15 Steamy Pictures Of The Women In The WWE Mae Young Classic

On the July 13, 2015 episode of Raw Stephanie McMahon addressed the "Divas" Division and said, "Things are going to change starting right now." The change ended up being the "Women's Revolution" and became a catalyst for the debut of Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks from NXT to Monday Night Raw. Many argue about who started the revolution or when it started, but no one can deny that the Women's Revolution is here.

Charlotte, Bayley, Becky and Sasha, known as the Four Horsewomen, brought their talents to the main brand and did not disappoint. No longer "divas," Charlotte and Sasha revolutionized the Women's Division with several amazing main event matches for the Women's Title. Their Hell in a Cell match which was the main event of the pay per view were both firsts for the Women's Division. SmackDown followed suit by incorporating the first ever women's Money in the Bank match.

The Women's Revolution has shown that the female superstars of WWE are capable of doing just as much as the men and are finally being treated as equal members of the roster. Because of this revolution, WWE is in need of capable women's wrestlers. Thus, the Mae Young Classic tournament was conceived. WWE is looking for more women to continue the revolution. Beautiful and talented women from around the world have answered the call. This list introduces 15 of these women with pictures of them showing off more than just their flawless in-ring work.

15 Serena Deeb

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Serena Deeb is no stranger to WWE. She started in WWE's development system and later moved on the Indies.  Serena got her big break when she made her debut on Smackdown as a rapid fan of the Straight Edge Society led by CM Punk. To pledge her loyalty, Serena shaved her head completely bald and joined the group. Though the storyline was widely popular, Serena's time in WWE was short lived.  Despite shaving her head for the gimmick, she was released from her contract.

Outside of wrestling, she worked as a yoga instructor, thus retaining her great physique. Serena returned to the indies and was retired from wrestling. However, Serena, with hair, received another shot at WWE by participating in the Mae Young Classic and jumped at the opportunity. Serena defeated Vanessa Borne but was eliminated in the second round by Piper Niven.

14 Tessa Blanchard

Under pressure she became a diamond. Under pressure she became unbreakable.

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Tessa Blanchard has been working in the independent circuit for a few years now, but she has some minor experience in WWE as well. Tessa appeared as a "Rosebud" for Adam Rose. She also made her in ring debut in NXT against Alexa Bliss, wrestled Nia Jax on Raw, as a local jobber, and Carmella all in losing efforts.

Tessa entered the Mae Young Classic competition but was quickly eliminated. Though her tenure with WWE hasn't seen much success, her wrestling career is only beginning to scratch the surface. She has the look, the ring talent and a smiling personality that can carry her far in WWE as a fan favorite. Even in a loss, Tessa is able to impress and hopefully this tournament is only the beginning for her.

13 Toni Storm


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Don't be fooled by Toni Storm's jaw-dropping good looks, she is one tough cookie. She has been in grueling matches, with her body taking a beating, and yet, Toni Storm gets up for more. Toni Storm has the heart and grit that will carry her far in any company but also has the "smart, sexy and powerful" look that WWE has promoted in the past.

Despite her career just starting, Toni already has the confident personality and carries herself like a champion. Currently holding the SWA World Champion might have something to do with that, but even in the Mae Young Classic, she strutted around the ring like she had been there before. Her swagger and in-ring talent took her far in the tournament, making it all the way to the semifinals. Though she didn't win it all, the Australian-New Zealand born superstar is ripe with potential, and she has definitely made her mark. WWE needs to keep a close eye on her.

12 Sarah Logan

Sarah Logan has been in the independent circuit for a while now, so she is no rookie to professional wresting. Sarah has even made several small bit appearances on WWE programming as a "Rosebud," a girl in The Miz's "Niagara" commercial, a concession manager for Kane and The Miz's makeup artist. She made her in-ring debut in NXT in a losing effort to Becky Lynch. Logan continued to make appearances on NXT under various ring names before finally settling on "Sarah Logan." Her time in NXT has familiarized herself with the roster, having wrestled the likes of Bayley, Peyton Royce, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss and Billie Kay. This experience in WWE and her time in the ring with those women gives Logan an edge over most in the Mae Young Classic.

Logan is also one of the rare superstars that can change into a crazed, malicious heel or sweet, fun-loving fan favorite.  Though eliminated in the first round, Sarah Logan's time in WWE is far from over.

11 Candice LeRae

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Like Toni Storm, Candice LeRae is another beautiful professional wrestler with the looks of a model, who's in-ring ability is anything but innocent. LeRae has been wrestling around the world for over a decade in the Indies but somehow, during that time, an appearance in WWE has inexplicably alluded her, until now. In 2017, LeRae finally debuted on NXT and entered the Mae Young Classic with loads of experience under her belt. LeRae made it to the quarterfinals of the tournament before being eliminated.  In addition, her promo work, in-ring ability and attractive looks are all aspects WWE management heavily searches looks for in their women wrestlers.

Though, WWE may balk at her age, 31, one could argue LeRae still has plenty in the tank, and her experience throughout wrestling would be invaluable to her fellow superstars.

10 Kairi Sane

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Kairi Sane began her wrestling career in the Japanese promotion, World Wonder Ring Stardom where she has won several titles including the Wonder Stardom Championship. She signed with WWE in 2017 and made her NXT debut winning a tag match and pinning Peyton Royce.  

Her remarkable in-ring talent and depth-defying top rope elbow drop finisher has carried Kairi Sane far in professional wrestling. The Japanese born superstar entered the Mae Young Classic and made it all the way to the finals where she faced Shayne Baszler. Kairi seems almost certain to have a career in WWE.  The only concern is Kairi's health.  She has suffered concussions in the past and is rumored to have suffered another during the tournament.  Hopefully, she can remain healthy and bring her awesome skills and bubbly personality to the big stage.

9 Marti Belle

Marti Belle is a vetern professional wrestler spending time in the Independent Circuit but more widely known for her time in TNA. Belle along side her partner, Jade, and later Taryn Terrell would form The Dollhouse and wreak havoc among the TNA Knockouts. Though Belle made an impact in TNA and achieved multiple title opportunities, she would never reach the brass ring of the TNA Knockouts Championship.

In 2017, Belle competed in the Mae Young Classic tournament but eventually lost in the first round. Bell shows a lot of personality that fans respond well too, unfortunately her match in the tournament was not well received, putting her WWE future in doubt. While it was just one match, everyone in the tournament was essentially audtioning for for more work with WWE, so that could mean everything.

8 Mia Yim

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Like her Dollhouse partner, Marti Bell, Mia Yim, formerly known as Jade, entered the Mae Young Classic as well.  Yim also had a great deal of experience in the Independent Circuit and in TNA.  However, unlike Bell, Yim's wrestling career has been more successful.  Yim has won the TNA Knockouts Title and Shine Championship.  She has played a small part in WWE as a "Rosebud" and appeared on NXT jobbing to a NXT Women's Champion at the time, Charlotte.

While the Korean-American superstar lost in the second round of the Mae Young Classic, there are a lot of positives for Yim moving forward. She has WWE experience on her resume, she has performed extremely well in the tournament and is regarded as one of the top 10 female wrestlers in the world according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

7 Reina Gonzalez

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Reina Gonzalez doesn't have much of a resume for professional wrestling, though she has competed in the sixth season of Tough Enough. Despite being eliminated from Tough Enough, Gonzalez joined the NXT roster and made her in-ring debut in 2017. Reina lost in the first round of the Mae Young tournament, but her career is literally just starting. Standing at 6 foot, Reina is capable of displaying tremendous power and that likely caught the eyes of WWE officials. As of this writing, Gonzalez is still on the NXT roster and isn't likely to go away anytime soon. Her run in the tournament was pretty promising and with a little more seasoning, she might have a chance to make it to the main roster in the next year or so.

6 Renee Michelle

Most casual fans have no idea who Renee Michelle is which makes sense because she spent most of her career in the Indies.  Renee Michelle debuted in 2013 and is currently wrestling for Shine Wrestling and throughout the Indies. Despite her many years of work in the Indies, Renee Michelle hasn't made much of an impact. Still, Renee Michelle, like seemingly everyone else, has made an appearance in WWE back in 2014 as a Rosebud which isn't a bad thing to have on her resume. While Renee Michelle has potential, she still looked a little lost in the tournament and was eliminated in the first round. The goals for all these women is to make it in WWE, but more time in the Indies to hone her craft and develop a character may do Renee Michelle a lot of good.

5 Rhea Ripley

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Rhea Ripley is another superstar in the Mae Young Classic that has the look of a WWE superstar.  Many American fans may be unfamiliar with Rhea do to her working mostly in Australian promotions, but Rhea, standing at 5'8", and has the sexy look of an action star. The Australian born superstar has a number of years in wrestling behind her and at only 20, she's just getting started. She may not have the flawless in-ring skills of Kairi Sane and Mia Yim, but she has shown a lot of potential for growth. Rhea shocked many by making it to the second round of the tournament before elimination. Despite the loss, there's plenty of upside to Rhea and she definitely has a chance of landing a job with WWE down the line.

4 Taynara Conti

The Brazilian born, Taynara Conti just debuted in 2017 in NXT. She has wrestled her first match in a losing cause to Lacey Evans and has found her way to the Mae Young Classic.  Taynara has a great look, but with her limited wrestling background many don't know what to expect from her. Taynara lost in the first round but, despite her limited experience, she put on a decent match. More importantly she showed her ability to grasp onto some of wrestling's intangibles. She listened to the fan reaction and played off of it. Regardless of her rookie status, Taynara already has the mindset of a wily veteran. Taynara exceeded many fans' expectations, and should have fans and wrestling officials alike following her closely.

3 Zeda

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In 2017, Zeda was recruited to train at the WWE Performance Center. Later, Zeda worked a couple matches in NXT losing both. While Zeda is a rookie, she competed in the Mae Young Classic only to be defeated in the first round. Still, for many fans, the tournament was the first look at Zeda on a major scale, and she didn't disappoint. Zeda held her own in the ring and gave the fans a look at her unique ring attire to setting her apart from the pack. WWE likes to shorten names so that is already in Zeda's favor, and her look is marketable. She's already in NXT which puts her ahead of some of the ladies in the tournament. Zeda has a lot going for her right now, and more time in NXT can only help her in-ring skills.

2 Vanessa Borne

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Vanessa Borne is another superstar whose career is in its infancy.  Vanessa started as a cheerleader and was later trained by former WWE superstars Gangrel and Rikishi.  She has since appeared on NXT in 2016 and debuted again under her current ring name "Vanessa Borne" in 2017.  Vanessa Borne entered the Mae Young Classic tournament but was quickly eliminated in the first round against Serena Deeb.  While the match wasn't a technical masterpiece, Vanessa was able to adapt and mesh well with the more well known and experienced Serena.  Vanessa recognized the fan favorite reaction and played up the heel role extremely well.  Vanessa still has a lot to learn, but she already understands how to react to the fans and immerse herself into a heel role.

1 Santana Garrett

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Santana Garrett is one of the most experienced and talented superstars in the Mae Young Classic. How she still hasn't been signed byWWE is beyond understanding.  She has wrestled for TNA, Shine, Shimmer winning multiple titles.  She has made appearances in NXT against Asuka, Emma and Billy Kay. Santana Garrett has the beautiful look, the excellent in-ring abilities and, with her superhero-esque ring attire, the powerful larger than life look the young fans can admire. Despite all these accolades, Santana lost in the first round of the tournament. If her loss was some kind of test to see if she had any ego to losing, Santana passed flawlessly. Santana was just happy to be part of the tournament and has now moved back to the Independent circuit, World Wonder Ring Stardom and Impact. WWE needs to wake up and sign this girl immediately while they still can. Right now, she has everything it takes to be a WWE superstar.

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