15 Stunning Pictures Of Eva Marie Post-WWE That Fans Will Drool Over

Eva Marie is one of the most hated WWE superstars of all time because of her lack of in-ring skills. Despite that fact, Eva is also one of the most attractive women in wrestling history. Her red hair can be considered iconic even though her WWE career is nowhere near illustrious. It is also surprising to see her get released because the WWE never gave up on her and they were even planning to give her a push.

The 33-year-old stunner got demoted to development and started training at the WWE Performance Center in 2015. Eva improved enough to get promoted back to the main roster the next year and she was given a good gimmick that gained a lot of heat. However she got suspended for 30 days after violating the WWE’s Wellness Policy. Ms. All Red Everything was also removed from the seventh season of Total Divas. She officially parted ways with the WWE on August 4, 2017.

It’s not a secret that Eva was just using the WWE to move on to bigger things. She is very popular among casual fans because of her looks and she used that popularity to get into Hollywood. Eva already made her film debut this year and is set to star in another one next year. She also launched her own fashion line, NEM Fashion, where she serves as one of the models. I know you people don’t want to admit it, but you miss Eva Marie, so here are 15 stunning images of her after leaving the WWE that will make you drool.

15 Traffic Stopper

What is it with Eva Marie and sunglasses? I get that there is a lot of sun in California but we also need to see her beautiful eyes. Nevertheless, Eva gets in the middle of the road in her half tank top and worn out jeans in this photo. Those abs get me every time.

Did you know? Eva Marie was a sports fan growing up but her favourite sports team ever is the San Francisco Giants. Eva became a fan of the Giants because of her father and three brothers. She still attends Giants games as long as her schedule permits it. Her favourite player of all time is first baseman Will Clark, who was with the Giants from 1986 to 1993. One of her dreams is to throw out the first pitch at AT&T Park.

14 Coffee Is Life

Cheers to the weekend ☕️😀 #CoffeeIsLife

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We don’t need coffee in the morning to stay awake. We just need to look at this picture of Eva Marie drinking coffee on the go. Her outfit is absolutely stunning and a gust of wind could easily make this photo not safe for work. It is a great look that will make every man jealous of her husband.

Did you know? In one of the episodes of Total Divas, Eva Marie confessed that she was a recovering alcoholic. She started drinking heavily when she was a teenager and she is still in a program to keep her completely sober. Eva talks to a sponsor on a weekly basis and she considers her battle with alcoholism as a “life or death” thing. She also credits her husband for helping her battle the addiction.

13 Walking The Dog

Family stroll with the babies 🐶🐶

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Let’s start things off with an image of Eva Marie on a beach rocking a nice seafoam piece that shows quite a bit of action. If that does not get your attention, Eva’s toned abs are better than ever and her cute puppies just make everything in the picture perfect. Add the nice beach at the back and you have a great photo, minus her husband of course.

Did you know? The WWE held a Diva Search competition in 2013 in the Los Angeles area but it was unaired. The eventual winner was Eva Marie, who was immediately signed to a contract and joined the cast of Total Divas. Eva then made her main roster debut in the same year even though she did not have any wrestling training. Other prospects that came from the 2013 WWE Diva Search include Lana, JoJo Offerman, and Devin Taylor.

12 Staying Fit

i took the road less traveled ✨✨

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Eva Marie has no problems staying in shape even after leaving the WWE. Her figure is one of the reasons she’s earning money and she has to take care of it. In this picture, Eva shows off her figure fresh from a run at a sandy road less traveled. She really was always meant to be a model instead of a wrestler.

Did you know? Being half-Mexican, Eva Marie loves spicy food even though she eats healthy to maintain her amazing figure. Her husband, Jonathan Coyle, loves to cook and he prepares spicy cuisines from time to time because of Eva’s love for Mexican dishes. One of the qualities Jonathan had that made Eva love him is his cooking skills.

11 Fade To Black

Leaving the WWE for this? Eva Marie flaunts her amazing body in a very eye-catching one-piece bikini. It does not reveal too much but you can just stare at it all day, every day. However the main reason behind this image is to promote her Fade To Black collection of sunglasses. Where can we buy one of her… sunglasses?

Did you know? Eva Marie was the youngest child of Barry and Josie Nelson. Her father is Italian while her mother is Mexican but she was born in Walnut Creek, California. Despite being raised as Italian-Mexican by her parents, Eva has always been close to her Latina heritage because her mom’s family had a larger presence. She even had a quinceanera and a mariachi band played at her wedding.

10 Action Star

GN 😈🎬

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Eva Marie gave her fans a preview of her role for the movie titled Action No. 1 set to be released next year. She plays the role of a Bounty Hunter in the film about a comic bookstore-owner assembling a team to steal the most valuable comic book from Nicholas Cage and hold it for ransom. She is currently filming in Canada until the end of the month

Did you know? Eva Marie left the WWE to focus on her NEM fashion line, as well as her Hollywood career. She was previously managed by her husband but she decided to join the same agency that manages Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Eva is now part of William Morris Endeavour or WME and she is being managed by Dany Garcia, the ex-wife and producing partner of Johnson. Eva already made her film debut this year in Inconceivable alongside Nicholas Cage.

9 When In Bali

One of the perks of working in the WWE is a better schedule, which means more time for vacation. Eva Marie spent some time in Bali, Indonesia this year and she took some amazing pictures including this one in paradise. She exhibited her incredible physique in a maroon bikini to grab our attention. Is that a rosary around her neck?

Did you know? Eva Marie does not only have beauty and brawn but she also has brains. Eva graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management at California State University, Fullerton. She even earned a minor degree in Human Resources before focusing on her modelling career. However, that did not stop her from graduating and receiving an associate degree in art at Diablo Valley College.

8 SuperWoman

Who’s your favorite superhero!?😈#Halloween 🎃 -

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If your favourite superhero is SuperWoman, then you will love how Eva Marie pulled off this look. Eva looks good with the insignia of the House of El on her chest and geeky glasses. The only things that are missing are her cape and blonde hair since she already has the abs of steel.

Did you know? One of the major flaws in Eva Marie’s WWE career is her wrestling ability. Fans have been critical of her to the point that she got legitimate heat for being bad at wrestling. Eva asked the WWE to send her down to the Performance Center and get more training in 2015. Her trainer was current WWE superstar and former cruiserweight champion Brian Kendrick. Eva improved a lot in the ring but she eventually left the WWE earlier this year.

7 All Black Everything

Fall is here 🍁 🍃 🍂 - Dark Lip? Yay or Nay? #DontMindGlensHands 😜

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The fall season is here and Eva Marie celebrated it by going all black. Black hair and dark lips suit her well, and she looks very astonishing. Her stare will melt you or turn you to stone, whichever you like, and her face is impossible to look away from.

Did you know? The nickname Eva Marie had during her WWE career is Ms. All Red Everything. It was because of her red hair and red ring gear, which was made by Brian Kendrick’s wife, Taylor Matheny. But Eva’s natural hair colour is actually black and she is using it in her Hollywood career. She only dyed her hair red in the WWE to make herself stand out. Eva had to get her dyed every three weeks because of how fast her black roots are growing.

6 Island Life

Back in Bali, Indonesia, Eva Marie continued to enjoy her post-WWE life. She used this trip to get some serious love on Instagram and while this photo isn't so revealing, it does prove that she has moved on successfully. The ocean in the background is also stunning but it is better to look at Eva.

Did you know? While training with Brian Kendrick, Eva Marie was advised to watch more wrestling matches, specifically of Japanese wrestlers. Eva studied former WWE cruiserweight and tag team champion, Yoshihiro Tajiri, who is known for his strikes. Kendrick also instructed Eva to watch other Japanese wrestling promotions and adapt their move set. It would have been great to see Eva become “The Queen of Strong Style” if she did not leave the WWE.

5 Flex Those Muscles

Even though Eva Marie is hated by many wrestling fans, you cannot hate her for this photo. She is flexing her muscles for everyone to see that she has a better body now than when she was in the WWE. Let us all just appreciate the former WWE superstar and budding Hollywood actress’ beautiful form.

Did you know? The majority of wrestling fans hated Eva Marie because she was only signed for her looks and not her athleticism. But Eva has an athletic background having played soccer at Diablo Valley College as a striker. She also played soccer for California State University at Fullerton, even becoming the captain of the team. Even if she focused on her modelling career, Eva still plays soccer when she has the time.

4 Labor Day Fun

How did you spend Labor Day? Well, Eva Marie spent hers on the beach, playing with the waves and bathing in the sun. She was enjoying her time in the water, wearing a blue-green bikini. Her incredible shape is on full display as her abs are front and centre again, and her skin is just vibrantly perfect.

Did you know? Eva got her first implants when she was 20 years old at the start of her modelling career. She had the implants for about ten years before one of them ruptured in 2015, causing the silicone to leak into her bloodstream. Eva was reluctant to undergo surgery at first but Nikki Bella convinced her to get new ones.

3 Arriving In Style

Just arrived in #Bali 👙🌊 😀

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Eva Marie arrived in Bali, Indonesia in style and showed why she is one of the hottest women in the world. We got some bikini action while her abs are still something we can obsess about. Her legs are also perfect and there’s nothing bad we can say about Eva because she’s not in wrestling anymore.

Did you know? In 2014, Eva Marie was included in Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 list wherein she was ranked 83rd. She was the only WWE superstar on the list and she even had her own spread. Eva was sandwiched in the list by American singer, Lana Del Rey, at 82, and future Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, at 84. The 2015 Hot 100 list was topped by Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Candice Swanepoel.

2 All Red Everything

#FBF #AllRedEverything 🤸‍♀️✨💃🏻 - What hair color next? 😀

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An Eva Marie list wouldn’t be complete without seeing her in something red. Eva loves spending time on the beach after leaving the WWE and she is just plain ridiculously attractive in this picture. Her tiny red bikini barely leaves something to the imagination.

Did you know? Eva Marie posed for website Tease Um before she became a WWE superstar. It was shot during her early modelling days as she was still rocking her natural black hair. Eva posed in a variety of bikinis and amazing lingerie. If the WWE was not in the PG Era, Eva would have easily been among the most pushed and popular stars in the whole business. After the Women's revolution however, there was no room for the "green" Eva Marie in the locker room.

1 Bold Colours

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If Eva Marie was still in the WWE, she will surely stand out with this new hairdo. Many current WWE superstars are coloring their hair in different ways. Eva’s current hair is a combination of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte. But let’s not focus on the hair because Eva is showing us much more. Cheers!

Did you know? According to Internet Wrestling Database, Eva Marie has a winning percentage of 50 percent. Yes, Eva has won 50 percent of her matches and some of the WWE superstars she has defeated include Carmella and Alexa Bliss. She was scheduled to get a huge push on SmackDown Live before she got suspended on August 18, 2016 for violating the WWE’s Wellness Policy. Eva made her last WWE appearance on August 9, 2016 wherein she suffered a wardrobe malfunction before a match with Becky Lynch.

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