15 Shocking Things Wrestlers Have Revealed About Vince McMahon

Without Vince McMahon, there would be no WWE as we know it today. After swiping up all of the territories decades ago and making his promotion a national brand (that would be known around the globe), McMahon was tabbed as a genius in the business. There’s no doubt that McMahon has revolutionized pro wrestling, but he’s never been regarded as the most ‘normal’ billionaire out there.

McMahon doesn’t reveal anything too personal himself to the media, but there have been plenty of people around him throughout the years that have divulged a lot of interesting stories. Wrestlers that have worked with McMahon never know what to expect when they first arrive at the WWE, and are surprised even after hearing some of the stranger stories.

Between light hearted humor and allegations of criminal activity, former wrestlers that range from jobbers to Hall of Fame members have shared some interesting things about Vince McMahon. Let’s take a look at 15 of the more shocking stories that wrestlers have told about their boss (whether it be current or former), just so that we can get a glimpse of the man behind the WWE and his eccentric personality.

15 He’s a Huge Prankster

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People have likened the world of pro wrestling, and the WWE in general, to that of a carnival atmosphere. There are a lot of unprofessional things going on around the world’s largest wrestling promotion, and that includes practical jokes that come from the top. Jonathan Coachman said that he once thought he was going to jail as a result of a prank that McMahon played on him.

Coachman was asked to run an NFL pool among the employees of WWE. Shortly after getting started, though, police showed up to detain Coachman because he was running an illegal gambling ring. As Coachman was being escorted, McMahon revealed that it was a prank at the last moment before Coachman was about to be taken away, and that the cops were in on the joke the whole time.

14 He Can Be Generous

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Not everything about Vince McMahon is necessarily bad, as Bob Holly once said that he was quite charitable to the former wrestler. Holly previously had a gimmick as a race car driver (which was based off of his real life), and he used a stock car in his vignettes that was believed to be around $100,000 in value.

Holly thought that McMahon was going to make him pay for the car, which led to Holly freaking out a little bit. When McMahon was ready for the transaction, he told Holly that he was only going to charge $100. Completely befuddled, Holly agreed thinking that there was some sort of catch. Holly never got pranked, though, as McMahon didn't even take the $100 out of his check, meaning that Holly get an expensive stock car for free.

13 He Physically Fights His Own Talent


Being the head of a pro wrestling promotion, Vince McMahon hasn’t been afraid to get in the ring to promote his own product. However, those matches are already scripted. According to a few wrestlers, though, McMahon isn’t afraid to get physical outside of the ring, too. Chris Jericho said that one of the more memorable altercations happened between the CEO and current wrestler Kofi Kingston.

According to Jericho, McMahon smugly told Kingston that “Maybe one day you’ll get over.” Upset with the line, Kingston wanted to go back on the plane where McMahon was and stand up for himself. Jericho egged him on, telling him to go back, which was the final nail in the coffin. When Kingston got back on the plane, the two got into a verbal spat and eventually started shoot wrestling each other. McMahon reportedly liked Kingston’s guts in the situation, which some believe is what allowed him to stick around.

12 He Got Blackout Drunk Before Drug Testing

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After the WWE got into a lot of hot water because of drug use within the company, Vince McMahon decided to implement drug testing within the company. However, there was one last foray into the extreme before testing started, and McMahon became part of it. Bret and Owen Hart smoked marijuana before heading to the strip club where several other wrestlers were waiting.

McMahon came in at around midnight (this was back in 1991 after “This Tuesday in Texas”) completely hammered. McMahon was so drunk, in fact, that he asked the wrestlers to perform their finishing moves on him in the middle of the strip club. The party continued for hours until McMahon finally passed out, but not before making a huge scene both at the strip club and hotel.

11 He’s a Drag Racer


Though not a wrestler, former WWE writer Court Bauer revealed something shocking about Vince McMahon, and that he loves to have impromptu drag races. Bauer was at the Stamford, Connecticut headquarters for a meeting, and ended up working overnight. Bauer wasn’t the only one staying late, as McMahon was leaving at the same time in the wee hours of the morning.

While in the parking lot, McMahon spotted Bauer and challenged him to a race in their cars. Bauer was catching up to McMahon, much to the chagrin of the CEO. Bauer said that McMahon then tried to drive Bauer off of the road so that the billionaire could come out on top. When asked if McMahon actually tried to kill him, Bauer simply said “Vince likes to win.”

10 He Loves Certain Gimmicks


Vince McMahon has always been able to think outside of the box when it comes to gimmicks in his promotion, but not all of them land with the audience. One of the more bizarre ones that McMahon really loved was that of The Boogeyman. Mike Bucci (who was known as Simon Dean in WWE) said in an interview just how much McMahon got into some gimmicks, but especially The Boogeyman.

“When The Boogeyman was there, Vince McMahon would walk around the hallways and he would go up to different people and they would say ‘Hey, what’s up Vince?’” Bucci said. “‘I’m comin’ to get ya!’” McMahon would tell people according to the former wrestler who added “(McMahon) couldn’t stop it...he was in love with the gimmick.”

9 He Has a Thing For...Roosters


One of the more popular stories out there is that Vince McMahon called up the producers and director of “See No Evil” starring Kane and made a suggestion. The odd request was that Kane’s character reveals his member, only to find out that it’s an entire yard long. McMahon also had a suggestion about one of his own wrestlers sporting a lot of endowment, with Lance Storm getting the treatment.

The story goes that McMahon presented the gimmick to Storm, and the wrestler tried to get out of the situation. Storm said that he thought the company was heading in more of a reality-based scenario and that the character didn’t fit that mold. Storm was confused on how he was supposed to present his character after having been seen in tights for several years, with McMahon simply laughing and saying “Good one, pal.”

8 He Hates Smoking

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There was a time back in the day when you could actually smoke on airplanes. Vince McMahon hated this fact, because he hates smoking in general. McMahon hated smoking so much that he offered people significant amounts of money to stop smoking on planes. According to Bruce Prichard (Brother Love), he was on a flight with McMahon when the CEO offered someone $100 to put the cigarette out.

The man refused, so McMahon upped his offer to $200. Still not taking the money, the man continued to smoke, and McMahon once again upped the price to $500 in addition to paying for the man’s plane ticket. The man finally put his cigarette out, and Prichard said that the altercation made him think that Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Man gimmick was just based off of McMahon’s real life.

7 He Didn’t Know About Certain Fetishes

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When you’re watching the WWE product (especially around the Attitude Era), Vince McMahon makes it pretty clear what his preferences are. However, McMahon reportedly didn’t know that a preference toward Asian women was even a thing. Gail Kim was trying out for the WWE at one point, and McMahon was on the verge of not hiring her. Then, McMahon was told that Asian pornography exists, and has quite the following.

McMahon was completely oblivious to this fact, and decided to learn more about what the audience wanted. Jim Ross was the one that opened McMahon’s eyes to the world, and would also vouch for Kim’s ability in-ring. After learning about this whole new world, McMahon decided to hire Kim where she would become a standout before heading to TNA.

6 He Doesn’t Like Vegans

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If it weren’t for a massive amount of fan support, Daniel Bryan probably wouldn’t have been anywhere close to the top. According to the recently retired wrestler, Bryan said that the biggest thing holding him back was his vegan diet. Bryan was in NXT at the time when McMahon learned about Bryan’s lifestyle, and he wasn’t too happy.

Bryan tells the story saying “My first NXT match against Chris Jericho went really well and when Chris got to the back, he expressed to Vince McMahon what a great job I’d done. As Chris tells it, Vince responded almost in disgust, a grunting and then saying, ‘Him? He doesn’t even eat meat!’” Apparently, you can only be manly and intimidating if you’re eating massive amounts of steak burritos with ketchup.

5 He Might Think Black People All Look the Same

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Vince McMahon has never really been known for being the most racially sensitive person, especially since he willingly said the n-word on live television. Curt Hawkins was able to provide a little glimpse into just how ignorant McMahon can be, even if he’s not intentionally doing harm to anybody. Hawkins told a story where the wrestlers were all gathered together before the Great American Bash pay-per-view.

McMahon was telling wrestlers about the new PG direction the company was taking while fielding questions from the talent. Michael Tarver asked the boss a question, to which McMahon responded “Excellent question, Shelton,” referring to Shelton Benjamin. Apparently the wrestlers were laughing pretty hard, and McMahon couldn’t figure out for the life of him why there were chuckles among the crowd.

4 He’s Still Pretty Feared Among Current Wrestlers

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One of the reasons Vince McMahon has become so successful is because he has a commanding presence that demands respect. Many wrestlers have avoided talking to him altogether, or even limiting their interactions mostly out of fear. Even Sasha Banks was among them, and she said in 2016 that “I am honestly very scared of him. When he walks by, I try to be cool (and say) ‘Hello, how are you sir?’”

Wrestlers both current and former have talked about Triple H being the man to talk to if you had any questions since he doesn’t seem to get as annoyed and doesn’t give verbal lashings. Ricardo Rodriguez chimed in, saying that Vince is “still the boss. You just have to find an elegant way to approach him.” McMahon obviously likes being challenged, but you can get on his bad side quickly if you annoy him.

3 He Might Have Had a Coke Problem

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When people attach their names to stories about Vince McMahon, it’s usually pretty lighthearted. When they go anonymous, however, they can tell some pretty shocking stories. One of them was about how McMahon allegedly used to do cocaine extensively, with the report even saying that McMahon joked about how he could snort piles at a time and not get addicted.

Some have said that McMahon was basically a coke dealer to the talent in the WWE at the time, and that he and Hulk Hogan often bonded while snorting cocaine. For those that didn’t know about Vince beforehand and got to meet him for the first time, they noticed how energetic he was before being told that it wasn’t all natural. Without too many names attached to the story, we can’t confirm just how bad the problem used to be.

2 He Laughs At His Own Farts

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that with the seemingly juvenile sense of humor that Vince McMahon has, he thinks farts are hilarious...especially his own. CM Punk was once telling a story about how he was trying to sleep in the same room as the likes of McMahon, JBL, Edge and The Undertaker. Punk couldn’t fall asleep, though, because everyone was snoring. That wasn’t the only noise keeping Punk awake, though.

Punk said “It was just one of those moments where I'm just laying there, thinking of how bizarre my life is. I'm in a bunk bed with JBL and Vince McMahon is over here. All of a sudden, I just hear someone let one out. Someone just farts. Then, you just hear, '[mimicking Vince's laugh.]' Now, I'm like, 'Wow, this is wild. I'm in a bunk bed and Vince is crapping his pants.”

1 He’s Possibly a Terrible Criminal


Kamala wasn’t one of the most memorable wrestlers ever, but the man who played him (James Harris) had a lot to say about Vince McMahon and his company. Harris said in a revealing interview that “If you get along with Vince, do him sexual favors, you’ll get along good with him.” He added that “But if you just mind your own business, then he doesn’t like you for some reason.”

When asked to elaborate, Harris suggested that the only way to get to the top of the WWE was by “servicing” McMahon, no matter your gender. Harris said that “there was a lot of men with men in those days, and even men with boys.” The allegations haven’t led to any serious investigations, but it did open some eyes for wrestling fans.

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