15 Savage AF Memes About Triple H

"The King Of Kings" Triple H, has definitely done well for himself in the business of pro-wrestling. Not only did Triple H do extraordinarily well for himself in the ring by winning 14 WWE World Championships, but he has also become one of the WWE's top Executives, and a guy who will be leading the company into the next generation (along with his wife and the bosses daughter, Stephanie McMahon of course). However, despite being considered one of the greatest of all time, not everything was so wonderful about Triple H. As you may or may not be aware, Triple H had (and still does have) a massive ego. When he was at the top of his game, Triple H was only concerned about himself and how he could better and further himself in the business.

Over the years, countless wrestlers have gone on record to say that Triple H was detrimental to their careers and in short, "buried" them. Yes, Triple H is known by many to be the "King Of The Golden Burial Shovel". Throughout his career, Triple H has buried countless wrestlers, all while bettering his own position. As well, let's not forget to mention that Triple H refused to lose to most talents on top of his burying. As you might expect, almost every "savage AF" meme about Triple H is in some way related to him "burying" someone else. You may think it's impossible, but Triple H has buried far more talents than even say, John Cena. With that said, let's get into this top 15 list of the most savage AF memes about Triple H.

15 Never Ever Bury On An Empty Stomach!

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Here we have the very first savage AF meme about Triple H and his love for burying. The picture used in this meme came from a time when Triple H was in the Hunter Hearst Helsmsley stage of his career as a prissy, "I'm better than you" aristocrat. This meme is absolutely hilarious because it's just so savage. We all know that Triple H was famously renowned for burying other talents and this meme is so fitting.

Triple H was always looking for opportunities to better himself and his position, and although we can't knock him for that, the fact that he made sure to bury other talents (especially wrestlers he wasn't all too fond of) along the way shows off his incredibly large ego. Now a days, Triple H's ego has shrunk a bit, as he has put over both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at the past two WrestleMania's.

14 Triple H The Straight Savage

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As I'm sure you are aware, since 2011, Triple H has transitioned into the role of being more of an executive, and he takes on far more responsibilities backstage. As a result, Triple H has a lot more power too (which can be quite scary for some talents). Now we all know that Triple H has his favorites when it comes to wrestlers. Guys like Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor and Samoa Joe are all considered to be "H's Golden Boys". Who knows how they became "H's Golden Boys", but i'm sure they sucked up to him and agreed with whatever he had to say, that's for sure.

Guys like Zack Ryder and Curtis Axel, well, let's just say that they're NOT apart of that group of guys. Now a days, if Triple H is fond of you, a push is almost guaranteed. If not, well you'll probably be stuck in a position jobbing to those select Triple H guys. The only other way to receive a push is to catch Vince McMahon's eye, which doesn't happen all to often. Unless of course, you're 6.5'-7', weighing 250-300lbs, greased up and are built like a machine. Regardless, this Triple H meme is savage AF if you ask me!

13  13. You're Only Trolling Yourself Triple H!

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Over the past couple of years, I don't know how many times we've been "treated" to Authority segments which are clearly segments for Triple H to troll us fans with. I still don't comprehend how it's possible that Triple H (or Vince) thought having The Authority show up week after week was "best for business". Not only was the power group hated on religiously for being the "bad characters", but they were also hated on for being extremely boring. But hey, since Triple H and the bosses daughter were involved, you know Vince would make damn sure that we were blessed with their presences.

Thankfully, Stephanie is out with a "kayfabe" injury, so we won't have to see her (or her husband) anytime soon, especially considering Kurt Angle's the new RAW GM. This meme's savage AF because it's true. Triple H believed trolling us fans on a regular basis was going to improve their shows ratings? Well, you thought wrong Hunter! If anything, those ratings plummeted to new lows.

12 It's All About The Game! (Literally and Figuratively)

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Could you possibly find a funnier, yet more savage meme about Triple H on the Internet? It's definitely still "all about the game" even to this day. Although this meme is an extreme exaggeration (hence why it's funny), it's still based off of the truth. Whether Triple H literally calls himself up from NXT or not, he can now live through his current "Kliq" of wrestlers when he calls them up from NXT.

Ironically, in a way, Triple H sort of does call himself up from NXT because he goes from working behind the scenes down in NXT, to inserting himself into any major storyline on WWE's main roster so in a way, this meme is actually quite accurate. Triple H has toned his ego down over the years, but let's just say that he's still concerned about himself, at least to some degree.

11  11. I Found A Reason To Bury The Beast!

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Now we all know Triple H has a love for burying talents. This hilariously savage AF meme is referring to when Triple had a reason to bury Brock Lesnar at their WrestleMania XXIX clash, after having his arm broken on multiple occasions by Lesnar just months prior. Although this wasn't Triple H's worst burial, I think it was still a pretty significant one. Brock Lesnar was the monster in this storyline as he dominated the feud and defeated Triple H on multiple pay-per-view matches. However, on the grandest stage of them all, Triple H slayed The Beast.

By 'Mania XXIX, Triple H was only working part-time in the ring (if that), so his win over Lesnar at WrestleMania XXIX seemed unnecessary. Brock Lesnar was looking like a total beast throughout the feud, and it would have made more sense for Brock to have destroyed HHH at 'Mania and go on to continue his path of destruction. Triple H losing to Brock would have given Lesnar some much needed momentum and credibility as the baddest man on the roster. But of course, that wasn't the case.

10 Time to Bury Daniel Brian!

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Steph! get my shovel! Someone's more popular than me! This is exactly how Triple H (as well as Vince McMahon) felt about the bearded goat and the supposed B+ player, Daniel Bryan. I think we all know full well that Daniel Bryan was never intended to be a main event caliber superstar. However, since Bryan was the ultimate underdog, he got over tremendously because he just seemed like a regular dude (who could also wrestle like few others) and as humans, we like to root for the underdog characters.

Although Triple H's feud with Daniel Bryan was "only" a storyline, there were definitely shreds of honesty when Triple H would rant about Daniel just being a B+ player, and a guy not fit to be a top star. Daniel Bryan was one of the few guys that got over, who wasn't a part of Triple H's pet projects group, and I'm sure that rubbed him the wrong way. Triple H seems like a guy who loves control, so not controlling who was in the main event scene must have driven him crazy! However, we have to give Triple H some credit here, as he agreed to put over the bearded goat at WrestleMania XXX.

9  9. The Only Occasion Triple H Puts People Over...

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This is by far one of the funniest and most savage memes about Triple H. If we count Triple H's Royal Rumble appearances as times when he "put people over", then I guess Triple H has actually put over more wrestlers than nearly anyone else. Not only does he put wrestlers over at the Royal Rumble, but he gives them a big "push" first, what a considerate guy! Although this meme is an exaggeration, it's still so accurate, hence why it's just that funny.

However, Triple H did put over a few talents throughout his career. Many Triple H marks usually bring up the occasions where he put over the likes of Batista and Roman Reigns, as arguments against his reputation of being the burial master, but those are just two guys. Sure he helped Batista become a big star, but are we forgetting to realize that Batista was one of Triple H's guys? And Roman Reigns? Well, he's Vince's current boyfriend, so there's little doubt that HHH would put him over, as Triple H is McMahon's biggest butt-kisser.

8 Don't Take My Shovel, Hunter!

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This savage AF meme about Triple H is referring to his absolute love for his favorite "golden shovel" or in this case, Daniel Bryan's garden shovel. I think it's fairly clear that both Triple H and Vince McMahon are a bit out of touch when it comes to what's "best for business". If they actually thought giving us Corporate Kane ( I still cringe every time I hear him called that) and Big Show constantly being featured in the main event scene was best for business over the wildly popular Daniel Bryan, well, then they're delusional.

Sure, Triple H is now trying to appeal to the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) by giving us Indy guys like Rollins, Balor and Nakamura in the main event, but that doesn't take away from the times when Triple H was completely oblivious to what the fans wanted to see versus what he gave them. I honestly think Triple H is now going to the other extreme (pushing so many Indy guys) to ease his conscience of providing us with lumbering giants prior.

7  7. Triple H Saving Burying Seth Rollins For Last

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Sorry Seth, even though you're one of Triple H's golden boys, that doesn't take away from the fact the King Of Ego's will still bury you when the time's right! I think it's clear that Seth Freaking Rollins is one of Triple H's "chosen ones". Ever since The Shield disbanded, HHH has put Rollins at the forefront of the company, and in the main event scene.

Ironically, this absolutely hilarious savage AF meme about Triple H isn't even true, considering Hunter put over Rollins at their WrestleMania 33 match earlier this month. However, during Seth Rollin's WWE World Championship run in 2015 as the chicken-sh*t heel who was defeated by the likes of Ryback and Kofi Kingston, there's little doubt that HHH would have Pedigreed Rollins face into the canvas for a three second count.

6  6. One Accomplishment Will Never Be Enough!

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No single Championship reign shall ever be enough for The King, Triple H! This savage AF meme is summarizing the fact that if Triple H was allowed to win and hold every possible championship in the history of pro-wrestling at the same time, then he would. Although this meme is a stretch, Triple H was "all about the gold" that's for sure. Throughout his career, he's had multiple runs with nearly every championship, except of course, the Divas Championship.

However, when Triple H was in his Hunter Hearst Helmsley stage, the "Divas" Championship would have been a very fitting accolade. Although Triple H has earned quite a few of his championship runs throughout his career, a good number of them were also handed to him because well, he's quite simply married to the bosses daughter. I can almost guarantee you that there's no way Triple H would be in the position he is in now, with so many title reigns under his belt had he not married Stephanie McMahon.

5 No Title Will Allude The King Of Burystyle!

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No belt will allude Triple H, not even the Cruiserweight Championship, a belt designed for wrestlers under 205 pounds. Again, this straight savage meme about Triple H is referring to Triple H's never ending hunger for championship gold. If Vince McMahon allowed Hunter to perform on 205 Live, then I'm sure he would bring his now obviously very worn out golden shovel, and bury the entire 205 Live roster all while taking the Cruiserweight Championship.

If Triple H had it his way, I'm sure he would like to go down in wrestling history as the most successful WWE Executive, the wrestler who buried the most talents, the wrestler who became the biggest star despite being a jobber at the start, and guy who won the most championships and the most of each championships. I know I'm being a little extreme here, but I can't help myself, it's just too darn funny!

4  4. All Hail The King Of Burying!

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This savage meme about Triple is so true! Hunter has always had an enormous ego, and I would agree that anyone who has/had a chance to be better or bigger than him would have been the first wrestler on the receiving end of a Pedigree and the infamous golden shovel. Guys in this category include Scott Steiner, Booker T, Randy Orton, Goldberg, CM Punk, RVD among others. Anyone with a shred of popularity more than Triple H was doomed.

Unless of course one of those said wrestlers was one of the Vince McMahon's golden boys, because we all know Vince would force Triple H to put over his guys no matter what. But anyone who Vince was on the fence about or a guy not apart of his golden boy club, well, they were fair game for Triple H and his shiny shovel of death. No wonder Triple H became one of the most successful stars in wrestling history, he buried anyone else who stood a chance of surpassing him.

3  3. John Cena & Triple H Double Team Burying

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Triple H and John Cena are without a doubt, the two most infamous wrestlers known for their shovels and their burials. If there's one guy that comes close to the sheer number of burials as Triple H, then it would be John Cena. Both of these guys have huge egos, both love to be number one, and they both are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their position at the top. However, some say John Cena only buried wrestlers because Vince McMahon booked him to do so, where as Triple H buried guys because of backstage politics and because he was Steph's husband.

Regardless, they both have buried and shoveled dirt on a plethora of talented guys. Some of John Cena's infamous burials include The Nexus, The Nexus' Wade Barrett, Umaga, Ryback, Carlito, Damien Sandow among others. As you can see, they've both done their fair share of damage. If Cena and Triple H had formed a tag team, god help us all is what I would have said. As a a team, they would have taken the word "burial" to the next level.

2  2. Triple H Trolling The CM Punk Marks

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Here we have a meme of Triple H being a straight savage to the WWE Universe, especially to the CM Punk marks of course. We all know that Triple H despises Punk, there's no two ways around it. Regardless of what B.S Hunter says to justify him not hating on CM Punk, actions speak louder than words, and Triple H's words speak "I hate Punk." Triple H wasn't a fan of Punk's look, his attitude, his ability to get over despite not being positioned as "the guy", and someone who didn't go along with both Vince McMahon's and Triple H's B.S.

CM Punk was a rebel and he did things his way, which is something that would have instantly rubbed Hunter the wrong way considering Triple H likes to do everything his own way. At the end of the day, CM Punk is gone from the WWE, much to the delight of Triple H. Hunter can proudly say that "he won" the battle in the end, as he's the last man standing in the WWE. I'm sure Triple H gets a good kick out of the never ending "CM Punk" chants, because he knows Punk will probably never again return to the company, especially if Triple H, the guy Punk hates is running the show. Just an absolutely savage AF Triple H meme.

1  1. RUN!! Triple H Has The Shovel!

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I'm not going to lie, I laughed extremely hard when I saw this hilariously savage AF meme about Triple H and his iconic, never-dying shovel. When a wrestler see's that shiny shovel, the best possible thing they could do is run, and run extremely fast, because you know what's going to happen next. It's also sort of ironic that Cesaro, a guy who has been buried to some extent, is the one trying to run away from Triple H's shovel.

But as you probably know, running away will not escape the impending burial if Triple H has deemed you as the next victim. The shovel will eventually reach you and the burial will take place. Luckily for Cesaro, he likely won't have to face Triple H's golden shovel of burial, because Hunter is no longer a full-time active wrestler. Even when he does return to action, a guy like Cesaro is not the first wrestler he's going to go after. That can be taken as both a good and a bad thing I suppose, because Cesaro is definitely no where near the top.

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