15 Revelations Wrestlers Wrote About In Their Autobiographies

The life of a professional wrestler can definitely be an extremely eventful one and when it comes to the big stars who have traveled all over the world and have been part of some stunning experiences themselves, they have a lot to reveal during their relaxation period from wrestling. Many wrestlers love to put their experiences into writing and end up releasing autobiographies where they reveal their stories in the professional wrestling industry, having made some really interesting revelations in their books.

Some of wrestling's biggest stars have penned autobiographies where they normally talk about themselves and their journey to becoming stars, but they have also revealed some shocking things which wrestling fans didn't know about prior to reading the autobiographies. Be it issues with wrestlers or some shocking things nobody knew about their colleagues in the wrestling industry, these revelations were especially stunning because of how these wrestlers had the guts to actually reveal secrets in their tell-all books.

15 Dawn Marie Had An Affair With Kurt Angle

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Sometimes professional wrestlers have to work so hard and get so frustrated at times that they get their lusts get in the way of their morality and in the WWE, this has happened quite often over the years. Kurt Angle seems like a happy, family man who is extremely loyal to his family, but even the Olympic Gold Medalist has had affairs over the years, something which was confirmed by Dawn Marie. She wrote in her autobiography about the two of them having a short fling when they were in the WWE together more than a decade ago and this was happening when Angle was married and Marie was in a relationship as well. This shows just how even the most loyal of spouses tend to fool around on the road and Marie openly revealing about this affair came as a shock to many.

14 The Rock Popped His Cherry At 14 Years Of Age

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The Rock may have left wrestling for a more illustrious career in Hollywood, but he's definitely the most electrifying man in all of sports-entertainment when he steps into the ring. The Rock was a top star for the WWE during the Attitude Era and due to his extreme popularity back then, he decided to publish his autobiography in 2000. He wrote about many things, but something which came as really shocking was when he wrote about losing his virginity. The Rock apparently fooled around with women at an early age and popped his cherry to a high school senior named Maria. They were fooling around in the open at a public park when a police car came and stopped them halfway through as this rather surprising revelation shows just how The Rock has been a charismatic dude since his youth.

13 The Undertaker Took A Dump In Jerry "The King" Lawler's Crown

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Jerry "The King" Lawler may be highly respected in the wrestling industry because of his impeccable work over the years, but he wasn't that liked when he came to the WWE in the early 90s. There have been rumors that Lawler's arrogance made him a highly disliked figure in the WWE locker room at first as the Kliq decided to set him straight by pulling some mischievous pranks on him. But something really shocking which was revealed by none other than the legendary manager, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (RIP) is that The Undertaker also did something shocking to set him straight. The Phenom apparently took a dump all over The King's crown to send him a message, which is especially shocking considering how everyone perceives Taker. This shows how even somebody as serious as The Phenom can pull dirty pranks.

12 Daniel Bryan Almost Made It To WWE In 2001

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Daniel Bryan created one of the most satisfying underdog stories in the WWE when he defeated the impossible odds to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX, but there was apparently a chance for him to make it in the company way earlier than he did in NXT. Bryan wrote his autobiography after getting some relaxation from wrestling in the past few years and he made some interesting revelations in it. A really stunning one was when he said that he almost made it to the company in 2001. Bryan did give some trial matches in WWE and was considered to be part of the Cruiserweight Division, but he was let go off after the company's bought off WCW to take their stars. One could imagine how Bryan's career would've gone had he signed with WWE in 2001, but it's for the better that he didn't.

11 Giants Battle It Out

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The Big Show and The Great Khali may be two dangerous looking giants, but they have the reputation of being very friendly in the back and have not really been part of any tension. But a few years back, when Show saw Khali stealing one of his moves in the ring, he lost his cool and decided to charge the gigantic Khali for it. According to Chris Jericho's autobiography, Show would confront Khali in the locker room about stealing his "chops" to which the Indian wrestler was trying to play innocent. But things got heated when Big Show threw Khali's bag into the corner and the two went face-to face as Show landed the first punch. According to Y2J, the two kept on smacking each other with gigantic punches until Show tripped over something before the two could be separated and this battle of the colossi could be stopped.

10 William Regal Was Arrested For Urinating On A Stewardess

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William Regal comes off as the perfect gentleman of the professional wrestling circuit and whether he was a heel or a face, he was always an entertaining personality. The current General Manager of NXT has had a rather eventful wrestling career, which was plagued by his awful drug addiction when he was in WCW. In a rather shocking revelation, Regal revealed about how he was once arrested when he was touring with WCW for being drunk on a train and urinating on an air hostess. He later wrote about how he was so drunk that he couldn't even remember the incident and woke up in a cell in Anchorage, Alaska. This shocking revelation made people realize that someone even as gentlemen-like as Regal was going through a tough period in the 90s but has come a long way since.

9 Mickey Rourke Legitimately Disliked Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho has perfected his kayfabe character so well that he doesn't even have to try hard to convince somebody that his insulting was "real" and not a work. Apparently, Mickey Rourke didn't buy into him trying to "shoot" in order to build up their feud ahead of WrestleMania XXV where Rourke was supposed to work. Jericho wrote in his autobiography that after he insulted Rourke at Larry King Live where their kayfabe feud was supposed to begin, Rourke thought his "shooting" was real insults he was throwing. So he came to WrestleMania XXV with two intimidating bodyguards and genuinely disliked him until Jericho cleared things up and said it was all a work. It's quite shocking that even a stellar actor like Rourke couldn't figure out that Jericho was just playing his character to insult him as this shows just how damn good Y2J is!

8 Kofi Kingston Had A Fight With The Boss

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Kofi Kingston has been doing some great things as part of The New Day who are the longest reigning tag team champs in WWE history and a prime tag team for years now. But Kingston was struggling to find his footing a few years ago and according to Chris Jericho's autobiography, he was upset when Vince McMahon made a snide remark when they were traveling on an airplane, saying "Maybe one day you'll get over". Jericho wrote about how he convinced Kingston to stand up for himself and so he did as he went over to McMahon and stood up to the boss. The two exchanged some verbal trades before McMahon tried to take Kofi down with a double leg takedown and the two had a scuffle inside of an airplane! Jericho said that McMahon later laughed it off, but respected Kofi for standing up for himself.

7 Scott Hall Doesn't Do Autographs

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Scott Hall was an extremely cool character in the 90s which made him a beloved figure in front of some fans despite being a heel for most of the 90s. Hall was especially great when he portrayed Razor Ramon in WWE, but it seemed his arrogance grew with his fame. Bret Hart wrote in his autobiography about an incident when he was having dinner with Hall the restaurant of a hotel they were staying at just before Hall and Nash were to move to WCW. A little kid who was a fan of Hall approached him for an autograph but Hall told both of them that "he doesn't need to sign autographs anymore" leaving the kid absolutely heart-broken. Hart wrote that this was when he lost all respect for him, as this shocking story shows how terribly rude the Bad Guy was to his fans.

6 Ric Flair Beat Up Eric Bischoff

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Ric Flair has seen it all in wrestling just because of how long he's been in the business and he's definitely made some friends and enemies along the way as well. Flair wrote a rather interesting autobiography where he spoke about a lot of things and some of his "enemies" in wrestling, but something which came off as a real shock was when he spoke about beating up Eric Bischoff. Flair said he hated Bischoff for being smug and decided to take matters into his own hands when they were both in WWE in 2003. He smacked Bischoff(who was on a call) and even threatened to gouge his eyes out, but refrained from doing so and before he could beat him up even more, Sgt Slaughter showed up to break it up and Bischoff could've been hurt real bad that day had he decided to fight.

5 AJ Lee Accidentally Overdosed When She Was Young

AJ Lee was quite the unique character in the WWE but also a stellar wrestler, as the "crazy" diva retired from wrestling to live a happy life with husband, CM Punk. Lee had some time to write up a rather wonderful autobiography where she revealed a lot of things about how she was perceived in the WWE and punished at times for standing up for herself, but she also revealed about her struggles as a teenager. AJ had a difficult childhood and was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder as a child. When she got to know about it, she took a lethal cocktail of pills in an attempt to make the pain go away. But that almost took her life as she had to be taken to the hospital to be saved. This shocking incident proves the difficulties AJ faced as a child.

4 "Rowdy" Roddy Piper Was Part Of The Hart Family

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"Rowdy" Roddy Piper was quite the remarkable character in the WWE, feuding with the greats of his time. Piper may have been a menace for many back in the 80s and 90s, but he was highly respected in the industry, especially by Bret "The Hitman" Hart who loved him. Bret wrote about it in his autobiography where he also made a shocking revelation. Hart stated that Piper was actually a member of the Hart Family as he was his cousin. Despite portraying a character with a Scottish background in the WWE, many forget that Piper was actually Canadian so it all adds up as it's quite shocking to realize that Bret and Roddy were actually related and it goes on to show just how small the wrestling world really is.

3 Justin Roberts' On JBL's Hazing

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Justin Roberts seemed like a nice guy when he worked as a ring announcer for the WWE in the past and did a good job at it along with Lillian Garcia. But Roberts has been way more vocal than he was in the WWE after he has been released and even released his own autobiography, which turned out to be a best-seller because of how it reveals the ugly side of the WWE. A rather shocking thing which Roberts did reveal in his autobiography was how he was bullied by JBL when he was in the WWE. Roberts wrote about how he had his passport stolen by JBL in an overseas trip which left Roberts stranded there. He had to go to London to reissue a passport before he could come back home as this shocking revelation on a disgusting prank gives more proof on JBL being a terrible bully.

2 Andre The Giant Could Dink 127 Beers In One Sitting

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Andre the Giant was pivotal to WWE's success in the 80s as he helped to make Hulk Hogan the star he was as well as asserting himself as a world-wide sensation because of his figure as well. He reaped a lot of fans and was beloved by many as well, but there are some things he loved just as much as he loved wrestling. That was drinking and especially drinking beers as the cans barely fit in the size of his wrist. The Fabulous Moolah wrote in her autobiography that the WWE Hall of Famer once actually managed to drink a shocking 127 beers in one sitting at Reading, Pennsylvania and passed out afterward. The Hotel staff were unable to move him from his seat and he stayed there till the morning as this proves just how much of a larger than life character Andre really was!

1 Lita Used To Be An Exotic Dancer

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Lita is a beloved diva in the wrestling industry because of how much she has done for Women's Wrestling and enabled this Women's Revolution to take place over the years. The former Women's Champion didn't really have it that easy before she found fame and fortune in the wrestling industry, as she had to do some rather regrettable stuff in the past. Lita made a shocking revelation about how she used to be a part-time stripper when she didn't have all the fortune. She wrote about how she wanted to go with her friends to Europe but didn't have any money, so when a friend of hers offered her to be a stripper for a Washington DC club, she took the job. Lita stopped that profession just as soon as she made the money for the trip, as this shows how things were difficult for her prior to becoming a superstar.

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