15 Steamiest Things You Didn't Know Happened On Total Divas

Let’s start off with something honest here – I did not start out as a Total Divas fan from the first episode as reality television is not my cup of tea. However, as the storylines from the show started to feature more on regular WWE programming, such as Lana transitioning into an in-ring career, or when new women started to become featured on the show, like my favorite women Paige and Renee Young, I started to tune in more regularly. What did I find when I started to tune in? That I had been missing out on quite possible the steamiest show on television.

Total Divas features some of the most gorgeous women on television mixed in to the world of professional wrestling, so both of my favorite things are covered when watching this program. While it may not be everyone’s number one show on television, there is no denying that having a private look into the lives of women of WWE is not interesting to most people – couple this with the fact that they love having “bikini parties” by the pool together, and you have a recipe that causes me to DVR this show every week. What’s that? You’ve never heard of their bikini parties before?

15 Nikki in Blue

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While this moment may seem simple, there is just no denying that Nikki looks absolutely striking in this blue bikini. Taking place at one of the many pool parties (surprise, surprise) on the show, Nikki emerged from her house wearing this skimpy string bikini during one of the first episodes of the show, and I am sure if we were to look at Rentrak numbers that we would see a ratings spike during this moment. I think it would also be possible to see that there was a surge in oxygen needed amongst viewers, because her gorgeous body truly looks breath-taking (sure that was cheesy, but you can’t tell me that I’m wrong). Nikki has been a fixture of the show since its first episode, and despite her in ring career taking a hiatus in the middle of the show due to a neck injury, she has returned in full-force to making moments like this on Total Divas, which we are all very thankful for.

14 Mandy Rose and Eva Marie by the Pool

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While we can continue to mourn the loss of Eva Marie to Total Divas and the absolute sexuality that she brought to the show, we will always be able to remember her by re-watching moments like this. Also featuring one of the newest women to debut on the main roster, who in her own right has taken hotness to a new level , Mandy Rose has already had her fair share of steamy moments in a short time on Total Divas. During Mandy’s introduction to the show, her and Eva Marie clicked right away due to the fact that they were not considered friends like the rest of the Total Divas crew, so they spend a lot of time together, particularly with Eva “teaching” Mandy how to interact with fans on social media.

Whether Eva Marie is the best teacher to be introducing someone into the wrestling business is up for debate, but if part of the lessons is sitting around the pool in skimpy bikinis, let me know where I can sign up for class!

13 Nattie in the Changing Room

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When Total Divas debuted in 2013, there was little known about Natalya Neidhart in regards to her personal life – all that the general public knew about her was that she was the daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and that she was married to Tyson Kidd, so when she was revealed as one of the main cast members, there were some questions from viewers. It did not take long to discover exactly why Nattie was chosen as a member of this group – she not only has a very interesting personal life, but she is gorgeous, and overlooked.

This moment where she is trying on lingerie with Nikki Bella in order to “spice things up” with her husband showed the world what Nattie had been hiding from us for all these years (and believe me when I say that they have been hiding in plain sight). Seeing Nattie unleash her sexual side during the early seasons of Total Divas is still considered one of the sexiest moments in the show’s history, and one that I could watch again and again.

12 Paige Licks Nattie

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Yes, you’re reading and seeing this correctly. Not only did we recently get an early Christmas present of Paige returning to our screens as a member of the group Absolution, but you now get to see a picture of her licking Natalya’s face during a match together. During this episode of Total Divas, Natalya gave Paige specific instructions to not be so sexual in the ring with her, as Paige is known for crawling on her opponents suggestively during matches. Paige disregarded her instructions and proceeded to lick the side of Natalya’s face during the match, allowing us all to no longer imagine what it would look like. Naturally, Natalya was furious and confronted Paige after the match but they quickly made up and it was water under the bridge, but thankfully we are all able to watch it over and over. Hopefully Paige provides us with more moments like this now that she has returned to WWE programming.

11 Eva and Maryse Go Shopping

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The inclusion of Maryse Mizanin during the last two seasons of Total Divas has been a breath of fresh air for multiple reasons – not only is she one of the more hilarious members of the cast, but it has been clear from the moment she debuted in WWE in 2006 that she is an absolute sex-pot! It is actually unbelievable how gorgeous she is, and to pair her with the equally gorgeous Eva Marie is a dream come true.

Now, include the fact that the show featured a segment of them trying on very small bathing suits together, and I do not understand why this show has not received an Emmy nomination yet because it had my unbridled attention. Since WWE’s move to PG, we do not get the opportunity to see the female members of the roster in as much scantily-clad clothing during photo shoots anymore, but this scene provided more than enough visuals of both of these gorgeous women.

10 Aye, Carnival

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Featuring two of the newer cast members, both Lana and Renee Young debuted in the same season of Total Divas and instantly showed us a side of them that we had never seen before, especially Renee Young. Alongside long-time cast member Naomi, each of these women participated in the Carnival festival in Brazil to celebrate Lana’s bachelorette party. Normally an excursion to another country would be exciting for a show in itself, but the fact that we got to see three of the cast members in traditional (and very sexy) Carnival outfits is icing on the cake. Up until this episode aired, we had not seen much of Renee Young outside of her regularly televised interviews, and certainly had not seen her in such scantily-clad outfits – now since she has joined Total Divas as a regularly-occurring guest we will hopefully get many more moments like this over the next few seasons.

9 Naomi Twerking

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At the time Total Divas premiered in 2013, we did not know much about Trinity Fatu, aka Naomi – she had just debuted as a member of the Funkadactyls who accompanied Brodus Clay and did not have much of a character presence beyond dancing with her partner Cameron. However, once the show debuted we got to see much more of Naomi including her relationship with Jimmy Uso, who she eventually married on the show. While the glimpse into Naomi’s personal life has been refreshing as she is a very interesting, the show has also given us a glimpse into her real dancing skills, which are much more provocative than what we see during her ring entrance.

During one the many Divas parties by the hot tub, Naomi appeared in a very scantily-clad bikini which barely covered her backside, and proceeded to show the rest of the women “what twerking really is”. If there's such a thing as a certified twerking instructor,

8 Rosa Kisses Paige

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The introduction of Paige as a member of the Total Divas cast was initially seen as an interesting choice due to the fact that she was not seen in the same way as the other cast mates – Paige is seemingly much more wild and crazy that other cast members like Naomi and Nattie, and she proved that during her first couple appearances on the show. One name you would not think would also be included in the wild and crazy list is Rosa Mendes, who most wrestling fans could not pick out of a lineup.

However, on this list of the steamiest moments in Total Divas history, Rosa has some of the hottest moments (some more of those to come later) including when she placed on the hardest hitting wrestling maneuvers on Paige – a lip lock. While Rose and Paige were portrayed as being very close friends on the show, Rosa took this step further and kissed Paige during a night out. As you can see from her reaction, this was not what she expected and quickly turned Rosa down. They remained friends, and we get to see this moment in our heads for the rest of our lives. Win, win situation!

7 Lumber-Jill Bellas

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The main couples that are followed on Total Divas (which has since translated onto the sister program, Total Bellas) are the relationships between Nikki and Brie Bella with their respective fiancés/husbands, John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Both couples have been the main attraction of the show since the first season, and it often features them getting in to various hijinks that are not unlike a sitcom on NBC. One such story featured the Bellas challenging Cena and Bryan to a “wood-chopping contest”.

While this may seem like a ploy to get both of their men working hard and becoming sweaty, audiences were treated to viewing both Nikki and Brie dressed up in incredibly sexy outfits as “lumberjills”.

6 Nikki in the Changing Room

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Seriously, this scene was a gold mine! While Nattie looked spectacular in the revealing clothing that she tried on, she kept herself mainly covered up in the store because she claimed she had never shopped for such provocative lingerie before. Nikki on the other hand was not shy about trying on the skimpiest garments in the store, and was very proud to walk around the store revealing her gorgeous body. Up until this point, we all knew that Nikki Bella was gorgeous due to her time on WWE programming, but this moment is when she truly emerged as a sex symbol – standing in the store in nothing but a revealing pair of underwear meant that we all hoped that Total Divas would continue for another 10 years and that Nikki (and her glorious body) would always be a fixture of the program.

5 Alexa Bliss by the Pool

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It is not out of context to say that Alexa Bliss has been a fantastic breath of fresh air since debuting on the main roster in 2016 – her character has captivated the audience and we all fully buy her as a genuine threat in the Women’s Division, so much so that she was the first woman to win both the RAW and Smackdown division championships. Due to her popularity amongst both males and females, Alexa was promoted to the main cast of Total Divas in the latest season. While she had made sporadic appearances in the past, this is the first time we were given a glimpse in to Alexa’s personal life alongside the other members of the cast.

While this has provided us with some very fun moments (including Alexa playing around with a baby piglet), it did provide us with a wonderful scene of her hanging around the pool with her fellow lady-friends, which is something we have all been waiting for. While Bliss’ ring attire does not leave much to the imagination, it is something entirely different to see her in such a playful setting by the pool in a very revealing bathing suit.

4 Nattie and Tyson

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Getting a full-out glimpse in to the personal lives of the members of Total Divas is what the program is about, and it is particularly interesting when their lives parallel with the viewers. During the first season of Total Divas, there was a story-line in which many married couples can relate to – Nattie was worried that her relationship with her husband (and long-time partner) Tyson Kidd was becoming stale, and was looking to spice things up between them. How did she intend on doing so? Why, by stripping down and wearing a steamy lingerie outfit while he watched an episode of RAW, of course. While her attempt to seduce her husband ultimately was met with a cold shoulder and they ended up watching the show together instead, it was very interesting (and sexy) to see Nattie try and entice her husband this way. Why he resisted, I’ll never know!

3 Bikini Bum Slapping

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Did I mention that the cast of Total Divas enjoys hanging around in their bikinis? Well, I think it bares mentioning one last time! To be honest, I wish that these women lived in the most comfortable climate imaginable so they could have these types of parties all year round. These parties are especially fun because the women tend to get a little bit crazy when they hang out together, and things tend to get a little more wild than you usually see on WWE programming. During one of these parties in particular, a simple pat on the bum from Nikki Bella to Natalya exploded into a few minute long bum-slapping contest which we all hoped would go on for hours longer! While both of these women are very strong, you could see that they were both really laying in to each other while wearing their tiny bikinis. If they need a referee for the next contest, please feel free to give me a call.

2 Rosa “Blurred” Mendes

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Remember how I mentioned that Rosa has some of the steamiest moments in Total Divas history? Well, she also has the record for being the most blurred-out member of the cast as she has a tendency to appear “in the buff” on the show a number of times, including the instance where Nattie entered her hotel room and forgot to knock which revealed that Rosa was walking around the room in her birthday suit. Or how about the time that Nikki Bella tried to pull her off the ring apron and accidentally pulled her shorts down, exposing her naked behind to the crowd? There was also the moment where she was planning a “wardrobe malfunction” during a match with Alicia Fox in order to garner herself more social media followers. While Rosa had many of these moments during her time on Total Divas, she has been mainly forgotten in the wrestling world since retiring in 2016.

1 Pole Dancing Class

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We all know that to be a member of the female wrestling roster that athleticism is required, but did you know that this also applies to a career as an exotic dancer? The amount of muscle control, strength and flexibility that it takes to be an adult entertainer and a professional wrestling is very high, and some of the members of the Total Divas cast proved that they have what it takes to succeed in either industry. Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae and Naomi decided to take a pole-dancing class together, and frankly each one deserved an A+ by the end of the session. While each of these ladies are very classy and should be respected to the fullest, they all proved that they can move and shake it with the best of them, and showed just how stunning they could all be.

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