15 Secrets These Wrestlers Will Take To Their Grave

Throughout the long, storied history of professional wrestling, there have certainly been some blemishes when it comes the sport’s reputation. From drug scandals to the death of wrestlers at a young age, there have never been more eyes on the business as outsiders await the next time WWE or one of their rivals slip up.

Of course, there are some secrets that we’ll never know the answer to – which is why we’re writing this article here today. Superstars both old and new will forever be protecting stories and tales from their past, mainly because they know what would happen if the news got out.

The WWE Universe thrives off of knowing the latest inside scoop, and it must kill them to know that they’ll likely never have the definitive answers to these 15 questions. With that being said, purely looking through this list helps us to realise that perhaps there are some things in life that are better left unsaid.

So from Vinnie Mac all the way through to Hulk Hogan, it’s time speculate as to what dirty laundry we won’t see being aired anytime soon.

15 Vince McMahon's Favourite Wrestler

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As the chairman of the board, some will argue that Vince McMahon has a certain responsibility to protect all of the wrestlers within his organisation. Over the years he’s done that for some and hasn’t for others, which begs the question that many people have regarding the former WWF Champion – who is his favourite wrestler all of time?

The standard names like Roman Reigns and John Cena will likely be thrown around quite a bit, but we’ve never received a definitive answer one way or another. Dean Ambrose claims to be Vince’s current favourite on the roster although that could be a lie. We’d rather choose to believe that someone along the lines of D’Lo Brown would get the nod. Why? Because it’d be funny, that’s why.

14 What Happened Between Stephanie & Macho Man

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Stephanie McMahon, regardless of your opinions of her on-screen character, is arguably one of the WWE’s greatest success stories behind the scenes. The Billion Dollar Princess has risen up through the ranks of the company and in the present day, she is a successful, beautiful and well-established businesswoman for World Wrestling Entertainment.

So it’s hardly surprising to know that we will probably never found out what happened between herself and Macho Man Randy Savage. The age-old rumour goes that Savage and Steph had something of a fling when she was potentially still underage, which so many fans believe to be the reason for Vince falling out with Macho Man for so many years. Either way, we’ll likely never find out the truth.

13 The Conversation

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When The Rock and John Cena announced to the world that they’d be fighting one another at WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami, wrestling fans around the globe couldn’t have been happier. Two of the sport’s biggest icons were set to square off, and given the genuine heat between them, it was shocking to see The Rock come out on top in his hometown.

What people weren’t crazy about, however, was when Rocky’s real-life cousin Roman Reigns was put in a similar position a few years later at No Mercy 2017. Roman squared off in an "icon vs icon" match of sorts against Cena and following the match both men shared some choice words with each other in the ring. Since then, John has confirmed that he’ll never reveal what was said between the two men.

12 The Chyna Issue

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Former WWE Superstar Chyna was always a controversial figure within professional wrestling, dating all the way back to when she was a permanent fixture with the company. Whether that be because of backstage politics or her own personal antics, she never quite saw eye to eye with everyone behind the scenes – and that reputation followed her every day until she sadly passed away last year.

Whilst she was commemorated to a degree by WWE, something that we’d all like to know is what conversations were had between Chyna and the higher-ups at the company in the months leading up to her death? It’s no secret that there was some form of interaction, but because of the black and white nature of the ordeal, it’ll likely always be left to speculation.

11 CM Punk’s Evening Secrets

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As the Voice of the Voiceless and the longest reigning WWE Champion of the last 25 years, CM Punk seemingly had a responsibility to stand out above his fellow colleagues as "the guy" during his run from 2012 onwards. He was pinpointed as being the measuring stick to which all other Superstars should try and follow, and that’s understandable.

However, it’s well known that in spite of his squeaky-clean nature, Punk actually slept around quite a bit back in the day. Of course, we aren’t suggesting that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, but with several notches on his supposed bedpost, we can’t imagine that he’ll reveal the true number anytime soon.

After all, his wife, AJ Lee, has shown crazy tendencies in the past – in storyline, of course.

10 Hulk Hogan’s Unknown Past

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You could pile 1,001 things into this entry, which is unfortunate because Hulk Hogan was once heralded as being the face of professional wrestling. The leader of the Hulkamaniacs has done just about everything there is to do in this business over the years, and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that if it wasn’t for Hogan, the WWE wouldn’t be where it is today.

But do we even know half of what this guy has been up to in his personal life? After all, there have been many allegations of homosexual relations throughout his career (especially with his best buddy Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake), and whilst we don’t have any form of problem with that it’d be interesting to know if there’s more than meets the eye with the Hulkster. Plus, it’s not like he has any kind of leg to stand on.

9 The Understated Rivalry

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It seemed like, from day one, that the plan was always being set in place for Shane McMahon to take control of World Wrestling Entertainment once his father Vince left this earth. He was clearly being positioned to be the next 'leader'’ of the company, and for a long time, nobody really seemed to have a problem with that.

But then he left, and The Game came along. With Triple H assuming so much responsibility over the last few years it’s hard to imagine that there isn’t some kind of animosity between the two men, with Shane hinting at it during his podcast with Mick Foley. The duo will always put the business first, but we’d love to know whether or not they really do hate each other’s guts.

8 Triple H’s Motives

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As we’ve mentioned in a prior entry, Stephanie McMahon is a wonderful woman in oh so many ways. There are guys from Alaska to Antarctica who would kill to stand side by side with the former Women’s Champion, and their jealousy will forever run deep knowing that it’s The King of Kings, Triple H, who is legitimately married to Steph in real life.

But can their love truly be dubbed as "real"? After all, we’ve long since heard the rumours that The Game simply married into the couple with the sole intention of rising up through the ranks of WWE. Others believe that not to be the case, but given how private these kind of issues are you can bet your bottom dollar that The Cerebral Assassin’s true motives will be kept to himself.

7 The Fall Of Punk

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The aforementioned CM Punk’s tenure with WWE was always destined to meet its grisly demise sooner than most fans would’ve liked, and after a few years of frustration things finally came to a head in January 2014 when the Straight Edge Superstar walked out on Vince and, to this day, has yet to return to in-ring competition.

Whilst Punk has given his accounting of the events on that fateful night in Cleveland, we’ll probably never understand what happened in full because honesty is so hard to come by in this industry. Some say he was hard to work with, while others say he wasn’t as vocal as he claims to have been, but one way or another the speculation is never likely to cease.

6 Brock’s Negotiations

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Brock Lesnar is an absolute machine of a human being, with his ridiculous strength combined with his freakish athleticism putting every other superstar on the Raw and SmackDown Live rosters to shame. He’s a multi-time world champion, a Superstar for the ages, and hell, he even managed to carve out a successful career in mixed martial arts.

Speaking of which, back in 2016 the Beast Incarnate actually transitioned back into the world of MMA for one night only for a fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. The event was so monumental that we can only imagine how the negotiations went, and given the numbers involved, Brock will probably never spill the beans regarding what happened between Vinnie Mac and Dana White prior to that night.

5 John Cena’s Relationship

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As wrestling fans, we’ve always been brought up to believe that John Cena is a selfish man who only looks out for himself. Why? Well, because that’s what the internet says of course. Whilst that may seem a little bit silly on the face of it, there is actually some evidence to suggest that Cena may not be that much of a babyface in the real world.

His behaviour on Total Bellas and Total Divas seems to suggest that there’s more to him than meets the eye, which is ironic given that he seems to be portraying his real personality on the shows. Many have speculated that his "love" for Nikki Bella is actually extremely manufactured, and given how many people believe it, we wouldn’t say it’s too far outside the realms of possibility.

4 The Bill DeMott Problem

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Bill DeMott was really nothing more than a glorified jobber during his actual wrestling days as Hugh Morrus, but in spite of that he wound up being a useful trainer in the eyes of the WWE brass. Due to this, he was given a big-time position down in NXT as one of the head trainers of the developmental brand, and for a few years, everything seemed to be going swimmingly.

That was, until, numerous allegations came out that suggested he was abusing his position as a trainer. From stories of mental and physical abuse to downright bullying, DeMott has never come out and made a public statement about the whole situation. Given that his reputation would be on the line, either way, it seems smart to suggest that this’ll never be confirmed or denied by the man himself.

3 Sting’s True Feelings

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For years and years, WCW legend Sting chose not to made the leap over to WWE as he felt like he wouldn’t be handled in the proper manner. It was a fair enough assessment considering how his fellow WCW competitors were treated in the years following the Monday Night Wars, but eventually, he gave in and made the decision to jump over to the dark side.

Oh, what a mistake it proved to be. Over the course of his short in-ring tenure Sting took part in two throwaway matches on Monday Night Raw, in addition to two pay-per-view showdowns with Triple H and Seth Rollins. He lost the first at WrestleMania 31, then lost the second at Night of Champions in a match that saw an injury bring his legendary career to a close.

So does he regret it? We’ll probably never know.

2 The Undertaker’s Streak

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For over two decades The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania stood strong as being one of the pillars of the event. Numerous legends of the business stepped up and were sent packing as they attempted to beat the Deadman on the grandest stage of them all, right up until WrestleMania XXX when he was finally put to rest by Brock Lesnar.

Now because Taker rarely gives interviews, and because there’s still the possibility looming that he’ll return for one more match next year in New Orleans, we don’t know how the Phenom felt about having to give up the streak. Apparently, the final call went to Vince McMahon, which makes us think that the icon had some reservations when it came to putting Brock over at the Superdome.

1 The Hulk/Macho Man Issue

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It feels fitting to finish with Hogan, especially given that the other man involved in this entry is also a legend of the business. Back in the day Hulk and Macho Man Randy Savage were known as the Mega Powers, and together they formed a tremendous partnership that saw them become the two biggest stars in the industry.

However, there was a great deal of bad blood behind the scenes between the two that stems from rumours that Hogan may have been involved with Miss Elizabeth in some capacity. Unfortunately Randy passed away before the two could ever fully make amends, but we’d still like to know whether or not Hogan actually did something worthy of destroying their friendship.

Our money would say yes, but once again, we’ll probably never know.

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