15 Smoking Hot WWE Divas Who Made No Impact In The Company

There are several reasons a person may become successful in the professional wrestling business. An individual may be able to win the crowd over with their ability to speak on the microphone, perform in the ring, or sometimes by simply possessing an unexplainable natural charisma. It’s also a cosmetic business that often requires a certain look or costume to enhance one’s overall presentation. While some wrestlers are able to achieve success wearing a mask or even portraying a more rugged character, being an attractive looking male or female rarely hurts in the world of sports entertainment.

If you take a look at WWE’s roster over the years you can certainly find examples of wrestlers who found success primarily based on their appearance. In the 90’s you had stars like Sable and Sunny who became extremely popular largely based on their physical beauty. Even in today’s more wrestling oriented female division, there are folks like Eva Marie who struggle in most aspects of the business but are able to get by on their looks. While looks are important they hardly guarantee success. There are several stars who had “the look”, but weren’t able to make the impact the company had hoped. This time around we are going to focus on the females. Here are some examples of ladies who looked the part, but ultimately didn’t have the success they would have liked to.

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15 Brooke Adams

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Adams is an excellent example of someone who was always able to capture the viewer's attention. She was primarily featured on WWE's ECW relaunch as part of Kelly Kelly's Extreme Expose. She participated in a handful of matches during her stint with the WWE but was ultimately released after a relatively short period. It's possible that WWE was more focused on pushing other divas such as the previously mentioned Kelly Kelly, which resulted in Adams getting lost in the shuffle. She would go on to have a nice run as Brooke Tessmacher in rival company TNA, but her WWE stint wasn't particularly noteworthy.

14 Jackie Gayda

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Gayda debuted in WWE after winning the 2nd season of their reality show Tough Enough. While she was certainly an attractive woman, her career in WWE never really took off. She was involved in an angle with Stacy Keibler, in which the two requested to be featured in Playboy magazine. However, Gayda was never able to grace the pages of the well-known publication.Moreover, Gayda's in-ring wrestling ability was average at best. She lasted around two years with the company before being let go in 2005. She did meet her future husband and fellow wrestler Charlie Haas during her time in the WWE, so she didn't leave totally empty handed.

13 Dawn Marie

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After spending a few years in the Philadelphia-based ECW promotion, Marie eventually made her way to the WWE. She debuted in a somewhat forgettable role, portraying Vince Mcmahon's legal assist. She is probably best remembered by WWE fans for her feud with Torrie Wilson. The storyline featured Marie successfully seducing Wilson's father, Al, marrying him, and eventually giving him a heart attack following too many romantic encounters. The storyline was mildly entertaining, but hardly a career maker. She wasn't a great wrestler and WWE had plenty of pretty faces around at the time, making her expendable. Marie would go on to be released while she was on maternity leave, in 2005.

12 Tori 

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It's easy to forget that Tori was actually a member of D-Generation X for a brief period. She was in WWE during the Attitude Era and was certainly given opportunities to shine. The former fitness model was even featured in a singles match with Sable at WrestleMania XV. Unfortunately, the match was a bit of a disaster. Her WrestleMania encounter with Sable featured several botched spots and is often cited as one of the worst WrestleMania matches ever. She was also stuck with an embarrassing Ninja gimmick, just prior to her departure. While there have certainly been wrestlers who faired worse than Tori in the WWE, she remains one of the few forgotten stars from the Attitude Era.

11 Ryan Shamrock

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Ryan Shamrock debuted in the WWE playing the role of wrestler Ken Shamrock's sister. The young lady had no training as a professional wrestler and wasn't known for cutting outstanding promos either. She was basically just another pretty face. Her best-known storyline was probably when she was involved in a fictional pornographic film with Val Venis. This lead to a match with Venis and Ryan's kayfabe brother Ken. After she departed from WWE in 1999, she would go on to perform in both WCW and TNA. Although, she didn't really catch on with either promotion. It's rumored that prior to her departure from WWE, she was going to be involved in an incest storyline with her fictional brother Ken. However, it's unlikely that particular storyline would have done much to salvage her wrestling career.

10 Rosa Mendes

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Despite being featured on the E! reality television series Total Divas, Mendes wasn't able to capitalize on her notoriety. The Costa Rican beauty was primarily involved in mid-card feuds and doesn't really have a defining career moment, despite being with the company for several years. She did manage the team of Primo and Epico at WrestleMania XXVIII, where they won the tag team titles. I suppose that would probably be the high watermark of Mendes's wrestling career, though it's certainly debatable. After giving birth to her first child, Mendes decided to retire from the wrestling business, in 2016.

9 Katie Lea Burchill

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She had the look and was a solid performer in the ring. However, her WWE career seemed to be tied to her on-screen brother Paul Burchill. The two started out doing a pseudo-incest angle, which was eventually squashed when WWE decided to shift to a more PG-rated style product. She did make an appearance in the Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV, which was arguably the highlight of her WWE career. When Paul Burchill was released from his contract, in 2010, Katie Lea received her walking papers soon after. She had a nice run with TNA Wrestling, before eventually returning to the independent circuit. Out of all the women who made this list, Burchill may have had the most upside.

8 Lena Yada

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Here is a name that only the most hardcore WWE fans are likely to remember. The former Miss Hawaiian Tropic was certainly smoking hot. However, she was never able to really get going in the WWE. She started off as a backstage interviewer on Smackdown, before being moved to ECW. She participated in a dance off and some other cheesy segments on ECW, but nothing particularly memorable.  She finally made her in-ring television debut on the 800th episode of Monday Night Raw. She would go on to be released a week later. Yada had one of the least memorable runs of any woman in WWE history.

7 The Kat

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Looks certainly weren't a problem for The Kat during her relatively brief stint with the WWE. In fact, she was even featured in Bombshells: Top 15 Hottest Blondes In WWE History. Despite never being formally trained as a wrestler, the WWE still decided to give her a title run. She is arguably one of the worst title holders in WWE history. She is best known for exposing herself on WWE pay-per-views during the Attitude Era. Storylines involving The Kat usually resulted in at least some form of partial nudity on her part. She is best remembered for her willingness to take off her clothes and didn't make much of a long-term impact.

6 Cameron Lynn

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The former Funkadactyl seems to be the Marty Jannetty of the group.While her former partner Naomi has gone on to become the Smackdown Women's Champion, Lynn was recently released from the company. Lynn never seemed to poses enough athletic ability to become a competent in-ring performer. She spent some time on the main roster as a singles competitor, before being sent down to WWE 's developmental territory NXT. If she is unable to return to the WWE, she will probably be best remembered as a cast member on Total Divas. Lynn may have been better suited to be a valet, as opposed to an actual wrestler.

5 Cherry

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Cherry is best known for managing the greaser tag team, Deuce 'n Domino. Her character was a sort of 50s style diner waitress. She was eventually replaced as the team's manager by Maryse. Her most memorable feud during her brief stint with the company was probably against Natalya. While Cherry definitely isn't a WWE Hall of Fame candidate, she certainly looked good in a short skirt and a pair of roller skates. Cherry had a fun, albeit somewhat forgettable run in the WWE.

4 Aksana

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Despite being a beautiful woman, the crowd just never seemed to connect with the Lithuanian-born former fitness model. You may remember Aksana for her involvement in a storyline where she flirted with Smackdown GM Teddy Long. She was involved in several matches during her WWE tenure, though she was seldom awarded the victory. Her last match aired on Smackdown in June of 2014, it would be a losing effort against Alicia Fox. Aksana wasn't a great wrestler and did as much as she could have, with a somewhat limited skill set.

3 B.B.

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B.B.or Barbara Bush if you prefer, debuted as an EMT. Her first small push came when she was thrown into gravy bowl by Ivory while attempting to perform the Heimlich maneuver on Ms. Kitty. Yes. That sequence of events took place during the Attitude Era.  The character was fairly pointless and basically just an excuse to get another woman with large breasts on television. She was featured in a series of provocative matchups, that were certainly not match of the year candidates. After being put through a table by Bubba Ray Dudley, she would go on to be released in February of 2000. Barbara Bush proves that it takes more than just large breasts to make it in the WWE.

2 Christy Hemme

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Hemme's beauty immediately stood out when she competed in WWE's Diva Search. She would go on to win the competition and was awarded a one-year contract with WWE. While Hemme didn't accomplish much in the ring, she did wind up on the cover of Playboy magazine. She would go on to be released from the company after about a year, as the creative team stated,"They had nothing for her". She went on to become a ring announcer for TNA wrestling for several years. It's very likely that the WWE had higher hopes for the inaugural Diva Search winner

1 Amy Weber

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Amy Weber is another former Diva who has been largely forgotten by most wrestling fans. She debuted as a WWE Diva Search contestant before being added to the SmackDown roster. She is best remembered as JBL's image consultant. Her most noteworthy feud was with Joy Giovanni, who should probably have also been added to this list. Weber was quite the looker, but never really fit in. When asked about her time in WWE weber stated she "wasn't happy with the pay" and the "frat house-like environment." She would go on to continue her acting career after her departure from the WWE.

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