memes that included #BlameSethRollins because Hart had decided that Rollins was a danger to work with, despite both Sting and Finn stating that their injuries were nothing to do with Seth and the way he wrestles. The Curb Stomp had already been taken off Seth but his buckle bomb was also removed after it was the reason fro both Sting and Finn's injuries.

10 That Face Though!

When Seth Rollins was WWE World Heavyweight Champion and feuding with Dean Ambrose, there was a match between the duo at Elimination Chamber back in 2015 where it was announced that Ambrose was the new champion. Earlier in the match, Rollins had hit the referee and it was then stated that Ambrose had won but it was by disqualification.

Rollins thought he had lost his championship and was so relieved that this was the face he made: a face that has been the beginning of many memes where people state that you're happy about something. Rollins has always portrayed a lot through his facial expressions, but this one was definitely one of his most memorable. Rollins didn't get his championship back though as Ambrose ran through the crowd and kept it for a number of weeks afterwards.

9 Rollins' Injury

Seth Rollins was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He was carrying WWE on his shoulders and had just competed in two matches at the Night of Champions pay-per-view. There were huge plans coming up for Rollins and Triple H to turn on each other and suddenly Rollins was injured at a house show and it was announced that he was going to miss WrestleMania.

The WWE writers would have gone into a state of panic and had to then set up a tournament that ended with Dean Ambrose versus Roman Reigns at Survivor Series a few weeks later. It was panic booking that then led to Roman defending his championship in the Royal Rumble and facing Triple H at WrestleMania instead. It would of all been so much different if Rollins was never injured.

8 Triple H Bury Seth?

Triple H has quite the reputation when it comes to the way the WWE Universe see him. Apparently even though he calls himself a 'creator' he is actually a person who regularly buries the talent. It seems that this could be wrong considering he lost to Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins at WrestleMania over the past few years, which means he really does do what's best for business.

Triple H had this reputation when his career was much younger and he was looking at climbing the WWE ladder. It isn't like that with the COO anymore, even though he does still like to wrestle at the biggest event of the year. This meme alludes to this reputation and is funny even though it's no longer relevant.

7 Rollins' Facial Expressions

It has already been mentioned that Seth Rollins has some of the best facial expressions in WWE. Much of the time he doesn't even have to speak to convey how he feels about something which leads to some of WWE's funniest moments. This does allow many eagle-eyed fans to make some incredible memes about him though which are not in the best taste much of the time.

The above meme is linked to the song Post To Be by Omarian where he talks about eating booty like groceries. It was a popular song back in 2014 and obviously, there were many other memes made with the same tag line. There were obvious reasons that Rollins was linked to this song as well, but it isn't worth getting into those, yet.

6 Triple H When He Googled Seth

Triple H and Seth Rollins are good friends outside of WWE which makes sense considering how much they have worked together over the past few years. Triple H does have three daughters though with WWE shareholder Stephanie McMahon and it seems that at some point one of his daughters could have googled Seth Rollins.

Much like many other websites, Google filters out all the bad images so there wouldn't be anything bad that a child wasn't supposed to see, but it is easy to think about what this meme is pointed towards. Rollins does have some images online that are not in great taste, but they are much harder to find two years later and Seth Rollin and his former fiance have managed to move on since then, which means that the WWE Universe should too.

5 Smooth Criminal

Seth Rollins isn't shy when it comes to playing around on Raw after the cameras have gone to ad break or been switched off. There are videos online of Rollins having fun doing the SAWFT chant with Enzo and Cass as well as him here stealing Bray Wyatt's hat and assuming that it suits him.

This image was obviously found online and someone decided that Rollins looked similar to Michael Jackson when he was part of the Smooth Criminal video. In future perhaps Bray should keep hold of his belongings if he wants Seth to not be able to steal them and pull them off much better than him. It's still a funny meme even though there isn't a lot of context behind the fact that Seth just wanted to have some fun.

4 Spider Seth

Seth Rollins does what he wants. One of the things that came between Rollins and Triple H's friendship was the fact that Rollins took silly risks to get things done. As seen here, Rollins and Dean Ambrose collided inside Hell in a Cell and obviously, Rollins had to show off his climbing skills.

Spider-Pig was a song that was added to The Simpsons Movie and it is now used whenever anyone climbs or walks across a roof. It is a song that is relevant for Seth Rollins because he is a spider and he seems to be able to move like one as well. Triple H and Stephanie were not impressed with this and that is reflected in this meme, they just wanted Seth to get the job done without the flair.

3 Money In The Bank

Poor Seth Rollins won the Money in the Bank briefcase back in 2014 but he was never really going to be able to cash it in when Brock Lesnar was WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Seth wasn't the star that he is right now and he was still climbing through the ranks. Lesnar was the undefeated beast that had ended Undertakers streak and Rollins wasn't on his wavelength.

The above meme shows what many of the WWE Universe were thinking at that time: that Rollins would have had a much better chance if he had cashed in on Paige. Obviously, ever the opportunist, Rollins picked the perfect spot at WrestleMania 31 and managed to take the title from Lesnar without actually pinning him. So it worked out well for Rollins in the end.

2 "Size Does Matter"

It was another one of the comments that many of the WWE Universe decided to Tweet over to Seth after they had seen the images that Leighla Shultz had leaked. What makes this meme even better is the fact that even WWE allowed Big Cass to say it on Live TV and the WWE Universe understood what it meant.

It was before Rollins and Cass played their part in the Fatal Four-Way match for the Universal Championship back in August 2016. Cass turned to Rollins and said 'no matter what you've been telling yourself for the past few years, size does matter.' This was met by a huge pop from the WWE Universe since it made sense because Cass was bigger than Seth but it also had another meaning as well.

1 Room 605

Seth Rollins is definitely not a stranger to scandal and back in 2016, he made the mistake of messaging a WWE fan and arranging to meet her at room 605. This led to many funny memes about Rollins and who he wanted to meet up with in Room 605.

The above meme has taken this a step further by looking at Brie Bella when she was still part of WWE and how she looks now as a heavily pregnant expectant mother. The meme actually had the caption 'Dammit Seth' when it was posted, basically stating that Room 605 is one of the most happening rooms in sports entertainment. Even though Daniel Bryan will definitely not be happy about his wife being pulled into Seth Rollins' world of hotel rooms and random fans.

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