15 Steamy Women's Matches We Can't Stop Dreaming About

We all have them. Matches that we just can’t forget. We can watch them over and over again, and it won’t matter. They remain epic encounters - great stories told on a grand stage. These matches more often than not, stand the test of time - we keep thinking about them, we measure the quality of other matches against them, and we are constantly putting them in order, regularly cranking out comparative lists in order to see which one is truly the best.

So what list are we hammering out now? How about the hottest women’s matches in history? I mean, the hottest, the ones you spend time dreaming and reminiscing about. Some of these are memorable for the sheer quality of the match - the women could have put on a show, rivaling their male counterparts. Or, perhaps, the matches were memorable, or even unforgettable, for entirely different reasons. Maybe it was a pillow fight. A bra and panties match, anyone? These kinds of matches - and so many more - are going to be on this list, you can be assured of that. And, at the same time, this list is naturally going to be at least a little bit subjective.

I mean, if you want to talk about the absolute best, most technically sound and artistically beautiful matches? They could be on here. If you are dreaming about some of the more saucy and titillating matches ever produced? You are certainly in a safe place for that too. Bra and panty match in your top fifteen? Well, you probably aren’t alone. Which of those has you daydreaming at work, or just flat out dreaming for more (or less, depending on the stipulation). So, with that in mind, I shall do my best to be fair and balanced in anointing my 15 women’s matches from the pages of history, which are the absolute hottest matches, those which we frequently dream of.

15 Stacy Keibler Vs Terri Runnels, Lingerie Pillow Fight, 2002

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Want to make guys think of Divas in the bedroom? To really get that mental image working? Then you have two Divas, “wrestling” in sexy lingerie, in a pillow fight. And, when it comes to using a gimmick to cover up wrestling weaknesses, why not use it on two of the prettiest (and most un-skilled in the ring) Divas WWE has ever employed - and yes, there are some current (or near-current) women who would give them a run for their un-talented money. But forget all that. For now, just enjoy the pleasantly sweet dreams of two Divas, ready for bed, pummelling each other with the feathery soft weapons of mass seduction. Trust me, two women, specifically these two women in undies… hitting each other with pillows? What’s not to love?

14 Trish Stratus Vs Victoria: Hardcore Match, Survivor Series 2002

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It’s been 15 years (almost) since we got this classic. I have to admit, it’s often overlooked. It’s not usually the match that everyone thinks of when they think of great women’s matches, but perhaps we can use this as a way to bring some new attention to it. Let’s put it this way: everyone knows how good Stratus was over the course of her career. She’s in the Hall of Fame, after all. But Victoria? Victoria doesn’t really get enough credit for her career, I’m afraid. And this match is a perfect example of why she deserves much more than she gets. I implore you to watch this match, and realize that these two women were, at the time, doing things that other women rarely did on such a big stage. Women and hardcore only went together in an entirely different industry back then, and these two women changed all that.

13 Torrie Wilson Vs Stacy Keibler: Lingerie Match, No Mercy 2001

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Here’s a question, hypothetical of course: what do you do when you have two absolutely gorgeous women who, in the grand scheme of things, can’t really wrestle all that much? You’d put them in a gimmick match that accentuates the positives and masks the negatives, right? Of course you would. And, what better match for that, then a lingerie match? For WWE, that’s as racy as they could get or would get - ECW might go for more extreme stuff! Make no mistake folks, this one was not a wrestling clinic, nor was it ever expected to be. Nope, this one was all about the sex appeal. This match had it in spades, and in the end, we have dream matches, and we have matches that inspire wonderful dreams. There’s no question where this one lands.

12 Bra And Panties Tag Match, WWE InVasion

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So, how about this for a trick question: how can you possibly make a bra and panties match better, without earning yourself an NC-17 or X rating? It’s a surprisingly easy answer, actually. You take two hot women… and you add a third hot woman. And a fourth. And you make it a tag match. So, let me set the stage… err… ring for you. Trish Stratus - well known hottie. Team her with Lita - extreme, thong-loving hottie. And, in what is becoming a recurring theme, Stacy Keibler, a very leggy, lovely lady. She'd tag with Torrie Wilson. Put all of them in a match, where the object is to strip your opponent down to her bra and panties? That’s going to get a lot of eyeballs watching the aptly nicknamed boob tube. If there is a downside to all of this, it’s that we can only enjoy these matches via archival footage. Such is life.

11 Trish Stratus Vs Stacy Keibler, Paddle On A Pole Match, RAW 2002

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I have to go out and state two very obvious observations. First, this is yet another appearance for the stunning, if wrestling-challenged, Miss Keibler. Say this about that: WWE knew what she was good at and good for, and maximized their investment. Second observation? Someone in WWE, around this period of time, was pushing the envelope. Like, into all sorts of kink that you’d never ever normally expect from WWE. No, not the bra and panties match-they have given us plenty of those-but adding the pole? That was a new level of extreme. Enjoy this one on the video, boys (and girls, hey, we are equal opportunity here). This kind of match is likely never going to see the light of day on WWE Network again as a new PPV venture.

10 Jillian Hall Vs Kristal Marshall Vs Ashley Massaro Vs Michelle McCool, Great American Bash 2006

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Remember that rhetorical question we asked you a few spots ago? About how you make a one on one bra and panties match better? The first answer, of course, was to add one woman. And how do you improve upon a three woman bra and panties spectacle? You make it a four-way affair. And let’s be honest. Looking at those four women, none of these did much of anything. One was among of the last WWE Divas who bared all for Hugh Hefner and Playboy (Massaro). One has probably gained more fame by being Mrs. Undertaker (McCool). The match, as you’d no doubt expect, was nothing fabulous from a wrestling perspective. It was all about getting the men excited and it worked to great effect.

9 Lizzie Borden Vs Veronica Caine, XPW

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So, some of these matches actually try to at least in some small fashion resemble a wrestling match. They may fail badly, but for the most part, they do try. This one, for XPW? Not really much effort involved, to be honest. They were an interesting promotion, though many figured they were just a clone of ECW. And since ECW had some really interesting… women’s matches… XPW figured they could one up them. And, in order to do that, they brought two bona fide adult movie stars. Now, this one could have been all the way at number one, if not for some lighting issues when it came time for the actual “money shot”. Still, regardless of their technical difficulties, they did have two adult film stars stripping each other naked in the ring. That has to count for something.

8 Jacqueline Vs Sable, Capital Carnage 1998

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This one is a bit more obscure, I will grant you that. This special match happened in the United Kingdom, and was a bit ahead of the curve. Meaning, before the real explosion happened for the WWE Attitude Era, we had this match. Now, Jackie is, or was, a very good female wrestler. I dare say, she was under-appreciated in her time, but she was inducted into the Hall of Fame, so it evens out. But this match? On this night, it wasn’t exactly a HOF moment for Miss Jackie. At the end of the match, she wasn’t stripped down to her bra and panties. Nope, for this occasion, she was stripped of her bra completely, and, as Jerry Lawler would say, we all got to see her puppies.

7 Candice Michelle Vs Torrie Wilson, Wet And Wild Match, June 2006

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Hopefully, you are picking up on a trend here. First, we start with the tease…the seemingly great idea of a bra and panties match. Then, after a few of those, it just isn’t enough. We add a third or fourth woman. Paddles. And more. So where can things go next? How about you dress the Divas basically all in white, and have a wet t-shirt match? Only, don’t call it that. Call it a Wet and Wild match, and let the young adult male target audience drool. And drool they did. This one was the first of its kind, but it was not the last. It makes the list on the basis of it being the ground-breaking first match in the genre, if you want to call it that.

6 Sable Vs Luna Vachon, Unforgiven 1998

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Say what you will about this one…I am sure there are some thinking, ”Really, Luna on a dream match list?” Yes, Luna Vachon makes the list. Now, honestly, Sable really pulls this one all together… she’s more than hot enough to carry the both of them in this one. And if that’s not enough, Sable’s hotness, that is, how about a leather strap getting involved? Yep, they had that too. In the end, Luna actually lost a pair of panties, courtesy of Sable. That thought might either arouse or repulse you, depending on how you like your women. But in either case, we never had to see it, because Goldust ran down to protect us. Or Luna’s honor. Or both? Let’s go with both, since I’m betting most people didn’t actually want to see Vachon’s nether regions.

5 Jerry Lawler Vs Dean Malenko, June 6, 2000 RAW

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I know what you are thinking. How is this a women’s match we’d dream about? Here’s how. Lawler and Malenko were doing battle in what was dubbed an “Over The Top, Off With The Top” match. Malenko battled on behalf of Terri Runnels, while Lawler defended the honor of his then-wife, The Kat. The gimmick? Any time one of the men went over the top rope and hit the floor, his sidekick had to strip a little bit. Call it a Royal Rumble strip tease. So, while it was not your typical bra and panties match, or even a women’s match…I think it’s safe to say this match earned it’s way onto this list. I mean, when the end result is you getting a glimpse at some gorgeous puppies, we all win.

4 Every Trish Stratus Vs Lita Match Ever

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Here’s one of the best women’s rivalries WWE has ever seen. Is it a bra and panties match? No, not really. Not unless you consider Lita’s proclivity to flash her thongs (which is still pretty satisfying, if you ask me). This one lands here on the list of women’s matches we can’t stop dreaming about because, well… it’s Lita and Trish. I mean, here are two absolutely gorgeous women, two of the finest wrestlers (Divas or otherwise) that WWE has ever had. I won’t call out a specific match, because pretty much any one that they had was one worth watching. So good, so sexy, no gimmicks needed (with apologies to the late Chris Candido). Not that I would have ever minded these two in a bra and panties match, but it just wasn’t needed.

3 The Kat Vs Terri Runnels, SummerSlam 2000

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This one has earned the nickname of the thong stinkface match, predominantly for it’s finish. So, the theme of this here list is dream matches, specifically, matches we can’t stop dreaming about. And for the most part, these matches are inspiring dreams of a rather adult nature. So, naturally, this one is going to follow that same theme, for good reason. The Kat won, and in doing so, gave Runnels the thong stinkface leading up to the matches conclusion. So, while Kat won the match, every adult male who knew what was good for him, and who has seen the match, wishes they could have been the loser of this match. Because, putting themselves in Terri’s shoes…er…spot? Even if you lose, you still win. It’s an exceedingly dream-worthy ending.

2 Major Gunns Vs Miss Hancock, WCW New Blood Rising, 2000

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Yes, even WCW had some dream-worthy matches. And this one? This one, you could even argue, should end up at the top of this (or any other) list. A very early (if not the earliest) high profile risqué match, it featured two stunners (including Stacy Keibler before she was Stacy Keibler). Officially, this was not dubbed a bra and panties match, but rather a “rip off the clothes” match. Six one, half dozen the other - the object was the same, and the winner at the end wasn’t either woman (because, let’s be honest, objectifying women isn’t them winning…but we won’t let that stop us). The winner? The winner was the target male demographic, of course. Trust me, if this is a match you are unfamiliar with, you won’t really hate me after you go back and take it all in

1 ECW Cat Fights

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Folks, I apologize because my memory just isn’t what it used to be. But here’s the deal. I grew up in Philly, and I came back to wrestling thanks in large part to ECW. My friends and I had regular tickets to the ECW Arena. I made them all, many months in a row. Except this one…it was either July or August, and I want to say summer of '95 or '96, and it was one of the best catfights ever. And I missed it, due to car troubles. But, the beauty of this? Beulah and Francine (in particular) had many cat fights, over and over. And if those weren’t enough, we got tossed a Kimona Wanalaya strip tease here and there, too. While WWE would worry about censorship, ECW really never did…especially not in the days before they made it to PPV. And we all reaped the rewards.

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