15 Secrets Vince McMahon Will Take To His Grave

Vincent Kennedy McMahon is without a doubt the most important figure in wrestling history. When he took over WWE, most expected a guy with a fresh attitude and such. No one could imagine Vince taking WWE and making it a global presence, crushing the old territories and turning WWE into pretty much the major game in the wrestling world. So much has been written about Vince, his attitude, his selfishness, pettiness and such. But others praise him for caring about workers, helping out guys and having some smarts. For every accusation of Vince “behind the times,” he shows a drive better than men half his age and still the power of WWE. Even if no one truly knows him.

The 2006 “McMahon” DVD has Kurt Angle saying the definitive biography of Vince will never be written as he will never let anyone in to see the real personality. The man has secrets and many of them revolve around major moments of the company. From why some guys get pushes to his own personal events, there is a lot about himself Vince won’t share, no matter what.

It’s ironic, a man who lives in the limelight keeping so many things tight-lipped but it’s how he is. Here are 15 secrets Vince is likely to take to his grave and ensure that fans will always be talking about him no matter what.

15 Why He Did It

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That’s the biggest question revolving around Vince: Why was he so obsessed with making WWE the only wrestling game in town? To be fair, someone was always going to go national (Crockett was considering it as well as Bill Watts), Vince was just the one to do it. Yet it’s clear that folks believed he would play by the old rules, keep WWE to the Northeast and let the rest of the territories alone. Instead, he moved to crush the competition with buying up contracts and networks, pushing them out of business and absorbing them.

It was no longer just being successful, he wanted a monopoly. Why is the question as Vince just says he was expanding and adapting. Yet the methods he used to take over were brutal and ruined a lot of people. What drove Vince to shatter all the old rules and do this is a baffling question. Fans wonder what made Vince want to take over everything but he is likely to never give the honest answer.

14 The Reasons Behind His Pet Peeves

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Everyone knows Vince has pet peeves, many of which are just baffling. There’s his hate of sneezing, going wild whenever anyone does it in his presence. There’s confusing superstars and hating to be corrected on it. There’s how he appears to be roughly five years behind the rest of pop culture. He once freaked out when he was caught eating pizza.

For a guy who seems to like being surrounded by yes-man, he despises people nodding around him.

There’s also his hate of sleep and how that carries to his work. Frankly, many stories make people wonder about Vince’s sanity as these come off less quirks and more truly disturbing behavior.

He also hates when people sneeze, as he sees it as a sign that someone is unable to control themselves.

Why such little things drive him crazy is something both fans and workers want to know about but Vince refuses to discuss them so we may never know what drives him so badly.

13 Who Is His Favorite Ever

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Every wrestling promoter has a favorite guy. That’s obvious. It’s clear who gets a push and such even if the guy may not deserve it. Many promoters pushed their kids hard and Vince did a bit with Shane and Stephanie. However, it is clear Vince has favorites. Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Cena, Roman Reigns, they all have had a clear push from Vince. Of course, fans can complain about those. Shawn ran roughshod with the Kliq while many refuse to accept Roman as the face of WWE. There is the question as to who Vince’s favorite worker may be. Guys joke that Vince likes to tell every guy he’s the favorite but they know that’s just him blowing smoke.

Vince is smart not to come right out to not cause a fuss and likely to keep that up. So it’s interesting to imagine who in the long history of WWE might be Vince’s favorite guys but he’s likely to leave us before admitting that for his own pride if nothing else.

12 How He Really Felt About Owen Hart Stunt

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It’s often forgotten that Vince himself tested out the harness Owen Hart was going to use at Over the Edge 1999. That’s something you’d think he’d say but then, the entire thing is rough for Vince. They have done tributes to Owen with a DVD and word that Vince would put him in the Hall of Fame in a second but Owen’s widow hates his guts over the whole thing. He tries to say just a tragedy and such yet fans wonder how he really feels. How much responsibility he bears for having Owen do that stunt in the first place and whether or not continuing with the show was a good idea. Vince rarely talks regrets which makes it more interesting how he would reflect on such a horrible moment for the company and himself. Vince is likely to see Owen again before ever talking about his feelings on it but interesting to imagine.

11 Relationship With Hulk

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They’ve gone back and forth from good friends to bitter enemies. Hulk Hogan helped make Vince McMahon as much as Vince made Hogan. Together, they elevated WWE big time in the 1980s and brought wrestling to the mainstream. When business was great, so was their relationship. But when it was bad, things soured. They’ve talked about it a few times but it’s obvious Vince is holding a lot back. He doesn’t go on about Hogan’s flaws, only their good times. How did it really feel for Vince to give so much power to Hogan in the ‘80s and let him run things?

What really caused so much bad blood to develop between them? How they get along today would also be notable, Vince seeming not ready to give Hogan more of a break after the racist tapes yet still indebted to him. There’s a lot about their partnership fans would love to know about Vince won’t share.

10 The Truth About Montreal

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It’s the most infamous screwjob in wrestling history. So much has been written about the events of the 1997 Survivor Series yet there’s so much still unknown. Why did Vince feel he had to end Bret’s massive contract?

Why was he so adamant Shawn had to win the title at Survivor Series? Why couldn’t he have just listened and trusted Bret and let him do the right thing? Of course, there’s always the long-standing conspiracy theory that the entire thing was one massive work Vince, Bret and Shawn worked out in private. There’s also how Vince felt going back, knowing Bret would punch him and the after-effects and aftermath.

Vince has spoken about it and made it sound like his back up was up against the wall and such. Yet there’s a lot still unknown about how real or fake it all was and why he had to do what he did. Vince now has it as part of his mystique but knowing how he really felt would be fascinating.

9 His Relationship With Trump

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Vince and Donald Trump always had a bond of sorts. They actually seemed to get along, both brash and loud guys who loved the limelight and flaunted their wealth. That was shown when Vince had two WrestleManias at Trump Plaza to get more attention. Then in 2006, they had the “Battle of the Billionaires” (Never mind neither an actual billionaire at the time) that ended with Trump shaving Vince’s head. Of course, things took a turn in 2016 when Trump shocked everyone by being elected President and Linda joining his administration. WWE doesn’t broadcast much in politics and thus interesting to imagine just how deeply tied they are.

Speculation is Linda using her position to cut her husband breaks and Vince taking advantage of a past friendship for help. As with so much else, Vince won’t talk but it would be fascinating to know just how deeply tied he and the President truly are.

8 How Many Affairs Did He Have, And With Who?

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To many, one of the biggest mysteries of WWE is how Vince and Linda have stayed together. Vince himself has talked about it on DVDs with how “poor thing had to marry me” and Linda herself seems astounded. Some contend the classic case of a couple together for the kids’ sake as well as to keep the company going. Not helping is the rampant rumors of Vince cheating over the years. You can’t be surrounded by some of the hottest women in wrestling and not be tempted given the way wrestlers regularly sleep around.

Indeed, a few former Divas have hinted Vince made advances on them but nothing has been proven.

Vince has admitted in past interviews that he has in fact cheated on Linda, but he never revealed who those affairs were with. Whatever affairs he had, Vince will never admit them, and one can only wonder what that woman has had to put up with.

7 How Much Did The Company Know About The Benoit Family Tragedy During The Tribute Show?

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On June 24th, 2007, the wrestling world was rocked by the reports of Chris Benoit being found dead with his wife and son. At the time, WWE was doing the infamous “Death of Mr. McMahon” storyline but that RAW had Vince as himself talking about ending it. They then transformed it into a tribute show of Benoit moments and wrestlers sharing memories.

But by the time the show was done, the word was coming out that Benoit had killed his family and himself. WWE noted that on “SmackDown” and then went about spending the next decade trying to ignore Benoit as much as they could. However, some have contended that Vince knew all along the truth of what happened and did the tribute RAW in order to cover for questions of Benoit’s behavior being a clue to this. It may seem crazy but folks contend Vince knew all along and played dumb to absolve WWE of some responsibility. Whether true or not is something Vince won’t say and thus another question of his life we’ll never know the truth of.

6 His Feelings About The Trial

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Never has WWE come closer to ruin than in 1994 when Vince was put in federal court for steroid distribution. It was a tough time as many were seriously concerned Vince would be found guilty and sent to jail, which would have rocked the company. Of course, Vince was found not guilty so everyone could breathe a sigh of relief. He brushes it off as just bad blood from ex-employees and an overeager federal prosecutor and he was never worried. Yet many believe Vince was guilty and managed to skate on some technicalities.

One has to wonder about it and Vince’s feelings about the trial, the outcome and what might have happened had he gone to jail. He refuses to discuss it more and unlikely to share openly and thus one can imagine how the period that nearly destroyed WWE really felt to Vince at the time.

5 Why the Tuna?

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We have a favorite food, something we like a lot and can never get enough of. But Vince throws people by the fact his personal food of choice is…tuna. Not salmon or lobster or any other type of fish. No, Vince adores tuna. True, he occasionally goes for nuttier stuff (like a steak wrapped in a tortilla and topped with ketchup) and enjoys snow cones. But tuna is his go-to food so often. He loves it completely with eating all types, whether from a can or some more high-class versions from restaurants. He’s known to binge on it during long planning sessions to the point his office stinks of it so badly, you can smell it on the entire floor. Why Vince has this obsession is rather baffling and something fans would like to know the answer to despite his refusal to have it as just one of his quirks.

4 How He REALLY Feels About Triple H Marrying His Daughter

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In some DVDs, Vince says he never wanted Stephanie with a wrestler as he knew first-hand how bad they could be and the damage of a relationship. He wasn’t eager about her and Hunter but put up with it and it led to Hunter’s huge success as a heel champion. Over the years, they’ve continued to work together and Trips has clearly been groomed as the heir apparent. Yet there’s reports Vince isn’t happy at time with how Triple H is working against him often. His NXT tenure is hailed by fans for providing WWE with a much-needed spark and a place workers can learn the ropes before moving to the main roster.

Yet Vince is infamous for hating anything he didn’t come up with himself and thus seems to try and bury NXT guys on the main roster. There’s also how he might feel about Hunter being open about criticizing some of Vince’s moves. They may be linked by family but one has to wonder how Vince’s feelings on his son-in-law really are.

3 Why Did He Want To Try The Rejected Angle With Stephanie?

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This was discussed on the 2006 “McMahon” DVD but it still has a lot up in the air. Supposedly, Vince wanted to have Stephanie’s real-life pregnancy made an angle with the idea of her cheating on her husband and thus the question popping of who the dad was. After various ups and downs, it was to be revealed Shane was the father. Naturally, both refused so Vince just went to the logical thing: HE was the dad instead. Thankfully, Shane, Stephanie and Linda made it clear there was no way in hell they were going to go along with this. W

hy Vince would do this is just unbelievable and one has to wonder what feelings he has toward his daughter. Vince continues to present himself as a family man but this is one dark touch fans are never going to know the truth about.

2 Nancy Argentino

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The death of Jimmy Snuka in early 2017 was noted by WWE with some on-air memorials and tributes. But it wasn’t as huge as it could be as at the time of his death, Snuka’s darkest act was returning to the limelight. The woman was found dead in 1983 after Snuka called the cops, claiming she fell. But suspicion abounded given some mini-fractures in her head and signs hinting she might have been beaten. Snuka was known for a temper and such but still a bit much to believe he could have done this. From the start, there were rumors

Vince had used his sway to try and cover things up and make sure Snuka wasn’t arrested. Even though Snuka left WWE in a cloud a couple of years later, he supposedly was grateful to Vince who brought him back a few times. How much a part Vince played in whether he let Snuka get away with murder is something he’ll never share.

1 The Savage and Stephanie Urban Legend

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It’s the urban legend that refuses to die. To this day, many contend that the reason Randy Savage left WWE suddenly in 1994 was because Vince had discovered Savage was having an affair with a then-teenaged Stephanie. Many believe it’s just a nutty story but others insist it’s for real and it still gets mentioned to this day. Vince never really talks about it with anyone and Stephanie is tight-lipped too. It does seem WWE is reluctant to give Savage more of his due as it took his death for him to finally be inducted in the Hall of Fame and get some DVDs to give attention to his career.

It’s still a story fans love to debate but the truth is that only Vince, Stephanie and Savage knew for sure and Vince sure isn’t going to share it before he’s dead and buried.

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