15 Most Attractive WWE Female Wrestlers With The Ugliest Personalities

You’ve kind of have to respect the ability of wrestling promoters to find some of the hottest women on the planet and convince them to join their company. Say what you will about a company’s aversion to hiring women that aren’t traditionally attractive - it’s a pretty awful policy - but there have been quite a few beauties who have stepped through a pro wrestling company’s doors over the years and used their time in the company to move on to bigger things. The good news is that the vast majority of these wrestlers were not only physically attractive but were apparently genuinely great people to boot.

However, there are always exceptions. While you’d have to be a jerk to assume that an attractive woman is automatically going to be mean, you still wouldn’t be quite as big of a jerk as the meanest attractive women in wrestling have been. Whether they thought they were better than everyone else or simply refused to sign autographs after the show, these performers had better be grateful that they were blessed with incredible looks because their personalities would have never gotten them far. These are the 15 hottest female wrestlers with the ugliest personalities.

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15 Emma

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Emma has had a strange WWE career thus far. She began as a smiling, dancing, hippy-type character that failed to get over despite her great looks and good wrestling skills. She was sent back to NXT for repackaging and training. While there, she adopted a heel persona that finally won some fans over. Emma made for a natural heel which makes a lot more sense once you start diving into stories about her real life.

Emma was once infamously busted for shoplifting at a Wal-Mart which seemed like it was going to end her WWE career, but WWE decided to bust her down the card instead. Since then, there have been numerous fan reports which paint Emma as standoffish and generally kind of bitter about the lack of opportunities she’s received in WWE.

14 Mickie James

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For quite some time, Mickie James didn’t really have a reputation for being either nice or mean. Fans mostly knew her as an incredibly attractive woman who was participating in an awesome storyline with Trish Stratus. Towards the end of James’ career, however, different kind of stories involving James started to emerge. James’ seemingly sudden original exit from WWE was reportedly caused by her secret relationship with John Cena. James reportedly had a hard time letting their break-up go and caused quite a bit of drama backstage. Even in TNA, Mickie had a reputation for getting on the wrong side of her fellow wrestlers. Some argue that this is the reason for the infamous “Mickie James gets pushed in front of a train” storyline.

13 Brooke Adams

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Many people forget that Brooke Adams actually enjoyed a brief run in WWE. She was part of one of those Diva Search competitions that we all desperately wished would end as soon as possible. Adams didn’t win the competition - that year was won by Layla El - but she was asked to stick around WWE anyway under a developmental contract. Shortly after, it was reported that Adams began developing attitude problems as it relates to backstage policies and working with certain wrestlers. She apparently made few friends backstage and was let go soon after joining ECW. In TNA, the story remained the same. Adams continued to exhibit a bad attitude backstage and supposedly made it quite hard for the TNA creative team to find wrestlers consistently willing to work with her.

12 Zahra Schreiber

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There is a chance you remember Zahra Schreiber from her time in NXT/WWE. Schreiber certainly stood out with her tattooed athletic body and punk rock attitude. When you also factor in the fact that she was dating Seth Rollins, it seemed like a given that Schreiber would make the main roster at some point. Of course, there’s an even better chance that you know Schreiber because of why she never made the main roster. Schreiber was busted for sharing some pro-Nazi images and other controversial content on social media. She was also part of an embarrassing nude photo leak situation involving her and Seth Rollins. WWE did what they could to bury the past, but Schreiber’s highly-controversial views ultimately proved to draw too much heat and forced the company to fire her.

11 Stephanie McMahon

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Whether or not Stephanie McMahon is portrayed as a nice person or a mean person really comes down to who you’re talking to and when you’re talking to them. To be sure, there are many stories about Stephanie’s younger days which portray her as a real pain. Stephanie was apparently quite privileged in her young days and that privilege made her do and say stupid things. Even though Stephanie has apparently grown up quite a bit, she still has a reputation among current and former WWE employees for being just as controlling and tough to figure out, as her father was. Some have even gone so far as to portray Stephanie as the enforcer of her father’s outdated policies and rules. Quite a few writers that have quit cite her as the reason why.

10 Stacy Keibler

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Given Vince McMahon’s...fondness for blondes, it was no surprise to see Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson immediately become big names on the WWE roster following the fall of WCW. The two quickly became fan favorites with Keibler winning over quite a few young male fans courtesy of her long legs of and supermodel stature. At the time, you didn’t really hear anything bad about Keibler. She always did what was asked of her with a smile on her face.

Eventually, though, more and more stories appeared about how Keibler was largely indifferent - or even hostile - towards wrestling fans. The popular theory was that Keibler felt she was above the sillier aspects of wrestling and preferred for people to not bring up her time in that business.

9 Dana Brooke

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Dana Brooke seemed destined to worm her way onto the WWE main roster. Despite her lack of experience, Brooke made a name for herself in the bodybuilding scene where she won quite a few contests. Given how much Vince loves bodybuilders - and blondes - few felt that Dana Brooke’s career would end in NXT. Despite her having management’s support, Brooke hasn’t made won over too many other people backstage. Brooke first caught some flak for a beef with Lana over the matter of Brooke stealing some of Lana’s moves. She’s also left a bad impression on fans due to her seemingly hostile nature during public appearances - especially her appearances with Dolph Ziggler - and has generally done an admirable job of acting like the jerk her on-screen character is.

8 Lana

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Speaking of Lana, the “Ravishing Russian” - she was born in Florida - has made quite a few headlines in recent years over supposed backstage heat. While some of these reports have been shot down, there’s an old saying in wrestling that goes “Where there’s backstage heat, there’s usually fire.” In this case, much of Lana’s supposed heat has to do with her status as more of a valet than a wrestler. At a time when women wrestlers are trying to wash away the past, Lana is a classic female performer who is more notable for her looks than her skills. This has not only led to many moments involving Lana conflicting with her fellow women wrestlers, but it's apparently left her with quite the ego.

7 Carmella DeCesare

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Carmella DeCesare’s cup of coffee in WWE came after her “rise to fame” as a Playboy girl and reality television star. She was brought in by WWE as part of the infamous 2004 Diva Search contest that may go down as one of the biggest on-screen disasters in WWE history. Many of that contest’s problems can be traced back to the involvement of DeCesare. Right from the start, DeCesare felt like she was above WWE and got on the bad side of just about everyone she interacted with. This led to some of the other contestants cutting some vicious promos on DeCesare or, in the case of Maria, just deciding to flip her off on-air. DeCesare left WWE early into her career and was soon brought up on assault charges following a bar fight.

6 Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool’s run in WWE wasn’t that great. Sure, McCool was a perennial champion, but this was also the time period when WWE was trying to push Maryse as a viable champion. McCool wasn’t the worst performer on the roster, but she didn’t really make much of an impression on fans. Well…that is unless you met her in real life. Based on just about every fan account, McCool had no tolerance for WWE’s fans. She was rarely interested in speaking to them or signing autographs after shows and apparently developed quite the ego during her time with the company. There were even reports that she tried to bury some other fan favorites by helping push controversial angles such as the “Piggy James” storyline. We hope Undertaker doesn’t have to deal with his wife's bad side too often.

5 Sunny

via wrestlingnews.com

Sunny wasn’t the first attractive woman to work for WWE, but she was certainly the sexiest star the company had ever hired up until that point. Sunny was an X-Rated girl in a very family friendly WWE. Needless to say, she left quite the impression among some of the company’s teenage fans. At the time, many of those fans didn’t know that Sunny was a wreck. Her drug problems and infidelity problems caused her to live some wild nights back in the day that were usually paid for at the monetary or emotional expense of someone else. Even worse, Sunny’s recent desperate ploys for attention and money has led to her sharing some really personal and embarrassing stories from many other wrestlers’ lives for various shoot interviews.

4 Sable

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Sable effectively replaced Sunny as the WWE’s star sex-appeal performer. Right from the start, Sable showed her aggressive side by helping push Sunny out the door in by putting WWE into an awkward “her or me” scenario. Sable’s good looks helped her rise to fame quite quickly in WWE, but her already sizeable ego grew even faster than her fame. Sable viewed WWE and its fans as a launch pad to bigger and better things. She upset nearly everyone in the company during her time there and helped create an era of sexualized stars that set women’s wrestling back quite a few years. Even when she returned to WWE following a legal dispute with the company, many people portrayed Sable as a controlling and manipulative presence.

3 Paige

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It’s hard to believe that Paige has been wrestling since she was 13 and made her WWE debut at the age of 19. Paige seemed destined to be a professional wrestler and immediately made a name for herself in FCW and NXT as a genuinely talented performer who didn’t look like the typical WWE Diva. Paige quickly rose up the company ranks and became one of the best women’s wrestlers ever. Then came the drama. We’ll leave it up to you to determine how you feel about things like Paige’s sex tape leaks, but it soon became clear that Paige was a drama magnet who seemingly craves crazy. Her numerous public outbursts and heated incidents with boyfriend Alberto Del Rio have led to Paige making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

2 Eva Marie

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Eva Marie is not a fan-favorite wrestler. Even at a time when WWE’s Divas were mostly there to be looked at, WWE fans realized that Eva Marie was a professional model who had no interest in being a professional wrestler and was brought in because someone in WWE was wildly attracted to her. Marie apparently had no interest in actually learning to wrestle, which worked well enough for a time, but WWE eventually decided that she had to learn a few moves. Marie wasn’t happy about being busted down to WWE and got genuinely angry at fans who were booing her even though she was a heel. Marie’s father certainly hasn’t helped her reputation as he will regularly go off on both fans and WWE on social media.

1 Melina

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In the history of hated female WWE performers, few are as hated as Melina. Melina got her start on the beauty pageant circuit, which should probably tell you something about her attitude in regards to how she looks and how valuable that is. Melina began her WWE career as a valet but soon transitioned into a full-time wrestler. Regardless of her role, Melina just never figured out how to handle WWE’s backstage politics. Melina’s incredible ego and general disrespect for the business rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and forced her fellow performers to do things like kick her out of the locker room when they could take no more of her attitude. You’ll have a hard time finding anyone with anything good to say about Melina’s WWE run.

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