15 Stacked Wrestling Women Who Are (Or Claim To Be) Silicone-Free Zones

In all honesty, professional wrestling wouldn't be remotely near as interesting without women. Many male fans love to joke around about the Women's Division in WWE today and how wrestling would be better off if the females were shoved to the side, but without the division in the limelight to some degree, there wouldn't be a very full and interesting roster. Perhaps it'll be a while before we ever see women main event a WrestleMania pay-per-view (which is something that many of WWE's females have longed for), but their roles will only increase over time - especially with Stephanie McMahon at the helm.

Wrestling has always been a looks-based industry (especially for women), as the better you look, the more likely the chance that you'll find success and make a decent living. Taking this fact into account, many of wrestling's females have had procedures done to enhance their looks (mainly breast enlargements) so that they stand a better chance of becoming "something in the business." If you have since forgotten, prior to becoming a huge breakout Women's Division star, Nikki Bella had a fairly flat chest much like her sister Brie, simply put.

However, when Nikki decided that she wanted to step out of her sister's shadow, Nikki decided on getting breast implants to further her "attractiveness." This has been the case for many of wrestling's women over the years, though there are actually a few wrestling women who have denied such allegations (or decided that their body was attractive enough to find success). Today's list consists of 15 "stacked" wrestling women who are (or claim to be) silicone-free zones - meaning that these female performers never had cosmetic procedures done to enhance their "set of twins." or they denied doing so.

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15  15. Paige

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"The Anti-Diva" Paige hasn't been seen on WWE television for what seems like an eternity. Instead, Paige is constantly finding herself on the front page of multiple wrestling news sites for her seemingly never-ending controversies. Whether it be private video and photo leaks or the latest controversial moment with her fiancee Alberto El Patron, Paige has definitely been going through a fairly rough 2016/2017. It's unknown up to this point if Paige will ever grace our televisions in a WWE ring again, though it would be quite a welcome sight. At just 24 years old, Paige has unlimited potential in Sports Entertainment, and it's totally up to Paige to get her life back on track and focus on what should be important - furthering her already successful wrestling career. In regards to Paige's "set of twins," Paige had stated via Twitter in 2015 that "Ladies and gents. Here's a confession... It's just a really good push up bra. There, I said." So according to Paige, her "twins" are silicone-free zones. Do you believe her?

14 Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch is by far one of the WWE's most popular Women's Division stars today. Despite being booked extremely shoddily for a large percentage of the time, Becky has remained over with the WWE Universe, and she's still considered to be a "key player" in the division regardless. Becky was the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion, and if the WWE are smart, then she'll eventually reign supreme over the division once again within the next year or so. Becky Lynch has a very marketable look, and her fiery style and personality screams "top star."

Also, taking into account the fact that few other Women's Division wrestlers over on SmackDown possess what it takes to sit atop the throne, Becky Lynch is one of WWE's only choices for a legitimate-seeming champion. However, we're talking about the WWE here, and considering the most talented woman in the company (Charlotte Flair) is being booked poorly, then I guess we shouldn't keep such high expectations for the "Irish Lass Kicker." It's not arguable that Becky Lynch is "stacked," though her "set of twins" look natural to me - I would bet money on it. Lynch is one of the few Divas with a naturally attractive physique.

13 Ember Moon

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Ember Moon is one of NXT's brightest Women's Division stars who's full of untapped potential (her extremely cool finishing move only adds intrigue to her character). If you hadn't known, the highly-talented Ember was trained by former World Champion, Hall Of Famer and current Raw Commentator, Booker .T. (his school, "Reality Of Wrestling").  As of today, Ember Moon is scheduled to once again take on current NXT Women's Champion Asuka for the prized gold at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III which is set to be held at the Barclays Center in New York (August 19th).

Following her return to the squared-circle back in late June after recovering from an unfortunately-timed shoulder injury, Ember Moon looks to recapture any lost momentum in an effort to attain her first-ever NXT Women's Championship. Ember "has it all," as she not only possesses the in-ring ability, but Moon also definitely has a stunning physique. I suppose you could refer to Ember as being "stacked," and I personally believe that Ember's "set of twins" are real and silicone-free (I'll believe this until someone proves me wrong with undeniable facts).

12 Bayley

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"Everyone's Favorite Hugger" Bayley has had a pretty up-and-down career up to this point, but it looks as if the WWE are focused now on recapturing Bayley's lost momentum by having her go up against Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam for the Raw Women's Championship. This seems like a conscientious decision on WWE's part to try and bring Bayley out of irrelevance, and we'll just have to wait and see how this whole angle is booked moving forward heading into SummerSlam. It isn't even necessary for Bayley to win back the gold just yet, but this is a crucial step in regaining fan interest for Bayley's "underdog" persona and character portrayal.

Prior to Bayley's big win over Sasha Banks for the SS spot on Raw this week, Bayley was struggling to stay relevant and in the spotlight. Like many of WWE's other females, she was booked as a second-class talent. Let's hope the WWE gets it right with Bayley this time, or her career may end up "dead in the water." Although some fans don't find Bayley to be very attractive, few fans can deny the fact that the former Women's Champ is "stacked," and has a very attractive (and most likely real) "set of twins." If I had to guess, I'd have to say that Bayley's one of the WWE's all-natural women.

11 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss is undoubtedly the best female competitor on WWE's roster presently, and she's fittingly the current Raw Women's Champion. Taking a brief look back on Alexa's past, I doubt very many fans had ever expected Bliss to achieve so much success in such a short amount of time considering she was simply Blake and Murphy's "right hand woman" for a period of time in NXT. However, Alexa would prove the critics wrong, and upon her debut to the company's main roster (SmackDown) during the 2016 WWE Draft, Bliss quickly established herself as a breakout star.

Within a fairly short amount of time, Alexa captured her first Women's Championship in WWE after defeating Becky Lynch for the gold at TLC 2016 in a tables match. It's highly probable that when it's all said and done, Alexa Bliss will go down as one of the WWE's greatest all-around Divas. Now it should come as no surprise when I say that Alexa is famously renowned for her incredibly hot "booty," but Bliss also has a highly underrated "set of twins," and I'd say that she's stacked (take a look at the photo above). Though some claim that Bliss had procedures done in the past to enhance her "twins," I'd have to disagree and say that until legitimate proof is given, Alexa Bliss looks all-natural to me.

10 Brie Bella

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Although many fans had come to the conclusion that Brie Bella had hung up the boots for good to focus on building a family with her husband (and current SmackDown GM) Daniel Bryan, then you'd be mistaken. Just this past week, it was reported that Brie Bella is interested in returning to the WWE sometime in 2018. Brie had mentioned that Daniel Bryan will be training/coaching her to get back into ring shape. Though this may not be "groundbreaking" or extremely exciting considering Brie was never the Bella Twin in the spotlight (at least most of the time), it's still inspiring to see that Brie has aspirations to perform again despite just welcoming her and Daniel's first daughter Birdie back in May. Brie Bella has always been the underrated Bella Twin in terms of looks and in-ring talent, and although she isn't quite as "stacked" as her obviously silicone-enhanced sister Nikki, Brie Bella is still "stacked" and has an attractive "set of twins" in my opinion. Unlike her sister, I believe that Brie Bella is all natural and is a complete silicone-free zone.

9 Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis recently returned to the WWE back in June at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view alongside her real-life husband, Mike Kanellis - and yes, the crowd went "mild" upon their introduction to WWE. Mike and Maria Kanellis haven't taken the WWE by storm since their debut last month, and judging by Mike's loss on his first-ever pay-per-view against Sami Zayn, it looks as if Mike was only brought into the company because he's with the former popular Diva, Maria.

Mike already looks like a "jobber in the making" (much like Curt Hawkins) with his current gimmick and ring attire. However, the "skies the limit" when it comes to Maria, and if anyone out of this couple was the most likely to find legitimate success, then it would definitely be Maria. Though some fans have made accusations that Maria has had her breasts enlarged, Maria has never admitted nor denied these allegations, and seeing that it's all just hear-say, I'd have to guess that Maria's actually natural and silicone-free.

8 Naomi

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I doubt any other current WWE Women's Division wrestler can boast a better career resurgence than SmackDown Live's current Women's Champion, Naomi. Prior to having a fresh start stemming from her draft over to SmackDown during the 2016 WWE Draft, Naomi was struggling to catch fire and make a name for herself. Instead, Naomi was utilized as either a "jobber to the stars" or someone who could be thrown into any Divas tag team segment (much like an Alicia Fox).

However, fortunately for Naomi, her draft over to SmackDown marked a new chapter in her career - a chapter that would mark the beginning of Naomi's wrestling career as a legitimate championship contender. Naomi's now a two-time SmackDown Women's Champ, and she'll most likely rack up quite a few more titles by the end of her pro-wrestling career. I'd have to say that Naomi's highly underrated in the looks department, and she definitely has an attractive (and most likely) silicone-free "set of twins." I think we can all agree that Naomi's just naturally attractive and curvy.

7 Lana

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Lana has fairly recently transitioned from being "The Bulgarian Brute's" manager to becoming an actual full time in-ring competitor over on SmackDown Live. Though a plethora of fans have been constantly hating on Lana since her debut as a singles competitor for her alleged lack of talent, I honestly believe that we shouldn't jump to conclusions just yet. We're still amidst the "trial and error" period in Lana's development as a performer and character, so the kinks are still being worked out by WWE's Creative Team.

If you haven't noticed, Lana has lost nearly all of her big matches since her debut, so it shows that WWE aren't wanting to push Lana "down our throats" just yet considering she's still somewhat "green." However, over the long run, I feel as though Lana may prove to be a valuable addition to the Women's Division, as she certainly possesses some natural talent (as well as the "ravishing" looks). Perhaps she'll never become the "face of the Women's Division," but Lana still has a future with WWE. Though some fans believe Lana has had procedures done to enhance her "set of twins," I firmly believe that Lana's silicone-free considering her "set of twins" look pretty natural.

6 Tamina Snuka

via bodybuilding.com

Tamina's one of WWE's current Women's Division stars who hasn't ever been utilized to the fullest of her potential. Instead, Tamina has always been involved in meaningless feuds (mainly tag team feuds), and other pointless storylines that don't further her along in the business. Tamina, the daughter of the late Jimmy Snuka is a naturally-gifted athlete, and for her size, she's pretty agile and quick. Whether it be flippy moves or the usual "ground and pound," Tamina can do it all - and she can do it all pretty well if you ask me. Now, as a member of SmackDown Live's roster, perhaps a future run as the Women's Champion is in the cards for this dominant Diva (she's basically SmackDown's version of Nia Jax). It's not hard to see that Tamina's a larger set woman, though she's still quite attractive in an intimidating sort of way. Unlike many of the WWE's woman of the past, I firmly believe that Tamina's a complete "silicone-free zone," and that her "set of twins" are fully natural.

5 JoJo Offerman

via thesmackdownhotel.com

JoJo has recently been amidst the media's eye for her alleged affair with "The Eater Of Worlds" Bray Wyatt which was (and still is to some degree) all the talk among wrestling fans. Few would have ever expected such an unlikely affair, but this  goes to prove that anything (and I mean absolutely anything) can happen in the business of professional wrestling. JoJo initially made her WWE debut back in 2013 performing as both a backstage interviewer and occasional in-ring performer, and her position later evolved into becoming a ring announcer for Raw, Superstars, and pay-per-views as well as an occasional backstage interviewer. JoJo's incredibly hot physique most likely played a factor in why she has expanded so quickly in WWE (take a look at the hot picture above), and she has basically secured a good paying job outside of the ring. Like the other "stacked" wrestling women on this list, JoJo Offerman is most likely a silicone-free zone, and rather naturally possesses such an attractive body/physique.

4 Nia Jax

via heartbreakers.me

Nia Jax is by far the most physically imposing and dominant Women's Division wrestler currently in the WWE. Though Nia hasn't fully established herself as a top Women's Division wrestler quite yet, she's on path to becoming a top Superstar on whichever show she resides on. Some have rumored that Nia's the "future of the Women's Division," and with her improving in-ring performances, I wouldn't be at all surprised if WWE went all out with Jax.

She's definitely deserving of a Women's Championship run in the near future, and I believe that a run with the gold is likely in the cards for Nia. It's not arguable that Nia possesses a very unique look compared to the stereotypical "WWE Diva," and despite being obviously larger than most of her opponents, Nia Jax is still undeniably hot and attractive. Similar to Tamina Snuka, you can almost be assured that everything on Nia Jax is 100% natural and silicone-free. Nia's definitely "stacked," and her "set of twins" are most likely real.

3 Alicia Fox

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Few other WWE Women's Division wrestlers have had as much of a roller-coaster career as Monday Night Raw's Alicia Fox. Although Alicia was never truly destined to become the "face of the Divas Division," Fox still showed some promise and potential which the WWE obviously overlooked in the long run. Yes, Alicia Fox still had one reign back in 2010 as the Divas Champion, but the company pretty much gave up on Fox following her title loss to Melina at SummerSlam of that year.

Since then, Alicia is the usual Diva that WWE throws into any meaningless match or feud (usually the throwaway tag team feuds), and she hasn't remotely been considered to be a top Diva ever since. Up until a couple weeks ago, Alicia Fox was performing as the valet for Noam Dar in the dead Cruiserweight Division (205 Live), and that storyline has since ended as of the July 11th episode of 205 Live which is when Dar severed ties with Alicia following his lost to Cedric Alexander in an "I Quit Match." Speaking on terms of appearance, Alicia Fox is actually quite attractive (pretty underrated), and despite being somewhat "stacked," Alicia is most likely a silicone-free zone.

2 Renee Young

via caw.ws

Despite not being an in-ring Women's Division star, Renee Young is still one of the WWE's most popular (and beloved) women in the company today. Performing as both Raw and SmackDown's feature interviewer, as well as the feature PPV pre-show analyst, Renee Young has secured a pretty fantastic non-wrestling job in the WWE. As many of you are likely aware, Renee is now married to Raw Superstar Dean Ambrose, and they're definitely considered to be one of the company's most popular "power couples." Renee grew up a wrestling fan (specifically a WWE fan), so working for the company must be a "dream job" for Renee.

Though many fans were hoping to see a mixed tag team match between The Miz/Maryse versus Dean Ambrose/Renee Young during Miz's heated rivalry with Ambrose, there's still a chance that we'll see Young inside the squared circle in the future. It's not hard to notice that Renee Young is undeniably beautiful and attractive, and unlike other "stacked" wrestling women such as Nikki Bella and Stephanie McMahon, Renee Young is most likely a complete silicone-free zone. Renee is rather an exceptionally attractive natural woman. Dean Ambrose is definitely one lucky guy, that's for sure!

1 Asuka

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Asuka has to be the most dominant NXT Women's Champion in the brands history - not to mention one of the most dominant champions in WWE history in general. Asuka remains undefeated, and her reign as the NXT Women's Champ has been a spectacle to observe. At the upcoming NXT TakeOver event, Ember Moon gets another shot to dethrone Asuka of the NXT Women's Title which she has kept on her waist for 481 days, and to break Asuka's record-breaking undefeated streak.

Everything's "on the line" simply put, making this match-up truly intriguing (also taking into account the fact that both Ember and Asuka are phenomenal in-ring competitors). Some claim that Asuka's days of dominating are numbered, where as others believe that Asuka will make the jump to WWE's main roster undefeated in the near future. Despite being a very unique character stemming from her colorful appearance, Asuka is still in fact very attractive. Quite obviously the most notable aspect about Asuka's physique is that she's definitely "stacked" - though it's almost guaranteed that Asuka's a silicone-free zone.

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