15 Savage AF Memes About The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins have been in WWE now for more than a decade. It began with Brie as a solo competitor and her sister was revealed after many weeks of her coming out from under the ring.

The Bella's first competed in the 2006 Diva Search and even though they didn't win, WWE liked the idea of having twins on their show and decided to sign up the twins with minimal wrestling experience.

The WWE Universe haven't taken well to the twins since the beginning and it seems to be because of their lack of experience coming in and when they returned to the company in 2012 they were pushed ahead of many more deserving stars.

The two women have undoubtedly become the biggest stars in WWE thanks to Total Divas and it seems that the WWE Universe have begun to hate them because of this. Before Nikki was injured and it was revealed that she needed neck surgery, there was an obvious improvement to her in-ring work, which showed that she was putting the hours in to show that she wanted to be the best.

It seems as though many fans thought this was too little too late and when fans have issues with wrestlers in today's world of technology, they make memes and some of these memes are damn right savage.

15 Will Nikki Ever Get That Ring?

Finally, at WrestleMania 33 John Cena decided to put the epic 'will they, won't they' question to bed when he proposed to Nikki Bella in front of 75,000 screaming fans inside Orlando's Citrus Bowl. Nikki obviously accepted the proposal and the duo walked out of WrestleMania hand in hand and haven't been seen on WWE TV since.

Total Divas has had this as one of its main storylines for almost four years and many fans thought this was a good reason to make memes about Nikki and the fact that John won't propose to her. Some of these memes are considered quite mean, but the above one is actually quite an interesting joke. Maybe Nikki can look back and laugh at all these now because she's finally been able to get what she wanted all along.

14 That Bella vs. Bella Feud

It was voted as PWI's worst feud of 2014 and there was a reason, it was horrific. From the acting to the lack of wrestling and some of the comments that these sisters made to each other, it was hard to watch at times.

The worst part was, just before Nikki turned on Brie at SummerSlam in her match against Stephanie McMahon, there was an episode of Total Divas where she told the WWE Universe she was going to do it and was still shown as good friends with her sister backstage. This ruined the entire illusion that the feud was real and it affected the way that many fans perceived it. Sadly, the feud hardly even had an end either since Brie became friends with her sister and helped her win the Divas Championship rather than trying to gain some revenge.

13 Who's The Hottest?

The Bella Twins are thought to have become two of the hottest women in WWE over the past few years, and it's thought that many fans believe their looks are the only reason they got to where they are in WWE.

Trish Stratus and Lita are WWE Hall of Famers. They are legends of the business and it is thought that not many other female wrestlers in the world can hold a candle to them. So it doesn't help when many of the WWE Universe decide that they are going to make the comparison between them. Trish was signed as a model and she improved much quicker than Nikki and Brie, and she never dated a WWE Superstar. Trish wanted to be seen as her own person and never needed a boost like that to make her the star that she was.

12 Will John Ever Agree To Children?

Much like the whole marriage situation with Cena and Nikki Bella, it hasn't helped Nikki that her sister has married and got pregnant in the few years that Total Divas has been going on. Nikki wants children in the future and even went as far as stating that she would freeze her eggs so that she still had a chance of having children when she was older.

Cena has stated that children are out of the question for him because of how busy he is in life at the moment. Cena doesn't think that children will fit into his life, but both he and Nikki are not young enough to put it off any further. This has added fuel to many memes like the one above. but the fact that Cena has gone back on the fact that he didn't want to remarry, could now mean that he will change his mind about children as well.

11 Who's The Best Version Of Nikki Bella?

The Miz and Maryse have recently decided that it is much better to dress as John Cena and Nikki Bella than it is to be themselves. Meanwhile Tyler Breeze then dressed up as Nikki a few weeks ago as well, just so that he could be hit with a Rack Attack Version two and put into Nikki's STF.

Even though these stars dressed up as Nikki in good humour and Nikki would have had to have given them the costumes, to begin with, it seems that some of the WWE Universe think that Tyler and Maryse make much better versions of Nikki than the original. While this is slightly harsh, it is something that Nikki has come accustomed to over the past few years, so she won't be surprised by this kind of backlash from her fanbase.

10 Why Nikki Shouldn't Have Made History

Nikki Bella could leave WWE right now and always hold the record as the longest reigning Divas Champion in the history of WWE. Why? Because AJ Lee had the audacity to retire from professional wrestling and join her husband CM Punk in hiatus from WWE.

This was WWE's way of getting back at AJ and taking a record that she deserved to hold away from her and gave it to Nikki Bella, a Diva who's first reign with the Championship lasted just six days. The WWE Universe didn't react well to Nikki making history and wiping AJ out of the record books and as the above meme shows, some of these fans do have a point, did Nikki deserve it? Did AJ deserve to have her reign erased? Such is the politics of professional wrestling.

9 The Bellas Were Not Blessed With Acting Skill

The Bella Twins have never been called great wrestlers or even great actors by the WWE Universe, the twins feud in 2014 was a horrible one to watch and the 'Growing Up Bella' segments were one of the worst parts of the entire feud.

Poor Jerry Springer was roped into it as well and even he couldn't save the WWE Universe from Nikki's bad acting and Brie's horrible attempt to cry after her sister 'wish you died in the womb' insult. WWE has done sibling rivalries before, but they have never been this bad. It seems even they knew it was a failing storyline since it was just stopped in the middle and never picked up again. One thing creative finally got right, who says they don't listen to the people?

8 Never Give Nikki The Mic

As part of the feud between Nikki and her sister Brie back in 2014, there were 'Growing Up Bella' segments that saw Nikki talk about everything that Brie had put her through over the past few decades. Things like stealing her parent's car and her prom date, but she never told anyone.

They were painful to watch and many of the WWE Universe stated how they just turned Brie into more of a babyface when she was supposed to be the heel in the scenario. There were many memes made about Nikki not telling anyone about some of the strangest things, but this one has to be one of the harshest, as the WWE Universe once again picks fault with Nikki's mic work. Nikki has improved on the mic over the past few years, but back in 2014, it was a sad sight.

7 Why Was Nikki Pushed Into The Championship Picture?

Many of the WWE Universe forget that The Bella Twins came into WWE back in 2007 and have climbed their way through the business for almost a decade. The Bella did leave and then return in 2012, which is when they were given their monster push along with Total Divas, but many fans don't think this was based on talent.

It seems that many of the WWE Universe are of the opinion that Nikki and Brie were only given the TV show and put at the top of the Women's division because of their relationships with Daniel Bryan and John Cena. It's sad since Nikki and John's relationship wasn't used on WWE until this year when they had already been dating for five years. No one will ever know the real reason, it is just hoped that it was based on talent, not the above.

6 Was Nikki Bella A Bad Champion?

Nikki's record breaking 300 plus day reign has already been mentioned once in the article and it seems that fans really have a problem with the fact that WWE allowed Nikki to break the record set by AJ Lee back in 2014.

Nikki Bella wasn't the worst Divas Champion WWE have ever had. The likes of Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres could easily be thought of on a much worse level, but it seems that the WWE Universe direct much of their heat and disdain towards Nikki Bella. At this point, the WWE Universe wanted a scapegoat and it seems that Nikki was the best one for the WWE Universe to hate because of her relationship with John Cena. Nikki did rarely defend here title because of the Divas Revolution and the whole 'twin magic' part became annoying, but her reign wasn't that much of a joke compared to some of the ones who came before her.

5 Brie Bella's Weight Is Brought Into It

Nikki Bella's personal life may have become a punch line for many jokes when it comes to the WWE Universe and the way they see her, but it seems that her sister has it much worse. Brie Bella has always been happy with her body the way it is and has mentioned on Total Divas many times that she doesn't want a boob job like her sister.

It seems as though the WWE Universe might see her a little different that they see herself when they make memes like the one above, making light of the fact that Brie is very thin. Brie obviously isn't that thin anymore, since she is due to give birth to her first child any day now, but it is harsh for the WWE Universe to be bringing her weight into memes, as long as she's healthy and able to wrestle at her size, then what is the problem?

4 Even Brie Is Getting In On The Action

Some of these memes are considered old now because Nikki and John have finally decided to tie the knot, but it was a funny state of affairs for a while when everyone from Natalya to Maryse all told Nikki how much better than her they were because they were married and her boyfriend didn't want to commit.

Fans took full advantage of a plotline that WWE started and memes like this were created. Obviously, Brie and Daniel married more than three years ago following WrestleMania XXX, so Brie and Nikki have often had silly arguments on Total Divas about the fact that Brie is getting everything in her personal life that Nikki wants. As stated, John and Nikki are now engaged, but they are not yet married, it seems until then, these memes will continue.

3 Voted Most Likely To...

It's a reputation that happens in any job when someone finds out you're sleeping with someone much higher up and also getting a promotion. Would Nikki and Brie have been brought back to WWE if they weren't dating John Cena and Daniel Bryan? Would they have been made the faces of Total Divas and Total Bellas? Would Nikki have been given a record breaking Divas Championship reign?

It's a question that the WWE Universe will never know the answer too, but it's still something that they will continue to speculate about. Neither sister has a history of dating WWE talent to further themselves and they both have determination and motivation to make it in WWE, so perhaps this was just a case of coincidence? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

2 Even Daniel Thinks His Wife Is Bad At Promos

Let's be honest, The Bella Twins were certainly not signed to a WWE contract based on their wrestling talent or promo ability like so many other female wrestlers who have joined the company since.

Brie and Nikki would always be at a disadvantage when WWE decided to introduce NXT and sign up women who have been working to become wrestlers their entire life. The Bellas have been unable to compete with these women for the past few years and when it comes to promos, they are completely flawed. The Bellas just scream into the mic and think that passes as a good promo, it's horrific to have to sit through and it seems that one WWE fan has decided that Daniel feels the exact same way about his wife's promos.

1 Complete Savage

This meme is actually quite accurate compared to the other 14 on the list. This is exactly the way The Bella Twins were booked in WWE for more than a year and the company are still confused as to why the WWE Universe didn't get behind them.

There was no end to what was the biggest Divas feud that year, then there are random face and heel turns for no reason, the fans have no idea if they hate the Bellas or if they are supposed to cheer for them. WWE failed The Bellas here. They should have allowed the feud to finish at the very least, the rest of the year just made no sense. Both twins are on hiatus from WWE right now, but Nikki did hint that she and her sister would be back at some point, so it will be interesting to see if WWE will rectify their mistakes the second time around.

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