15 Secrets The Women Of WWE Want To Bury

The women of WWE are amongst some of the most talented in the world. But with all the fame that comes with WWE, there are also a few things that they wish they could avoid.

It is hard to have secrets and be a WWE Superstar because they are either revealed as part of a storyline on Total Divas, or the WWE Universe will search for them and they will become public knowledge before you have a chance to stop it.

Over the past few decades there have been a number of secrets that have been shared about WWE Divas, who are now just known as female Superstars, but once they are out in the public domain, it's quite hard to get them back.

Despite everything that has been revealed about many of these women over the past few years, they have all still been able to continue to show up and do their job, which is a sentiment to how passionate they are about the business.

Despite this, there are a lot of secrets that the women wish would disappear, it would make their lives much easier if people didn't remember those pieces of information.

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15 Eva Marie's Alcoholic Past

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Eva Marie has never been liked by the WWE Universe. She came into the company with an attitude and this hasn't changed in the four years she has been contracted.

Eva's alcoholic past was revealed on an episode of Total Divas and now that the WWE Universe are aware of this, it just gives them another reason to dislike her and preach about how much she doesn't belong in the company. Many of the other women treat Eva differently because of it too and don't invite her to places where they know they will be drinking. Maybe Eva regrets allowing this secret to be revealed to the world, it was much better and much easier for her when the world didn't know.

14 JoJo's Affair With Bray Wyatt

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JoJo did a fantastic job of being able to avoid all of the hate that Eva Marie was subjected to, by disappearing into the background and not drawing any attention to herself. JoJo managed this quite well for a number of years before Bray Wyatt's wife recently revealed that the current Raw ring announcer was the main reason she was filing for divorce from her husband.

JoJo has suddenly walked back into the light and there is now a lot of hate for the former Total Divas for her part in breaking up the family. Bray Wyatt has two children with his wife and JoJo's affair could have ruined everything for Wyatt's entire family. JoJo probably wishes that there was a way that she could take the whole thing back.

13 The Meaning Behind Brie Bella's Tattoo

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Brie Bella is married to SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan and the duo have recently welcomed their first child, Birdie Jo. Brie seemingly looks as though she is happy with her family but she hides a dark secret from her past that must haunt her on a regular basis.

Brie Bella had a long term boyfriend when she was still in high school. He even made her a bear figurine when they were in senior year so that he could always be with her on her nightstand. Sadly he passed away a few years later and Brie has since had the bear claws tattooed on her lower stomach in memory of him. Brie never talks openly about her first love and would prefer the WWE Universe to believe that her first love was actually Daniel Bryan.

12 Why Did Nikki Bella Make History?

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Nikki Bella was in the right place at the right time when WWE decided to allow her to defeat AJ Lee to win the Divas Championship. AJ then later retired and the company wanted to get back at her by giving Nikki a reign that would eclipse hers and then retired the belt to ensure that Nikki was always seen as the record longest reign.

The company reached a point throughout the reign where they realized that Nikki wasn't working as champion and wanted to hand the belt off to Charlotte. John Cena had words with the backstage officials and completely killed Charlotte's push in order for his girlfriend to make history. How does it feel knowing that dating Cena is the real reason you are where you are Nikki?

11 Becky Lynch's Past Addictions

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Becky Lynch became the first ever SmackDown Women's Champion last year and has since been handing out Straight Fire on SmackDown Live on a weekly basis. The WWE Universe hasn't forgotten what Becky had to battle through to get to where she was.

Finding wrestling and Finn Balor literally saved Becky's life since she got in with the wrong crowd and her life was heading in one direction. Finn and Becky share knowledge of this and the duo have become quite close since he was one of the main reasons she got into wrestling and because he helped to train her all those years ago. Becky seemingly has quite the story to tell, but WWE will not be doing a 24 covering this one anytime soon.

10 Naomi Only Won The Championship Because She Was From Orlando

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Naomi has been in WWE now for more than seven years and she has finally been given her chance to be champion. The sad part is that her reign has absolutely nothing to do with her ability. WWE wanted to give Naomi the SmackDown Women's Championship because she's a face star and because WrestleMania was in her hometown back in April.

She was supposed to win the championship and hold it throughout WrestleMania season, but an ankle injury meant that she ended up recapturing it in front of her hometown crowd anyway. Naomi has managed to keep hold of the championship for so long because WWE is currently more focused on building up her challengers than building her up as a champion, which is slightly harsh.

9 Nikki Bella's Previous Marriage

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Nikki probably regrets ever revealing that she once ran away and married her high school sweetheart when she was just 20-years-old. Nikki never named him and decided to get the marriage annulled just three years later, but it was a secret she managed to keep from John Cena and most of her family for more than a decade.

Nikki was then forced to come clean on an episode of Total Divas but Cena was more bothered about the fact that she thought she needed to keep it a secret. Nikki has perhaps learned from past mistakes and would probably prefer to move on and concentrate on her upcoming marriage to John Cena rather than a marriage that failed to work out for her all those years ago.

8 Lana's Life Before WWE

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Lana came to WWE through the 2013 Diva Search and despite not winning, the company decided to sign her anyway. It came as a shock to many of the WWE Universe when Lana was signed, mostly because she has quite a catalogue of pictures that she was part of before she was put in the spotlight.

Lana, much like Eva Marie has a lot of images on the internet that WWE would prefer their younger fans not to see. Lana could well be regretting a lot of choices she made when she was much younger especially now she seems to be thinking seriously about a wrestling career. When something is put online, it can never be erased, so as much as Lana may want to bury these images, it seems that she can't and neither can WWE.

7 Ashley's Sexual Assault

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Ashley revealed last year that she was the victim of a sexual assault whilst she was still contracted to WWE as part of their Tribute to the Troops annual tour. The former Diva stated that she told WWE officials who then encouraged her to keep quiet about the incident, which is why it has taken her so long to talk about it openly.

Ashley gained a lot of negative media attention when she revealed the secret with many sources stating that this was another lie to allow her to remain relevant. Ashley couldn't have guessed that the WWE Universe would react the way they did to her reveal and now she probably regrets not keeping it to herself, just like WWE told her to all those years ago.

6 Becky Lynch's Huge Secret

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Becky Lynch missed the No Mercy pay-per-view last year because she was in the hospital having an unknown procedure. This is something that Becky posted on Twitter herself but never explained what she was actually having done. Since then the WWE Universe has decided to come up with their own theories which are probably much worse than the truth.

If it was something like appendicitis then why wouldn't that be revealed as the reason she missed a pay-per-view event? Instead, the WWE Universe has decided that Becky was pregnant and needed the time away to have an abortion. Maybe Becky regrets telling the WWE Universe that she was in the hospital, to begin with now. Or maybe she regrets keeping all the details to herself, either way, it's one of the most bizarre things WWE have done in a while.

5 Sable Once Sued WWE For Sexual Assault

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Brock Lesnar may well be the biggest draw in WWE right now, but his wife is not exactly on good terms with the company after she decided to file a $110 million lawsuit when she first left WWE in 1999 claiming sexual harassment.

Vince McMahon and Sable managed to settle the lawsuit out of court with the damages being much less than she had originally asked for. WWE managed to move past this and Sable then returned to WWE a few years later, despite the unsafe work environment that she had described before. There has been so much water under the bridge since then that Sable perhaps regrets ever filing this report now.

4 Alexa Bliss' NXT Secret

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Alexa Bliss has managed to take full advantage of her time on the main roster and make history a number of times already despite only being drafted to SmackDown a year ago. No matter how hard Alexa works to become the best or how much she tries to show the WWE Universe that she deserves to be where she is, there will always be something hanging over her.

Alexa obviously annoyed a female member of the locker room while she was in NXT and when she was released she decided to reveal to the WWE Universe anonymously that Alexa was only being pushed in NXT because she was sleeping with the right people. This is what everyone now thinks of Alexa whether it's true or not, which is sad because if it's not true then it's slowly putting a dampener on her career.

3 Sable Once Worked As A Prostitute

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Sable is a former WWE Women's Champion. She is also a former two time Playboy cover girl and she is now a mother to Brock Lesnar's two sons. But her past is much more complicated than it may first seem. Like many women who came to WWE in the 1990s, Sable had no wrestling experience because before she met Marc Mero, she was working as a prostitute.

Sable and Mero had an agreement for a while before he decided to take her out of that world and introduce her to WWE, something that then launched an entirely new career path for her. This is something that has remained well hidden for a while, not really something Brock would want the world to know about his wife.

2 Ashley Massaro Once Worked As An Escort

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There are many routes into WWE. Ashley won the 2005 Raw Diva Search and became a WWE Diva after that. But her time in the spotlight caused her much more problems than she had to begin with.

Ashley and Sunny have had a few problems over the years but it was an argument between the duo on Social Media that eventually led to Sunny revealing that Ashley once worked as an escort before she was hired by WWE. There were then facts that backed up Sunny's claims as Ashley then resorted to leaking adult photos of Sunny because she realized that her secret was out and there was nothing she could do about it. Ashley has seen remained quiet about the entire saga, bet she wishes she could take it all back now.

1 Stephanie McMahon and Randy Savage

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It is one of the biggest urban legends in WWE history. One that has remained a secret for so long because the McMahons refuse to speak up about what actually took place, which has only allowed the legend to become much bigger.

It has been rumoured that Randy Savage and StephanieMcMahon  were every close when she was growing up. So close that the duo apparently slept together when Stephanie was just 14-years-old. Vince later found out about this and that is why he wouldn't allow Randy to return to WWE and only put him in the WWE Hall of Fame after his death. It's something that is always going to follow Stephanie around no matter where she goes, but it's something that she has decided that she will never publicly talk about.

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