15 Superstar Hook Ups WWE Wants You To Ignore

There are more couples in WWE right now than ever before and now that the company is cashing in on this fact with Total Divas, which showcases many of the couples that WWE approves of, there are many others that WWE would rather forget.

When couples first get together, it is great for WWE because they can come up with storylines for them to do together and it means that they are also traveling together. When they break up, it means that WWE then has to find a way for the two stars to still work together when they don't actually want to, which makes everything backstage a lot more awkward.

WWE can never tell their superstars who they are allowed to date, but when it's an affair or something that they know shouldn't be going on, then it would only be right for them to step in.

The following list looks at the 15 hook-ups that Superstars have had over the past few decades. The ones WWE have tried their best to erase them from the minds of the WWE Universe.

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15 Mickie James and John Cena

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John Cena is now a 16-time World Champion in WWE and is dating former Divas Champion Nikki Bella. But a few short years ago John Cena was caught out when it was revealed that he was cheating on his wife with Mickie James.

At the time Mickie James was engaged to Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra and when he found out he decided to leak the news on Social Media. Cena then broke up with Mickie James and she was moved to the SmackDown brand away from Cena and then quietly released. Mickie has since returned to WWE as a married mother of one, and while she has been put on the same brand as WWE power couple Cena and Nikki Bella, WWE have tried their best to make no mention of any previous indiscretions.

14 Melina and Batista

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Melina and Batista were part of a story line on Friday Night SmackDown when Batista and Rey Mysterio were fighting MNM for the Tag Team Championships. Melina decided to offer Batista a deal where if she slept with him, he would back out of a match with the Tag Team Champions, Batista went back on his word and fought the match, even though Melina followed through on her part of the deal.

This was just a WWE storyline, but Melina and Batista actually had a fling in real-life following this, Batista was married at the time, but had no problem describing in detail what happened with Melina in his autobiography. Melina was dating John Morrison at this point as well, somehow the couple managed to patch things up after the scandal was revealed.

13 Charlotte and Alberto Del Rio

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Charlotte has had as much luck in love as her father. She has already been married and divorced twice. And after her divorce to former TNA star Bram was made official back in October 2015, Charlotte decided to enter into a beneficial relationship with Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio had just returned to WWE and while he was still married. He claimed he was in the process of divorcing his wife. Charlotte claimed that the couple was happy together until Paige came along and turned the former United States Champion's head. Del Rio stated that his relationship with Charlotte was purely physical which is why he decided to jump at the idea of a real relationship with Paige. Charlotte and Paige haven't appeared on TV together since she revealed that she was set to marry the former WWE superstar.

12 Ashley And Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy has been through the ringer in WWE when it comes to his love life. First he met Lita and thought she was the woman he was set to spend the rest of his life with, then it seems that she decided to cheat on him at the first opportunity she was given.

Matt had just gotten over this heartbreak when he met Ashley. The couple dated for a while, before Ashley decided that she wanted to get into a relationship with Paul London, around the same time she began managing the former Tag Team Champions. Hardy and London had a brief argument on Social Media and things got awkward between them for a while, but it seems Ashley and London was over just as quickly as it began anyway.

11 Dana Brooke And Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler and Dana Brooke made their relationship official on Social Media back in 2015 and as a former fitness model, it seemed as though Dana was the perfect woman for Ziggler after the issues he had with his relationship with comedian Amy Schumer.

Obviously, Sometimes WWE decides that they are not happy with relationships between their Superstars. It seems that Dolph and Dana were one of these couples since they were split up during the WWE Draft. Dana ended up on Raw and Dolph Ziggler is currently part of the SmackDown roster, and the couple has recently announced that they have quietly split up. It seems WWE underhanded tactics worked this time around, but there is always the possibility that these two could end up on the same brand at some point in the future.

10 Alexa Bliss And The NXT Locker Room

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Alexa Bliss is currently the SmackDown Women's Champion and the first ever two-time champion on the brand. But even though she is considered to be one of the most improved wrestlers in WWE since the draft, while she was down in NXT there were rumors that Alexa was only being pushed because of her extracurricular activities.

Alexa is currently engaged to former NXT Tag Team Champion Buddy Murphy but when WWE decided to allow her to go solo after valeting Blake and Murphy there was a mystery NXT employee who decided to go public with the fact that Alexa was doing a lot of favors for many other male wrestlers and directors who were in NXT at the time. The rumors were denied and it seems that WWE has attempted to put the entire situation behind them.

9 Sunny and Dolph Ziggler 

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Sunny has a reputation both in WWE and outside of it, and when she decided to send a suggestive tweet to a fan that then got the WWE Universe talking. Dolph Ziggler has a checkered dating history himself so when Sunny revealed that she had slept with Dolph, it caused him a whole manner of problems with many wrestlers backstage.

Sunny has fallen so far from grace since she left WWE, so much so that the company has distanced themselves from her now, this news wasn't great for Dolph at the time and thankfully it didn't bother his push in WWE too much. It does seem as though Dolph has managed to come out of this unscathed, which is quite shocking considering how many other stars Sunny has revealed to have been on her list.

8 JoJo And Randy Orton

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JoJo came into WWE after the 2013 Diva Search. She was just 19-years-old and was thrown in at the deep end when she was added to the cast Total Divas. JoJo was not used to the atmosphere of the show or the WWE locker room and while it was made public knowledge that JoJo was in a relationship with the much older Justin Gabriel on the show, she was in fact in a relationship with Randy Orton.

Orton and JoJo was only a short fling and given the fact that Orton is 14 years older than JoJo, it doesn't seem as though their relationship would have gone down well. Orton was then linked with Kimberley Kessler whom he married back in November 2015, and the couple welcomed their first child together in November last year.

7 Stephanie McMahon And Randy Savage 

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One of WWE biggest Urban Legends surrounds an apparent relationship or affair between 'Macho Man' Randy Savage and a teenage Stephanie McMahon. Savage and McMahon had always been close friends when she was younger, but it seems that they became much closer when Steph was only 14-years-old and this is why her father had such a dislike for him.

Savage wasn't allowed to return to WWE and he wasn't inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame until after he had died because of the hate that Vince McMahon harbored for him. Of course, the McMahon's have never publicly spoken about this legend and it seems all they want to do is ignore it and allow Stephanie to continue her WWE duties without the legacy that she has worked so hard to build, being tarnished.

6 Nikki Bella And Dolph Ziggler 

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Even though WWE have pushed this relationship recently on Total Divas, it seems that it is one that the company was never really happy about. Right now John Cena and Nikki Bella are teaming together as they go up against The Miz and Maryse, and Dolph Ziggler is a huge heel star, which means that he will want no links to the fact that he used to date Nikki.

Dolph has been used as the bad guy to get John Cena over as a much better choice for Nikki in the last few seasons of Total Divas. It seems that he has done enough to prove that he is ready to move on and WWE should now allow him to forget all about Nikki and no longer be associated with her on WWE TV.

5 Lita And CM Punk

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Let's be honest, WWE want to forget everything that there is to do with CM Punk after the way he left the company, but one of the main points is the role that WWE played in AJ Lee and CM Punk getting together. Lita and Punk were together for a while before WWE decided to put Lee and Punk together on WWE TV.

Since they had worked together, they began to get much closer and it apparently led to an affair while Lita and Punk were still together. The split was such a big deal that it was rumored that Lita wouldn't have gone into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 if Punk was still working for the company. So it's lucky that he decided to leave just before her name was announced.

4 Edge And Lita

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Edge is still currently employed by WWE as part of the Network Show that he presents with his old tag team partner Christian. Edge made quite a name for himself in WWE before he was forced to prematurely retire. But it was his antics outside of the WWE ring that allowed many fans to form an opinion of him.

Edge and Lita were paired together when Matt Hardy was injured and allowed time off from WWE to recover. It didn't take them long to decide to test the bounds of their friendship and since Edge was married at the time and Lita was in a relationship with Matt, it seems that this is a hook-up that WWE instigated and are completely to blame for even though they have never apologized to Matt for it.

3 Kelly Kelly and Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho and Kelly Kelly are now employed by WWE after the former Divas Champion was rehired by the company recently. But they will be hoping that the WWE Universe would forget all about Kelly Kelly's antics when she was an active part of the roster.

Kelly was said to have had relations with as many as ten different Superstars in the short time she was employed by WWE and one of these relationships was with a married Chris Jericho. There wasn't a lot said about the relationship at the time but it covered up by WWE because they didn't want one of their biggest stars to be seen as a cheat. Kelly left the company a few years ago and has since got married, which means that her run to the company will be different this time around.

2 Chyna and Triple H 

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It is one of the best-known love triangles in WWE, when Chyna made her WWE debut she was aligned with her real-life boyfriend Triple H. The couple remained together for a while until it seems that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H began working together on WWE TV.

The two hit it off and began to see each other behind Chyna's back and when she found out and reacted to the news, WWE released her. She was then left without a job, a boyfriend and many of her former WWE friends after WWE just decided to cut ties with her. She stated in an interview before her death that she never forgave WWE or Triple H for what they did and that shaped her life and her decisions since her WWE departure.

1 Zahra Schreiber and Seth Rollins

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The biggest love triangle of 2015 saw Seth Rollins' fiance Leighla Shultz discover that her boyfriend of many years had been cheating on her with NXT's newest tattooed queen and as revenge, she decided to leak personal photos of the couple online.

Seth and Leighla when cut all ties and he began dating Zahra Schreiber, the woman he was originally having an affair with. The couple didn't remain together for long since Zahara was released from WWE after fans found Nazi supportive Instagram posts and the company decided it was easier to release her. It was revealed that the couple had split in February last year and Rollins has since moved on with new girlfriend Sarah. The company tried to put the entire thing behind them and the man that they consider to be the future of their company, but often allow talent to have banter with Rollins about the pictures on WWE TV.

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