15 Strange Unsolved Mysteries In The World Of Wrestling

The stories in the world of wrestling to go down in the ring and behind the scenes each live on in history. Wrestling is remembered fondly by the fans for the things that unfold on television. WrestleMania is remembered easily by the numbers with diehard fans thinking of their favorite match from each event when the event is referenced. There’s also the backstage aspect of gossip carrying over from the locker room to dirtsheets to online debates. Most stories in both reality and entertainment often give us an ending, but there are still some mysteries that have never been officially answered.

We'll take a look at some of the more bizarre stories that are floating around the internet after never getting an answer in timely fashion. Some of these were storylines that started on television but never paid off with an ending. Others are real life urban legends and rumors that have been discussed for years without any confirmation. Both sides will be examined as we try to figure out what is true and what could have been the endings to these tales. These are fifteen bizarre mysteries that have remained unsolved in the world of professional wrestling.

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15 Vince Russo: WCW Murderer?

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The business decision of Vince Russo to leave WWE for WCW was a confusing one at the time. Russo was on the ride of his life making great money as the lead writer of Raw during the Attitude Era. The claim of Russo is that Vince McMahon disrespected him with a comment shutting down his desire to spend more time with family. Money likely was the biggest factor in the move to WCW.

There has been a mystery regarding the status of Russo becoming the head honcho for WCW when in bad shape. Russo did objectively horrible work consistently and many people credit him as being the person most responsible for killing WCW. The mystery here is a theory that McMahon paid Russo a lot of money to go to WCW as a plant and intentionally destroy them. This may be a farfetched idea in theory, but it would be the best explanation for his writing.

14 Who attacked Hideo Itami?

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A recent on-screen mystery focuses on an NXT storyline done to write Hideo Itami off television. Itami suffered a real life injury and NXT recorded a segment of him being on the ground in pain in the parking lot. It was done to set up the story of who attacked him when he returned to NXT. Unfortunately, Itami’s injury timetable was longer than expected and WWE dropped the angle when he returned.

The segment of him being down in pain saw Kevin Owens walk by casually with a snarky comment teasing that it was him. There was also a segment where Itami stared coldly at Finn Balor winning the NXT Championship making fans wonder if it was him. Hideo wasn’t back at his peak condition until both Owens and Balor were already established stars on the main roster. We'll likely never know who was meant to be the attacker.

13 Vince McMahon Hating Kevin Owens' WrestleMania Match

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The fascinating WWE 365 special on WWE Network gave a great glimpse into the life of a wrestler working for Vince McMahon. Kevin Owens witnessed the professional low of having McMahon despise his WrestleMania match against Chris Jericho earlier this year. McMahon’s reason for disliking the match was never disclosed, but it was made obvious that this forced Owens to make drastic changes the rest of the year.

This was a bit confusing as the general consensus on Owens versus Jericho it was a decent match and nowhere near some of the stinkers the show has produced in recent years. It contributed to a solid first half before Randy Orton versus Bray Wyatt, The Undertaker against Roman Reigns and Triple H taking on Seth Rollins - all underperformed matches in various ways. McMahon will never reveal why he hated the match so much, and it is impossible to understand his thinking was and still is nowadays.

12 GTV

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The writing during the Attitude Era was quite sloppy when it came to the mid-carders and secondary angles. One of the best examples of this was the mystery of GTV. This concept would feature secret footage of wrestlers getting into incidents or having embarrassing moments shown against their wishes. All we know about the back story for this was the letters GTV.

Fans expected someone to be behind the cameras making life difficult for the other wrestlers. Months of segments helped established GTV as an interesting way to either debut or revamp a character going forward, but no one was ever revealed. The GTV segments stopped airing with zero explanation whatsoever. Goldust was rumored to be the man behind this but he signed with WCW before it could be revealed.

11 Did Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon Hook Up?

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One of the biggest urban legends in the history of wrestling regards the reason Randy Savage left WWE. Savage made the move from WWE to WCW in the early 90s seemingly for the money and a bigger push. However, Vince McMahon viewed Savage as an enemy unlike the other wrestlers to jump ship during the time frame.

Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and even Eric Bischoff all worked for WWE after the Monday Night Wars despite things getting personal between them and McMahon. Savage was the one man blacklisted from ever returning according to writers at the time. A theory that has existed online for many years is that Savage hooked up with an underage Stephanie McMahon leading to McMahon refusing to do business with him. Some speculation has given hope that Stephanie addresses this in her upcoming autobiography.

10 King Of The Ring Briefcase

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A random storyline to take place during the King of the Ring 1999 main event saw WWE rely on a lazy route to have Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon defeat Steve Austin in a ladder match. The match saw control of the WWE on the line with both sides trying to climb the ladder and grab a briefcase to win the match.

Austin had the match won multiple times until the briefcase started moving back up and to the side away from him. Someone was controlling it with the goal being to help the McMahon family win back control of WWE. No one was ever officially revealed as the person behind this. Big Boss Man was reportedly supposed to be the mystery man, but he just returned in lackluster fashion as a secondary guy.

9 Bret Hart's Sunny Days

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The drama between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart reached a low point on-screen when Michaels made a comment about Hart cheating on his wife. Michaels’ claimed that Hart was having “Sunny days” as an allegation to Bret hooking up with WWE Diva Sunny backstage. Considering Michaels dated Sunny for a short time period before this, it made things even weirder between the two.

Hart would get the better of Michaels in a fight a few weeks later with this being the motive behind his anger. Both Sunny and Bret have shut down these rumors, but wrestlers aren’t always honest about something of this nature. Hart did admit to cheating on his wife many times in his book but remained adamant Sunny wasn’t one of them.

8 Vince McMahon's Lock Box

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Shane McMahon’s return to WWE television in early 2016 was a massive shock to the fans of WWE. This return was such a big surprise that WWE didn’t have much time to write a coherent storyline explaining why he was back. They came up with the idea that Shane was blackmailing Vince McMahon with a mysterious lock box until he had a chance to take power away from Stephanie McMahon.

Shane faced The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 32 with Shane having to give the lock box back to Vince if he lost. Naturally, Shane did lose the match and gave the box with zero explanation or reveal as to what was inside of it. The stipulation of Shane failing to get power was changed too as he still got to run SmackDown.

7 The Undertaker's Fear of Cucumbers

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A bizarre mystery regarding an irrational fear of a wrestler featured The Undertaker getting freaked out by cucumbers. Despite being considered the toughest man in WWE, Undertaker would get terrified at the idea of having to look at or touch a cucumber. His close friends would rib him by hiding cucumbers in his bag and gear to get the better of him. If someone wasn’t a good friend, they weren’t allowed to joke about this.

Undertaker apparently visualized cucumbers as being similar to snakes and it caused him to have the strange fear. Mark Henry and Big Show shared a story on WWE’s Table for 3 about Paul Bearer hiding cucumbers under Undertaker’s hat and it causing a huge scene backstage as he freaked out. Undertaker would destroy you in a fight, but you would be able to humiliate him with a single cucumber.

6 Who Kidnapped Samoa Joe?

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Impact Wrestling has been known for their poor writing hurting the talented wrestlers in the company. Samoa Joe was the victim of horrible booking at various points of his time there. The worst instance came when Joe was abducted by a group of mysterious men driving off with him. Joe was off television for weeks before returning with no explanation.

Aside from a slightly different look and more intensity, nothing changed and fans were waiting on the details behind his being taken away by a group of ninjas. Joe was blunt about this storyline after leaving TNA by outing Vince Russo as the one behind it. Russo did the angle with nothing in mind for the explanation and just quit on it when Joe returned. If you needed any more reasons as to why Impact is in shambles, this story is one of many reminders.

5 Christy Hemme's Controversial Firing

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Christy Hemme was the first ever Diva Search winner and showed a lot of potential to make money for the company. At the time, the women’s wrestling skills didn’t matter to WWE and Hemme fit the look of a gorgeous model that received huge ovations every week. Despite the title of the Diva Search winner and showing the ability to get over, WWE released her out of the blue after a short run on the main roster.

The biggest conspiracy theory on the internet has been the belief that Triple H cheated on Stephanie McMahon with Hemme causing WWE to fire the latter. Christy staying quiet and not showing any anger towards WWE means this is a little more difficult to believe. Hemme did have a strong career with Impact Wrestling for many years before leaving wrestling.

4 Nexus Going After The Undertaker

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The Undertaker has feuded with many of the greats through the years. Any wrestler getting the better of Undertaker in a physical altercation is a great sign for the confidence WWE has in them. Wade Barrett led the Nexus to beat down Undertaker at Bragging Rights 2010. Nexus helped Kane destroy Undertaker to write him off television for a few months.

Everyone expected this to lead to Undertaker facing Barrett at WrestleMania XXVII for revenge with the story already set up. Instead, Undertaker faced Triple H and the attack from Nexus was never mentioned again. WWE never explained the motive behind Nexus taking out Undertaker nor why Undertaker never got payback. It seems the company gave up on Barrett in that role and his career was never the same.

3 Montreal Screwjob: Real or fake?

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Many wrestling personalities still believe the Montreal Screwjob was a scripted work meant to fool the fans and wrestlers. Bret Hart saw the bell ring and the finish come before he expected as Vince McMahon wanted him to lose it to Shawn Michaels. Hart refused using his contract clause and McMahon felt he had to screw the wrestler on his way out.

Despite the fact that all parties suggest it was real, there are a few variables that make it a mystery. Bret’s documentary crew somehow had perfect backstage access on the day of this event to put together a great film chronicling everything. It also launched the heel Mr. McMahon character that led to huge success. Hart refusing to return to WWE for such a long time is the biggest factor in believing it was indeed real.

2 Hulk Hogan's WrestleMania IX Black Eye

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Hulk Hogan has been a part of various memorable WrestleMania moments. One memorable for the wrong reasons saw him sporting a black eye at WrestleMania IX. Hogan won his tag team match earlier in the night and then shockingly challenged Yokozuna to win the WWE Championship in the main event. Despite all this action in two matches, most people just remember him having a black eye.

Hogan claims he suffered the facial injury during a Jet Ski accident on his off time. However, there is a very popular theory that went around regarding Randy Savage punching Hogan in the face during a physical altercation backstage. Savage and Hogan had a relationship that saw them go back and forth between best friends and bitter enemies. This is a very realistic story that is easy to believe given both men’s personalities.

1 Who Murdered Vince McMahon?

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Vince McMahon took a risk by faking his own death on Raw in a limo explosion to start a new storyline. The big summer story in WWE was going to see everyone try to figure out who was responsible for the death of McMahon in kayfabe. A tragedy would occur the following week when Chris Benoit killed his wife and son before taking his own life. McMahon had to end his storyline with more important issues like saving the company amongst the controversy.

We never saw the story unfold and the mystery of the reveal would live on forever. Rumors indicated that Mr. Kennedy was set to be the man behind the explosion as WWE wanted to push him as a top heel at various points during his tenure in WWE. Regardless, it would be nice for someone in WWE to officially give us the answer to this and many other unsolved mysteries.

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