15 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About "Wrestler's Court"

The Professional Wrestling scene may be made out of "heels" and "faces" whose battles are the reason for wrestling's success nowadays, but in the back, almost everyone is on good terms with each other. But this wasn't always the case in a company like the WWE, where tensions were high during the Attitude Era, so a few wrestlers took it upon themselves to be judge and jury of some wrestlers with bad backstage reputation. They created a "Wrestler's Court" where everyone would decide the fate of the disrespectful wrestler and punish them according to their crimes.

Wrestler's Court was notorious back in the 90s when it was created by some of the bigger guys in WWE and it continued throughout the years, as this backstage "court" was set up so that any injustices in the back would be ironed out quickly and effectively. While it was often set up just to playfully rib a wrestler, it was also called upon when there were serious issues with particular wrestlers or there was some backstage beef between certain individuals in the locker room.

15 Kane And The Godfather Shared The Role Of Bailiff

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While Wrestler's Court may have been a rather poorly set up affair taking place mostly in the locker room or somewhere in the arena, the wrestlers did insist on keeping a court environment and as there was a prosecuting attorney (find out who later on in the list), there was a bailiff as well, which was a wrestler who carried out the "arrests" and is somebody who literally takes care of the defendant; in Wrestler's Court, this was either The Godfather or Kane. While it's rather weird to see The Godfather as a bailiff, he was quite the strong individual along with the Big Red Monster Kane and the two were responsible for carrying out the "arrests" in court and made sure the defendants carried out their punishments. Well, you wouldn't want to cross these bailiffs for sure!

14 Dutch Mantell Started Wrestler's Court

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Dutch Mantell may be known as Zeb Colter by some of the more recent wrestling fans, but he has been quite the respected figure for decades now. Mantell played a big part in keeping peace backstage in the WWE during the 90s and he decided to create this "Kangaroo" court which would peacefully solve backstage problems. Mantell stated that after the death of Bruiser Body, who was shot in the locker room and bled to death while being taken to a hospital, it had left him scarred and he decided to create this Wrestler's Court which would solve any animosity between wrestlers in an entertaining and peaceful manner. He also said that it could also help increase one's level of respect among their peers and was created to maintain peace in the back, but little did he know what would transpire later on.

13 Ivory Was The Divas' Defense After Losing Dodgeball To Divas Search Contestants

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There were many reasons for which Wrestler's Court was called forth, but one of the most ridiculous reasons was because the main roster WWE Divas lost a game of dodgeball to the Divas search contestants at SummerSlam. It was a game of shoot dodgeball and the whole divas division was brought to court and the most senior member, Ivory, was made to defend their actions. Ivory tried to reason with the Judge (Triple H) that it wasn't a shoot and that it was a work to put over the new generation, but he did not budge with that. In the end, Ivory and the divas had to bribe the snobby Triple H with hotel gift-cards to the Red Roof Inn to get out of this messy, hilarious situation.

12 Al Snow And Mankind Were Taken To Court For Ditching Bob Holly

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Al Snow and Mankind were also good buddies during the Attitude Era as they often teamed up as this weird duo in WWE and loved to travel with each other on the road as well. They were also good friends with Bob "Hardcore" Holly and after a show, Mankind and Snow convinced Bob to drop off his rental car and go with them to a carnival in Houston. Holly agreed to it and kept on waiting in the freezing cold for a long time for the two, but was infuriated and re-rented his car and drove to Houston himself. The word was spread around to The Undertaker, who called  Wrestler's Court but the terrified Snow blamed it all on Mankind, who decided to pay the rental fees for Holly to save the two from the wrath of Wrestler's Court.

11 Enzo Amore Is The Latest To Be Punished

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Enzo Amore may be one of the more entertaining characters in the WWE right now because of his amazing mic skills, but he's been in hot water for quite some-time now and things aren't going right at all for him. First of all, he was betrayed by Big Cass who turned on him in the WWE and Amore's awful attitude backstage has also earned him quite the bad reputation. There were reports of Amore being kicked off the WWE Tour Bus during their European Tour by Roman Reigns after he pissed off the locker room guys with his terrible arrogance. He's the latest known member of the locker room to be judged by today's "Wrestler's Court"(which is a really watered down version of the original one) and going by his reputation right now, things are not looking good for his future at all.

10 JBL Was The Prosecuting Attorney Of The Court

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JBL has been a notorious figure in the WWE for a long time now, as his awful backstage antics are known for a long time and he has a very bad reputation among the fans because of it. As it turns out, JBL also played a big part in setting up the "Wrestler's Court" over the years as he himself has stated that he was the "Prosecuting Attorney" of the court. That means JBL was the one who would present the cases for the defendants to be punished and he was the one who brought to everyone's attention about why the defendant needs to be taught a lesson. This can be rather relatable considering how much of a backstage bully JBL has the reputation of being and the fact that he punished the defendants, it shows how much of a dangerous man he really was in the back.

9 The Hardy Boyz Were Taken To Court For Stealing Kane's Seat

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The Hardy Boyz may be veterans in the WWE after returning a few months back, but they had a terrifying time at the Wrestler's Court back when they were starting to become popular. They had Michael PS Hayes as their coach back then and after partying a little too hard after winning the Tag Team Championships, Hayes thought it would be great to sit in first-class even though they didn't have the tickets. As it turns out, Jeff Hardy occupied the seat of none other than Kane who didn't say anything right then. But then words spread to the Wrestlers' Court who called upon the Hardyz and lashed onto them, as their punishment was to pull a prank on a hated veteran by sticking toothpicks in the locks of his car and some other child-ish pranks as the penalty for their crimes.

8 Muhammed Hassan's Attitude Problems Were Set Straight In Court

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Muhammad Hassan was a promising foreign heel in the WWE when he was initially pushed right from the get-go because of his gimmick which garnered a lot of heat from the audience. But the 22- year old Hassan got way over his head as his arrogance and attitude problems made many in the locker room dislike him. He appeared in wrestler's court during his short-lived WWE career twice, at first it was for refusing to sell Sgt. Slaughter's moves in their match together. But the second time was when he really got panned as he made the mistake of trying to thrash Eddie Guerrero for using "his" camel clutch maneuver on Hassan. The rookie was heavily verbally abused when called into court and was forced to pay the $4,000 bar bill for the guys that night, as he was taught a lesson on keeping his attitude in check after that incident.

7 Matt Striker Held His Ground In Wrestler's Court

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Matt Striker is somebody who came off as quite the annoying guy when came to the WWE and started portraying his "teacher" gimmick, but it turns out that he rubbed people off the wrong way backstage as well. Striker has stated that he talks too much when nervous and that got him into trouble in the WWE, as he was called upon to appear in wrestler's court to be taught a lesson. Striker was given a piece of advice by Shane Helms, who told him to take some "gifts" for The Undertaker, Booker  T and JBL. But he never took that to court and he was later called by JBL to the Hotel Lobby where the drunk JBL threatened to beat the hell out of Striker, who shockingly kept his ground. This impressed JBL and Striker's reputation took a hike in the back for showing his courage in this dangerous situation.

6 Edge & Christian Were Made To Pay For Buttering Up Creative

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Edge & Christian were definitely an awesome team back in the Attitude Era where they pulled some unbelievable stunts and reached the top of the tag team division. But as it goes, E&C also used butter up creative as much as they could and got some heat from the wrestlers because of it. According to Bob Holly, the two were called upon by the wrestler's court because of it along with the creative writer Brian Gewirtz to answer for their actions. They were found guilty of their "crimes" and were thrashed for it, as their punishment was to purchase a Jack Daniels for The Undertaker, some beer for JBL and the best of all protein powder for Bob Holly. They learned their lessons after appearing in court and would definitely think before trying to butter up creative anymore!

5 The Miz Was Expelled By The Court For Eating Chicken

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The Miz has been a very annoying and dislikable heel for the past decade now as his arrogance makes it seem like he's impossible to like by anyone. But as it goes, The Miz actually had quite the bad attitude in the WWE more than a decade back when he was starting to get over and wasn't really liked by everyone either. So everyone decided to punish him when The Miz was found eating fried chicken over Chris Benoit's bag. Benoit was a big individual in wrestler's court back then and The Miz was called by the court to answer for his actions and was made to pay for his "crime". The Miz was thrown out of the locker room and was banned from it for six months, being forced to change in public restrooms. He definitely learned his lesson over toning down his attitude and NEVER eating chicken over somebody' else's bag.

4 Melina Was Humiliated For Her Terrible Backstage Behavior

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Melina was somebody who was heavily treasured by the WWE during her time in the company as they often put the belt on her and always kept her as a top diva because of her stunning looks and wrestling skills. But it seems like Melina was blinded by her fame and was extremely disrespectful and arrogant in backstage, which also forced Lita to kick her out of the Women's Locker room once. Her terrible behavior forced the Wrestlers' Court to call her and the whole locker room attended the court in a hotel room, with the likes of Brian Kendrick taking bets on who can make her cry how quickly. The winner ended up whoever bet at 10 minutes, as Melina would be taught a brutal lesson to always keep your attitude in check backstage despite however popular or "high-up" you are.

3 The Undertaker Was The Judge

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The Wrestler's Court may have been started by Dutch Mantel, but he wasn't always around in the WWE to look-over the proceedings and made sure everything went smoothly. Somebody else had to take-over after he left and the "Judge" could only be somebody who was well respected in the back and was a senior member of the Locker Room. So the Undertaker took over as the Judge of the Wrestler's Court as JBL would try to convince him whether to punish the defendant or not. Being the locker room leader at the time, The Undertaker was the perfect one to be the judge of something like a "wrestlers court" and was the one who would decide on the "penalties" of the defendants and was responsible for keeping a happy environment in the locker room.

2 Teddy Long Was Trashed For Being Cheap

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Teddy Long will always be remembered by the fans as this entertaining fellow who was memorable for his time as the Smackdown General Manager back during the Ruthless Aggression Era. But Teddy was associated with WWE way before he got to be GM, as he was actually very close to the APA and were great buddies with both JBL and Farooq. But he also made the two angry one time when he was made to appear in wrestler's court for being extremely cheap. Long would apparently try his best to not pay for gas when they were traveling and pretended to fall asleep when they were to pay toll tickets. He was absolutely thrashed for being cheap and was forced to pay for APA's chicken and beer for a whole month to teach him a lesson!

1 Goldberg Was Made To Apologize To Chris Jericho In Court

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Goldberg was quite the hotshot when he came to the WWE after the Monday Night Wars ended and as it turns, he didn't really have the best of reputation in the back. Many know about the backstage fight which took place between him and Chris Jericho where Y2J infamously won the legitimate fight. But things started to get interested after the fight and something really shocking happened as Goldberg was forced to appear in front of Wrestler's Court for igniting the fight with Jericho by trash-talking him in the back. Goldberg was actually thrashed for doing so and was forced to apologize to Jericho for trash-talking him like that. But neither Jericho nor the then-Judge Triple H were satisfied with that and to rub salt into his wounds, he was also forced to admit that Jericho is the better wrestler in front of the whole locker room! Ouch!

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