15 Steamy WWE Divas You NEED To Follow On Snapchat

Like so many things in the entertainment business nowadays WWE is truly driven by social media. During the Monday Night Wars throughout the second half of the 1990s and into the new millennium the tell tale sign as to whether WWE was doing well or not was television ratings. Now the company's popularity is reflected in and represented by how active they are online. Less and less people are watching Raw and SmackDown Live each week, but when people point to those numbers, WWE directs them towards their social media content. People consume online and on demand nowadays and the wrestling business is no different.

A large part of WWE's online allure revolves around their female performers. Yes we are in the midst of a women's revolution and the females of WWE are judged rightly on their in ring ability rather than their look, but that doesn't stop most of them being incredibly attractive. Whether it's Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram there is a tremendous presence from WWE's females on social media. Some of the photos you see are taken on the orders of WWE but if you're looking for something the ladies of the locker room are in charge of, head to Snapchat. Most of the company's females have it and a lot of them post photos that you definitely won't want to miss out on.

Here are 15 WWE women that you NEED to follow on Snapchat!.


16 Eva Marie

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Speaking of Eva Marie, All Red Everything may no longer be under contract with WWE but it would be a crime to leave her off of this list. Despite coming across as quite a religious person on most of her social media, that doesn't stop Marie from baring almost everything during some of her snaps. As touched upon briefly with the Mandy Rose entry however, female Superstars in WWE can no longer skate by on looks alone. Yes Eva is drop dead gorgeous and was likely hired by the company for that exact reason, but it soon became clear that she couldn't really wrestle. Rewind ten years and that wouldn't have really been an issue for Eva but in the present day it eventually got her released from her contract.

15 Summer Rae

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Believe it or not at the time of typing this Summer Rae is still an employee of WWE. The female Superstar has been off of WWE television for so long that it's hard to recall what brand she even belongs to. It's not as if she's a ghost either, at least not outside of WWE's programming. On social media Summer is very much active and present and seemingly still back stage at WWE shows should the company need to call upon her. Perhaps this is another Eva Marie type situation. Summer is obviously a very attractive woman and because of that Vince McMahon is reluctant to let her go from WWE. A tall blonde with long legs, something the boss has a weakness for.

14 Liv Morgan

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Another name that some of you more casual fans of the business might not yet be acquainted with is Liv Morgan. Morgan is not one of Total Divas' stars however but is in fact known and liked for her wrestling ability. The New Jersey native currently performs in NXT and has made a number of appearances on television. She also had a short stint working house shows on the main roster, so the brass at the company are certainly aware of her. Morgan is currently making the headlines for her split with someone you likely will know as well, Enzo Amore. If Liv's Twitter is anything to go by then Smacktalker Skywalker has been cheating on the 23 year old. Enzo's loss is our gain but act fast as British Superstar, Tyler Bate is already looking set to swipe lonely Liv off of her feet.

13 Carmella

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Liv Morgan has clearly taken some inspiration from a certain someone, and that someone is the current Miss Money In The Bank, Carmella. The Princess of Staten Island claims to be from, well Staten Island. Liv is a stone's throw away from there, and if you've seen the two women you'll know that their whole aesthetic is very similar. When it comes to qualifying for this list however The Princess has a little more going for her. A former cheerleader and dancer, Carmella is certainly not someone who is ashamed to show off her body, and nor should she be. Her Instagram and Snapchat accounts are often filled with photos of her in bikinis, especially now that her and boyfriend Big Cass have a house with a pool.


11 Mandy Rose

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Those of you not well versed in Total Divas may not have been introduced to Mandy Rose quite yet. The blonde bombshell is currently plying her trade in NXT, mostly on house shows rather than television, and while she may not be the best wrestler in the world it's certainly clear why WWE wants to keep her around. When introduced to the WWE Universe via the hit reality TV show Total Divas, Mandy was portrayed as somewhat of a protege to now former WWE Superstar, Eva Marie. Now that Eva has left that leaves a very specific spot open for Rose. Mandy has arrived in WWE at a time when women's wrestling abilities are valued over their appearances, but the way she looks is certainly doing her some favours right now.

10 Nia Jax

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Nia Jax is the exact opposite of what Summer Rae brings to WWE, and by no means is that meant in a bad way. In fact it's a great thing. As well as women being hired by WWE based on their in ring ability, there is no longer a physical mold that Vince McMahon wants his females to fit. The women's roster isn't simply petite 'divas' any more. Nia is a plus sized woman and plus sized model. Before her wrestling days she actually worked as a model and is an extremely beautiful woman. Don't believe me? Check out her Snapchat. Delve deeper into her social media and you'll also find evidence of her modelling on a cat walk extremely recently as Jax attempts to break down even more barriers outside of the wrestling world.

9 Alexa Bliss

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Nia Jax is extremely good friends with another woman on the current WWE roster that is attempting to break down body stereotypes, and that's Alexa Bliss. While different from Nia and a lot of the other females Bliss shares a locker room with, she is still a very attractive young woman. Following Alexa on Snapchat might not lead to a litany of bikini pics, but her natural beauty makes her worth the follow nonetheless. What's more Bliss has been through a lot and worked hard to get her body to the place that it is today. Growing up Bliss suffered from eating disorders related to her not liking the way she looked. Venturing into the world of body building and eventually pro wrestling helped remedy those issues.

8 Torrie Wilson

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It's not only WWE's current crop of females that are worth following on Snapchat, and in actual fact there are competitors from the company's past that seemingly look better than ever. One of those women is Torrie Wilson. Anyone who watched WWE throughout the mid to late 2000s will likely have had a crush on Torrie. Harking back to WWE's old mold of how its females had to look, Wilson fit it perfectly. It's understandable why Vince McMahon was likely besotted with her. During her time with WWE she even posed for Playboy magazine, an opportunity not afforded to many of WWE's former female Superstars. Don't go rooting around for that though, and simply follow her on Snapchat as she looks as good today as she ever has.

7 Naomi

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A lot of these entries have focused on some of WWE's women that the company hired based on some of their old, outdated mindsets. The likes of Mandy Rose and Eva Marie who are very attractive women and then the learning to wrestle part comes later. This entry, Naomi, has also had to hone her wrestling ability but was not hired by WWE since the start of the women's revolution. Instead Naomi began her WWE journey a number of years ago as a dancer, or as one of Brodus Clay's Funkadactyls to be precise. The former Women's Champion was a dancer and naturally pretty gorgeous, so how could Vince McMahon possibly say no? She has since honed her craft as a wrestler, hence why she still has a job with the company.

6 Stephanie McMahon

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Yes that's right, Stephanie McMahon has Snapchat. Considering the corporate role she has in WWE and her constant pushing of the company across as many platforms as possible maybe that isn't as big a surprise to some of you as others. Now that you know she has it though, you're likely wondering what warrants her account making this run down. Well trust me it's worth checking out. Yes a lot of it is relatively uninteresting PR stuff promoting WWE, but if you're a fan of Stephanie's physique then she's a must follow on the app. If you follow the boss's daughter on anything else you'll know that she's a stickler for the gym, and she likes to show off that aspect of her life. Want to see Stephanie McMahon's late night workouts? Add her on Snapchat.

5 Renee Young

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One lady currently employed by WWE who does not get all the plaudits she deserves is announcer, Renee Young. Aside from Corey Graves, Triple H, and Vince McMahon it feels like Renee is the hardest working employee outside of the squared circle at WWE right now. Between Raw and SmackDown Live and hosting kick off shows it feels like she's everywhere, and that's not a bad thing. Another thing that gets over looked when it comes to Renee Young is how good looking she is. If she were in ring gear each week and performing it would not go unnoticed. If you want to see a glimpse of what that might look like in ring attire, give her a follow on Snapchat. Don't miss out on more of Renee because no matter how much she appears on WWE television, it's still not enough.

4 Paige

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It may not seem like it at the moment, but at the time of typing this Paige is very much still an employee of WWE. What's more is that if what she says is anything to go by, in the coming months the former two time Divas' Champion will be back on our screens and in a WWE ring. When it comes to this list Paige's appearance on it will hark back to some of the entries earlier on. There's a reason that so many WWE fans find Paige incredibly attractive, and that's because she's different. The British Superstar arrived on Raw a few years ago and opened up the fans eyes to what a female wrestler could look like, and arguably started the women's revolution. Yes there will be a few of you smugly saying why not just look up the leaked photos of Paige online, but personally I'd prefer to follow her on Snapchat and see what she actually wants her fans to see.

3 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is having a few issues in WWE right now. The Boss recently opened up during an appearance on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast about being frustrated with her booking in WWE. From not being told what she's doing until the last minute to not holding the Women's Championship for more than a couple of weeks at a time. When Superstars get frustrated they often wind up leaving WWE, so if you're a fan of Banks make the most of her. Thanks to social media though if you find her attractive, as most likely do, whether she's in WWE or not you can remain an admirer. Admiring from a far is where you'll have to draw the line though as Sasha also revealed during the same podcast interview how annoyed she sometimes gets when approached by fans.

2 Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella may be the most physically attractive woman to have graced WWE during the modern era. There is no doubting that the fiance of John Cena knows that fact as she very often flaunts her assets and wears next to nothing for all to see. If you think that her ring gear is revealing then do yourselves a favour and add the former Divas' Champion on Snapchat. We may be about to see even more of Nikki as well. By the time you read this Bella's foray into Dancing With The Stars will have begun, so we'll likely be treated to a whole different side of the Superstar. One thing's for sure, Big Match John must have steam coming from his ears when he sees some of the photos his wife-to-be is sharing with the rest of us.

1 Noelle Foley

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A few of you may have wanted to throw a flag on this entry, that was until you saw the photo that accompanies it. Yes Noelle Foley is not technically an employee of WWE or has she ever been, but now that I've recommended following her on Snapchat you'll likely let this one slide. I love Mick Foley and he truly is one of the greatest performers of all time, but whenever I see Noelle Foley it's hard to believe that she is Mick's daughter. Noelle is drop dead gorgeous and if you follow her on any form of social media you will have realized that she knows it. In terms of WWE we may be about to get a lot more of Mrs Foley's Baby Boy's Baby Girl. Last we heard via Holy Foley Noelle was training to become a wrestler. Please sign her WWE.

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