15 Shocking Things Learned About The WWE Women's Roster From Total Divas

In a world of storytelling and character based performances, reality is the last thing we see. The internet wrestling community is built upon speculation of rumors and sources leaking information that promotions never give to wrestling journalists. But a writer never offers his sources, and if an ex-wrestler does not do a shoot interview, or a current superstar doesn't offer more than there are supposed to in an interview or social media, the things wrestling fans always itch to know more about, is never put out there. That, however, became a little different with the premiere of Total Divas on July 28, 2013.

It was the first time that wrestling was taken out of the squared circle. Broadcasted on the E! Network to wrestling and non-wrestling fans alike, it was the first time many outside of the business saw the WWE from behind the curtains. The show was given a 'Beyond The Mat' type of feel where female fans were followed by cameras chronicling their lives inside and outside of the ring. But to do it in hollow grounds such as gorilla, the highs and lows of booking, the wrestlers real relationships, and everything outside of what happened on television on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown proved to be revolutionary. The divas that wrestling fans never paid much attention to were helping wrestling become mainstream again.

While the show only averages about 500k viewers per episode, a lot of things not reported online have been uncovered. Here are 15 of the most fascinating things learned from the past six seasons of Total Divas.

15 Nikki Froze Her Eggs

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By now we know how the story ends. Nikki got her fairytale ending in the middle of the ring at WrestleMania 33 after hers and John Cena's victory against The Miz and Maryse - sort of. Although Nikki has stated since season one that her desire has always been to marry Cena one day, the talk about being a mother comes up in later episodes. The first episode of the third season was dedicated to Nikki's solution to one of her problems. After Brie Bella suggested Nikki should look into freezing her eggs, she did. Titled "Eggs Over Freezing" the episode chronicles her initial visit to the doctor to the moment she stops hiding it from Cena after he found what he thought was something to inject an illegal drug.

14 John Cena Had Nikki Sign A Cohabitation Agreement

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Speaking of marriage and babies, both seemed to be almost utterly impossible when John Cena presented Nikki with a "Cohabitation Agreement". The contract referred to her as a guest and included that if Nikki is asked to leave for any reason, she has 48 hours after said request to remove all her belongings and vacate his home. Cena was adamant that it was just a precautionary measure, but told Nikki that they could not live together without it in place. Although Nikki said she felt embarrassed and foolish, she argued that she should have been told about it way before she shipped her boxes cross country from San Diego. Cena stressed, and sooner than later got what he asked for, that it was something that "needed to happen". The episode ends with Nikki driving away crying after the confrontation.

13 Nikki Bella Reveals She Was Married

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After it was a ten year secret only between her and her sister, a drunk Nikki celebrating her sister's future wedding revealed to Natalya that she married her high school sweetheart when she was 20 years old. The wedding took place in Las Vegas with Nikki wearing uggs. She also confessed that she never took his name or moved in with him, and that they never talked much after the wedding until they both began seeing other people and realized that the fact that they were still married was impacting them. She later comes clean with her family she reveals that the marriage lasted for about three years before the annulment.

We also learn in a future episode that it was her brother J.J. who revealed the news to John Cena after Nikki lied to her family that she had already told him about her prior marriage weeks before Brie and Bryan Danielson's wedding.

12 Eva Marie Reveals She Has Issues With Alcohol Abuse

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In the same episode where Nikki admitted that she had a prior marriage, Eva Marie revealed that she had issues with alcohol abuse. After not drinking anything that contained alcohol at Brie's bachelorette celebration, she caught everyone's attention. She left their partying early one night after the temptation to drink got to be too much. The day afterwards, Eva confessed that she just felt out of place because could not just have one drink. She revealed that she used to be three years sober but actually relapsed right before she got her job at WWE and left for the WWE Performance Center in the premiere episode of season one. While the girls were surprised, they all seemed to be supportive and exposed some of their most difficult moments in life.

11 Rosa Mendes Left WWE For Rehab

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Although speculated upon at the time, Rosa Mendes confessed upon her return to the WWE that she left the squared circle for a year to go to seek treatment for alcohol abuse. Because she had not been suspended, the internet wrestling community believed that Rosa attending rehab could be the only response to her one year absence but it was ultimately Rosa who confirmed the rumors. In regards to her situation, Rosa said on camera that she was using alcohol to numb the pain she was going through and underwent "100 hours of therapy" to stop from doing so. Although put under the watchful eye of Natalya to prevent any relapse and the return of Rosa's previous partying habits, Rosa made her return to the ring in a match against Natalya.

10 Natalya Drunk Dials Stephanie McMahon

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While Natalya never has had any issues with alcohol abuse, her abuse of alcohol one night got her so drunk to the point where she drunk dialed Stephanie McMahon from Bourbon Street at 5 a.m.  Some of the conversation included Natalya saying the following: "I know you"re probably busy but I wanted to talk to you about some ideas that I have. I feel that with my lineage you know, and being a Neidhart, I deserve to have the Divas Championship." "I'm frustrated and I don't want to go to work and feel that tense up anger is building and building. So I don't understand why I'm not the Divas Champion right now!" I don't understand why it's so hard for you to get back to me." "First of all I'm not wearing any underwear and I'm ready to ride." "Obviously I don't mean anything to you guys. I'm done. I don't care anymore Steph. I quit."

9 Eva Marie Was Supposed To Debut As A Blonde

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Speaking of Stephanie, Eva Marie had just as bad an experience with her before she even debuted on the main roster. Before "all red everything" existed, Eva Marie was just one of the newbies that looked just like Nikki Bella. Although WWE wanted her to go blonde, it was something Eva said she just couldn't do. Therefore, Eva Marie decided to go against the company and got her hair done in "Rihanna red". She continued her deceitfulness by lying to the company again and telling them she had dance experience in "ballroom, ballet, everything" in order to make it to the main roster. While being Fandango's valet didn't bring her a debut, it did bring her a visit to Stephanie's office where she almost got fired.

8 Ariane and Ray J

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In order to promote her 2014 single "Bye, Bye", Ariane and her boyfriend Vincent tried to be captured by paparazzi out in California. While their attempt proved to unsuccessful after Ariane found out that Kim Kardashian was at the same location she was at earlier that day. Because of Kim's presence, all the paparazzi used Kim's pictures. Ariane believe the best choice would be to use some of her connections and invited singer Ray J out for a day at the gym. Once they started walking to the gym together multiple paparazzi appeared. Although it cost a fight with her boyfriend when he found out about their day together, Ariane ultimately got the publicity she wanted for the party celebrating the release of her new song..

7 Naomi's Birth Control Methods

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While Naomi's relationship with Jon (Jimmy Uso) is mostly at a high throughout the entire series, Naomi choses to go against Jon and Jimmy Uso and seeks a birth control method that will be easiest for her to use. After learning about an implant that can go into your arm and prevent pregnancy for three years, she chooses to go with the procedure and takes her mom to the appointment. While training at the performance center, Jon feels Naomi's arm and is thus made aware of the implant.

While Jon expressed to her that he wanted kids already, apart from the two he has from a previous marriage, Naomi expressed that she is not ready and that their lives make them not ready, and that this was ultimately the best choice for both of them.

6 Summer and Fandago sitting on a ...

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After Summer feels that she is getting old and has not found the right person to date, she brings up her feelings to the Total Divas cast at one of their weekly lunches.  Summer admits that she is the only single female superstar and takes into the consideration the advice from her costars about looking into dating inside of the wrestling business, as many of them and male superstars have seen is something easier to manage. Because Fandango was the reason she came onto the main roster, she looks at their chemistry and realizes that she wants to ask him out. After he accepts, they go to a bar and go back to Fandango's place where to much of their surprise, their kiss was not great. While it was only one date, it brings up the question, do all partners get to know each other like this?

5 Big E Dates Natalya's Sister

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Natalya's sister Jenni has made appearances on newer seasons of Total Divas. No one would have imagined, however, that she would be Big E's love interest, and ultimately show that her and Big E dated. While it is normal to date inside of the wrestling industry for most WWE superstars, this would be one of the rarer cases when a wrestler dates a family member of the other wrestler, who's NOT in the business.

Although never confirmed or denied outside of the show, viewers can assume that what they probably had, if anything, was something brief and harmless. With his fellow New Day members now married with kids who knows if Jenni might be someone Big E will eventually pursue further.

4 Dolph Ziggler and Nikki Bella Dated (And Dolph Still Has Feelings For Her)

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While these days Nikki Bella may not be want to known by anything other than Mrs. John Cena, Total Divas exposed a secret many of us might have never known without it. Dolph Ziggler and Nikki Bella dated. While they said they dated each other for years but have then said it was something much shorter in interviews outside of the show, that part of the secret may be something we may never know. Their past however, was played up on Total Divas when Nikki's constant struggle with accepting that John Cena and her were never going to have kids or get married get the best of her.

Dolph is seen pursing her by flirting with her to the point where he pulls her aside during a John Cena match and tells her that he could give her everything she wanted. Being that she slaps him though, does this mean this was actually 100% real? We will never know.

3 The Miz and Maryse Never Went On Their Honeymoon

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If you are a wrestling fan you know that WWE Superstars have some of the busiest schedules out there. It might then be obvious that many of them would never get to be present at some of their loved ones most important moments or be able to have some of their own. In season six of Total Divas it was revealed that The Miz and Maryse never had a honeymoon. While not all superstars are ever able to make it to a fellow superstars wedding, Eva Marie and her husband Jonathan were able to join them to a trip to the Exuma Islands. Something tells us John Cena and Nikki Bella will be able to celebrate their honeymoon traditionally - right after their wedding.

2 Eva Marie's Dad

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It is revealed bits by pieces throughout the entire season that Eva Marie's dad doesn't have the most effective health battle. While one of the more recent episodes of Total Divas features Eva Marie being upset that her dad is smoking and other features her trying to change her dad' s eating and diet habits, it is revealed that her father has had a 16 year battle with cancer. Due to her schedule and responsibilities, her family kept the fact that her dad had to start getting treatment again from her.

The state of her father's health, even if he is just receiving one cancer shot a month, definitely takes its toll on her throughout the entire Total Divas run.

1 Paige's Pregnancy

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These days it seems like anything Paige does turns into trouble. Whether you're a fan of hers or not, there's always some kind of story or scandal following her that ultimately makes you feel bad for the person that was supposed to go on to be one of the best female superstars in the WWE. The youngest Divas Champion revealed on an episode that featured Rosa's baby shower that she once was pregnant and lost her child. She reveals that it happened when she was younger and even had names picked out. After suffering some damage to her uterus, she's been told it's not a guarantee that she'll be able to have kids.

This was the reason she was absent in the baby celebration process for Rosa, but just like any Total Divas episode, the girls make up sooner than later, and Rosa asked for forgiveness for pressuring her and they both hugged away their problems.

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