15 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Shawn Michaels And Sunny’s Relationship

As time moves on, it’s kind of surreal that Sunny continues to make the headlines. To put things in perspective, Sunny hasn’t been employed by the WWE for almost 20 years. Yet, despite that, her name is still discussed today and we can only applaud her for that, as fans continue to listen to what she has to say.

Sunny has stayed in the limelight for various reasons, but the biggest reason is her tell all shoot interviews. In a recent one, Sunny finally let the juicy details of her relationship with Shawn out of the bag. This list will identify the various points discussed in the interview, with 15 things you surely didn't know about their time together. The article looks at an array of events, including places the love making went down, how it all began and how it all fell apart.

So buckle up and enjoy this shocking article on 15 things you never knew about Shawn Michaels and Sunny’s relationship. Like always, be sure to share the article with a friend and let us know which disturbing detail from the article shocked you the most. Chances are that many of you will look at the number one entry as the most disturbing incident on the list. Enjoy the article!

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15 Vince Knew About It

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One of the most revealing pieces of information revealed was the fact that Vince McMahon knew all along about HBK and Sunny’s relationship. Sunny claimed that Vince would even poke fun at the situation, as she recalled McMahon making a joke about their affair while having lunch before a show. Sunny stated that Vince was very loose about the ordeal. With Sunny and Shawn being the main attractions at that point, Vince really didn’t have much to say about the relationship and kept it under wraps, like many others at the time.

Of course, such a situation would not fly today. Back in the day, the locker room was an absolute circus, along with Michaels having a huge amount of power backstage.

14 How It All Started

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Oddly enough, the affair between the two began because of a hospital ride together. While at a hotel, Candido and Sunny stayed in a room next to Shawn’s. On that night, HBK got a beating by men at the bar, which left him battered and bruised. All the other wrestlers would continue drinking or go to bed, while Sunny was left with the task of aiding Shawn and driving him to the hospital. Yup, 90s wrestlers were that brutal and heartless.

Sunny recalls HBK’s face being extremely bruised to the point that plastic surgery was considered, especially due to the fact that his look was basically his gimmick. The situation ended up bringing the two closer together and the affair would begin shortly after.

13 They Took A Vacation Together

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During his time off after the beat down, Sunny and Shawn stayed in touch throughout. HBK was very appreciative of Sunny’s help and wanted to pay her back somehow. When Sunny told Shawn he needed some time off from the road to just relax and go somewhere to pamper himself, HBK proceeded to say, “so where do you want to go.”

Sunny would somehow, someway, agree to the trip and that’s when the affair began. As for Vince, apparently HBK was able to get the time away from the company for the both of them. Being so high up on the totem pole, Vince didn’t ask any questions and the two proceeded with the trip. It really was an interesting time behind the scenes.

12 Sunny Called Shawn Everyday During His Hiatus

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As we stated earlier, the relationship betwwen Sunny and Shawn blossomed following the trip to the hospital. While Shawn was battered and bruised nursing the injuries at home, Sunny would checkup on The Showstopper everyday to check up on his condition. Sunny even recalls having conversations with HBK’s mother, who would answer the phone when she would call, which only strengthened the bond between the two even more.

Michaels and Sunny had lengthy conversations every night, until he finally proposed that the two take a trip together (well, that escalated quickly). Things might have been different had Shawn not taken a massive beating that night.

11 Sunny Lied About Her Trip

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Of course, there was plenty of lying going on at the time, as Sunny would make up various stories to her partner, Chris Candido, in order to get away with her antics. Her trip with Shawn was no different, as Sunny told Chris that she would be gone for a spa retreat as she felt like she needed some alone time. Poor Chris didn’t question her trip and she was able to get away with it pretty easily. This was the norm for Sunny, who was apparently a very good liar, which she admitted during her shoot interview.

Had it not been for the trip, maybe things would have gone differently, but as you’ll see in the next couple of points, it only opened the floodgates for the affair.

10 They Did It Everywhere

We’ve heard countless stories, which are still being revealed today, on how wild the backstage pro wrestling scene was during the mid 90s. It was a circus-like atmosphere that saw some of the most ridiculous situations manifest themselves, from wrestlers pooping in other wrestlers bags to some serious fights. Thankfully, the WWE knew this had to change and today, the company is cleaner than ever backstage. If a fight is to start up, it’s likely to end pretty quickly as the WWE no longer tolerates that kind of behaviour. With various sponsorship deals globally, the WWE is set on having the best image possible.

Certainly Sunny and Shawn’s antics would not fly today. According to Sunny, during their relationship, the two got it on pretty much everywhere in the arena, whether it be in an empty locker room, bathroom or closet. It seems like it was quite the romantic relationship...

9 Kevin Nash Played The Role Of Security Guard

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Kevin Nash transition to the WWE was incredible, as he went from an afterthought with WCW to a major player in the WWE. A big reason for that was his relationship with Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon.

An interesting fact is that while Nash played Shawn's bodyguard on-screen, he was also his bodyguard off it as well. He protected Shawn from other talents and would even guard the locker room door while Sunny and Shawn would be getting it on. Nash would prevent the other talents from entering the room, especially being on the lookout for Candido's friends who were with the company at the time. Now, that’s friendship.

8 The White Fuzz Incident

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X-Pac recalled this story during a shoot interview. If you haven’t seen Waltman’s shoots, we highly recommend you take a look at some, as he's a treat to watch and pretty hilarious as he recalls stories from his past.

This particular incident, dealt with Shawn and Sunny. Again, while Nash was guarding the door, Michaels and Sunny were messing around while the Diva sat on Shawn’s lap. The two flirted for a little while and once it was time to go, Shawn had some evidence all over his face. Sunny was wearing a fuzzy shirt and HBK dug his face into the shirt. This led to fuzz all over Shawn’s face as he left the room. Thankfully, Nash and Waltman were there to clean the evidence off of Shawn’s face.

7 Candido Had No Clue

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Entering the business in the mid 80s, Chris Candido was a great in-ring performer who struggled with his charisma. Because of that, he was more known as a tag wrestler throughout his career. It was actually Candido that would bring Sunny into the wrestling business, as the two started off together in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. The WWE would take note of the duo's work and bring them into the WWE, which saw the affairs begin.

Candido’s stint with the WWE was short-lived. He left the company in 1996, returning to ECW while Sunny stayed onboard. The two would reunite in ECW and later join WCW together following the affair between Shawn and Sunny.

Sadly, Chris was oblivious to it the affair, despite the fact that some wrestlers had approached him about Sunny’s unfaithfulness. He stayed by her side despite it, but sadly passed away in 2005 at the young age of 33.

6 British Bulldog Was Also In The Picture

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An odd twist to the story featured Sunny revealing that British Bulldog was the third man in the story. Sunny admitted that she was even hooking up with Davey Boy, who was married at the time to Diana Hart (although they would divorce in 2000).

According to Sunny, the relationship between the two caused tension between Shawn and Davey Boy. Bulldog despised Shawn, although it was unclear whether HBK knew the two were hooking up. Regardless, all three parties would end up leaving the WWE, ending the twisted web of unfaithfulness. Bulldog departed for WCW in 1998, Shawn took a four year hiatus the same year and Sunny would also leave in 1998, joining ECW alongside Candido. Thanks to his connections in the company, Shawn would be the only one to return (Bulldog passed away in 2002).

5 The Relationship Caused Tension Between Shawn & Bret

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What the WWE fails to tell us, for obvious reasons, is the fact that Sunny added to the tension between Shawn and Bret. Not only did they have their personal problems, but Shawn was also apparently upset about Bret’s relationship with Sunny. According to Sunny, Shawn would ask her if she was hooking up with Bret.

That led to the “Sunny Days” comment from Shawn, which caused quite the backlash backstage, as Bret’s personal life became a mess because of Shawn’s words. Sunny revealed that she never hooked up with The Hitman and that the two were just very close friends. Sunny even met all of Bret’s family, which shows how close the two really were. As for anything further, both have denied such allegations and you can’t help but believe Sunny, who’s been quite truthful and blunt about her past experiences.

4 They Didn’t Get Along During Their Final Stint Together In The Company

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What goes up, must come down and that’s exactly what happened during Sunny and Shawn’s affair. Things would eventually get sour between the two just before they both departed from the company. When Sunny and Shawn left, that would be the last time they saw each other before the Raw 15th Anniversary Show, which is quite a while.

Leaving on bad terms with Shawn, Sunny was released by the WWE in the summer of 1998 for apparently no-showing events and having an addiction to pain-killers. There was even a rumor that she was released for having some beef with Sable.

As for Shawn, we thought saw the last of him as he departed a little earlier in 1998, following WrestleMania XIV. However, he would return in 2002, adding almost an extra decade of work to his name.

3 The 15th Anniversary Show Reunion

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December 10th, 2007 marked Raw’s 15th Anniversary Show. For the episode, the company decided to bring back some old faces, with Sunny being one of them. It was almost a decade since she was last seen on WWE TV at the time.

Sunny admitted she wasn’t nervous for her return, although she was terrified of finally seeing Shawn after they ended things on such a bad note years ago. HBK would approach Sunny while she was in line at catering, complementing the Diva on how great she looked.

Things would go a little further as Ric Flair and HBK would join Sunny and her ex-boyfriend while they ate in the catering area backstage. Sunny recalls the conversation being very friendly and loose.

2 Sunny Thinks Shawn’s The Greatest Of All-Time

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She said it in her Hall of Fame speech and sticks by the statement today, as according to Sunny, Shawn Michaels is the greatest wrestler to ever step foot inside the squared circle. Sunny stated that whether they were fighting or on good terms, she has never stopped believing that statement.

Interestingly enough, both HBK and Sunny were inducted into the WWE’s Hall of Fame in the same year back in 2011, which is interesting in so many ways. Nowadays, HBK is happily retired, although he still is under contract with the WWE, making casual appearances and potentially finding a permanent position at the Performance Center. As for Sunny, she’s still living off that 90s fame by attending wrestling conventions, indie shows and working various shoot interviews.

1 They Did It In Vince’s Office

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During the shoot interview, one of Sunny’s most mind blowing revelations was the fact that they did it in the boss’s office while they were together. Sunny stated that Vince would allow them to do in his office or his locker room.

McMahon hated the idea of employees in a relationship, but when it came to Sunny and Shawn, he had no objections. Sunny was the top female in the company, bringing in remarkable numbers while Shawn basically carried the WWE on his back during the mid-90s. For that, Vince had no objections and basically let it all happen. Vince would even make sarcastic comments, going up to the duo at catering and saying “so, how are we today? ”with a sarcastic smile.

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