15 Spooky Real-Life Photos The WWE Doesn’t Want You To See (That’ll Give You The Chills)

With Halloween right around the corner, we here on The Sportster felt obliged to scare you guys with some of the most chilling pro wrestling pics you’ll ever see. Some of these photos are pretty hard to digest and deal with lots of deceased wrestlers so before you scroll down, viewer discretion is strongly advised. If you’re not up for it, click the red X in the corner immediately, cause this article is pretty dark.

Okay, so for those of you that stayed, this article will take a look at several chilling photos which includes pictures of deceased wrestlers during their final days, horrific in-ring accidents and everything else in between. Not only will these pictures give you those eerie chills, but there also photos the WWE wouldn’t want you to see. Vince is likely shaking his head at such a “Not So PG” list!

Be sure to share the article with a friend, it’ll make for quite the chilling Halloween gift. Without further ado, here are 15 spooky real-life photos the WWE doesn’t want you to see. Once again, viewer discretion is strongly advised for this chilling article. Are you ready? If so, let’s begin.

15 Lawler’s Heart Attack Live On Raw

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Heart attacks in the wrestling business are pretty common, however, a heart attack taking place live on the air is quite the rarity. The WWE experienced this dreadful situation during a show in Montreal years back. Following a tag team match, Lawler passed out at the commentary booth. At first glance, Cole thought it was a rib as Jerry began to snore in his headset. Once he realized the severity of the situation, the medical team rushed to the commentary booth.

That entire incident still gives us the chills but thankfully, unlike most of the other situations on the list, Lawler ended up being saved and fully recovering from the scare. Not only did he recover, but he would also go on to perform several additional matches following the heart attack.

14 Vince & Warrior Share Final Embrace

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The entire Ultimate Warrior return situation makes the hairs on our body still stand up to this day. After a lengthy rivalry with the company, Triple H aided in the peace making process and Warrior was finally welcomed back into the WWE family. Warrior returning seemed impossible, especially when you assess the fact the company even made an entire DVD bashing his legacy. Yea, things were that bad.

McMahon always had a soft spot for the guy however, and that was evident during Warrior’s Hall Of Fame and WrestleMania appearances as the two shared a lot of laughs behind the scenes. The reconciliation couldn’t have come at a better time as Warrior eerily passed away just a night after his emotional Raw return, ending his return loop schedule. Despite the tragedy of his shocking passing, we’re grateful that he was able to go out on the ultimate high following a fantastic week of paying homage to his legacy.

13 Chyna’s Emotional Visit

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Chyna’s upbringing wasn’t the smoothest judging by her tales from the past. Growing up, Chyna had several step-fathers, who were also quite abusive. One of those step-fathers allegedly pondered suicide while her real father once stabbed her mom with a bread knife, yup her upbringing was not the smoothest in the slightest.

With a concerned mother, Chyna was encouraged to join a rehab program as a youth, instead she fled from her mother and joined her biological father. From then on, she somewhat settled down, however, she continued to live an erratic life working multiple jobs at once which even included a waitress at yup, you guessed it, a strip club. Despite the horrible earlier days, Chyna had a connection with her real father and as you can see in the chilling picture above, she was mourning his loss. Without a doubt, the two are together today.

12 Snuka’s Final Days

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Snuka’s final days were the least memorable for several reasons. For one, his memory continued to fade away as the days went on. And secondly, his final days were spent in court taking part in a murder trial which was reopened after numerous years.

Suffering from dementia, Snuka looked extremely unfit in the pictures from his court hearing. It was so bad that the case was dismissed for good in early January due to his cognitive dysfunction. In a chilling twist, just 12 days after the verdict, it was announced that the 73 year old had passed away due to the neurological illness, which was terminal.

Snuka’s wife took part in a class action lawsuit against the WWE during his final days. Despite the lawsuit, the company still acknowledged his tragic passing.

11 Chris Benoit’s Final Appearance (With Eddie Shirt In The Background)

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This picture is truly chilling as it was Benoit’s final WWE appearance. The company desperately tried to push the ECW brand and with Kurt Angle gone from the company, Benoit was a wrestler used to elevate the brand. His final match took place against Orlando Jordan while his final encounter in the company was a stare off with some dude named CM Punk. The two were set to battle just days later at the Vengeance PPV.

Of course, we all know what happens next, Benoit didn’t show up to the event and was replaced by John Morrison. Many worried about his absence and the very worst possible outcome was revealed the night later. Late into the night following a Benoit tribute show which would never air again,  the disturbing details of his death were made public. In the photo of his final encounter, ironically, an Eddie Guerrero shirt is visible in the background.

10 The Macho Man Accident

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We told you this article was going to be dark, this picture breaks the hearts of millions of fans around the world. This is the scene of Savage’s car accident that cost him his life. The unexpected tragedy took place a couple of years ago in May of 2011 in the early morning. Savage, age 58, suffered a heart attack while driving in the Florida area. The result, Savage crashed his Jeep into a tree and was dead on impact. Thankfully, his wife only sustained minor injuries due to the fact that she was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision.

During the autopsy, minor amounts of alcohol and painkillers were found. The saddest part of it all was the fact that Savage was unaware that he had any type of heart problems.

9 The Eddie Guerrero Heart Attack Angle

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In one of the most chilling SmackDown moments, this urban legend still exists today as fans seek closure for the Eddie Guerrero incident that saw him collapse in the middle of the ring during a match in where he teamed up with Rey Mysterio to take on bitter rivals JBL and the Dudleys.

Now at first glance, the footage looks real. However, with JBL pinning Eddie aggressively and the cameras keeping the footage on Eddie, some fans have reason to believe it was all a work. Whatever it really was remains unclear however, the footage still gives us the chills none the less as it was seen as a type of foreshadowing. Eddie was not well behind the scenes and sadly, he didn’t get the help he needed on time. He tragically passed away of an actual heart failure on November 13th, 2005. He was only 38.

8 Balls Mahoney’s Final Days

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A tragic death in 2016 that flew under the radar was the passing of ECW legend Balls Mahoney. He was only 44 at the time of his passing however, he looked like a man much older in his final days (putting things into perspective, Triple H was older than him). His reckless lifestyle had caught up to him and it eventually resulted in a heart attack.

Adding a little bit of spookiness to the situation, Mahoney died only a day after his 44th birthday. While watching television in the comfort of his own home, Mahoney completely passed out suffering a heart attack. The autopsy later revealed that he was just another a wrestler to add to the list of those suffering from CTE.

7 Chyna & Mick Foley’s Final Emotional Embrace

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Mick posted this emotional photo taken ten months prior to Chyna’s passing as the two saw each other for the first time in a very long time. Chyna worried how Foley would react to seeing her, however, Mick couldn’t have been happier as the two shared quite the friendship during their WWE days.

Following the convention, Foley shared the story online that he brought Chyna home to his family and the two enjoyed quite the night together watching a WWE PPV. Mick recalls the night as something he’ll never forget. The chilling moment was the last time the two saw each other. Following her passing, Mick aided Chyna’s mother in trying to recover her estate, which was filled with memories from her career. Foley aided the situation by setting up a go-fund-me type of page in order for her mother to be able to access all of Chyna’s belongings before they’d be seized.

6 Umaga’s Final Match

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Umaga was another premature death nobody saw coming, you can even argue he’d likely still be wrestling today. His WWE days came to an end when he refused to get help by the company and joining a rehabilitation program. His unwillingness to get help ultimately shortened his life.

The picture above shows Umaga in his final match defeating another WWE alum, Ken Anderson. He was on the indie scene at the time taking part in WWC events over in Puerto Rico. Sadly, just days after his final match, he passed away suffering a heart attack due to a drug overdose. Refusing to get help, the former WWE Superstar’s life was cut short, he passed away at the tender age of 36. Umaga left behind four children and a wife.

5 Roman & His Late Brother

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Sadly, Umaga’s cousin and former tag team partner Rosey would also pass away leaving a family of three behind. The former WWE Superstar recently passed away in April of 2017 just a little over a week after his 47th birthday. The sudden death hit the family very hard, especially his brother Roman who took time off following the tragic passing.

Rosey had a history of heart problems as he was hospitalized in 2014 for a heart failure. Basically, the problem reoccurred years later and a big part of it was due to his heavyset weight. Without a doubt, Roman can smile knowing this picture was taken of the two behind the scenes during a WWE event. We can assume Rosey’s looking down on his brother from high above smiling at all his recent accomplishments as the face of the company.

4 Chyna At The WWE HQ

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This picture truly gives us the chills as Chyna poses for a photo with the modern day WWE logo in the background. Both sides maintained a toxic relationship throughout the years with Chyna basically bashing the promotion relentlessly, while the WWE, went along without even acknowledging her existence altogether. Many diehard fans were and still are angered with the fact that the WWE basically swept all of her accomplishments under a ring. We hope she’ll rightfully get inducted into the HOF eventually as her career is certainly worth the homage.

During her final days, Chyna allegedly contacted the WWE frequently as she tried to reconcile the situation and get her name into the HOF. Sadly, none of her calls were picked up by the higher ups and in all likelihood - it just aided in her downward spiral that much more.

3 Macho Man’s Final Days

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During his final days, Savage basically spent his time doing what he couldn’t during his wrestling days and that was taking care of his family back home. He spent his time with his new wife taking care of his home and pets along with taking his mother to medical visits regularly. On the day of his death, Savage told his wife earlier in the day that he wasn’t feeling all that well, though, he still chose to drive despite the fact that his wife had offered to take the wheel.

Just a year after the couple’s wedding, Savage sadly passed away. Barbara Lynn Payne, his wife, was viewed as his high school sweetheart. The two shared quite the connection and she aided Savage a great deal during his time away from the wrestling business. As you can see in the picture above however, Macho Man grew old very fast, and in all likelihood, his crazy lifestyle from the 80s and 90s caught up.

2 Owen’s Tragic Fall

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In terms of the spookiest and chilling on-screen moments in WWE history, this one is at the very top of the list and a moment the WWE wants to forget about. The unthinkable happened on the night as a special wrestler fell to his death after a cable gave out during his entrance. Hart crashed against the turnbuckle and passed away due to the impact and internal bleedings. The pictures of the situation online still give us the chills over a decade and a half later.

Of course, his passing was a hot topic for quite some time. Still, to this very day, Owen’s wife hasn’t given the WWE full access to the rights to air footage pertaining to his storied career. This situation is still ongoing and for the sake of his legacy, we hope to see Owen rightfully inducted into the HOF at some point down the road once the issues are fully resolved.

1 Chyna’s Final Video

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Chyna’s final public video wasn’t the easiest to watch as fans knew things weren’t in a healthy place for the former WWE Superstar. She seemed extremely disturbed in the video looking completely out of it. She was also rambling throughout the video. Sadly, she even discussed the fact that she was working on a rehabilitation type of documentary for the future, one that could have potentially saved her life.

Sadly, she ended up passing away and rightfully so, the WWE acknowledged her passing with a touching tribute video that gave us the chills as the company finally highlighted the top moments from her trailblazing career. The former Women’s Champion passed away in her California residence. The cause of death was revealed as an overdose to prescription drugs.

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