15 Smoking Photos Of The Bella Twins That Prove Two Is Better Than One

In celebration of the 10-year wrestling anniversary for the Bella Twins that will come in 2017 (yep, these women have been Double Mat Slamming and giving that tingly feeling in our pants for a decade)

In celebration of the 10-year wrestling anniversary for the Bella Twins that will come in 2017 (yep, these women have been Double Mat Slamming and giving that tingly feeling in our pants for a decade), we got to thinking about just how grateful we are that Nikki and Brie both made a career in the ring. And furthermore, that they did it together— even during some epic heel turns against one another. It’s a simple, albeit confusing equation, but Bella against Bella = hot Bella with Bella = hot. Safe to say, these women defy the rules of the mathematics and truly are a genetic miracle.

Although times have changed and Brie is now out of the ring and expecting her first baby girl with SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan, we’ve got more than 10-year's worth of sexy photos that show exactly why two Divas are better than one, especially when they’re half-Italian half-Mexican fire crackers like the Bellas girls. (I mean, there’s a reason two of the greatest male wrestlers of our time snagged them up for themselves). John Cena and Daniel Bryan aren’t the only ones who got hooked on Twin Magic. Viewers of Total Divas were finally honest with themselves and said hey, we really only watch for the Bellas, and bam! The birth of Total Bellas on E! Even with half of the Bella brigade out from the ring, viewers want to see them in action together; hence the announcement for a second season of the reality TV show, which will air in 2017. But until then, rub your eyes and dig into these photos that will have you happy to see double.

15 Bad Girls Do It Well

A screenshot taken from SmackDown shows a sassy pair of Bella sisters as they watch ring-side, commenting on the action. Sporting devilish red sunglasses and matching red lips, Nikki slings her Divas belt over her shoulder, while Brie sits close by looking like a bitchy member of the winner’s posse and part body guard if anything should go south with the other Divas. This photo really shows how good it feels when these girls are bad. Although both of the Bellas men are trademark faces (Daniel Bryan and John Cena could never been heels), our favorite in-ring Bellas are the bad ones. Although this shot was taken while the girls were in a villainous tag team together, some of the greatest heel turns for the Bella twins were against one another. If you weren’t there to see Nikki turn on Brie during the beef with Stephanie McMahon you missed a big “Oooooh” moment.

14 View From The Top

Mother's Day Hike 💪🏼

A post shared by Brie Bella (@thebriebella) on

At the top of Squaw Peak in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, the Bella babes bookend their mama, Kathy. The hike was done in celebration of Mothers Day 2016, and we want to take a moment and celebrate the Bella mom right now, for bringing these sweet women into the world. At the time of their birth, I’m sure she had no idea just how groundbreaking her daughters would be. The Bellas have given a proverbial one-two-punch to the world of WWE, being the big names and recognizable faces the got the women’s sector into mainstream notoriety. Even in this photo it’s hard to remember that these are no ordinary fitness girls out for a hike with mom. These are women who can Rack Attack and pull a Sitout Facebuster (while flying) without breaking a sweat or ruining their hair. Both made the top 20 (with Nikki in the No. 1 spot in 2015) of Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 50 female wrestlers, and they have three Divas Championships between them. And it’s the fact that the Bellas can portray both gritty athletes and girls next door is one reason why they fascinate us.

13 Extra Attacker

Had a blast today with the @AnaheimDucks and #Extra

A post shared by Brie Bella (@thebriebella) on

The twins ditched their Cali-girl bikinis in place for a full cover-up of hockey gear for this on-ice shot. Even with the padding and helmets, their sexy literally drips out from their shoulder pads. This is perhaps one of the most alluring aspects of the Bellas; they could make a potato sack look good. Sandwiching the mascot of the Anaheim, California Ducks, this photo was taken after a one-on-two hockey lesson given by the legend Guy Hebert. The other lucky bastard in the photo is Jesse Chatfield, who’s in charge of market managing and corporate partnerships at The Rinks. The whole scenario was arranged by Extra, and after the short lesson Nikki shared in a separate post that she was hooked on hockey… which isn’t a shocker considering she’s wicked competitive and grew up playing soccer. The whole hockey get-up does look a little awkward on the bombshells, but their long hazel hair and big brown eyes would no doubt lure us onto the ice, if simply for the shot of seeing them take the gear off afterwards.

12 Dos Senoritas

Half Italian, half Mexican, the Bella Twins took time during a September 2015 Total Divas vacay in Tulum, Mexico to visit the sights and learn more about their heritage. Initially Brie was against leaving the comfort of their beach-side mansion as a fight with her and her pops (the Mexican side of the Bella gene pool) stirred up a bit of daddy resentment for Brie Mode. He even unfollowed her from Instagram (oh no he din’t). Nikki eventually talked her sister into an excursion that would teach them more about their roots. She also convinced Brie to forgive their dad, reminding her that one day he won’t be around – referencing hubby Daniel Brian’s dad who passed away the year before. Brie saw the light and dove head-first into their south-of-the-border heritage. After an outing to the Mayan ruins, the sisters posed for this shot, giving us a perfect view of, ahem, the ocean. If one beach bum is good then two is gold, and there’s no better WWE bums than the Bellas (Add the Mexcian spice and we’re talking a lineage of perfect bums). Hand-in-hand the sisters rock their bright outfits and salty beach waves. Viva la twins.

11 Welcome To The Jungle

If your job entails being on the road for about 260 days of the year, you better bet you’ll spend your off days either at home, on vacation, or having fun. The Bellas know how to work (having been in the wrestling industry for a decade come 2017), and they know how to play. If it’s not a girls trip to Mexico or wine tasting in Napa, the twins opt for concerts. This photo was regrammed by international supermodel Susan Holmes McKagan, as she shared a sandwich moment with the Bellas at a Guns N’ Roses concert. If you can hang with a supermodel that has graced the cover of Playboy, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, and W, you can rest assured you’re gorgeous also. How exactly Holmes (the wife to Guns N’ Roses rocker Duff McKagan and one of the top paid models in the 1990s) got hooked up with the Bella Twins is a mystery. A very hot, wild mystery. But we can imagine. What we do know is the trio looks like they’re having a blast, and the caption reading “Always amazing seeing U!” hints that this is not the first time the three have rocked out together.

10 Fine Wine

If you know anything about the Bella Twins it’s that they’re total wine fanatics (as is John Cena if you didn’t know). And we’re extremely glad about this personal affinity shared by the twins because thanks to wine we’ve seen some wild Brie Mode nights (and afternoons). During a trip to Aberdeen, Washington 9Daniel Bryan's Hometown) the twins stopped off at Westport Winery for a sunny afternoon of vino in the winery’s secret outdoor garden. Hair down and looking carefree in their long-flowing bohemian dresses, the twins look both cute and mischievous sipping on their red. While the girls normally take their wine time with family in Phoenix, Arizona where Brie, Daniel, and the girls’ mother and brother live, they don’t let months on the road take away from relaxing over a bottle. And I say good for you. The twins have worked their asses off and they deserve a laid back boozy afternoon. Just invite us next time.

9 Sealed With A Kiss

On November 21 Nikki took to Instagram to wish happy birthday to her “twin, together half, PIC, soulmate, best friend!” The photo was regrammed from Brie’s account, showing the sisters as they share iced coffees from Starbucks. Nikki writes in the caption, “I can’t ever imagine this world without you and never want to!” And she’s got a point. Can you imagine WWE with only one Bella? Don’t overthink it because it’s a terrible thought. While twins in the entertainment industry normally get stamped as a weird fetish, the Bellas have never been just another set of twins. Sure, they got their start as being the sexualized World Cup Twins for Budweiser, but wrestling enabled them to both grown into their own people, while still being a cohesive unit. There are plenty of heartbreaking tales of WWE Superstars who became their worst selves through the lifestyle of the wrestling industry, but not these women. We see that in this effortlessly beautiful photo, where Brie and Nikki pucker up for some sisterly love (although the two joke that they don’t like touching one another because it feels weird).

8 Sister Wars

LOVE the Star Wars store in Aberdeen,'s a must see!! ✨

A post shared by Brie Bella (@thebriebella) on

These are not the Divas you’re looking for. Brie and Nikki cross light sabers in Aberdeen, Washington at a kitschy Star Wars shop, rocking red, white, and blue leggings and patriotic American shirts. The outfits are clearly a farce, accented by matching top buns. Sure, they look a tad ridiculous, but it’s damn sexy when girls can be playful. This is by no means the first time the Bella girls got goofy in front of the camera. In fact, one of the reasons we love them so much is because together, the twins show their funny sides either by play wrestling in the middle of restaurants or debating whether seals are mammals (yes, technically they are marine mammals). The girls have no problem being serious when it comes to issues that require a businesslike demeanor, but they also aren’t afraid of being completely ridiculous together— it must be a twin thing.

7 Fresh Meat

Although most of today’s WWE Divas come up through the ranks of NXT (where WWE can still make some cheddar off the up and coming acts), The Bella Twins got their start in the old school style, entering a small local circuit to hone their craft. Alongside AJ Lee and Victoria, the twins were placed in WWE’s developmental territory in Tampa, dubbed Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). They hit the ground running on September 2007 and have been called The Bella Twins since that very first day. The look however has changed drastically. In this FWC throwback Brie wears an all white push-up bra and booty shorts, while Nikki’s all red ensemble is just as skimpy. But hey, they were trying to grab attention and in the world of wrestling that’s fair game. Plus, it’s easier to pull the viewer’s eyes when there’s two. We think it’s hot that the Bellas had to work their way up to Championship, main stage status. And even hotter that they did it together.

6 Muscle And Fitness

The Divas always go ape when one of them is asked to be on the cover of a magazine. And while Eva Marie is ordinarily the go-to beauty enlisted to be the face of the WWE Women’s Division, The Bella Twins sent All Red Everything running for the hills with their most recent Muscle & Fitness shoot for the October 2016 issue. The two graced the cover of a Muscle & Fitness Hers back in June 2015 for a “Partner Up” workout feature. Although only a year and three months apart, the new shoot shows the girls in a newer, stronger light as they shed the pink sports bras and pony tails of Hers for navy blue bras and black booty shorts. Here’s a behind the scenes shot… you’re welcome. The 10-page exclusive included 12 photos and was the first time in 76 years that twin women were chosen for the cover. And it’s easy to see why. Let’s state the obvious: their bodies kill (hello abs) and so do their piercing looks. I hope you got a copy because it’ll probably be another 76 years until something this hot happens again.

5 Bed Head

Slumber Party 👯 @thebriebella

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Nikki and Brie take slumber party to the next level with this Instagram shot of the twins laying in bed wearing skimpy silk pajamas. Nikki fills out a yellow and cream slip while sister Brie opts for red and black— the iconic colors of her in-ring outfits. There’s a small strip of bed that is empty between the Bellas, and we think that’s more than enough space for us to squeeze in. The sisters often share hotel rooms while on the road apart from their men. In fact, Nikki has admitted to getting some major bouts of anxiety when she has to sleep in a hotel room or empty house alone (i.e. John Cena’s crazy mansion in California). Lucky for her, Brie is always a floor or quick plane ride away, and it’s commonplace for Nikki to make trips out to Phoenix while boytoy Cena is on the road. Does it even need to be mentioned how hot that mental image is? Didn’t think so.

4 Twin Magic

Nikki and Brie were born a whole 16 minutes apart, but if you’re not used to watching the twins on Total Divas or Total Bellas it can be difficult to discern which is which. In fact, they’ve “tricked” plenty of other Divas into Twin Magic— a move where one twins swaps out for the other in the ring. Traditionally it played out with Brie taking the place of Nikki, then once the match ended Brie would pull out tissues stuffed into her bra. (Yes, that’s one key way to tell the two apart.) This very move also made Nikki the longest-running Divas Championship holder in WWE history. In a match on SmackDown against newbie Charlotte, Nikki rolled out of the ring and Brie took her spot (all behind Charlotte’s back) and Charlotte pinned Brie, assuming she won the title from the champion. Stephanie McMahon wouldn’t have it, and Nikki maintained the belt. Even before their days in the ring, back when the twins lived in Los Angeles and were trying to be actresses, they acted as one another’s body double. Case in point: this throwback post that shows a tiny Nikki and Brie before they got ripped for wrestling. That’s part of the magic of being a twin.

3 On The Prowl

This shot of the glammed-out Bella women stops us in our tracks. It looks like the twins are wild panthers staring down the viewer, ready to pounce. Taken before the two headed out for a GENLUX Magazine release party (a luxury magazine that covers fashion, beauty, and philanthropy), the twins both pull their hair back and rock bold eye makeup in a look that says ‘we know we’re fine and we know we’re powerful.’ One of the sexiest aspects of The Bella Twins’ relationship with one another is that they support one another and make each other feel more powerful. Together they appear more intimidating, but we are more than happy to submit. Nikki shows only a peak of her cleavage with a high-neck dress that’s cut to perfection down the middle, while Brie’s modern cut two-part dress highlights her shoulders and only a tease of her midriff. The dark blue and black dresses are bold against their sun-kissed skin, and everything about the look drips with sex appeal.

2 Hooters #TBT

It’s no secret that Nikki and Brie were wild in their younger days. So much in fact that Nikki married her high school sweetheart by eloping, wearing Uggs during the ceremony. We get a peak of their scintillating side when they get a little tipsy on Total Bellas, but neither of the girls have any shame about their past, which is cool. In the end, it made them who they are. In this photo we get a glimpse of the younger Bellas, as the twins pose in three separate photos rocking the classic Hooters uniform (where the woman used to work in Mission Valley). Our favorite of the three is the top left, which shows a fully body shot of the twins posing with professional skateboarder and current rallycross driver, Bucky Lasek. The petite, 5’0 Bella girls wear high-cut orange shorts making their legs look sleek and long, and both have long black hair. Believe it or not but Brie actually shared this #TBT, showing that she’s not ashamed of the path that brought her to WWE, the Yes! Man, and upcoming motherhood.

1 Sweaty Bellas

Sister Workout!! @thebriebella 👯 #shapeupstudio #markshane #stayfearless

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

To quote one pervy Instagram user: “Twice the workout. Twice the sweat. Twice the bodies for me to lick dry afterwards.” We’ll be total unadulterated here, The Bella Twins look sexy AS in this sweaty post-workout shot. Although they’re dripping with sweat, Nikki and Bella look strong and proud, posing with bunched fists and flexing biceps. The photo was taken at Shape Up Studio in San Diego, where Nikki owns her beach-view condo (bought for her by BF John Cena). What we love about this photo is that the twins don’t look stringy or too thin. The Bellas have curves, they have muscles, and they embrace every curve and dip of it. WWE wants their Divas not only to be sexy and fill seats, but also to be role models for young girls. It’s safe to say from this photo that the Bellas achieve both, and they do it damn well.

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15 Smoking Photos Of The Bella Twins That Prove Two Is Better Than One