15 Steamiest Outfits Stephanie McMahon Ever Wore

One of the most permanent fixtures on WWE programming of the last 15 years has been Stephanie McMahon - whether is she is an on-screen Manager or an "Authority" figure, she has been on our television screens since 1999, and has excelled in her roles as either a good or bad character. While her character traits can sometimes be off-putting on television (she can be quite villainous!), there is no denying one very simple fact - Stephanie McMahon is smoking!

Over her time period with WWE, Stephanie has treated us to some memorable moments, most of which involve her wide array of outfits and ring attires that reveal quite a bit of her body. She's obviously toned it down quite a bit in recent years as the company has gone PG and she's expected to set the example as the most powerful woman in the company and one of the presumed heirs to Vince's throne. However during Stephanie's early adult years, the company was in the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Era, giving Stephanie more freedom to flaunt her assets.While we may not see Stephanie in the ring very often, she gives us no shortage of skin when she makes appearances on television or pay-per-view.

15 Brand Loyalty

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If there is one thing that Stephanie McMahon has shown in her time with WWE, it is brand loyalty. Whether it is sticking by her family during time of turmoil, or parading SmackDown-blue during her time as General Manager, she is loyal to whichever brand she represents.

The most recent display of this “brand-patriotism” was during her time as the Commissioner of Monday Night RAW – Stephanie is shown clad in her brand colors (as well as a very tight dress) showcasing her loyalty to the longest weekly episodic program in wrestling history. This was taken following the first draft of the most recent brand extension. This is the kind of picture that makes me want to tune in on Monday nights!

14 She Works Hard

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During Stephanie’s initial run with WWE during 1999, she was portrayed as the innocent, “girl-next-door” daughter of the WWE Chairman, and was not sexualized in the way that other women in WWE were. Around the year 2001, a switch flipped, and Stephanie began dressing in provocative outfits that showed off much more of her body - particularly some brand new parts of her body, if you catch my drift – and became a much more overtly sexual character.

Over the last couple of years, Stephanie has undergone another transformation – Stephanie is shredded! Her workouts are fully documented on her Instagram account, but none were as revealing as this photoshoot of her workout outdoors, showing off a very revealing workout outfit and very toned muscles.

13 "Are You Serious About That, John?"

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I mentioned before that Stephanie’s character went through some transformations over the years, gradually increasing in terms of the displays of sexuality. The most drastic turn featuring an erotic turn of events was during her run as SmackDown General Manager, and she was put in various suggestive situations. One of the most sensational events was during an episode of SmackDown in 2003, which featured a rapping John Cena (remember when everyone loved John Cena?) rapping about how he could barely contain himself from Stephanie’s body by very eloquently saying “you’re a Diva with class, now nobody is watching us Steph, let me smack that”, well you get the picture.

While this is not only one of Cena’s funniest moments as a rapper character, it is also one of the hottest views in a wrestling ring that I have ever seen! Never seen it for yourself before because you only remember Cena as touting “Hustle, Loyalty and Respect”? Check it out here.

12 Stephanie has Changed

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This green camouflage dress is special for a couple of reasons to wrestling history – not only does it perfectly show off Stephanie’s curves, but it was also the first time that Stephanie revealed that she had some, ahem – cosmetic work done. Well, for those that remember it, it was actually Chris Jericho who was quick to point that that Stephanie had grown in a couple of areas since we had seen her last, essentially outing that she had implants put in, and that there was a much more curvaceous version of her in the ring from now on. Sorry Jericho, but I am pretty sure that we all figured out the ruse pretty quickly.

11 The Invasion... of Puppies!

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If we were to take a poll of wrestling fans that watched the WWE product during 2001, the odds of them having something negative to say about The Invasion storyline is very likely. Whether it was the disappointment of the WCW/ECW stars that were put in bad positions, or the inclusion of the McMahons as the focal point of the angle, there was always something to complain about.

One (or two) things that would not be high up on the complaining list is Stephanie’s choice of outfit here while she visits the commentary table. Around this time, Stephanie had just had work done, but her 'enhancements' were incredibly swollen due to surgery complications. As the “owner” of ECW, she sure did show off her extreme side during this period.

10 Do I Have Your Attention?

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We have already discussed, Stephanie’s tenure as Smackdown General Manager in 2003 left us with some great moments – whether it was the introduction of the Smackdown Tag Team Championship, or giving Eddie Guerrero his title shot against Brock Lesnar, Stephanie was a great General Manager for a lot of reasons. However, I think what is most fondly remembered about her time on Smackdown were her outfit choices. Mixing in a blend of business/corporate style with a flair of sexiness, Stephanie was great at giving us something to pay attention to during her backstage interviews.

9 SummerSlam 2014

It's time! #SummerSlam

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While Stephanie has been a great on-screen character since her arrival on WWE programming in 1999, she has not been known for her athletic ability (despite being a former Women’s Champion). Stephanie’s matches were very few and far between, and did not feature much in the way of athletic contest. One thing that was always a good highlight for her matches were her ring entrances, specifically to find out exactly what she would wear – unless we are talking about her first match where she wore a generic pair of black shorts and a WWF t-shirt, which you can see here). The latest example of this is when Stephanie returned from a over ten year in-ring absence to wrestle Brie Bella at SummerSlam 2014, which is when she came out to the ring in this leather attire which perfectly showcases her muscles and curves. While the storyline was terrible, this made it all worth it.

8 Accompanied to the Ring by...

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Speaking of Stephanie’s ring attire, she has also displayed her trademark when accompanying other wrestlers to the ring, which has never been more apparent when she accompanied her husband Triple H to the ring for his match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32.

While Triple H’s ring entrances for WrestleMania have always been very elaborate and spectacular, Stephanie was the one that took center stage during this entrance, as all eyes were fixated on her revealing outfit. She went on to give a corny speech about how her husband was the king and he would dominate Roman Reigns. By that point in the show, fans were in the arena for about seven hours and were absolutely drained, but Stephanie's outfit opened their eyes for a brief moment.

7 Which Witch?

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At the time of this writing, we are currently seven days away from my favorite holiday – Halloween! Why do I like Halloween so much, you ask? Well, Stephanie’s outfit from the 2003 episode of Smackdown on Halloween is a good reason why. While this episode of Smackdown was dedicated to the Halloween antics going on backstage (Fun Fact: this is also the first episode of Smackdown to feature John Cena rapping), the real story of the night was whether or not Stephanie was going to burst out of her Witch costume before the night was over. Unfortunately for us all, she remained contained, but that does not stop me from picturing this outfit every Halloween.

6 "Special Guest(s)"

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The use of a Special Guest Referee in matches can serve the purpose of furthering a story-line between two opponents – the question of will the referee be a fair decision-maker or if they will be biased and not call the match “down the middle” is always up in the air through the match.

However, these questions completely go out the window when Stephanie is the referee because her outfit is much more, shall we say, revealing than the average referee (which we are not complaining about – imagine Earl Hebner wearing this outfit?).

In case you cared about why Stephanie was in referee attire, she was appointed the guest referee of Triple H and Kurt Angle's no.1 contender's match at No Way Out 2002 in the middle of Triple H and Stephanie's kayfabe divorce angle.

5 Merry Christmas!

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While I am a big fan of Halloween, I also enjoy the Christmas holidays – it’s a time of giving, cheer and apparently very low-cut tank tops. While Stephanie does not look too happy here during this December 2000 episode of Monday Night RAW, her favorite assets are on full display, ready to spread happiness and joy throughout the holidays. This was around the time that Stephanie had just turned on her father and sided with his mortal enemy Triple H, embarking on the McMahon Helmsley era in WWE. While Stephanie had been the innocent one in the family through much of 1999, her heel turn finally gave her character some life and from there, she went on to become one of the most hated heels in the era.

4 Blushing Bride

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When Triple H returned from his torn quadricep injury in 2002, he returned to overwhelming fanfare – at the same time, his on-screen wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was one of the more hated villains on WWE programming at the time. Without getting into too much detail, Stephanie tried desperately to keep Triple H as her husband, and tricked him into renewing their marriage vows live on RAW.

While we all knew that Triple H was not going side with Stephanie because of the storyline revelation that Stephanie was pretending to be pregnant, it must have been very difficult not to “kiss the bride” due to her very revealing wedding dress she showed up in for the ceremony.

3 Laughing in Black

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Stephanie’s on-screen and in-ring outfits often create big conversation because of how revealing they are, but she regularly dresses business-casual and more reserved when not playing the “Stephanie McMahon” character on WWE programming. One exception to this was when she was shown on camera at the 2013 Hall of Fame ceremony, and her black dress left little to the imagination. Showing a lot of skin, Stephanie seems to be enjoying the night – thanks to the camera man showing us a glimpse of Stephanie’s leg, we are having a good night as well!

Stephanie was also inducting Trish Stratus into the Hall of Fame that year, so fans got to see two beautiful ladies on stage at the exact same time, and even after Stephanie returned to her seat, the cameras gave her plenty of attention.

2 Pretty in Pink

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While this outfit may not be the most revealing in terms of showing skin, Stephanie’s body is showcased in this very tight pink shirt from an episode of RAW in 2002. While the storyline at the time was focused on Stephanie signing WWE Champion Brock Lesnar to a “SmackDown Exclusive Contract”, which sparked a new era in WWE, all of the fans eyes were on Stephanie’s outfit and how it perfectly showcases her body. Move over Brock, the next big thing(s) are here. Stephanie would continue to be portrayed as a sex symbol through her time as SmackDown GM, with the idea being that the Billion Dollar Princess had grown up and had a new attitude. It was one of the few times in Stephanie's career that she was portrayed as a face.

1 WrestleMania X8

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I was lucky enough to be able to view this outfit live and in person at WrestleMania X8 in Toronto – while I may have been seating much farther back than the person who snapped this photo, I was still able to have a good view of Stephanie in her very revealing attire as she stood at ringside. Stephanie is very good when she is in her obnoxious persona, but she makes it very difficult to hate her when she is dressed like this!

The WrestleMania X8 event was remembered mostly for Hogan vs. Rock and the crowd was pretty much deflated after that, with barely any energy left to cheer or boo the main event featuring Chris Jericho and Triple H. At least Stephanie got some eyes on the main event.

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