15 Steamy Photos Of WWE Broadcasters You NEED To See

Long gone are the days when Michael Hayes, Todd Pettengill, and Kevin Kelly conducted backstage interviews for the WWE. Not that they were terrible on their own, but they certainly were compared to "Mean" Gene Okerlund, who was a treat to watch both during his time with WWE and WCW. Near the Attitude Era, the company started utilizing women more in all facets of its programming, from in-ring performers to backstage interviewers. And, while we can argue over the merits of what it had its women doing in the ring, at least they were finally earning opportunities. Beyond that, the WWE is now a place where women are among the top draws in the company, not to mention the fact they are more talented than ever.

But while the women wrestlers are no long just eye candy, the same can't be said for backstage interviewers and broadcasters. That isn't to say the women working behind the mic in WWE aren't talented, but let's just say there's not an unattractive one in the bunch, which is totally OK with us. In recent years, the company's hires have been more beautiful than ever, whether it's for its various network shows, NXT, or WWE.

15 Cathy Kelley 

Fans who only watch Raw and SmackDown Live are missing out on the beauty that is Cathy Kelley. The 29 year old Illinois native was signed by WWE in 2016 as a social media correspondent and backstage interviewer with NXT. Whereas in the past, the company has been guilty of hiring individuals with limited wrestling knowledge, Kelley hosted NXT and Raw recap shows with AfterBuzz TV before catching the attention of Vince McMahon.

She also has another tie to wrestling as she contributed to Sam Roberts' Show on Sirius XM. Roberts, as most fans know, hosts one of the most popular wrestling podcasts. She's a worthwhile follow on Instagram for fans of wrestling and beautiful women, as you can tell by the photo above. We're huge fans of the yellow dress.

14 Renee Young

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Let's be honest, if we really wanted, we could have made this whole list photos of Renee Young, but we've already done that in the past. Still, we can't leave her out, because she's arguably the hottest and most personable personality in the WWE. In addition to hosting PPV pre-shows and working as a backstage announcer, she hosts her own show, Unfiltered with Renee Young, where she conducts candid interviews with WWE stars.

Beyond her hotness, Young seems like a genuinely fun and upbeat woman who gets along incredibly well with the wrestlers she interviews, including "The Lunatic Fringe," who, of course, is her husband. For the most part, she's fairly reserved in her social media photos, but we can't stop staring at this sexy selfie.

13 Veronica Lane

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If it wasn't for her incredible beauty and stunning good looks, chances are you might have forgotten about Veronica Lane - or perhaps you did anyway. You can be forgiven if you did, as the now-26-year-old worked less than a year with the company as a backstage interviewer with NXT from October 2013 to September 2014.

Despite being primarily used as an interviewer, she actually debuted as an in-ring performer in a six-woman tag match and later teamed with Becky Lynch in a match against Paige and Bayley. Her gimmick was that of a beauty queen, which was fitting given she was Miss Lubbock Texas Teen in 2009 and first runner up for Miss Texas Teen USA in 2010. She left to pursue other career opportunities and now operates her own boxing gym.

12 Devin Taylor 

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Devin Taylor is another beautiful woman best known for her work with NXT who is no longer with the company. And that's a damn shame, because she is ridiculously hot. Like Veronica Lane, she had a brief in-ring career with NXT, wrestling a few matches against the likes of Carmella and Dana Brooke, but later transitioned to the role of interviewer. She actually spent two years with the NXT brand before being released in 2015.

Despite being out of the company for two years and only working in NXT, Taylor, whose real name is Brittany Fetkin, developed quite a following on Instagram, where she has nearly 70,000 followers. And if you're wondering why, the photo above should answer all your questions. The University of Miami graduate is now working on a mobile application OAKDate, which is branded as a special needs social independence app.

11 Dasha Fuentes

A graduate of the University of Central Florida, Dasha Fuentes, whose real name is Dasha Gonzalez Kuret, is a fitness model who was signed by WWE in 2014 and assigned to NXT after completing her training at the WWE Performance Center. Like the two women mentioned in the last two entries, she only wrestled in a few matches before being primarily used as a backstage interviewer and later as a ring announcer. In fact, her only match of note is a six-woman tag match alongside Becky Lynch and Dana Brooke in a losing effort against Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and Devin Taylor.

She's listed at 4-foot-10, which is even shorter than the diminutive 5-foot-1 Alexa Bliss, so it's unlikely she could have carved out much of a career in the ring, but we're happy to see her earning more on-screen time now with SmackDown Live and 205 Live.

10 Renee Young

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Where to start with this photo? For starters, whatever Young is drinking it isn't beer, so how can we be completely certain of her "Queen of Beers" claim? If you're going to wear a shirt with a statement like that, at least follow through and slam a beer in the photo.

We're kidding. There's really nothing to complain about in this photo. In fact, it's a gift that we're incredibly thankful for. Young looks incredible with her hair to the side while performing the typical white girl pose. Beyond that, she's wearing a shirt that would endear her to any man as well as the stars and stripes bikini bottom, which even a North Korean would have to profess looks hot. Hell, Young herself is actually from Canada, but props to her for appealing to her fanbase.

9 Charly Caruso

Okay, we didn't say we wouldn't try to sneak Renee Young into a few photos of other backstage personalities. Why wouldn't we, especially in this instance, where a photo contains not only Young, but the equally hot and personable Charly Caruso. Prior to joining the WWE in 2016, Caruso, whose real name is Charly Arnolt, accrued broadcasting experience covering the NFL and NBA. She's a genuine sports fan who has fit right in with the WWE.

She first debuted on an August 2016 episode of SmackDown Live and has also done work with NXT, Raw Talk, and other programs. She has also dabbled in stand-up comedy in the past, which lends to her comfort on camera. It's a treat when she appears on screen as she has more frequently in recent weeks.

8 Christy St. Cloud

You might not yet be aware of Christy St. Cloud, but that's because she has only been with the company for six months and has been working primarily with NXT. A self-described "computer nerd," she created a website dedicated to "Sweet Valley High" when she was 12 years old and much later earned acclaim for her YouTube channel Christy Reports, which focused on films and TV shows.

Her entrance into the wrestling world came through her work with AfterBuzz TV, where she covered sports entertainment and developed relationships with Lillian Garcia and X-Pac, both of which she helped produce podcasts for. There's few things hotter than women wearing leather, except when they're also rocking wrestling gear. We approve of Christy St. Cloud and you should too. She still has less than 10,000 followers on Instagram.

7 Veronica Lane 

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Just because we didn't get enough of Veronica Lane on TV during her time with the WWE, doesn't mean we can't scope out sexy phots of the former NXT backstage interviewer - and there are plenty to choose from. You can check her out on Instagram under her real name (Erika Ann Hammond), where she posts numerous workout photos, mostly involving herself with boxing gloves on looking ridiculously hot. She also seems to like spending time at the beach, showing off her six-pack abs and bountiful backside.

Or, if Instagram isn't your thing, you can make due with the above photo, detailing Lane wrapping herself in the Texas flag. Remember, she's a former first runner up in a prominent Texas beauty pageant, so you can be sure of her love for the state.

6 Charly Caruso

Charly Caruso isn't the most sultry WWE personality, but for our money she's one of the most beautiful and photogenic. She doesn't have a single bad photo on her Instagram, which you might think is easy given she chooses which photos to post, but some people apparently aren't aware of what makes a good photo. Her account is filled with photos of beautiful women, whether it's a selfie or pictures of her and her friend both in and outside of the WWE.

She clearly enjoys working out and staying fit as evidenced by her incredible body, but the 30 year old also knows how to relax and unwind. The above photo has the ability to make even the coldest man feel warm as you can almost feel the sun radiating off of her silky-smooth-looking skin.

5 Renee Young 

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If you want to see hot photos of Renee Young, all you have to do is check out her Instagram account. There's a reason she is followed by nearly two million people, which is miles ahead of any other WWE broadcaster on this list. However, there's 41 candid photos on the WWE website in which Young is taking part in the "Diva Day Off" photo shoot. The photos are from a couple years ago, and honestly, Young has gotten even hotter the older she gets, but there's no denying her sex appeal with the knee-high socks, short dress, and wool sweater - did we just say that?

Yeah, the wool sweater somehow works as a sexy look. The shoot includes other photos of her without the sweater. Most of the pictures show her reading books on a bed and even steeping tea, because who doesn't do that?

4 Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Reed (now Runnels after marrying former WWE wrester and indy-star Cody Rhodes) first signed a WWE developmental contract in 2011 and debuted in FCW under the ring name Brandi, but is perhaps best known as Eden Stiles. Under that persona, she held announcing duties with NXT and later worked as ring announcer for SmackDown. She also became a regular backstage interviewer for the brand and appeared regularly on WWE PPVs.

She was a pleasure to watch every time she was on screen, but unfortunately for WWE fans, she was granted her release from the company days after her husband left. Like her husband, she's currently signed to Ring of Honor, where she has again attempted to build a career in the ring as opposed serving solely as an announcer and interviewer.

3 Jimena Sanchez 


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Jimena Sanchez isn't known to most American fans, but we assure you she's not only the hottest WWE personality (and by a substantial margin), she's also the most well-known. Whereas Renee Young has nearly two million followers on Instagram, Sanchez has over three million, due to her role as a host and reporter with Fox Sports Mexico - and mostly due to the fact she's an absolute smokeshow who is incredibly aware of her sexuality and enjoys flaunting it.

She technically isn't employed by the company, but she hosts a weekly WWE Saturday Night show on Fox Sports Mexico, which just began in September. We could have probably included every single Instagram photo of hers on here, so we encourage you to check out her account for yourself.

2 Cathy Kelley

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One thing is for certain about Cathy Kelley and that is she enjoys wearing tight-fitting dresses and we're more than OK with that. She looks incredible in whatever she's wearing, even if it's a Heinz Tomato Ketchup dress (costume) that we can only assume she is wearing for Halloween. She can pull of the sultry and sexy look (as evidenced by the dress and beach photos) or the cute and smart look - she's a member of Mensa International, so she actually is incredibly smart; she doesn't just play the part.

But, not surprisingly, she looks best when she's in no more than a sports bra and showing off her flat and tight stomach. We hope to see plenty more of her in the future, whether it's on NXT or WWE programming.

1 Brandi Rhodes

The above photo is incredibly rare in today's WWE landscape as its women wrestlers - and backstage personalities - aren't exactly encouraged to engage in sexy, in-ring attire. Back in the Attitue Era, for instance, it was commonplace for a Diva to pose in "Not So PG" attire. Brandi Rhodes, previously known as Eden Stiles, however, didn't care too much for that idea and we couldn't be happier about it.

The beautiful and busty wife of Cody Rhodes posed nude with Strobe Magazine in 2015, although she didn't show anything thanks to the work of camera angles. Regardless, she bares enough that you don't need to even have that much of an imagination to appreciate her body. We'd like to say we wish she and her husband would come back to the WWE, but they're both obviously doing better off without it.

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