The WWE may be a massive, lucrative company where you are certainly settled for life after making it big, but the fame and fortune don’t come without wrestlers’ hard work. These individuals have to work themselves to the limit and have had to perform almost 24×7 in the past years because of how the company has continuously expanded. While these wrestlers put all their day’s work for the WWE, they are also human beings and despite being employed by the company, they have their own opinions and decisions which they have a right to take.

Some of these wrestlers do some things in their personal life which the WWE just can’t manage to digest, despite these wrestlers being absolutely rational with their decisions and never really hampering the company’s reputation. Be it prioritizing spending some time with their family or some mistake they made on social media – or in a WWE segment itself – some wrestlers have been punished by the WWE for fairly dumb reasons.

They have been made to “atone for their sins”, and some of them were punished quite heavily for their mistakes, with the WWE proving how petty it can be towards some wrestlers who do not go “by the book”.

15. Drew McIntyre – Being Assaulted By His Wife


While he has made a triumphant return to WWE by winning the NXT Championship recently, Drew McIntyre was seemingly meant for great things on the main roster as the “Chosen One”. He was given a big push where he won the Intercontinental Championship and was quite high in the eyes of management as well before it all came crashing down. McIntyre was involved in a domestic assault incident with his wife Taryn Terrell where he was the victim! This made WWE doubt his “manliness” as they put an end to McIntyre’s push and he’d go on a long losing streak which took away all his credibility. To make it worse, he was given a comic character in a member of the 3MB and spent the rest of his stint in the WWE as a joke, all this just for being wrongfully assaulted by his wife!

14. Baron Corbin – Engaging In A Twitter Feud


Baron Corbin looked like the next big star of Smackdown Live! when he won the Money in the Bank Briefcase earlier this year and could cash it in anytime to catapult to the main event. Corbin is quite the straight-up guy in real life who gives it back to critics who talk trash about him, but he went too far on twitter for which he was punished. Corbin was in an angry twitter argument with infamous wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer and also apparently blocked some WWE officials on his twitter. This didn’t go well with management, who punished him by making him fail his cash-in and later go on a short-losing streak. This actually seems quite stupid considering that Corbin was only playing his character on social media and was ironically made to pay for it.

13. Titus O’Neil – Being Playful With Vince McMahon


Titus O’Neil has always been a fun character in the WWE, be it as part of the Prime Time Players or even as a singles wrestler as well. He seems like the guy whom everyone loves to hang around with at the back, but he managed to anger the wrong guy in the boss Vince McMahon last year. On the episode where Daniel Bryan announced his retirement, the whole WWE crew came to congratulate him in the end and just as everyone was going back, Titus tried to be playful with Vince McMahon who hated it. McMahon was livid with O’Neil and went onto suspend him for 60 days for being playful on air. This was rather stupid and angered most of the fans who took Titus’ side as McMahon probably realized his error later on as he’s been treating O’Neil quite well after his return from suspension.

12. Naomi – Entrance Woes


Naomi was having a terrific 2017 when she won the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 33 and was ruling over Smackdown as the top diva, but it all came to an end for a very stupid reason. Prior to her match against Natalya for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at SummerSlam, Naomi was asked on an episode of Smackdown by JBL whether she’s going to have a special entrance at SummerSlam. She answered yes and it ticked off management, who didn’t have anything planned and were now forced to come up with something. She was punished for it as she tapped out to Natalya and lost her title at SummerSlam after having such a successful reign. This shows how petty WWE can be when it comes to genuine mistakes on their superstar’s end, as poor Naomi was made to feel the wrath after her error of judgment.

11. Daniel Puder – Messing With Kurt Angle


Daniel Puder was not really known by the WWE fans until he got his moment of glory when he was challenged by Kurt Angle on an episode of Tough Enough in a shoot fight. What Angle didn’t know is that Puder had MMA experience and the “amateur” wrestler almost broke Kurt’s arm after applying a kimura lock. This didn’t go so well with management, who decided to teach him a lesson for it when he was made an entrant in the 2005 Royal Rumble match. Here he was “fed” to Hardcore Holly, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit who chopped him up before throwing him outside the ring. Puder was astonishingly punished for doing his job during the “shoot fight” against Angle and trying to make it a legitimate contest, but watching their veteran fighter being embarrassed by a rookie made WWE teach Puder a stern lesson.

10. Mark Henry – Signing A Bumper Contract


Mark Henry was already a national superstar before signing on with the WWE, as he was an infamous power-lifter who won many prestigious medals for his country prior to his pro-wrestling career. Henry was signed on by the WWE with a rather lucrative offer in 1996 when he was given a 10 year, $10 million dollar contract by Vince McMahon which was something he couldn’t say no to. But Vince apparently regretted giving him this kind of a contract after signing him and rather than blame himself, he decided to punish Henry for it for the next decade. Henry was part of some really ridiculous stuff including a relationship with Mae Young which resulted in her giving birth to a “hand”. He was also a mid-carder at best when he should’ve been high up, as this ridiculous reason goes onto show how snobby Vince McMahon really is.

9. Zack Ryder – Trying To Get Himself Over On Social Media


Zack Ryder may have been not so popular when he was part of La Familia and under Edge during his early period in WWE, but after getting repackaged into the “Modern Day Iced-Z” gimmick, he earned a lot of popularity from the fans. The WWE wasn’t that interested in pushing him, but his amazing work to get himself over on social media where he did some really cool stuff and also made himself the “social media champion” of sorts. The WWE couldn’t stand Ryder trying to get himself over and punished him for this reason, as he was buried and kept as a jobber for trying to do so something like that. Soon when Ryder stopped his incredible social media activity would the WWE soften their stance on him, but this stupid reason for which they punished him shows how bitter the WWE really is.

8. Rusev And Lana – Publicly Announcing Their Marriage


Rusev and Lana have been a couple for many years now, as it all started when the two were made an on-screen alliance in NXT and fell in love with each other at the time. Everyone knew about them being together and in love, but then rumors started to circulate that Vince McMahon wanted to break them up (in real life as well). So the two took a daring step and announced their engagement to TMZ, something which infuriated the WWE. While they were forced to reveal them as husband and wife, they punished both of them as Rusev was turned from monster heel to a lower-mid carder who jobbed to many. Lana was slut shamed by the WWE numerous times afterward as well and the two still have some heat among officials for taking that step, which is absolutely dumb considering that did it to save themselves from being separated.

7. Triple H – The Curtain Call Incident


Triple H has been the “King of Kings” in the WWE for over a decade now as he was still getting the hang of things in WWE when The Kliq was at full power in the company. But then the Curtain Call incident happened! Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were leaving for WCW and in their final event at Madison Square Garden, they hugged out with Triple H and Shawn Michaels after the main event. The problem was that Michaels and Hall were faces while Nash and Triple H were heels and this broke kayfabe very badly when video evidence was leaked. With Nash and Hall gone and Michaels as the WWE Champion, Triple H was the one punished as his push to win the King of the Ring tournament was cancelled. He wrestled inexperienced wrestlers and this punishment was pretty stupid considering that he wasn’t solely responsible for the incident.

6. Dolph Ziggler – Making Bad Comments Against Randy Orton


Dolph Ziggler’s career at the WWE is becoming more and more awful with each passing year which is really sad considering how good of a wrestler he really is. Ziggler was having quite a great time as a top star in the WWE when he was World Heavyweight Champion a few years ago, but he got himself in hot waters by making some comments against Randy Orton. He said about how sick he was that someone like Orton was getting chances after chances and that he’d beat him if he gets a chance to face him. WWE did not take this kindly and almost immediately put an end to his push, after which he became a jobber to the stars. Ziggler has been a mid-carder ever since then as this punishment is extremely stupid and shows how WWE just doesn’t like Dolph after those comments about their “Golden Boy”.

5. Ricky Steamboat – Wanting To Be With His New-Born Son


Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat was one of the most underrated wrestlers in the WWE during the 80s as he not only portrayed a fascinating character but was a terrific wrestler as well. He finally got his big break when he won the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania III. Steamboat’s wife was pregnant at the time and weeks after winning the belt, Steamboat wanted some time-off to be with his pregnant wife during the birth of their son. WWE wasn’t happy with this, as they had him drop the title to The Honky Tonk Man later on before giving “The Dragon” some-time to be with his new-born son. But the fact that he was punished in the first place for wanting to be with his pregnant wife during childbirth is absolutely ridiculous and shows how WWE just doesn’t care about the personal lives of their employees.

4. Trish Stratus – Rejecting A Lesbian Angle


Trish Stratus was quite an asset for the WWE during the “Golden Era” of Women’s Wrestling as she was a pioneer for the wrestling part of women in the WWE getting over with the fans. She was high with the fans in 2002 when she was asked to do a lesbian angle with Torrie Wilson, where she’d have to kiss her on the lips. But Trish refused to do it as she felt it wouldn’t help her character and the WWE did not like her saying no to them. So after that was done, Trish was made to drop her WWE Women’s Championship to Jazz right before WrestleMania which was happening in her home-town. The fact that she was punished for refusing to do a ludicrous angle which wouldn’t help her image at all shows how terrible WWE can be to those who say no to their faces.

3. Paul London РSmiling At Mr. McMahon


Paul London was quite the exciting wrestler for the WWE when he and Brian Kendrick made up an exhilarating tag team and even held the Tag Team titles for a record 331 days at one point as well. Everything was going well for London until he committed a big sin in the eyes of the WWE. Along with many other superstars, London was also shown during Mr. McMahon’s exit to his limo(which exploded) during the episode where he died (kayfabe) and he actually smiled on camera while everyone else looked grim. WWE was livid and decided to punish him for “smiling”, as his team with Kendrick was broken up some-time later and he jobbed to some stars as a singles wrestler before being let go. This ridiculous punishment shows how uncompromising WWE can be when superstars don’t follow the script as London would find it out the hard way.

2. Natalya – Given A Farting Gimmick For Accidentally Farting


Natalya has probably been one of the most talented women in the WWE for almost a decade now, but she’s had to go through a lot of bad stuff to be in the position she is right now. The Smackdown Women’s Champion wasn’t having the best of times in WWE a few years back when she was given a farting gimmick by the company. Apparently, the reason for her given one is because she accidentally farting during a match or a particular segment and was punished for passing the gas. The farting gimmick saw her in a weird predicament as she would fart in many segments and was turned into a disgusting character for accidentally letting it out one day. This is pretty dumb, as it goes onto show how WWE can come up with anything after somebody makes a mistake and poor Nattie’s reputation was crushed with this gimmick.

1. Owen Hart – Staying Faithful To His Wife


Owen Hart was an incredible wrestler in the WWE during the 90s, but something which held him back was him being uncomfortable with blending in with the raunchy Attitude Era. His fall started once this era kicked-in and in an attempt to spice it up for him, WWE wanted him to haven on-screen affair with tag team partner Jeff Jarrett’s valet Debra which would lead to a feud between the two. But Owen refused to do this storyline as he didn’t want his wife and kids to see him in such light. The WWE decided to punish him for refusing them, as he was given the Blue Blazer gimmick afterward where he’d essentially portray a blue costumed bird. Hart wanted to stay faithful to his wife and family, but the WWE couldn’t see into that and ridiculously punished him for being a devoted, good human being.

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