15 Shocking Pictures Of Former WWE Superstars Before They Were In WWE

WWE Superstars have to go through some rigorous transformation before they can truly make it in the company, as only a handful of wrestlers directly get into the company without any prior experience and most of the others have to work their way into it. Not only does one need to have the proper wrestling ability, but a wrestler also needs to have the proper physique and looks in order to make it to the WWE and have to change their looks completely in order to aspire to become a star in the company.

Not only do they have to go through physical transformations, but these wrestlers also have to shape themselves according to their gimmicks when they enter the WWE, as some of the wrestlers didn't really look the same way we all recognize them right now. These former WWE stars all had quite the successful stints in the company and can be recognized by everyone for their impact, but they looked completely different before making it to the company as some of these pictures below will show.

Some of these former WWE stars looked completely unrecognizable back in the day, as it goes onto show how much they worked to succeed in the WWE as we take a look at 15 Shocking Pictures Of Former WWE Stars Before They Were In WWE.

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15 Stone Cold Steve Austin

via pinterest.com / via wwe.com

Stone Cold Steve Austin is arguably the man who won the Monday Night Wars for the WWE as his amazing work as the Texas Rattlesnake whose rebellious nature towards the villainous Mr. McMahon made everyone tune into watch exactly how he was going to torture his boss week in week out. Austin's bald, intimidating look and careless personality made him an instant hit with the fans, but he had a work A LOT in order to attain that look as this early ridiculous picture goes onto show how much he transformation since his early wrestling days. Austin actually has long, blonde hair in this and doesn't seem to be in the proper physical shape for a wrestler either, as this shocking early picture of him shows just how hard he worked in order to become the ass-kicking Texas Rattlesnake and make himself into one of the most popular wrestlers of all time, as he did some work which not anyone can replicate.

14 Rob Van Dam

via tiwtter.com / via wwe.com

Rob Van Dam was definitely one of the most exciting superstars in the 90s and 2000s, as the "Whole F'n Show" not only ruled over ECW as it's top star, but also later joined the WWE and found success there after ECW was bought by them. RVD's amazing ability in the ring is matched by his stellar physique which has been extremely important in keeping him like the prime athlete that he was, as this shocking photo of him as a youngster goes onto show how much he had to work to get into a prime shape and have a chance at excelling at the big leagues. This picture was from his earliest wrestling days, as RVD still looks pretty lean for a wrestler as it goes onto show how much maturity he added to himself to become one of the top stars of his time and enthrall the audiences with his daredevil stunts.

13 CM Punk

via imgur.com / via onlineworldofwrestling.com

CM Punk rose from the absolute bottom to defy all his critics and become one of WWE's most popular superstars of the modern era, as the self-proclaimed "Voice of the Voiceless" enticed many with his shoot promos and rebellious attitude. While Punk was definitely one of the better looking guys in the WWE during his time, this shocking picture of a rather young Punk with Stone Cold Steve Austin goes onto show just how much he transformed to become a WWE superstar. He looks like a geeky guy in this picture with the hideous red hair, as his transformation from THIS to the CM Punk we know and love is something rather spectacular and goes onto show just how hard he had to work to get where he is right now.

12 Lita

via dvadrt.co / via pinterest.com

Lita is one of the women who helped to get the Women's Division on the map during the attitude era and beyond, as the athletic, hardcore woman was quite an amazing wrestler who reaped her rewards in the WWE. But while she did get the physique of quite the sexy WWE diva later on, she definitely had to work towards it as this shocking picture of her figure before she joined WWE shows how much she had to work to get into the company. She looks rather out of shape and doesn't seem to have the "WWE Face" either, as her amazing transformation since joining the WWE helped her become one of the most popular women of her time and an inspiration for budding wrestlers all around.

11 Rikishi

via pinterest.com / via wwe.com

Rikishi was like a breath of fresh air(no puns intended) during the attitude era,as this character of a big man dancing around and just having fun changed the stereotypical nature of those type of characters, as his delightful nature made for a lot of entertainment. But this surprising early picture of Rikishi shows him as a football player before he made the move to wrestle in the WWE, as he looks so well shaped and shockingly small compared to what he was in the WWE,as Rikishi also had to go through a rigorous transformation in order to get the fans behind him in the WWE and its for the better of everyone that he rubbed his buttocks on the faces of competitors rather than try his luck in football.

10 Hulk Hogan & Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake

via pinterest.com / via ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com

Hulk Hogan might have been entangled in some controversy in recent years, but he's the man who put wrestling on the map as his amazing popularity and work during the 80s helped Vince McMahon's WWE make wrestling mainstream and Hogan a huge star. Alongside him, his best buddy Ed Leslie aka Brutus "The Barber Beefcake" also found success (though nowhere near Hulkmania's), as Hogan would always take care of him.

The Hulkster has always been recognized for his impressive physique and colorful personality, but this picture of Hogan and Brutus as "The Boulder Brothers" prior to their time in WWE is shocking to say the least. This bizarre look to Hogan and weirdly hairy chest is completely different to what people recognize him by. This picture shows just how much Hogan and Brutus changed.

9 Batista

via profightdb.com / via pinterest.com

Batista was one of the most hard-hitting wrestlers of his time, as The Animal loved to put his prey's through much pain and he got quite a lot of popularity because of his stellar work as this powerful wrestler before he took his talents somewhere else and managed to succeed in Hollywood. But before he could mesmerize everyone with his devastating wrestling style and well toned figure, Batista had to work his way into the WWE as this picture of him as his character "The Leviathan" in Ohio Valley Wrestling goes onto show him in this ridiculous, shocking persona which not many actually know about. He looks very weird with that chain around his neck and with all that make-up, as he thankfully got the character of the Animal quickly after getting to the WWE, as it took him to greater heights and made him someone who almost everyone can recognize.

8 Scott Hall

via shtloadsofwrestling.tumblr.com / via Bodybuilding.com

Scott Hall was undoubtedly one of the coolest wrestlers in the 90s, as he excelled in the WWE as "The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon who helped to elevate the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship, later going onto create one of the most iconic stables of all time in the New World Order and ruling in the WCW as well. While Hall was always recognized for his dashing looks and charming face, that wasn't the case when he was trying to get the right gimmick for himself in the Indy circuit, as this picture of Hall donning a ridiculous moustache goes onto show how hard even the best wrestlers have to work in their early career to get the right character. Hall looks weird in this picture, as it's for the good of everyone that he didn't don a moustache in his wrestling career and went onto do great things without it.

7 Ric Flair

via wwe.com / via pinterest.com

"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair has to be one of the most charismatic men in the history of wrestling, as the trash-talking, wheelin' dealin' superstar is definitely one of THE greatest of all time because of his contribution to the field of wrestling over the years. But before he could become The Nature Boy and take his amazing talent to the WWE, Flair was still trying to get his career going in the 1970s as this shocking early picture of his career shows him in completely unrecognizable form. He has absolutely NO Hair in this picture and is looking too bulky than his normal, as his incredible transformation from looking like THAT to looking like a playa in his prime is something for which Flair has to be heavily applauded and that kind of transformation is something which creates legends in itself.

6 Scott Steiner

via pinterest.com / via wwe.com

Scott Steiner is remembered for two things in the wrestling industry: one, for his inhuman physique and two, for his crazy personality as "Big Poppa Pump" who laid down some pain in the WWE after WCW folded up. Steiner would go onto be involved in some main-event feuds, as his ridiculous physique caught the eyes of many as his muscles popped out of his body to mesmerize the fans. But Scott Steiner wasn't always this insanely buffed up, as this picture of him before he turned into that physical specimen shows. Scott looks pretty good and young in this picture, as the shocking transformation can be shown with this picture where he's almost unrecognizable as this unreal human being went through quite the rigorous transformation to attain main-event success in wrestling.

5 Bret Hart

via imageevent.com / via pinterest.com

Bret Hart loved to call himself as the "Best There Is, Best There Was & Best There Ever Will Be" during his prime in the WWE, and there's not many who can actually argue with that as The Hitman was definitely one of the best wrestlers of his time and technically miles ahead of many other. Remembered for his pink outfit and amazing technical skill, Hart had quite the iconic feel to him but this early, shocking picture of him while he was still wrestling for Stampede Wrestling (his family's wrestling promotion) goes onto show just how well he reshaped himself to make it big. He looks rather bulky and unfit in this picture, as he toned down his figure to the most perfect form to make himself look like a star as his amazing transformation from this state to the one we all remember him by goes onto show just how damn good he was when it came to wrestling.

4 Rey Mysterio

via wallpapercave.com / via keyword-suggestions.com

Rey Mysterio has to be one of the most popular wrestlers of the 21st century in the WWE, as his gimmick of the ultimate underdog made the fans absolutely adore him as the master of the 619 did the unthinkable by defeating Kurt Angle and Randy Orton to win the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22. But while the masked sensation always had everyone intrigued at how he looked behind that mask, this shocking picture of Mysterio showing his face in an unmasked, candid photo goes onto show just how small and young he looks in real life, as he probably made the right decision in putting on the mask which gave him the personality of a superhero for the kids as he dazzled many with that form, which he definitely couldn't looking like something in this photo.

3 The Rock

via pinterest.com / via gamespot.com

The Rock is the most electrifying man in all of sports-entertainment for a reason, as the Brahma Bull was one of the core factors in WWE jumping over WCW during the Monday Night Wars and was the complete package for WWE at the time as well. He might have moved onto bigger things in Hollywood since, but he's still a favorite amongst WWE fans as his stunning figure has wowed many fans over the year. But this shocking picture of his pre-wrestling days goes onto show how much he has grown since then, as he has had to work to his absolute limit in order to become the man he is right now and the current "World's Sexist Man Alive" looking like a thin geek in his youth is an example that anything is possible if the right work is put into making it a possibility.

2 Sable

via Providr.com

Sable has to be regarded as one of the(if not THE) hottest diva in WWE history, as her incredible work during the Attitude Era helped to establish women in the WWE as a force to be reckoned with and helped shed some light on the Women's Division. Sable was loved for her erotic mannerism and fearless nature as she loved to boast her sensational figure to the audiences and was the complete babe in the company at the time, but this shocking picture of her in her young, pre-wrestling days goes onto show just how much she had to change up her figure and style to succeed in the big leagues. This red-haired girl in this picture is almost completely unrecognizable, as you wouldn't guess this to be the same blond bombshell that ruled over WWE even if you wanted to, as it goes onto show how much everyone needs to change up their looks to excel in the WWE.

1 Kevin Nash

via AllwrestlingSuperstars.com / via johnnyetc.com

Kevin Nash has to be one of the more memorable "Big Men" in recent history, as his amazing time as "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel in the WWE established him as one of the top stars in wrestling at the time, as Nash would only increase his legacy in WCW where he was one of the core members of the NWO. While Nash is instantly recognized for his incredible physique which helped him tower over his opponents, this shocking picture of a rather young Kevin shows him in a rather different predicament. Nash looks so young and lean in this picture, as his transformation since then to become one of wrestling top stars in the 90s was something remarkable as this grinning, lean kid from this picture went onto change his look and rule over wrestling for quite a lot of years in his career.

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