15 Shameful Pictures Of Triple H & Stephanie

If you recently started watching WWE programming, you’d never expect the shameful past from both Stephanie and Triple H. Nowadays, the two are making waves behind the scenes as Triple H continues to thrive with young talent down in NXT, while Stephanie, is also excelling as the company’s Chief Branding Officer.

That’s all fine and dandy; however, the long-time WWE fan knows the truth when it comes to these polarizing figures. Both on and off-screen, the two have a troubling past. When it comes to Triple H, he’s been involved in some of the most shameful on-screen moments, along with some terrible antics behind the scenes. Stephanie herself might be just as bad looking at her history in the company both internally and externally. In this article, we highlight the most shameful pictures pertaining to both Stephanie and Triple H.

From backstage photos with Chyna to “Not So PG” segments backstage, we’ve got a plethora of photos from both behind the scenes and on WWE programming. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 shameful pictures Of Triple H and Stephanie, enjoy!

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15 Triple H & Candice Michelle Segment

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As much as we all loved Degeneration-X back in 1990s, the reunion between Triple H and Shawn Michaels failed terribly to live up to the hype of the old stable’s form. This time around, it wasn’t that the product didn't want to push edgy content at the time, it was the fact that HBK was a Born Again Christian, so edgy angles were few and far between with The Showstopper. If they did take place, it was usually without Shawn in the scene.

That’s exactly what went down in this forgettable segment as it’s apparent this type of angle was scripted by a Hollywood writer, and not like back in the day when it was generally spontaneous with a few guidelines. The angle was quite shameful and it featured Hunter and Candice basically moaning while a fan rose up out of nowhere and wiped her mouth suggesting she just.... well, you know what to Triple H. Looking at his position with women’s wrestling nowadays, this one is both forgettable and shameful!

14 Brock & Stephanie Get A Little Too Close

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Unlike the segment above, this angle was actually genius aside from the shameful moment at the end. With Paul Heyman in charge of the SmackDown creative side of things, the show was absolutely thriving. On this episode, Lesnar absolutely snapped throughout the show and that was the theme backstage as he took out his frustrations on the talent, even putting a Superstar through a wall. Yep, you just don’t see these types of segments any longer.

Things took a little bit of a shameful twist however when Brock got a little too close to Stephanie. It wasn’t the first time such an incident would occur as Lesnar teased a similar angle in the ring as well as he would corner Stephanie and again, get a little too close.

13 Triple H & Eve Torres Backstage

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The WWE was very high on Eve Torres back in her days with the company. In this particular instance, she worked backstage as an interviewer. The segment took a shocking twist as it appeared as though Triple H was relentlessly complementing her chest area claiming such things as “I’ve never seen a pair so perfect”. The edgy skit was something you simply won’t see any longer nowadays that’s for darn sure.

After several “Not So PG” lines, Triple H would drop the line, “can I feel them”. As he went in for the kill, in typical WWE fashion, he yanked on her pearl necklace instead. Although the segment was meant to provide comedic relief, it was instead another shameful Triple H moment from the backstage area. We wonder how Stephanie felt when he claimed he’d never seen a pair so perfect. Future article, Stephanie versus Eve; who has the better boo....never mind.

12 Getting Frisky With Kurt

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Well, in terms of “Not So PG” antics with other people on-screen, Stephanie started the trend before Hunter. She was romantically involved with Test early on in her career as a babyface, and she would also have some romantic storylines with Kurt as well. Those steamy segments would transfer over to her edgy days as the SmackDown General Manager.

This particular segment was another shameful one looking back. Paul Heyman loved to add a little bit of edge to his program and he used the likes of Stephanie, Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson in doing so. Things got heated in this particular angle as Kurt took off Stephanie’s lovely suit jacket, and the two came a little too close from starting up a make out session. You’ll never see such footage in the WWE again, oh it’s true, it’s damn true! WOOOOO.

11 Triple H Flashes The Bills With Maria

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The WWE and Vince McMahon in particular have done some random things in the past. One of them, was holding a million dollar press conference as McMahon publicly gave away a million dollars. He was and still is one wacky SOB, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can find the press conference over on YouTube which features Vince alongside WWE Superstars John Cena, Triple H and Maria Kanellis. Of course, Maria was used as the eye candy throughout the press conference as her tightly fitted dress was just too much to handle for most on hand. The press conference took a “Not SO PG” twist as both Hunter and Kanellis posed for this steamy picture that surely had Stephanie cringing somewhere far, far away at that point. It was one of those moments and pictures the WWE wants deleted from the internet but thanks to the lovely world of taking a screen-shot, we’ll have this picture forever.

10 Stephanie The Bully

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The WWE is a weird place. They love to promote anti-bullying campaigns, though the leader of that cause is one of the biggest bullies in WWE history (Stephanie). Even recently, we admire the company for the message pertaining to the Warrior Award, however, is the Ultimate Warrior seriously speaking the best guy to represent such a cause. He’s dropped some terrible same-sex comments in the past and was just not the most pleasant man pertaining to all kind of stories from his past. But again, the WWE is just weird when it comes to these things.

Stephanie has belittled various Superstars in the past, what’s most shocking is the fact that like we said before, she leads anti-bullying campaigns. Yes, the product is scripted but nonetheless, it’s a shameful look on the company to select such an ambassador, even if she is a saint off-screen.

9 Triple H’s Heavier Days

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Back in 2010 during the Extreme Rules PPV, Triple H seemed to be rather different. It was the first time in his career that his body fluctuated dramatically. It’s almost puzzling that seven years later he’s still sculpted from head-to-toe during WrestleMania season, while seven years ago, that wasn’t necessarily the case.

Hunter’s put a lot of emphasis on his physical attributes throughout the years, heck his first love before wrestling was bodybuilding, something he still values and cherishes today. Looking back at this picture, even Hunter himself would admit to shame when looking at his body breakdown that badly. The photo raised numerous question, one being, how legitimate is Hunter’s physique? And an even better question, has Hunter ever even got tested? Probably not....

8 Stephanie Uses Her Baby In A Storyline

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This segment took place during a weird era in the WWE as the company was still somewhat pushing edgy and wacky content during the underrated, Ruthless Aggression Era. This backstage skit however, was quite distasteful as Stephanie used her real-life pregnancy in storyline. Nowadays, you won’t see anything of the sort that’s for darn sure.

The backstage segment featured Stephanie McMahon pretending to have stomach pains as HBK aided her and went off to call for help. As he went for help, Stephanie inexplicably drugged his water bottle with a powder. Shawn would compete later on in the night collapsing the ring. A pregnant woman drugging someone is insanely shameful on its own but when it’s someone like Stephanie pulling the strings, it’s just that much more unbelievable. We can hear the crowd chanting, “delete, delete, delete” at such a distasteful segment.

7 Triple H & Chyna Behind The Scenes

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When it comes to Triple H and his shameful moments from the past, Chyna’s name will always come up. The two had a close relationship as a couple off-screen, however, that all came crashing down once Stephanie came onto the scene. Stephanie and Triple H would embark in a secret relationship and once Chyna speculated something was going on, her snooping led to the unveiling of a letter written from Stephanie to Hunter. Seriously speaking, this sounds like a storyline from a terrible 90s show. Who writes love letters!?

What would ensue was Chyna receiving a different kind of letter, her termination letter in the mail, while Stephanie and Triple H continued their romance despite the backlash of the ticked off locker room. When looking back at Triple H’s legacy, such photos like the one above just remind the fans of Hunter’s shameful past.

6 Steph’s Attitude Era Wardrobe

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Nowadays, Stephanie McMahon’s wardrobe is definitely in compliance to the PG Era. We typically see the boss’s daughter rocking a long tightly fitted skirt, along with a top that’s usually also conservative. However, back in the day, that certainly was not the case.

Conforming to the edgier times, Stephanie McMahon rocked some “Not So PG” attires on the norm. Her dresses were mouth-watering given the fact that they were oh so short, not to mention those gosh darn puppies that captivated millions of viewers back in the day. Looking at her wardrobes from the era, Stephanie herself would admit that they were shameful and attires we’ll never see her rock again on WWE programming. Unless like, the WWE does a throwback night with a TV-14 rating, though we’ll probably expect a pantsuit even then.

5 Triple H, Stephanie & Chyna All Together

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We went around and did some serious snooping to get our hands on this picture. It was actually Debra Marshall that posted the rare photo. Debra herself had a terrible falling out with the company. She was also very good friends with Chyna as the two remained close till Chyna’s tragic passing.

Now the photo is a little bit questionable. Triple H is on the complete left standing in back of Stephanie and pulling a sketchy smile. Even the late Test appears to be looking a little fishy as he looks at Stephanie in a weird way from a distance. Hey, is that Jeff Jarrett in the background and why the hell is Ivory holding a Women’s Title. And seriously Shane, buy a bigger suit next time. Man is this pic ever so golden... and shameful.

4 Stephanie & Her Dad Backstage

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During the later portion of the second half of the 90s, Vince needed to change his product which was extremely stale. The fantasy like characters weren’t cutting it any longer as WCW was adjusting their product modernizing to the current times of then. WCW based their program around a real-life approach.

The WWE took another route, with Howard Stern hotter than ever back in the day, the WWE conformed their program to such edgy content. It changed the business and put the WWE back in contention, however, boundaries were crossed in various instances. This shameful moment was one of them as Vince inexplicably pecks his daughter on the lips following a backstage discussion. It wasn’t the first time we heard some bizarre antics between the two as Vince even once brought up an incest storyline between the father and daughter. Thankfully, that time, Stephanie put her foot down and turned down the idea.

3 Stephanie’s SmackDown GM Role

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Turning Stephanie into a babyface seemed impossible during the early 2000s given her brilliant role prior as one of the greatest villains in the entire company. However, the geniuses backstage decided to promote Stephanie as an edgier character this time around, rocking some “Not SO PG” clothing. Shortly after, she had the people by her side and eating out of the palm of her hand.

Looking at Stephanie’s role in the company nowadays, she’d cringe looking back at the content. From bending down for the camera, to showing off her cleavage, Steph’s role was rather different. Heck, she even demanded John Cena spank her in the middle of the ring during a SmackDown episode. As a Chief Branding Officer, getting spanked by the face of the company isn’t necessarily the best look....

2 The Slip

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In terms of shameful on-screen moments between Stephanie and Triple H, we believe both would agree that this occurrence is pretty high on the list. We’ve seen countless Superstars suffer from wardrobe malfunctions in the past and this one, is an instance the WWE along with Stephanie and Triple H in particular want forgotten about.

It was a rare time in the company as the two were rivals. Stephanie was in the corner of the heel Chris Jericho, while Triple H had no other choice in playing the babyface given his popularity following his comeback (that U2 montage made us love him, damn you Bono). During the angle, Triple H tried to put his wife through a table, yes, this was real-life back then. As he locked her arm in, out came that wonderful puppy of hers. Luckily, Stephanie popped it right back in however, the shameful damage was already done.

1 The Katie Vick Storyline

via bleacherreport.com

In October of 2002, the WWE decided to have Triple H feud with Kane. Hunter dominated the era as he seemed untouchable in terms of booking. However, this match that was set for No Mercy and it had quite the story as both the IC and World Heavyweight Championship Titles were on the line. That alone was the selling point for such a match. The WWE for some insane reason took a bizarre route in booking the buildup to the match which didn’t centered around absolutely nothing championship related, instead, the story was about an act of necrophilia.

Known as the Katie Vick storyline, the angle remains one of the worst and shameful moments in WWE history. What makes matters worse is the fact that Triple H was front and center when it came to the distributing footage. Truly, it doesn’t get any worse or shameful than that moment folks.

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