15 Secrets The WWE Wants To Keep In The Past

The public relations team of WWE does a great job to spin any negative stories about the company. WWE has become tremendous at portraying their brand in the most glowing light possible over the past few years. For a long time, WWE was viewed in the worst of ways. Many media entities considered it the lowest class of entertainment during the Attitude Era. Between this time period and the Chris Benoit tragedy, WWE realized it was time to clean up their image. It took a few years but WWE is viewed in the best of ways as a respectable brand that provides a unique combination of sports and entertainment.

There are still many stories out there that WWE has tried to keep secret or are hoping fans will not remember any time soon. We'll take a look at the various secrets that paint the company in a terrible light. These stories range from sex scandals to drug addictions to poor decisions by the company. The tales involve different wrestlers from different timelines with only one thing in common – WWE doesn’t want you to remember it. Here are fifteen of the most controversial secrets WWE badly wants to keep in the past.

15 Shawn Michaels and Sunny Locker Room Incident 


The WWE locker room was a mess during the 90s. One of the biggest examples of this came when Shawn Michaels decided to use an empty room backstage as his personal bedroom for the night. Tammy “Sunny” Sytch cheated on her boyfriend and fellow WWE wrestler Chris Candido by sharing intimate moments with Michaels backstage when it was supposed to be professional.

One of the biggest stars in the company doing this would be bad enough, but the cheating aspect of the story just adds more ugliness to the story. Sytch admitted to it all and showed zero remorse for her role in the despicable actions. Michaels claims he's a different person now from back then and tries to keep it in the past. Regardless, it's one of the more controversial secrets to happen in the WWE locker room.

14 Roman Reigns Suspended For Using Adderall


A recent story to make WWE look bad was the suspension of Roman Reigns in 2016. Reigns lost the WWE World Championship to Seth Rollins and sat out for a month due to his violating of the WWE Wellness Policy. WWE acknowledged the suspension by announcing it and having Seth Rollins take a shot at Roman. John Cena recently brought it up in an intense promo battle.

WWE has tried to keep the reasoning for Reigns’ suspension quiet. The only thing regarding it was that he violated the policy. Various reports indicated that the drug used by Reigns was Adderall. This is used to help AHDH and it is considered a minor PED. It wasn’t an accident or a supplement that led to the suspension. Reigns knowingly took something that was against WWE’s rules and forced their hand.

13 WWE Played Mind Games With Steve Austin


Longtime fans remember the controversial incident of Steve Austin walking out of WWE in 2002. The booking decision to have Austin put over rookie Brock Lesnar on a random episode of Raw with no advertisement caused him to quit out of frustration. WWE sold it to fans as Austin “taking his ball and going home” rather than the truth.

Wade Keller has reported that WWE was trying to mess with Austin’s head and trying to take him down a peg after his stint on top of the industry was ending. Both Austin and Keller discussed that WWE did multiple things in the time frame to upset Austin culminating in his short term departure from the company. WWE disrespecting and playing mind games with arguably the biggest star of all time for no reason is something they definitely want to keep swept under the rug.

12 Bray Wyatt Left Ex-Wife For Jojo


One somewhat recent instance of a secret leaking out revolved around the love life of Bray Wyatt. The WWE star allegedly cheated on his wife with WWE ring announcer Jojo. It was the most surprising story to break in quite some time considering how odd of a couple this pairing is. The story indicated that Wyatt’s wife was filing for divorce after finding out that he committed adultery with the young ring announcer.

An underreported part of the story is the rumor going around that Wyatt and Jojo are an official couple right now. The two have been spotted together following shows. Wyatt and Jojo apparently attended Jeff Hardy’s concert following an episode of Raw holding hands. If they're officially public, WWE would likely be upset with this story continuing to expose Wyatt as cheating on his wife with a co-worker to start a new romance.

11 Vince Helped Jimmy Snuka Get Away With Murder


The recent death of Jimmy Snuka at the beginning of 2016 may have been met with relief from WWE. One of the bigger controversies that somehow were kept under control featured the mysterious death of Snuka’s girlfriend in 1983. Snuka claimed his girlfriend slipped and hit her head on a rocket. The story of his went on to state he carried her to their hotel room and she passed out there.

Most people with common sense look at the story as Snuka being the one that hit her leading to her death. Vince McMahon stepped in and went with Snuka to meet police detectives. Snuka claimed McMahon had a briefcase with him that many people assumed was money for a bribe. The story was never confirmed. Snuka’s case was re-opening decades later but he was deemed unfit for trial.

10 Triple H & Stephanie's Relationship Starts With Cheating


WWE has done a good job hiding the beginning of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s romance. All documentaries or stories shared about their relationship claim they fell in love while working together. This is true but Triple H’s prior romance is always erased from the story. Triple H was dating Chyna for many years and cheated on her to start the relationship that would change his life.

Chyna’s contract negotiations ended when she found out Triple H was cheating on her with Stephanie. WWE pretended it never happened and blacklisted Chyna up until her death in 2016. The death of Chyna brought the story back into conversations, but WWE will never acknowledge it. Triple H and Stephanie are the future of the company and this is just a forgettable story for them.

9 AJ Lee & Awesome Kong Told They Weren't Attractive Enough For WWE


The women’s movement in WWE is a drastic change from prior eras. It's arguably the first time the Women’s Division is being treated seriously as opposed to eye candy first. Two extremely talented women witnessed insults from people in charge of WWE at the time due to their looks. Jim Ross flat out told Awesome Kong that she needed to improve her looks to get a credible shot with WWE.

This story evolved years later with new names. John Laurinaitis informed AJ Lee that she wasn’t attractive enough to make it in WWE before she proved him wrong. Lee went on to become one of the biggest women’s wrestling stars in WWE history. Both ladies were among the best at their job but were insulted by men for how they looked. There’s no doubt WWE wants to keep these lesser known stories in the past.

8 Nikki Bella Had Secret Marriage


Total Divas revealed a secret about one of WWE’s biggest names when Nikki Bella shared a story about getting married at a young age. The decision of Nikki to get married came when she feared her boyfriend would get drafted to the army. Despite this not being a logical thinking, Nikki married him assuming it would prevent him from having to go overseas.

The marriage of Nikki took place during her early 20s and was kept a secret from the rest of her family. John Cena is planning to marry Nikki in the near future. WWE likely won’t acknowledge that Nikki and Cena were both married in the past. Nikki marrying someone for a reason that wasn’t even accurate is clearly one of the more shocking secrets possible.

7 Randy Orton Goes AWOL


Randy Orton has been one of the biggest stars in WWE over the past thirteen years. A hidden fact about Orton’s past comes from when he enlisted with the United States Marine Corps as an 18-year-old. Orton received a bad conduct discharge after going AWOL twice. The punishment for Orton’s first offense saw him spend time in the brig, which is the military's version of prison.

WWE is one of the most pro-military organizations going as far as to have a special Tribute to the Troops event every single year. Orton ditching during his time is clearly a bad look. In recent years, Orton has criticized the actions of other Americans not being patriotic enough. It all makes him look bad. WWE doesn’t want you remembering Orton going AWOL when watching him hit the RKO out of nowhere.

6 X-Pac Attempted Suicide In 2008


The career of Sean Waltman is one of the most underrated when looking at 90s stars. Most known for his time as X-Pac in D-Generation X, Waltman contributed many great matches in his prime. The career of X-Pac continued in Mexico during the 2000s as he battled his personal demons of addiction issues. Things hit rock bottom in 2008 when X-Pac tried to commit suicide.

Waltman’s then girlfriend Ryan Shamrock aka Alicia Webb luckily entered the room at the right time to stop him from hanging himself before he passed away. The next stint in rehab helped X-Pac a lot and he ended up finding his way back in the following years. We see Waltman at the WWE Hall of Fame every year hanging out with his friends. The potential suicide of a high profile name could have been crushing for the industry, but thankfully it didn’t happen.

5 Hulk Hogan's Alleged Drug Addiction


Hulk Hogan is still one of the biggest names in wrestling history. There’s a likely chance that Hogan is the first person mentioned if you asked the average person on the street to name a professional wrestler. However, Hogan had quite a few negative stories attached to his name. Wrestlers will always remember their negative interactions with Hogan. Fans will always remember his racist tirade the leaked intercourse tape.

One story that never blew up like the others featured Hogan’s alleged drug addictions. Ultimate Warrior revealed that Hogan would use cocaine all the time in the 80s during his WWE run. Some accusations claimed Hogan would use drugs backstage in front of everyone. These rumors have never been confirmed but it seems quite possible given the timeline.

4 Ashley Massaro Prostitution Scandal


A very strong allegation towards a former WWE women’s wrestler featured Ashley Massaro being accused of working as a high priced escort. The name Ashley Massaro was on the list among models on an escort page with high price in 2004. “Braun's escort service” was the name of the company that advertised upscale escorts from modeling and the adult industry.

Massaro was the biggest name on the list and it created a little controversy online. It was only a few months after this story broke that Ashley requested her release from WWE. This was however done due to needing to attend to family life rather than stepping away from the controversy. Most fans have forgotten this story and WWE is likely happy about that considering how hard they pushed her during her tenure.

3 CM Punk Gets Termination Papers On Wedding Day


CM Punk dropped a huge secret during his tell all podcast with Colt Cabana about his departure from WWE. Everything Punk said in the two-part podcast series shocked the wrestling world, but one specific story painted WWE in the most ugly of lights. Punk claimed that WWE planned it out to have his official termination papers from the company show up to his door on his wedding day.

Considering AJ Lee was still employed by WWE and took the time off to get married, you just know it was intentional. One of the biggest names and hardest working stars of the recent era getting treated with such disrespect is clearly a fact WWE wants to hide. Vince McMahon tried to pass it off as a horrible coincidence in an interview to sweep it under the rug.

2 Vince McMahon Harassing Talent


Vince McMahon’s treatment of women over the years has been one strong negative attached to WWE. The overall portrayal of female talent for decades and McMahon booking himself to make out with many of them provided a terrible look. Various stories have claimed Vince of sexually harassing talent through the years.

80s referee Rita Marie accused McMahon of sexually assaulting her in a limo when she asked for more work. Ring announcer Mike McGuirk was rumored to have left WWE due to Vince making a move on her. 90s mega-star Sable ended up suing WWE claiming sexual harassment from major people in the company. McMahon has confirmed to cheating on his own wife over the years and the accusations from female talent just add to the potential of these stories all being true.

1 Owen Hart Had Doubts About Stunt That Killed Him


The most heartbreaking moment in WWE history has to be Owen Hart falling 78 feet from the rafters to the ringside area. One of the wrestlers actually dying in the ring was unheard of and shocked the fans for a long time. Owen is still missed by wrestlers, fans and everyone to ever have any sort of interaction with him. A sad aspect of this is that the entrance he was attempting was completely pointless and just a silly stunt that cost him his life as he attempted to glide down from the rafters.

Multiple stories have stated that Owen actually was hesitant about doing this entrance. The risk was something he wasn’t sure he should take for a forgettable entrance in the grand scheme of things. Unfortunately, Hart went through with it and he died in heartbreaking fashion.

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