15 Steamy Pictures Of Batista's New Wife, Sarah Jade

Dave Bautista, known under the ring name Batista during his days at the WWE, is one of the most electrifying athletes to ever wrestle in Vince McMahon's promotion. He won six world championships - the World Heavyweight Championship four times and the WWE Championship twice. In fact, he currently holds the record for the longest reign as World Heavyweight Champion, a title he enjoyed for 282 days. He's also won tag team championships with Ric Flair and Rey Mysterio, and he even won the Royal Rumble twice, in 2005 and 2014. There's not much Bautista hasn't done in the ring.

Since then he's become an actor, appearing in movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Riddick, Spectre, and the upcoming Blade Runner 2049. He's also married to Sarah Jade, an accomplished competitive pole dancer who has won several competitions, including Miss Pole Dance America 2016. The couple married in 2015. If you happen to be interested in learning to pole dance, Sarah even runs a workshop to teach you more about the sport. It looks like tough work, but watch one of her competition videos and you'll see that she makes it look easy. TheSportster has collected some of Sarah Jade's best pictures for you to look at, plus learn a little bit more about her:


15 A Little Modeling


Sarah Jade loves to dye her hair. Throughout these pictures you'll see that she's dyed it more than once to match her outfits at competitions. It's a nice touch for the beautiful, young competitor. In the picture above, you can see her striking a pose as she is showing off some of her practice gear. Also on display are her beautiful tattoos, which include plenty of flowers, including roses, and a lot of color.

As you can see, she's in amazing shape, perhaps in better shape than even her husband, who has won his fair share of wrestling championships. Perhaps even he can't accomplish many of the tricks and feats of flexibility that his wife can. Either way, we'd rather watch her do them.

14 Florida Championship


Sarah Jade got quite a bit of attention once it was announced that Batista was marrying a pole dancing champion. Here is Jade at the 2014 Florida Pole Dancing Championships, where she amazed all who watched. She didn't win this competition but in the past she has accomplished the following:

- Florida Pole Fitness Championship 2012 - "Most Athletic" - Pro Division

-  USPDF 2012 - 2nd Place Overall - Amateur Division

-  Southern Pole Championship - 2nd Place Overall - Championship Level 3 Juniors

-  2013's Poster Girl for Bringing Sexy Back Week

-  Florida Pole Fitness Championship 2013 "Most Athletic" - Pro Division

On top of all that, perhaps her greatest accomplishment was being names Miss Pole Dance America 2016. So now the question is whether you're more impressed by these accolades, or Batista's title wins.

13 So Much Grace

David Manning/

Sarah Jade goes with green hair for this particular performance and a glamorous black bikini with sequins. She looks absolutely stunning, as she hangs off the pole, only one arm and the strength of her hips keeping her up as she twirls around. Watching one of her performances, you see exactly how graceful Sarah Jade is. She's an absolute sight to behold, as she slowly makes her way through her performance.

This picture also offers up a better look at her tattoos, which she has on both arms and on the side of torso. Her long, strong legs remain without any ink. Perhaps that will change in the future? It would certainly make a nice touch to her already amazing body.

12 Her Passion


Sarah Jade describes herself as a "classique style pole dancer with a love for high heels and body rolls" on her official website, which shows off some of her performances. It also has a great gallery in case you want to check out more of her pictures. In this particular picture, you can check her out performing one of her most impressive tricks. It's definitely one of the most amazing on this list, as she does a split on the pole.

This picture is pretty awe-inspiring. Her technique looks flawless, which is what makes her one of the top competitors in her sport. While her biggest accomplishment is winning Miss Pole Dance America 2016, she's placed in several other competitions.

11 Split Selfie


Here's a behind the scenes picture Sarah Jade took in front of a mirror during what can be assumed to be a bit of practice. She's clearly working on her splits in this particular picture, as she hangs from a swing. Not really sure how her torso can turn all the way to the side to take this picture, but perhaps that's why she's the professional pole dancer and I'm not.

You can also see what look like hula hoops in the background. Is Sarah Jade also fond of hula hooping, another exercise that involves a lot of quick hip movements? Can she do tricks like a proper hooper? Perhaps we'll see her at the next Burning Man if so...

10 Get Low


Sarah Jade showed off a few dance moves off the pole during this performance. Her purple hair is back and it's matched with a light blue bikini that beautifully shows off her amazing figure. Sarah Jade clearly enjoys competing, as you can see from the little smile on her face. It can be assumed that the audience also enjoys watching her perform.

She first got the idea to become a pole dancer while she was working a bartending job. Sarah Jade was inspired by the girls dancing at one can be assumed to be a strip club. She decided that she wanted to give pole dancing a try and bought a pole online. It's safe to say that this was the right decision for Sarah Jade, who hasn't looked back since.

9 Pole Show in Los Angeles


Alright, so Sarah Jade also likes to dance upside down with slightly unconventional footwear. While she usually wears clear heels for her performances, she's wearing sneaker heels (?) during this particular performance. This is a bit of helpful promotion for Nike sneakers, if you ask me. Here she's pictured at the Pole Show Los Angeles 2014‏, a big expo that featured more than 70 pole dancers in front of an audience of 500 people, while 18,000 people streamed the event live, according to Diversity News Magazine.

Also featured during the event, which was not a competition and instead just a venue for the ladies to perform for an audience of fans, was the international pole dance champion at the time, Natasha Wang. Kate Bosworth was in attendance at the event.


8 Flexible


Another crazy stunt by Sarah Jade. This time she hangs off the pole and touches her toes during a performance. As you can see in the background, the audience is amazed by her superhuman flexibility, which truly doesn't seem like something from this Earth. Also of note is her incredibly sexy red bikini, which she really works in this picture. It's a really nice touch with the purple hair she seems to be so fond of.

Sarah Jade says in her bio on her website that she learned to pole dance by

watching "video on YouTube." She basically "taught herself to pole dance." How ironic because now she's the one starring in pole dancing videos. It's safe to say that she's so talented that there are probably many women starting out in the sport who are watching her videos for instruction.

7 Bending Over Backwards


This is Sarah Jade literally bending over backwards on the pole. She's either about to mount it to perform some tricks or showing off some other kind of technique. Regardless, the audience is probably loving it. This picture is from another video on YouTube. Sarah Jade is featured in plenty of videos online. She is undoubtedly one of the top performers to learn from if you're a beginner searching for training videos online. Just watch how gracefully Sarah Jade moves.

Even though she's been married to Dave Bautista for two years, and his star has really grown since then with so many high profile Hollywood projects, Sarah Jade is her own celebrity within her own circles. There's no doubt that there are other performers who want to reach her heights.

6 With Her Friends


If you really want to learn from the best, you could attend a pole dancing workshop taught by Sarah Jade or one of her colleagues. There are nine instructors at Buttercup Pole Dance, which is located in a studio in Tampa Bay, Florida. Besides Sarah Jade, you could also take classes with Penny Handsam, Kristal Stems, Whiskey Lynn, Jen Lyn, Lucky Day, Stella Jane, Allie Kristine, and Kaku O. (It seems like they all use their stage names.)

Do you want to have a party at Buttercup Pole Dance? Well, you're in luck because there's a party package. For $200, you and 11 friends can have a "Pole Party" with a free bottle of champagne! You will "pole dance, chair dance, and twerk the night away at Buttercup," according to the website. Sounds like fun!

5 Showing Off a New Routine


Sarah Jade and Dave Bautista tied the knot in Florida among many of their friends. In attendance were some of Bautista's wrestling pals, a list of superstars that should make WWE fans drool. In attendance were Chris Jericho (he did not perform at the wedding as Fozzy, unfortunately!), William Regal, Montel Vontavious Porter, and Titus O'Neil. Also in attendance was boxer Nonito Donaire.

O'Neil congratulated Bautista in an Instagram post, saying "Big Congrats to one of my Best Friends on the Planet @DaveBautista On Tying the Knot this past weekend with an Absolute Gem of a Woman named Sarah,” according to People. James Gunn, director of both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, in which Bautista stars as the warrior Drax, also attended the wedding.

4 Beach Ball


Sarah Jade is pictured above having some fun with a beach ball, undoubtedly thinking about being on the shore for some sun. You can see just how flexible and long her legs are. She also has to have incredible balance in order to take this photo and also pole dance. Sarah Jade is very graceful.

After her wedding, director James Gunn congratulated her husband with a very nice note on Twitter. He wrote, "Congrats to my pal @DaveBautista who got married this weekend in an amazing ceremony. Times I’ll always remember!"It seems that all of their celebrity friends are very fond of them as a couple. Good for them. Sarah Jade and Bautista do look like a wonderful couple. A very successful one, too.

3 A New Trick


Sarah Jade is all over social media, although you'll have a hard time accessing her handles as they're all private for the most part. Only her official Facebook page can be accessed without friending her first. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts are for her friends only, and it doesn't look like she accepts just anyone as her friend. This probably has something to do with her safety and security. Perhaps she's tired of receiving lewd comments from thirsty dudes?

You could try friending her if you really want to see what she's up to, but I didn't have any luck. So perhaps you'll have to stick to these pictures. Good thing TheSportster is on the job! You can thank us later.

2 Showing Off Her Flexibility


Sarah Jade sure is fond of splits. It seems that's her signature move if the pictures on this list are any indication. Here we see a particularly sexy picture of the dancer, as she performs for the audience. There's no doubt about it: Sarah Jade is as talented on the pole as she is away from it. Her very long legs are beautiful no matter what tricks she's performing with them. Again, the split seems to be one of her favorites.

The dancer began teaching in 2010, according to her official site. She opened Buttercup Pole Dance, the studio she owns in Tampa Bay in December 2011. Sarah hosts a training camp each year for dancers who are from out of town. The camp is called Bad to the Chrome. Fitting.

1 Endorsing Bad Kitty


Sarah Jade is also the brand ambassador for Bad Kitty, a company that specializes in pole dance wear. She's also an athlete for X-Pole, a company that describes itself on Twitter as "The Worldwide Leader in Pole and Aerial Fitness. X-Pole is also "the #1 Manufacturer of Professional Dance Poles." Sarah Jade has some great endorsements in her chosen profession.

On top of coming in first place at Miss Pole Dance America 2016, Sarah Jade has also performed in Florida Pole and Aerial Arts Showcase (2011-2016), Pole for a Purpose (2011-2015), Ink N Iron Showcase of the Stars (2014-2015), Pole Show Los Angeles (2014-2015), and the USPDF Amateur Nationals (2011-2012). She was also the 2013 United Pole Artists Bringing Sexy Back poster girl.


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