15 Shocking Diva Confessions The WWE Wants Us To Forget About

When it comes to the world of professional wrestling, we just love going behind the curtain and hearing revealing information that takes place behind the scenes. Well, back in the late 90s and into the early 2000s, a plethora of stories came out. Nowadays, confessions are few and far between when it comes to current talent, though the former WWE Divas aren’t pulling back any punches. As you’ll see in this article, past Divas have issued some shocking claims and confessions, what they all have it common - the WWE likely doesn’t want us to know about such revealing information and it damages their reputation as a global brand for the most part.

We’ll examine numerous confessions on the list; we’ll feature Chyna discussing the details pertaining to Hunter and Stephanie’s affair. Also on the list are some shocking confessions by the likes of Debra and Ashley Massaro, two Divas that are basically blacklisted from the WWE, in large part due to their revealing confessions from the past.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share the article with a fellow wrestling fan. Without further ado, here are 15 shocking Diva confessions the WWE wants us to forget about. Close your eyes Vince!

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16 Chyna – Stephanie & Triple H’s Affair Began At The Start Of Their Storyline

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It was like a scene out of a movie, Chyna speculated that Triple H was cheating on her so she did a little snooping around. She picked the lock on his briefcase and after going through his stuff, she hadn’t found anything suspicious at first glance. However, after a second look, she would find a letter dated in August by Stephanie McMahon. Of course, it was a love letter meant for Triple H. According to Chyna, the letter was dated in August, right around the time Hunter and Stephanie began their storyline together.

Ultimately, the outcome was not in Chyna’s favor. She would confront Vince about it and after she was sent home to cool off, it wouldn’t be long after that Chyna would receive her termination papers. It’s one of the darkest situations the WWE wants us to forget about.

15 Shelly Martinez – I Almost Got Assaulted On A Tour

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We’ve seen countless examples of women stepping up and speaking about their past experiences in some of the nastiest situations. Surprisingly, the wrestling business has been quite tame with stories as such, though Martinez recently made the headlines for quite the shocking claim.

She didn’t really dive into the specifics, though Martinez was likely referring to her time in the WWE for when this incident took place. Shelly made the claim that she was almost sexually assaulted during a wrestling tour overseas. She also discussed the fact that many others in the business have undergone a similar situation. Of course, the WWE likely wants no part of these allegations and forgetting about this claim is best for business. Martinez had a brief stint with the company lasting from 2005 till 2007. She was released due to a dispute with Batista behind the scenes.

14 Debra – The WWE Begged Me To Keep Quiet About Domestic Abuse Incident

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Ever wonder why the WWE is so close-minded when it comes to Debra’s accomplishments with the company? Well, the statement above and another one that we’ll feature a little later on has a lot to do with it. The WWE never speaks of her nowadays, though her contributions were noteworthy as she became one of the most over female characters the company had during the Attitude Era, in large part, thanks to her look.

She would end up leaving the company standing by her man in 2002, only to go through a devastating incident of domestic abuse with Austin. According to Debra during her various interviews, the WWE begged her to keep quiet as they didn’t want her to damage the reputation of one of their biggest stars.

13 Maria Kanellis – Melina Was A Skank

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We’ve seen examples of countless polarizing figures behind the scenes, even nowadays the likes of Enzo Amore is regarded as a disturber behind the scenes. However, that isn’t only limited to male talent as Melina was regarded as one of the very worst behind the scenes. Melina often isolated herself from the rest of the women’s locker room as many believed her ego was over her head. With such a bad reputation, we’ve seen countless women take shots at her in the past.

One of those women was Maria, who referred to Melina as a “w****” during a shoot interview. Back in her prime, Melina was heavily criticized for an alleged affair with Batista while she was dating John Morrison. Melina has yet to admit that the incident took place while Dave has admitted in his book that the two did in fact hookup.

12 Kaitlyn – I Fell Into Depression & Addiction After Leaving WWE

Kaitlyn made a risky decision leaving the WWE so early on, in fact, she was in the company for only four years when she decided to call it quits. Kaitlyn began in 2010 with developmental and would later make the main roster jump. She had great success capturing a Divas Championship but due to other passions, she left the company.

In a recent tell all video, Kaitlyn described her time away from wrestling as being quite tough. Going by her real name Celeste Bonin, she completely changed her image as a fitness personality while going into business with her ex-husband PJ Braun. During that time, Celeste admitted to losing her passion and fire for life. It would lead to addiction issues along with depression. Nowadays, she’s back on her feet, recently getting divorced while planning a return to pro wrestling.

11 Ivory – The Industry Changed Stephanie McMahon For The Worst

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We’ve seen countless former WWE stars take shots at the McMahon’s and that specifically pertains to Vince. However, we’ve rarely seen anyone take a shot at Stephanie with most describing her as one of the sweetest people to deal with backstage. For that reason, Ivory’s comments of Stephanie were truly shocking and words that the company will likely want us to forget about.

According to Ivory, Stephanie’s head grew larger the more her creative power started to earn. Ivory claimed that Stephanie was the sweetest shy girl backstage when she began, but that quickly changed with her role in creative writing as a head. Ivory stated the industry changed her for the worst and blames the environment backstage for Stephanie’s behavioral change. Bitterness or speaking the truth, we’ll let you guys decide.

10 Melina – Getting My Photos Exposed Led To Depression

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A theme in this article is that a lot of former Divas go through some troubling times following their run in the spotlight with the WWE. For Melina, things weren’t so bad after she left the company. Melina decided to go back to school which was an admirable decision, though she would elect to return to the wrestling business, a decision nobody is against especially if you recall her talent from back in the day.

However, she did go through a troubling time and it took place following a hack. Melina saw her personal photos get exposed and posted online. The former WWE star admitted to being depressed following the situation as she was very protective when it came to exposing her body, even making the claim she turned down Playboy several times. Melina claimed that her body was only for her former partner and that she lost his trust which is what led to the leak.


8 Dawn Marie – My Lawsuit Against The WWE Reached A Settlement

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Dawn wasn’t the first former WWE star to sue the company, what made her case so significant however is the fact that she reached an agreement with the company, something few get. As per usual, due to the structure of a WWE contract, lawsuits often fail as we’ve seen with the recent influx of concussion related legal battles.

Dawn had a different type of case however as she was released by the company due to her pregnancy. She was on maternity leave during her release and Marie would later file a lawsuit against the company for the terms of her departure. In a rare instance, the battle was settled in late 2007. The WWE has been careful with these incidents ever since as both Maria and Maryse are now pregnant and still under WWE contract. The company took the same measures with Rosa, releasing her after her maternity leave.

7 Amy Weber – The Backstage Of WWE Was Like A Frat House

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Some former Divas have in fact expressed regret joining the WWE. One of those people was Amy Weber, who was quite miserable during her short-lived run over on SmackDown. Weber had a background in music, film and modelling when joining the Diva Search. She would eventually get signed, though it wasn’t for long.

Weber asked for a release claiming the backstage environment was just too much to handle. She recalls getting harassed by some of the wrestlers while even claiming the backstage atmosphere was similar to a frat house. Leaving the WWE, she would enter the music world and is now a happy mother. At the age of 47, she likely isn’t looking back at her WWE run with the fondest of memories.

6 Nicole Bass – I Was Assaulted Backstage By A Wrestler

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Similar to Amy Weber, Nicole Bass had a short stint with the company during the Attitude Era. The company had high hopes for Bass who was a larger than life character in the Divas Division. Though ultimately, an altercation backstage would cut her time with the WWE.

Bass accused a backstage employee of assaulting her sexually behind the scenes. Bass was referring to Steve Lombardi aka The Brooklyn Brawler. Despite the claims, Nicole would walk away from the WWE while Lombardi would stay employed for several years down the line. The incident would be taken to court by Bass, though like several other incidents, it would ultimately get dismissed by the court in 2003. She would move on to film and various other entertainment gigs following her brief wrestling run. She sadly recently passed away.

5 Debra – Steroids & Drugs Turned Austin Vicious

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Debra has issued some massive statement in the past, if you don’t recall any of her claims; it’s in large part due to the WWE doing an excellent job on keeping her words on the down low. Following the death of Chris Benoit, Debra made some huge statements that rocked the pro wrestling landscape.

According to Debra’s shocking confession, steroids and drugs played a huge role in Austin assaulting her back in 2002. She would ultimately link Austin’s drug-fueled behavior, to that of Benoit’s murder-suicide case. She went on various media platforms to discuss this matter and without a doubt, the WWE was cringing at her words, especially pertaining to one of their greatest marquee attractions, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Debra and her comments rarely ever get mentioned nowadays and there’s a reason for it. We’ll never see her in the WWE Hall of Fame.

4 Lita – I Hit Rock Bottom During The Love Triangle Feud

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In a shocking twist, the company decided to play out a real life storyline in front of the public. Following the Matt, Lita and Edge love triangle, Hardy was released due to his inappropriateness throughout the situation. With fans chanting his name on the regular, he was asked back to work the real-life storyline.

Lita recalls hitting a depression during the angle as not only were the fans severe towards her, but the backstage atmosphere was even worse as she was neglected by several of her former peers, both the boys and Divas. She was at an all-time low during the angle and she would eventually retire needing some time off to recover mentally more than anything else. Thankfully nowadays, she’s once again a fan favorite while restoring her inner peace.

3 Cameron – The WWE Fired Me By Phone

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Let’s be honest here, Cameron getting fired by the WWE wasn’t a stretch and long overdue. No disrespect to her but Cameron just didn’t have the athleticism nor the knowledge of the industry to thrive - heck she even tried pinning an opponent the opposite way, we’ll never forget that incident.

Though, what was a little surprising was how the WWE released Cameron. During a shoot interview, Cameron opened up claiming she was contacted by the head of talent relations via the phone and was released without a one-on-one sit-down. Some look at her release as rather harsh. Adding insult to her release, it was said that Cameron wasn’t in the best final state either at the time. Biggest morale of the story here, never agree with anything Ryback says.

2 Ashley Massaro – I Was Assaulted During Visit To A Military Base In Kuwait

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Massaro was yet another former Superstar filing a lawsuit against the WWE. However, the reasoning was extremely controversial. According to Massaro, the former Playboy cover girl was sexually assaulted during a WWE trip overseas to a military base over in Kuwait. Ashley reported about the problem to WWE doctors and when they brought up the issue to company executives, the higher ups were apologetic about the situation, though they encouraged Ashley to keep things on the down low, not wanting the controversy to get out in front of the masses.

She’s now taking the past situation and suing the WWE for it. Others that attended the overseas trip included Maria Kanellis, Jimmy Hart and Ron Simmons. None of the three have come out in defense of Massaro - the lawsuit seems to be ongoing at this point.

1 Sunny – Shawn & I Used Vince’s Office To Get It On

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Oh Sunny! When it comes to some of the most controversial confessions made by former Divas, Sunny certainly takes the cake as she hasn’t shied away from details pertaining to her past in the industry. One of her most shocking claims discussed an ongoing secret relationship between herself and the great Shawn Michaels.

According to Sunny, the two did a lot of hooking up back in the day, even during shows if you can believe. Sunny claims that Nash, Hall and Waltman would typically guard the door when the two were getting it on. In an even more shocking twist, Sunny made the claim that she and Shawn were even granted access to Vince’s office for some privacy - man was it ever a wacky time both on and off screen. The two would eventually go their own ways and it was for the best.

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