15 Shadiest Things These Wrestlers Want To Bury About Their Past

WWE Superstars are globally recognizable athletes. And when hen they are signed to the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, they know that they are signing themselves up for a career where their personal lives will become public knowledge.

Thanks to the internet, it has become quite easy to find out any information about anyone in a record amount of time. This means it is hard for any Superstar who walks through a WWE curtain to hide any misdemeanours from their past.

Many stars do attempt to hide things that have happened in their past, but this is mostly because WWE doesn't want the opinion of one of their talent to be swayed by something that happened before they decided to sign the Superstar to the company.

There are huge problems with Social Media lately and the fact that it is easy to dig up old posts or old opinions that many people had before they rose to fame. This can sometimes come back to haunt them, even years afterwards and even if the star no longer holds that opinion.

There are many stars who have fallen foul to this over the past few years and have done things they are not proud of that they now try to cover up, or WWE tries to cover up for them. Here are 15 examples.

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15 Dean Ambrose Was Once Addicted To Drugs

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Dean Ambrose along with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have become three of the biggest stars in WWE over the past five years, but it seems that WWE has conveniently forgotten all about Ambrose's career as Jon Moxley before he was toned down for WWE TV.

Dean Ambrose has a crazy past. Death matches, drug addictions, and sleeping with a different girl every night was the way Ambrose remembers his first few years as a wrestler. Ambrose talks candidly about his addiction and has tried to speak about it in WWE interviews since, but it seems as though it's something that WWE would rather the WWE Universe are never aware of. Ambrose now has a nervous twitch when he's in a WWE ring which many of the WWE Universe have confirmed as a side effect of a lengthy drug addiction.

14 The Great Khali Killed A Man

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The Great Khali was brought into WWE as a destroyer and someone who could finally end what had been a lengthy reign on the top shelf of WWE for The Undertaker. After this storyline was over Khali was turned into a joke. He couldn't wrestle properly, he couldn't cut promos, and WWE had nothing else for him to do.

What WWE could have disclosed about Khali to make him a little scarier to the WWE audience could be the fact that he has actually killed another man. Back in 2001, it seems that Khali was responsible for the death of Brian Ong who died after receiving a flapjack from Khali. It seems that it was a second concussion and it proved fatal. While the family of Ong sued APW for recklessness, they didn't place the blame solely that Khali's feet.

13 Eva Marie's Alcohol Addiction

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Eva Marie hasn't been seen in WWE since she was suspended from the company for 30 days back in the summer of 2016. That being said, she is still classed as a WWE Superstar and is still a part of Total Divas.

As part of one of the episodes of Total Divas, Eva admitted that she had suffered from an addiction to alcohol when she was much younger, and it's something that still affects her day to day life and so she doesn't allow herself to drink alcohol. Eva instead is always seen with water of juice when it comes to the other Total Divas drinking. Eva seems to have recovered well from the addiction to get her life back on track, so it seems as though it could be one thing she would rather leave in her past.

12 Rich Swann Was Addicted To Cocaine When He Was Younger

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Rich Swann is a former Cruiserweight Champion, and a current star of 205 Live, but his life hasn't always been heading in the right direction. Swann actually had a tough upbringing that would have affected anyone's aspirations in life.

Swann was just 12-years-old when his father was murdered by his girlfriend at the time and just four years later his mother passed away as well. Swann turned to drugs to help numb the pain, fell into the wrong crowd, and began using cocaine. Swann managed to turn his life around a few years later when his supplier died of a heart attack. This was the shock he needed to get his life back on track and with the help of his aunt, he went back to school and found wrestling.

11 The Miz When He Was First Signed With WWE

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The Miz has become one of the biggest stars in WWE over the past few years, but when he first signed for WWE back in 2005, this wasn't the case.

The Miz came into WWE as a successful reality star who already had a presenting background and this gave him a huge ego. The Miz rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way and was actually once kicked out of the WWE locker room and forced to change in the corridor when Chris Benoit caught him eating fried chicken over his bag. Obviously, The Miz has learnt his lesson and has become a longstanding employee, but many of stars who were in WWE when The Miz first arrived, will never forget that first impression regardless of how much he has changed over the past few year.

10 Scott Hall Killed A Man Outside A Bar

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Scott Hall is one Superstar that has a fairly checkered past. One example of this is back in 1983 when Hall was out on the town. He saw a man thrown out of a bar for harassing a girl, and the man then angrily began breaking windows and attacking cars that were parked outside.

Hall took offence to this and punched the man in the face. What he didn't know was that the man was carrying a gun with him and pulled it out on Hall. The WWE Hall of Famer wrestled him to the ground and shot him in the head, something that later saw him charged with second-degree murder. The charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence and it is believed that this still haunts Hall to this day, and it's definitely not something he would ever go around advertising.

9 Booker T Was Sentenced To Five Years In Prison For Aggravated Robbery

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Life isn't always easy when you're the youngest of eight children. Booker decided to help his family out by getting a job at a Wendy's restaurant when he was old enough, but it seems that money from flipping burgers wasn't quite enough to cover all of the costs his family needed.

Booker decided that a life of crime was his only option and along with a few of his friends, Booker committed several armed robberies across Wendy's restaurants. The problem was that Booker and his gang had decided to wear their uniforms to commit the robberies and were easily caught. Booker was sentenced to five years in jail in 1987 for aggravated robbery, he only served a third of his sentence and thankfully when he was released, he found wrestling.

8 Jeff Hardy's Drug Problems

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Jeff Hardy and his brother Matt recently returned to WWE and shocked the world when they won the Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 33. It was a huge shock for many fans since they thought they would never see Jeff Hardy in a WWE ring again.

Jeff was fired by WWE back in 2009 after failing three of WWE's Wellness Policy drug tests. He became addicted to drugs towards the end of his WWE career and was even arrested for drug possession not long after his release, something that has prevented him from being able to take part in TNA's UK tours ever since. It seems that Hardy has finally got himself back on course and is now adhering to WWE's rules, and could well be allowed to enter the UK next month as part of WWE's European Tour.

7 Jerry Lawler's Underage Scandal

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Jerry Lawler is one of WWE's longstanding employees, but over the years there are many things that WWE have had to cover up for The King when it comes to his absences from WWE TV.

Recently Jerry was taken off the commentary table when it was brought to light that both he and his girlfriend had been arrested for assaulting each other. The charges were later dropped and Jerry was allowed to return to WWE but not to the announce table. Back in 1993, Jerry was noticeably absent from SummerSlam after he was indicted on charges of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl. The charges were later dropped after the female in question admitted that she fabricated some of her story, but the real story was never fully revealed to the public.

6 Steve Austin's Domestic Violence Charge

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Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the biggest and most popular stars that WWE has ever made, The Texas Rattlesnake still makes regular appearances for WWE and even hosts a podcast on the WWE Network, but it seems that WWE has overlooked many of Steve's past problems over the years.

Austin and Debra met when they were both wrestling for WWE, as a couple they seemingly worked well until they became married and it was reported that Debra had called the police out to her house because Austin had repeatedly assaulted her. Austin was charged with Domestic Abuse and the couple were later divorced and went their separate ways. It seems that this is one thing about Steve's past that neither him or WWE are going to be advertising.

5 Randy Orton's Dishonourable Discharge

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WWE make a huge deal about the fact that Randy Orton was born to be a WWE Superstar, but the truth is that Orton had a career in the US Marine Corps before he made the switch to wrestling. But the current WWE Champion was dishonourably discharged after going AWOL twice within his first year and then disobeying a direct order from a superior officer.

He was court marshalled, given a bad conduct discharge, and was forced to spend just over a month in military prison. This became a problem for Orton when he was cast in The Marine, something that many people found offensive because of his background. Obviously, WWE took him out of the film when they saw the backlash and it hasn't been mentioned since it is definitely something that Orton isn't proud of.

4 Stephanie McMahon And Chyna

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There has been a lot of stories regarding Stephanie McMahon and Chyna over the past few years, but it seems the facts have always remained the same.

Chyna and Triple H were dating, Stephanie McMahon stole Triple H from Chyna, and then used her influence within the company to have Chyna fired. This came from out of nowhere for 'the ninth wonder of the world' and it left her with no Plan B. Something that haunted her until the day she died. The WWE Universe is aware of what Stephanie did to Chyna and the position she put her in and it doesn't matter how many different characters she plays on WWE TV, or how much sway she has within the company, she will never be able to bury the truth when it comes to one of WWE's most infamous love triangles.

3 The Old Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels is widely considered to be one of the best wrestlers of all time, but if he didn't return to WWE for a second stint, then this would all have been very different.

Michaels had managed to cause problems with just about everyone. He was addicted to painkillers and had already been a part of the Montreal Screwjob, that turned a lot of fans against him. Shawn had also argued with WWE to force himself to go over against Davey Boy Smith in his hometown when the plan was for him to lose, to begin with. Shawn had rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way before he was a 'born again Christian' and managed to find a new place for him in WWE. But while many of these stars have moved in from WWE since it's highly likely that they all still remember the old Shawn Michaels.

2 Fabulous Moolah's Control Of Women's Wrestling

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The Fabulous Moolah is remembered in WWE as the longest reigning Women's Champion of all time and is even a WWE Hall of Famer. The issue here is the fact that when Moolah was at her peak, she was not only controlling the Women's Division from the inside but from the outside too.

There are many reports that Moolah was running what seemed to be a human trafficking circle where she would control any females who were hoping to pursue a career in wrestling and ensure that they never stole the spotlight from her. There were many reports of her mistreatment of the women. It is also believed that she would exchange bookings for personal favours with many of the promoters too, which is something WWE is never going to tell the WWE Universe about someone they call a legend.

1 JBL And His Hazing

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This is something that has gained a lot of media attention as of late because of the rumours that Mauro Ranallo could be set to part ways with WWE because of JBL's bullying at the commentary desk.

Ranallo has a history of mental illness and many fans have called for JBL to be sacked because of it, with many citing that this isn't the first time JBL has bullied a co-worker. JBL's hazing was famous back in the late 1990s and Justin Roberts even wrote about the fact that JBL  would target him and even stole his passport at one point in his recently released book. JBL had quite the reputation when he was a wrestler, but it's a reputation that doesn't suit him well as a commentator. And even though the entire WWE Universe is now aware of his antics, it would still be something he would be hoping to leave in the past.

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