15 Shameful Wrestlers You Forgot Cheated On Their Spouses

Life on the road is a nonstop sea of temptations, be it from drugs, alcohol, or open armed strangers willing to share their beds with weary travelers. Perhaps this is why so many wrestlers have strayed from their marriages over the years, throwing away years of commitment for one stray night of passion.

On the other hand, maybe they just didn’t take their relationships all too seriously in the first place, making it all that much easier to hook up with the first random passerby who happens to give them a second glance. Not that every wrestler to cheat was necessarily doing so for entirely unscrupulous reasons, as some went on to form long lasting relationships with the “other woman” (or “other man”), suggesting they were simply with the wrong person all along.

No matter how things turn out, the fact remains that these pro wrestlers engaged in some seriously sketchy, shady, and untrustworthy behavior by going behind the backs of their wives or husbands for a little action on the side. Should they necessarily be judged for this activity, as sports entertainers or as people? That’s up for you to decide. All we’re going to do is list their names and tell their stories. Keep reading for shame 15 pro wrestlers you forgot cheated on their spouses.

15 Hulk Hogan

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For all the talk about saying his prayers and eating his vitamins, the demands of Hulkamania apparently didn’t include any laws about not cheating on one’s wife with a friend of their daughter. That’s what legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan was accused of doing circa 2008, and the next year, his wife Linda began a highly publicized and lucrative (for her) divorce because of it. A few years later, further evidence would surface that Hogan had been cheating on her since at least 2006, in the way of an equally scandalous sex tape featuring the Hulkster having relations with the wife of his friend, radio DJ Bubba the Love Sponge. According to Hogan, it was Linda’s cold rudeness that drove him into the arms of other women, and yet at the same time, he claimed to be devastated by the fact she would divorce him when discovering the truth.

14 Alberto Del Rio

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There’s no way to know for sure, but there’s legitimately a chance that Alberto Del Rio is cheating on his wife at this very moment. The world will find out in about 10 minutes, based on whether or not he or Paige post a photo of them kissing on Twitter or Instagram. Yes, despite the fact Del Rio is in one of the most highly publicized on-again, off-again couples in pro wrestling today, he’s actually still married to another woman, Angela Velkei. At this point, the two are legally separated, but according to Angela, she believed they were still together when reports of Paige and Del Rio’s tryst first broke. In fact, it was learning about Paige that lead to their current separated status, with Angela filing for divorce one month after Del Rio hooked up with her.

13 Batista

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Well, WWE did always warn women that Batista was an Animal. Unfortunately, his second wife Angie still had to learn this the hard way, when numerous scandals broke out that the former WWE Champion had been carrying on affairs with half of his female coworkers during his time in the main event. Most notable amongst them was a fling with Melina, whom he was actively dating at the time news of his divorce came to light. Also included amongst his part-time lovers were fellow WWE superstars Rosa Mendes and Kelly Kelly, though it isn’t clear if these relationships took place while he was still with Angie. Either way, what is known is that Angie inevitably filed for divorce because of the constant cheating, though the two have remained friends and Batista continues to support various charities in her name.

12 Chris Benoit

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Given the horrible circumstances under which he ended his families lives, it’s hard for most wrestling fans to even think about Chris Benoit in the modern era. Ten years later, the sting of such a respected figure suddenly committing such a shocking act still hurts, especially considering how unexpected it was to many fans. Of course, this is only because the wrestling industry somewhat covered up Benoit’s worse behavior throughout his wife, like the fact he cheated on his first wife while she was seven months pregnant. Granted, Benoit went on to marry “the other woman,” Nancy Sullivan, who was in turn cheating on her husband Kevin, but the fact he also infamously killed him a decade later negated anything that was once special about their relationship. Similarly, it erased just about everything Benoit did in his entire life and career, a fate far worse than the mere cheaters on this list would experience.

11 Bray Wyatt

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The way WWE books Bray Wyatt has been so lazy recently that there’s no way to predict whether or not his Wyatt Family will ever fully reform, grow bigger, or in even get mentioned on television again. Whether or not we ever learn the identity of Sister Abigail, though, it seems that Wyatt’s real family has gotten a little bit smaller recently, in that his wife filed for divorce in 2017. Wyatt has been quiet about the details, but it’s clear the main reason for the split was the fact he had been cheating on his ex-wife Samantha with WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman. Several months later, Samantha made it extremely clear Wyatt’s cheating was the impetus for their marriage falling apart, posting a scathing, heated message on Instagram about the many ways Wyatt destroyed their family.

10 Terri Runnels

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If one had asked Dusty Rhodes, he would have told them the marriage between his son Dustin and his eventual WWE manager Terri Runnels was doomed from the start. Granted, the American Dream was trying to warn his son he thought Terri was a gold digger, which may or may not have been true. What was true, however, is that Terri eventually cheated on Dustin while the two were working together for WWE. Making matters worse, Terri did so with one of Dustin’s co-workers, a man most rumors seem to believe was Shawn Stasiak. Regardless of who she did it with, the fact remains Terri broke their bonds of marriage with another man, which later was a contributing factor in the two getting a divorce. Despite it all, the two remain relatively cordial in retrospect, working together to raise their daughter even after splitting up.

9 Billy Gunn

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As a member of D-Generation X, Billy Gunn was no stranger to debauchery, and he in particular had a penchant for dropping his pants and mooning the audience. Eventually, Gunn was showing off his backside so often WWE briefly changed his name to Mr. Ass, giving him a ridiculous theme song to go along with it, repeatedly boasting about how he was an “ass man.” With all this in mind, it shouldn’t be too hard to guess which body part of a 24-year-old inspired him to stray from his then-new wife Paula in 2010. As is always the case, Gunn’s affair was scandalous in its existence alone, yet he and his lover made things much worse for themselves by constantly calling one another after it blew up in their faces. Once Paula found out they were hooking up behind her back, she posted damning photos on Facebook revealing their affair, leading to Gunn leaving angry voicemails on his ex-lovers phone, which she then posted online, as well.

8 The British Bulldog

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Truth be told, it’s kinda hard to believe anything that comes out of WWE Hall of Famer Sunny’s mouth at this point, and considering this story comes from her, perhaps it should be taken with a grain of salt. There’s also the fact The British Bulldog’s daughter denies what Sunny said about him, but in fairness, not all children necessarily know the intricacies of their father’s sex lives on the roads. If it isn’t obvious yet, Sunny’s claim was that she herself was the other woman in Bulldog’s affair, hooking up behind the scenes of WWE events without the knowledge of his wife, Diana Hart-Smith. Should this be true, Bulldog would be merely one of several men who were in active relationships with Sunny at the time, alongside Shawn Michaels and Chris Candido. This isn’t to say she’s to blame for the infidelity itself, as Bulldog also had plenty to own up to, being the one person involved with Sunny who was actually married. It also bears mentioning that Bulldog had another alleged affair while married to Diana, this time with Bruce Hart's then-wife, Andrea.

7 Ted DiBiase

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Everybody has a price, and as far as we know, the asking tag to get “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase to cheat on his wife Melanie countless times throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. One of the biggest heels of his era, DiBiase was apparently also up to no good behind the scenes, coming too close to living his character and abusing drugs and alcohol to excess, much like an actual deranged millionaire. While binging on various substances, DiBiase also found it easy to forget his marriage vows and spend a night or two with whatever random woman was attracted to him. Believe it or not, Ted and Melanie are still together to this day, and the old Million Dollar Man is extremely regretful about his past behavior. DiBiase has since become a born-again Christian preacher, so he may just be telling the truth when he says that.

6 Sting

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One detail that typically gets left out of legendary pro wrestler Sting’s story is the fact that his darkest period in WCW was coupled with an extremely dark turn outside the ring. While Sting slowly transitioned from the fun-loving surfer he portrayed in the early ‘90s to the Crow influenced revenge seeker challenging the nWo onscreen, he also fell victim to extremely alcoholism and drug abuse behind the scenes. As he continued to spiral downward, Sting also cheated on his wife Sue Borden on multiple occasions. The more popular Sting became during this period, the more out of control his vices became to deal with the pressure, presumably leading to an increased number of infidelities, as well. Eventually, Sting became a born-again Christian and came clean about what he was doing and rather than forgive him, his wife divorced him for it. He has since moved on to wife number two, and hopefully, without the negative influence of drugs, he won’t be breaking her heart, too.

5 John Cena

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In John Cena’s own words, his wrestling persona is a “Superman goody too-shoes,” never able to show any sign of imperfection in terms of morality or athletic ability. Unfortunately, the real man isn’t so virtuous, possessing an admittedly R-rated sense of humor and showing no hesitation when cheating on his first wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau. It was actually Cena who filed for divorce in 2012, three years after they first got married, a move that Huberdeau claimed left her “completely blindsided.” However, she soon discovered that Cena had been cheating on her for years, thus gaining a great deal of leverage in their divorce proceedings. The full details were never explained, but one of Cena’s affairs was allegedly with his fellow WWE superstar Mickie James. Huberdeau wasn’t the only one to suffer from the truth coming to light, as James’s transfer to SmackDown was rumored to be related to their affair. Hopefully, Nikki Bella doesn’t meet a similar fate to either woman.

4 Bret Hart

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With many fans around the world, Canadians especially, agreeing with Bret Hart’s assertion that he was the best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be, the fact he wasn’t exactly the best person behind the scenes often got swept under the rug. It doesn’t really matter that Bret wrestled a particularly high number of five-star classics with a wide variety of opponents; he still has the capacity to be a huge jerk to his loved ones, particularly his then-wife, Julie. Although Bret claims he largely abstained from drugs and other excesses during his time in the spotlight, the one vice he couldn’t ignore was loose women attracted to his fame. Reigning as the WWE Champion five times attracted Bret a good deal of female attention, and when the women were appealing enough, he was willing to throw away everything he built with Julie for a night of passion. Eventually, the behavior caught up to him when Julie filed for divorce in 2002.

3 Edge

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For all the attention that was given to Lita infamously cheating on her boyfriend Matt Hardy with his real life best friend Edge, the former WWE Women’s Champion is nowhere to be seen on this list, as she and Matt weren’t actually married when it happens. One thing that got lost in the affair, though, was the fact Edge was betrothed to another woman, Lisa Ortiz. Edge and Lisa had only recently tied the knot when the affair began, filing for divorce after less than a year together when things went public. Of all the names on this list, Edge is the one wrestler who could genuinely argue that cheating on his wife helped his career, as it lead to a popular storyline where he and Lita hooked up on screen and became the trashier couple WWE had ever seen (in a good way).

2 Bill Watts

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Though he was hardly the only wrestler to call himself a “Cowboy” in the 1960s and ‘70s, Bill Watts was nonetheless one of the few who truly deserved the title. Watts fit pretty much every cliché of a Southerner there was, from his no-nonsense interview style, hard-hitting approach, and heavily conservative leanings in business and his personal life. This made him a controversial figure as the owner of Mid-South Wrestling and a future booker at WCW, and also a hypocrite at home, considering he constantly cheated on his wife throughout his wrestling career. Not only that, Watts would openly hold affairs in front of his children, including future wrestler Erik Watts, imprinting that bad behavior as acceptable to them from an early age. Presumably, Watts stopped his cheating ways later in life when he became a born-again Christian, but given his past hypocrisy, it wouldn’t be that surprising if he’s still breaking that commandment.

1 Vince McMahon

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Holding true his philosophy that there’s nothing his sports entertainers have ever done that he himself wouldn’t be willing to do, Vince McMahon has cheated on his wife Linda McMahon on multiple occasions throughout their long and allegedly happy marriage. No, this isn’t just in reference to the fact he’s made out with half the women who worked with him on live television, sometimes in front of Linda no less. Vince has been open about the fact that there were even more illicit dalliances behind the scenes than there were on Raw and SmackDown, admitting he hooked up with any woman that would have him throughout a large majority of their marriage. In coming clean with Linda and the public, Vince also implied that his past behavior had ended, and for whatever reason, his wife seems to believe and trust him once again.

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