15 Savage AF Memes About Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon is one of the main stakeholders in WWE but she has literally grown up on WWE TV. All eyes have been on The Billion Dollar Princess for most of her life and that means that the public knows all about many of her biggest mistakes.

Stephanie hasn't always been the professional role model that she portrays on WWE TV right now. She has stepped up in recent years because she wants to set a good example to her three daughters. But it seems that much like elephants, the WWE Universe never forget.

There are many rumours about Stephanie's childhood and there have been many things that WWE stars have called Stephanie over the past few years that she has obviously allowed. As much as she seemingly hates these names, the WWE Universe has decided that they actually make some entertaining memes.

Stephanie is not a bad person. She is a superhero when it comes to being able to juggle her life on-screen and off-screen as well as her three daughters, but some of the WWE Universe don't see it that way.

Here are some of the worst memes that the WWE Universe have made when it comes to Stephanie McMahon and her lengthy WWE career.


15 Was Chris Jericho Right?

Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon go back so far in WWE that sometimes it's hard to actually think of when they first appeared together. That being said, Jericho has referred to Stephanie by some harsh names over the years, but this lengthy insult has to be one of the nest that Jericho has ever come out with on WWE TV.

Back in 2000, more that 17 years ago, Triple H and Chris Jericho were in the middle of a feud when Stephanie was brought into it and Jericho delivered one of his most famous lines about her, that only served to annoy Triple H further. It is one that the WWE Universe have remembered for almost two decades, so it was definitely worth it, even if Triple H did kick his ass afterwards.

14 Triple H And Stephanie McMahon


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been linked together on WWE TV for many years. So much so that the company were forced to state that they were married and have children because the WWE Universe already knew.

That being said, Stephanie hasn't always been the most important person in Triple H's life. For many years as part of D-Generation-X Triple H and Shawn Michaels were much closer, so much so that there were rumours about how close they actually were. The above meme shows this and the fact that Triple H probably went to his best friend Shawn whenever he got fed up of Stephanie and being the only male in their household so that he could have some male bonding time and complain about just how annoying she really is.

13 Stephanie's Enhancement

Growing up in the WWE spotlight it was always going to be hard for Stephanie to return to WWE after she had breast enhancement surgery. Following the surgery, there were many slips that the former Women's Champion had to get used to, but even The Rock mentioned the fact that it was obvious Stephanie had decided to alter her look a little bit.

As the above meme shows, it's probably not a good idea to wear a shirt that has no support like that without a bra. Sometimes there can be problems, Stephanie learned this the hard way and now someone has made a meme about it that will be on the internet forever. Steph has begun dressing much more professionally in recent months, so perhaps she learnt her lesson.

12 AJ And Stephanie


Image result for mean stephanie mcmahon meme

AJ Lee and Stephanie McMahon was a feud that the WWE Universe really wanted to see and one that we sadly were never able to. Instead we were given Stephanie versus Brie Bella.

Many fans are still annoyed by this, but the above meme is more to point out the fact that Stephanie once told AJ that she wasn't acting much like a champion, and this made her a hypocrite. After all, Stephanie didn't even with the Women's Championship herself and then she definitely didn't act like a champion afterwards. Steph's reign as champion is one of the reasons for the dark era for Women's wrestling. So maybe Stephanie isn't the right person to tell any of the female wrestlers how to act, given her track record.

11 Stephanie McMahon And Seth Rollins

Let's be honest: Triple H took a lot of time off from WWE after he was defeated by Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32 and this allowed Seth Rollins and Stephanie McMahon to work together without Hunter there.

There were a lot of rumours suggesting that Triple H's real reason for going after Seth was because of how close to his wife he had become and it seems that many of the WWE Universe back up this theory. In this century it is quite a shock that a male and a female cannot be seen as friends. The WWE Universe instead has to bring Chris Jericho's famous catchphrase into it and decide that something much worse is going on between them. Of course, Steph is currently away from WWE TV because she was put through a table by Rollins, which makes this scenario even worse.

10 Stephanie's Natural Beauty


It may come as a shock to many of the younger members of the WWE Universe, but WWE hasn't always been broadcast in HD. It was a new development a few years ago and many WWE Superstars were scared of appearing on the show because they thought HD would bring up any blemish or issue.

It seems that the WWE Universe obviously decided to be creative with this and decided that if Stephanie took all of her make-up off and was seen in HD, she would look like Paul Heyman. Now Stephanie has appeared on the show many times since the switch over and she looks just fine, nothing like a middle aged man. It's hard to see Hunter getting confused. Paul Heyman, not so much, maybe he should try makeup instead?

9 Stephanie McMahon And Triple H

Stephanie and Triple H either have the best relationship in the world or the worst. How many people can honestly say that they used to beat their wife up legally before they married her? Or that he was able to get away with delivering a Pedigree to her on the announce table in front of the world and her father?

The above moment is one of the best-known wardrobe malfunctions in WWE history and the worst part was that because Triple H had hold of Stephanie's hands and no idea what was going on, there was no way to stop it and no way for him to help her. It's either seen as a cute moment for a wife to take a husband's finisher, or it's not, it all depends on your own judgement.


8 Bedroom Secrets?


Stephanie is one of the most powerful figures on WWE TV but it seems that despite how much power Stephanie has because she was born into the company, she is still the victim of memes like the one above.

Steph cuts promos better than 90 percent of the Superstars on the Raw roster, but still it seems that when she cuts promos many of the WWE Universe are waiting for her to open her mouth so that they can make a cheap joke about her husband Triple H. The above is a seemingly childish and overused joke when it comes to Stephanie and Triple H, but it is still quite funny. Triple H's face just makes it. Some of the WWE Universe are geniuses when it comes to finding the right pictures for memes.

7 Chris Jericho Isn't Tall Enough

Stephanie McMahon has been a victim of many memes and many jokes over the past few years, mostly because she married a WWE Superstar but actually dated more that one before this. It seems appropriate to always make jokes that whenever Steph works with a superstar, she is obviously sleeping with them.

The above meme was when Stephanie and Chris Jericho were having one of their many back and forth segments and Steph was explaining where Jericho was on the WWE ladder. It is thought that he wasn't the same level as her husband and Seth Rollins at that time, but it seems that some eagle-eyed member of the WWE Universe has made an incredible meme about how tall Chris needs to be if he wants to be allowed on the ride.

6 Ric Flair And Stephanie


Stephanie McMahon was referred to by many less than flattering names and words during WWE's Attitude Era, but she actually played a huge part in the proceedings throughout this time. Ric Flair has been married and divorced twice, one of his daughters is currently a WWE Superstar, and he has quite the reputation outside of the business.

This news is definitely something that makes this meme even more sinister. Ric was much younger here, but it still definitely seems as though it would be something that he would do, and that Steph would perhaps allow if it meant that she had made a deal to annoy someone else. Stephanie will always do what's best for business, which is exactly what her husband taught her. So did the deal happen or not?

5 When Stephanie Dated Test?

That's right. Before Stephanie was aligned with Triple H and the duo began dating secretly behind Chyna's back, she was actually in a relationship with fellow professional wrestler Test. Andrew Martins, as he was actually known also dated Stacy Keibler before his untimely death back in 2009.

WWE never mentions Steph's activities before she dated Triple H and decided to marry him and start a family, mostly because that's her personal business but also because the company want the WWE Universe to forget a lot of what Stephanie used to get up to when she was younger. There are many different theories and rumours about Steph that the company wouldn't want to be unearthed about her life around this time. Although Triple H would just want to forget about any man who dated his wife before him.

4 Stephanie's Best Friend


Xavier Woods has his own YouTube Channel called UpUpDownDown, and every now and then a WWE Superstar will appear on the show with him. The problem is, that recently during the Paige hacking scandal Xavier was made part of it when it was revealed that Xavier, Paige, and Brad Maddox all filmed a very different video after they had made one for the YouTube channel, one that Triple H would not like his wife to be associated with.

Paige and Xavier were once best friends and look what happened. It is likely that the WWE Universe are making this connection here, Stephanie did recently appear on the show and proved that she still has time for video games, maybe they could become friends, just the type that say "Hi" in the street and never actually hang out together.

3 Stephanie Versus Brie Bella

Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella collided as part of SummerSlam back in 2014. It was a match that was put together because Daniel Bryan was injured so WWE thought it would be great if the wives stepped in and filled the void instead, which was when the entire feud headed south.

The word 'bitch' was the most overused term of the entire build up, especially since it was on a PG show. It seems that when women collide and it becomes a catfight, it is the most overused word. More shocking that that, as the meme above points out, somehow the entire match managed to happen that also included a Nikki Bella heel turn and there was no mention of the word. Did WWE decide to make SummerSlam PG again?

2 Kane Knows The Truth


Kane and Stephanie are two Superstars in WWE who have been entwined for a long time over the past few years and as the meme above reminds us. Kane has done some terrible things to the McMahon family while he's been with WWE.

Kane does make a valid point though. Stephanie does ruin lives. She helps to run a billion dollar company and at some point she is going to make enemies. While many people bring up the Chyna situation and the fact that Stephanie was the huge force in that, it wasn't all down to Stephanie. It took two people to cheat on Chyna and Triple H definitely deserves much more of the abuse that Stephanie. Sometimes you have to make enemies in order to move up in the world.

1 Why Does The Marriage Work?

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were married on WWE Tv long before they were married in real life. During the Attitude Era, the company was able to get away with much more than they can right now. Stephanie was actually drugged and kidnapped by Triple H at one point and that is how they ended up married in WWE.

As the meme above shows, this was a screenshot from this storyline, but it also glorifies drug use and casually thinks that their involvement in storylines is OK. It was a lengthy storyline between Triple H and The McMahons and one that has led to a lengthy marriage. So even though WWE wants to forget how it happened, perhaps it isn't that much of a bad thing when all points are considered.


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