15 Stars That WWE Fans Have Blacklisted

Wrestling fans are not the type to cheer for the good guys and boo the bad ones. Face or heel, we support who we want to support based on who has earned the right to be appreciated and which storyline

Wrestling fans are not the type to cheer for the good guys and boo the bad ones. Face or heel, we support who we want to support based on who has earned the right to be appreciated and which storylines actually manage to keep our attention.

While that is all fine and dandy, there is a large amount of WWE fans who like to get a bit stubborn when it comes to who they pop for and how they do it. Once hatred is established for a specific wrestler, that's it. There's nothing anyone can do to change their minds. It doesn't matter if WWE alters the character, nor do they care if the wrestler works their butts off to prove that they deserve to be where they are.

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons behind the heat they get, but other times fans hate just to hate — or because it's the "cool thing to do." This happens on both sides, just like when heels such as Kevin Owens and A.J. Styles are cheered "because it's cool," rather than being booed for acting like jerks on screen and cheating their way to championships.

It has been this way for a while now and it probably isn't going to change any time soon. A blacklisted wrestler typically gets hated on harder and louder than fan favorites get applauded, which doesn't really make sense if you think about it. Why spend more energy on someone you hate so much when you can use it to root for the wrestlers you love? Whatever the reason may be, the following 15 WWE stars have been blacklisted by WWE fans and will likely remain that way until the day they are completely forgotten.

15 Kane


Most of the hate that Kane receives is courtesy of the IWC (internet wrestling community). When he's out in the ring, fans just don't care — unless he's standing next to The Undertaker or across the ring from a fan favorite, of course. Aside from those moments, Kane's matches are primarily met with silence. Given that information, Kane is at more of a disadvantage than others on this list. The reason? When the crowd doesn't care enough to react at all, you've become irrelevant.

It's sad that Kane has made it to this point because in his prime, he was one of the biggest stars in the WWE. Now no one takes him seriously because he's "old, overexposed, and all he does is ruin matches," according to the IWC. Wrestling fans hate when they feel like someone is overexposed and, in Kane's case, they just don't feel like he's worth their time anymore.

14 The Ascension


What is the one thing that WWE fans hate more than someone who is overexposed? Someone who is a complete knock off of someone else. This is a huge reason why fans have rejected The Ascension since they debuted on the main roster. It seems as if the WWE has tried to shape them into a Road Warriors/Legion of Doom 2.0 and fans are not having one bit of it. There are few fans who bash them because they feel like their promo work and matches are awful, but the majority of fans simply don't have a reason to care about them at all.

This team is another presence that brings silence from a crowd. Occasionally we hear about ten people in the crowd booing them, but overall, no one is invested enough to even hate them. At least, not in the way that would warrant any use of energy towards them.

13 John Laurinaitis


Not only did John Laryngitis (oops, we mean Laurinaitis) replace JR as as Vice President of Talent Relations, but he also managed to bomb miserably within his role. He upset a lot of people in the wrestling business because of his inability to fill the shoes left by the man he replaced. It also didn't help that he seemed to use his power to benefit himself before anyone else. Then there was the time that, despite knowing that Cowboy Bob Orton had been diagnosed with Hep C, he decided not to tell The Undertaker and let their match at Armageddon 2005 continue on as planned with Orton being cut open by Taker. The fact that Taker could have ended up infected with Hep C apparently wasn't important enough to scrap the idea.

Laurinaitis has managed to make a pretty bad name for himself in the eyes of the WWE Universe. Originally, the only real problem that anyone had with him was the fact that he was a good heel and he had a really annoying voice. However, as soon as we starting finding out about some of these decisions he had made behind the scenes, that's when people started legitimately disliking him.

12 The Usos


There are plenty of wrestlers who are hated for ridiculous reasons, but the reason people hate The Usos can easily be considered the most ridiculous. People claim that the team is overexposed and lack personalities, but the bottom line is that they're hated by association. WWE tried to use them to get Roman Reigns over. Ever since then, fans have been doing everything they could in order to protest their spot on the roster.

Even though the tag team has stayed pretty steady in the mid-card (save for the times they were coming to Roman's aid), fans stress how much they hate the way they were pushed. But one of the biggest complaints about Jimmy and Jey revolved around their babyface entrance. Now that they're heels and have abandoned that entrance, they're "boring." Unfortunately for them, the fans who have refused to get behind them will likely never change their minds.

11 The Miz


The Miz is supposed to be booed, but he's another wrestler that a lot of fans seem to legitimately dislike — especially on the internet. The complaints that surround him are the typical "he doesn't deserve to be where he's been." More specifically, fans hate that he had a run with the WWE Championship and that he main-evented WrestleMania XXVII.

He isn't an awful wrestler, but he isn't the best either. There isn't a whole lot of bad that can be said about his mic skills, though. So while he should remain in the upper mid-card, a lot of fans still have problems with him being there. Maybe it's because he came into the WWE after being a reality TV star. Maybe it's his look and how it doesn't sell that he is tough enough to beat anyone on the roster. Whatever the reason, The Miz seems doomed to remain disliked and being the bad guy is his only saving grace.

10 Dana Brooke


When wrestling fans talk about Dana Brooke, her overacting becomes a hot topic in that conversation. Mix that with the fact that there are so many other females who can wrestle and talk circles around her, and you've got a recipe for disaster. She's been blacklisted because the WWE brought her to the main roster and focused so much attention on her far before she was ready. It also doesn't help that she never wrestled in the indies.

She's only been on the main roster since May of 2016 and, given this information, it's usually safe to say that there is hope for the wrestler to improve themselves and win the crowd over. Sadly for Dana, we don't see that being much of a possibility. First impressions matter and she has made a less than desirable impression in the seven months that she's been on our TV screens.

9 Michael Cole


Even though he's simply a commentator, Michael Cole has become one of the most hated men in the world of professional wrestling. While the biggest reason for his hate has a lot to do with the character he plays, it's the way he plays it that is the largest reason for fans continuing to reject him. He also has made a habit of calling out moves incorrectly. That's a big no-no in the wrestling world. You either need to know your stuff or you need to get the heck out. And WWE fans have been hoping he would go for years now.

Maybe the lines and instructions being fed to him by Vince McMahon are his downfall. Therefore, you could say that it's Vince's fault that he has crashed and burned with the WWE fans so hard. However, moments like these definitely do not help.

8 Baron Corbin


The general dislike of Baron Corbin can be explained with the typical reasons. Fans have outwardly expressed how overrated he is because of his limited move set, awful promo skills, and a serious lack of character development. People do not like it when someone is built up to be a monster in the ring when they don't have the skills to back it up and it does him absolutely no justice when it seems like his opponents are carrying his matches.

However, all of this isn't even the reason that fans have blacklisted him. What has gotten under a lot of people's skin is the way he shows that he doesn't care what is thought about him and his performance in the ring. That attitude has rubbed fans the wrong way and caused a large amount of hatred for the wrestler. Add his lack of experience before his WWE days and that equals to a pretty big disaster.

7 Big Show


Speaking of people who are meant to portray monsters in the ring, WWE has used Big Show's size to sell that idea. It worked for the majority of his career, but over the past several years, fans have found themselves less than impressed with both the Big Show and the way that WWE has used him.

Everyone is tired of the constant turning that he's done. Heel, face, heel, face — make up your mind, WWE! Also, someone who is supposed to be a monster and terrifying to face probably shouldn't be crying every week on TV. There was a small run of time where that's what was happening and it did absolutely no good for Show. On top of that, his booking has been completely awful for years. It seems like Big Show and Kane have both gotten the crappy end of deal. They're booked to be punishment, but end up losing. It's just bad and fans are really tired of seeing it.

6 The Great Khali


As we come in with yet another "monster" wrestler, you gotta wonder if the WWE really needs to step away from their obsession with this gimmick. The past couple wrestlers do offer something that The Great Khali did not, though. They could actually wrestle. Big Show even managed to move better than someone his size should. Khali had absolutely no in ring skills and, while he was entertaining for a hot minute, the crowds got over him very quickly.

Just about anyone will tell you that being very large was the only thing that Khali brought to the WWE, yet he's got a World Heavyweight Championship reign under his belt. That's exactly why fans spent the last few years of his career in the WWE rebelling against him. It's also why if he ever came back, he would not be met with as warm of a welcome as most others tend to get in a surprise return.

5 Eva Marie


Eva Marie's hopes of being accepted by the majority of the WWE crowds are long gone and that is thanks, in part, to Total Divas. It was easy for us to see that she didn't have the skills needed in order to justify her spot on the main roster, but it's as if the show was rubbing in the fact that the only reason she's there is because of her pretty face and great body.

Even when she started showing initiative, the opportunities she was given didn't make sense. What had she done to earn her spot in the company and the one-on-one training that allowed her to be home all the time when no other wrestler gets that chance? That doesn't fit well with fans and they will continue to let that be known. Loudly. She will likely only ever be booed because that's what fans feel she deserves. No matter how hard she works, they feel as if she never worked hard enough to get where she was before she finally decided to put her heart into it.

4 Sheamus


Sheamus was extremely over with the WWE fans at one point. Then the crowds started turning on him and now here we stand. The biggest reasons for the dislike of Sheamus stems from the fact that he is the the most PG heel that we've ever seen. Fans have even referred to him as the John Cena of heels, except he just cannot entertain the way Cena can.

There are also a large amount of fans who believe that Sheamus is handed things that he doesn't deserve. Those accusations began around the time he had an 18-second WrestleMania match with Daniel Bryan where he won the World Heavyweight Championship, then went on to have a boring and generic title reign. That last part obviously has a lot to do with his less than impressive, overly drawn out, and completely irrelevant feuds. So there is a lot that would need to happen in order for Sheamus to ever get those cheers and the crowd on his side again.

3 John Cena


John Cena continues to be one of the most polarizing figures in the WWE right now and the list of reasons why seems to be never ending. Fans don't like the fact that he very rarely puts other wrestlers over, but instead tends to bury them instead (the prime examples being The Nexus and Zack Ryder). His immature promos, the Superman gimmick, and the fact that he will likely never turn heel or bring anything new into the ring are just a few other things that get under some people's skin when it comes to John Cena.

Now, that's not to say that people don't understand why all of this occurs. The logic behind it is understood, it's just annoying when we know that he has the ability to cut a really great serious promo, but instead goes with the promos that are honestly just embarrassing and suited for a G era rather than PG. We don't like that we know he can be entertaining, but instead is bland and unrealistic. It also doesn't help that he's on the cusp of tying the record for World Championships that Ric Flair holds. He's WWE's go-to guy and no matter how much it is protested, WWE won't change that. So fans continue to keep him blacklisted and that will probably never change.

2 Batista


Widely known in the world of wrestling as "Boo-tista," the former Evolution member was absent for four years before he suddenly came back with the promise of a title run. This probably wouldn't have rubbed fans the wrong way as badly as it did had Batista not spent his time away criticizing the WWE. Or, if he wasn't just another one of Triple H's friends who was getting a main event push for no other reason than the fact that he was Triple H's friend.

It definitely did not help that he was the first person to win the Royal Rumble during the time where fans felt that Daniel Bryan deserved it above everyone else. From that moment on, he was doomed to remain hated more so than anyone else on the roster. Even those who didn't know why they hated him still booed him just because everyone else was. And if he ever decided to come back again, he'd likely suffer through that all over again.

1 Roman Reigns


In the eyes of fans, Roman Reigns has become yet another John Cena. He was loved and cheered as a favorite throughout his time with The Shield and even for a good while after that; but the moment that Daniel Bryan was eliminated from the 2015 Royal Rumble and Roman won, he was blacklisted.

"He can't wrestle." "He can't cut a promo." "He's shoved down our throats." "He's boring." "He's still just Roman Reigns from The Shield." These are all remarks that are made when someone is asked why they hate Reigns. Although some of them are hard to deny (he never did get that gimmick change when The Shield broke up and he does tend to be somewhat shoved down the throats of haters), Reigns has shown a great amount of improvement over the past couple years. Even other wrestlers have mentioned how great of a worker he is, although fans stand firm in the "I hate Roman Reigns" mindset. If for no other reason, then just because it's the "cool" thing to do.

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15 Stars That WWE Fans Have Blacklisted