15 Shady Things That May Be Happening In WWE (That Vince And Triple H Don't Want You To Know)

Over the years, the WWE has held its position at the top of the wrestling industry and despite finding some tough competition from other promotions, Vince McMahon has made sure that his billion-dollar enterprise is always regarded the best in the world. While the company has been looking to make it even better over the past few years, they have done some dubious things which that not everyone would agree with.

The company has had some backstage secrets which have revealed some shady happenings over how things are run inside the company, and while WWE seems like the perfect platform for a wrestler to rise on, some shocking revelations from ex-wrestlers and people inside the industry have stated otherwise.

WWE is working really hard to cover up some of its "inside news" nowadays, but many can determine that there are definitely some suspicious things going on inside the company.

15 Any Relation To The Bullet Club Can Be Punishable

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The WWE doesn't normally pay much attention to what is happening in the Independent scene and who is trying to make fun of them or their product, but things got really heated between the company and Bullet Club. Recently, WWE sent them a cease and desist letter telling them to stop using the "Too Sweet" hand sign. On top of that, writer Jimmy Jacobs was fired by the company for taking a picture with the Bullet Club during their " WWE Invasion" a few weeks ago. Not only that, but WWE is apparently punishing guys who were associated with the Bullet Club. The Good Brothers Gallows and Anderson are being forced to lose to everyone, while Finn Balor has been part of an atrocious feud with Bray Wyatt recently, proving that WWE really doesn't like anything related to the Bullet Club.

14 Screwing Over Bray Wyatt For Marital Problems

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Bray Wyatt has to be one of the most fascinating characters to have come through the WWE over the past few years, as his mystical promos and chilling persona make him stand out from among the rest. Wyatt looked set to be the heir to Undertaker's throne in WWE, but the company hasn't really trusted him for that role. Their trust seemingly diminished even further recently when Bray was caught cheating on his wife with ring announcer Jojo and is going through a divorce, something which can make the WWE look bad. The company is probably punishing The Eater of World's for his marital problems by ruining him furthermore with the Sister Abigail persona which makes him look like a complete joke, as it doesn't look like Bray is getting to the top of WWE anytime soon.

13 Wellness Policy Violations Being Overlooked

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The WWE has made itself look rather strict when it comes to substance abuse among its employees as the company was infamous for having out-of-control wrestlers back in the 90s and decided to come up with the Wellness Policy to stop the superstars from infusing themselves with any kind of drugs. There have been numerous cases of Wellness Policy violations ever since, and the WWE has punished wrestlers who have violated it, but there seem to be certain cases they have overlooked as well. For example, Brock Lesnar violated the UFC's drug testing policy and had zero repercussions from the WWE because he's a part-time worker. The company has punished other wrestlers who have violated it rigorously, so it's pretty shady how they just turn a blind eye when it comes to their top stars.

12 Trying To Cover Up Low Attendances

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The WWE loves to boast how it has the most fans in the wrestling industry and how almost every single show is jam-packed with audiences who keep on coming back for more, but that hasn't really been the case in the past few months. The fans are getting tired of the repeated stuff shown in the WWE and with some really predictable things happening in the company, not everyone wants to spend their hard-earned money to go watch the shows live. There have been numerous cases of many empty stands in recent RAW and Smackdown shows, with the WWE trying to cover that up. They've mostly been keeping the camera panned to the side and even trying to boast about "thousands of loud fans" in the arena to cover up the empty stands, but the drop in attendance is something to worry about for Vince.

11 Giving Superstars False Promises

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The WWE arguably has the most talented roster right now since the Ruthless Aggression Era, as there is an inflow of amazing talent who could all be top stars for the company. But while there are a lot of extremely talented individuals in WWE, there are some who are considered "bigger" stars than the others and get constantly pushed to the top by WWE. That doesn't allow some of the deserving mid-carders to get their moments and WWE has recently angered some of their talents by making false promises to them. Former superstars have complained about this regarding the WWE, as Neville and Nia Jax both walked out the WWE after the company didn't fulfill their promises.

10 Working On Deals To Sign UFC Stars To Make Product "Legitimate"

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The WWE loves to sign more muscular, physically-gifted superstars as Vince McMahon believes that the big men help to make his product look more legitimate to the eyes of the fans and makes them forget that it's all scripted. That's why WWE signs people with proper wrestling or fighting backgrounds, and they have picked up pace in recent years, as they want to sign some UFC superstars to help make their product "legitimate" enough for fans. WWE has already signed former UFC star Shayna Baszler who appeared in the recently concluded May Young Classic Tournament and there are strong rumors about UFC sensation Ronda Rousey also joining WWE. The company has suspiciously kept quiet about signing these stars, but the signing of Rousey and the rumor of Connor McGregor appearing at WrestleMania indicates how Vince and Triple H are intent on bringing more fighters to their product.

9 Aiming To Break Into The Indian Market

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WWE has over the years expanded its brand all over the world very well, which has kept its popularity at a sky-high and made sure the company has gotten bigger with each passing year. So the company finally recognized the amazing support they receive from India and have decided on capitalizing on it recently. They made Jinder Mahal the WWE Champion for that very specific reason for breaking into the Indian Market and will hold live events in New Delhi, India in December as well. Most of the WWE fans may not like how much attention someone like Jinder Mahal is getting right now, but is a dubious ploy by the WWE to make itself a leading force in India and make sure they garner quite a lot of revenue from the country which loves watching their product.

8 Lying To Its Fans 

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No matter how bad things go for the WWE in terms of rating, sales and profits, the company will never let the fans know that they're in trouble and go on like nothing is happening. But in reality, the WWE has been having some problems as of late and they've only made it worse by lying to its fans about certain things. First of all, they've used Jinder Mahal's "Indian Heritage" to state he's from Punjab, India, when he's actually a Canadian citizen. Many fans probably know this, but WWE changing his birth-place just for their profit is so typical of them. They've also lied to fans about recent attendances, as they stated that the recent Hell in a Cell PPV was sold out with 16,200 fans when it wasn't anywhere near that. It's simply shady that WWE would lie to their fans like this.

7 WWE Superstars Being Allowed To Use HGH

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WWE superstars are some of the best looking individuals in the sports-entertainment business as the company only seemingly hires individuals who have the looks to make the product legitimate enough for them. WWE has been part of many steroid controversies in the past with many wrestlers being accused of taking drugs in the past, but with the introduction of the Wellness Policy system, anyone who takes any drugs is suspended. But WWE were rocked recently when Triple H's nutritionist stated in an interview that WWE wrestlers were allowed to take HGH. Those who may not know about them, HGH is a growth hormone drug which helps to develop physiques faster. While the WWE released a statement denying it, it seems like something fishy may be going on in the company, who may indeed be allowing certain individuals to take HGH for their benefits.

6 WWE Superstars Not Being Given Proper Royalties

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The superstars in the WWE not only get a lot of money in their contracts, but they are also entitled to other perks like royalty bonuses from the sales of PPV DVD's, t-shirt sales and things like that which make the superstars even richer than before. Now while the top stars are lauded with perks and royalties, the mid-carders and the rather low-graded wrestlers aren't that lucky as the WWE have not been giving these wrestlers their royalties. There were some former WWE stars who sued WWE for not giving them royalty, but there seems to an unrest within the current wrestlers with some not getting the royalties. Neville and Austin Aries both apparently left WWE for the company keeping them out of the WrestleMania DVD and not paying them any royalties, showing the shady way WWE runs its business.

5 Making Terrible Decisions To Make Top Stars Look Strong

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The WWE has been extremely protective of its top stars in recent years and there's a few competitors who are "just above" the rest. While there are some top stars in the WWE, there are only a few "top guys" in it and these wrestlers are meant to look really strong despite others looking weak in the process. The likes of Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have been made to look like unstoppable beasts in the past few months at the expense of many other stunning wrestlers. WWE inadvertently go onto downgrade some of their talented mid-carders to make these top guys look tough and sadly the reputation of the mid-carders take a plunge afterward. These rash decisions have made many wrestlers look considerably weak and nobody could really decipher the fascination of WWE towards these "top guys" to keep the others below them at all times.

4 Trying To Recruit More Independent Stars

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The Independent wrestling scene has been booming in the past few years as many amazing wrestlers have been unearthed in the Independent circuit and have caught the attention of the WWE as well. Triple H has definitely eyed some of the talents and signed many Independent wrestlers in the past for his NXT brand, but the WWE are looking to sign even more Independent stars currently. They are looking to the sign the high-flying Ricochet and also are desperate to get their hands on New Japan Pro Wrestling star Kazuchika Okada amongst other stars. The latter is especially a star both Triple H and Vince want in their company because of his amazing work in Japan, as the WWE is very slyly aiming to sign the best Independent wrestlers over the world to make their product even better.

3 WWE Trying to Form Tie-Ins With Other Promotions

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The WWE holds its head high because of how they haven't had any other promotions' help to become the empire they are right now, but there have been some rather surprising changes in the company recently. The WWE has recognized many of their Independent competitors and have even signed many superstars from them, referring to as how they were great in those well-known Indy promotions. But the WWE is quite slyly also forming tie-ups with some of the Independent promotions, which could help them sign superstars from those promotions as WWE help to show their content on the WWE Network. They have already formed partnerships with Progress Wrestling and ICW and are looking to expand even further, proving how Vince McMahon has changed as he actually wants to form partnerships with other promotions for the benefit of both!

2 Rigorously Promoting Women For Better Publicity

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The WWE has taken a surprising different stance on women in the past few years and rather than treating them as "fillers" or "eye-candy" which they did in the past, they decided to give them a proper platform through the "Women's Revolution". The introduction of the likes of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Bayley and Alexa Bliss helped to promote women and showcase their stunning wrestling skills to the audience. But in reality, WWE is only promoting the women's division recently to gain some publicity from the mainstream media. They have been trying to depict the Women as strong and something others should aspire to become and it's an opportunistic move on WWE's behalf to rigorously promote the Women suddenly, as they just want more eyes on the product and because it's very good PR at the moment.

1 The Major Pay-Gap Between Wrestlers

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One probably wonders that it's amazing to be a WWE superstar as you not only getting world-wide fame because of the stature of the company, you also get paid a lot of money for the hard-work as well! But that has turned out to be an actual myth, as there's a major problem in the pay-gap between some of the wrestlers in the company. While the top guys normally get paid quite a lot of money, the mid-carders or lower-mid carders aren't that lucky and the pay-gap between the "top stars" and normal ones is worrying. Cody Rhodes has stated that he earns much more in the Independent scene than he did in WWE and Neville walked out of WWE because of his problems with the pay-scale as well, as this proves how WWE isn't really as generous and "wonderful" as many think it to be for wrestlers.

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