15 Superstars Who Come Across As Real-Life Heels

Professional wrestling is pre-determined and if you didn't know that already then you probably shouldn't be here. This oh so unique form of sports entertainment serves to thrill the masses with it's unique perspective on athletic competition, with just a hint of a soap opera to go alongside it. You have babyfaces in one corner and you have heels in the other, as the two character alignments go head to head with the good guy usually coming out on top more often than not.

However, when it comes to the real life personalities behind these characters they aren't always as pleasant as you may have anticipated. Much like actors and actresses around the world there are some wrestlers who love and appreciate their fanbase, meanwhile there are others who's only priority is themselves.

The guys and girls on this list fall somewhere in the middle, because at the end of the day we can never know for sure how nice they are. All we're going off of is the snippets of video that we've seen either on Total Divas, YouTube or other various forms of social media. That being said, some believe that you can get a pretty good sense of what these superstars are like purely from their attitude towards fans.

But instead of looking for the best in people, let's delve into who we think are the true heels of wrestling shall we? Also, the funniest part of this is that alot of people probably can't imagine some of these entries as heels inside of the squared circle, when in reality they'd probably knock it out of the park. Perspective is a funny thing, eh?


15 Eva Marie

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Boy oh boy has Eva Marie done well to tick a lot of people off since arriving in WWE. Whether it was supposedly going against the company's wishes to dye her hair red or just generally seem a little bit unlikable throughout her time on Total Divas, she hasn't done herself any favours. No matter what Eva does she can't seem to get away from this perception that people have of her - and the stories are starting to add up.

Plus, a recent suspension has thrown people into a bit of a loop regarding just how dedicated she is towards professional wrestling. As a model and a potential business owner things seem to be going in the right direction, and as the seasons of Total Divas have gone on she just looks as if that's the last place on earth she wants to be. Just walk away, Eva - please.

14 Randy Orton


Let's get this out of the way right from the off - Randy Orton once reportedly pooped in a woman's bag backstage. That is the kind of person we're dealing with here. Now obviously that incident happened a long time ago and Randy has cooled off substantially since then, but the guy still has that arrogance burning deep inside of him even if he's learned to hide it a little better.

Even on Twitter Randy still comes across as one of the cockiest guys on the roster from time to time, and no matter how hard he tries to get away from it there's always something that pops up to remind us what kind of a person Orton can be. We wish that WWE would figure out what kind of character he's meant to be portraying on TV too, because he should really be a heel in this current feud against Bray Wyatt.

13 Aliyah

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This one may come across as a little bit harsh, but we've honestly not found all too much to like about Aliyah from her time on Breaking Ground. She comes across as someone has a bit of a "throw my toys out of the pram" mentality, which ironically could be absolutely fantastic for her character on NXT which has been struggling to make any kind of real impact.

Plus, if her social media is anything to go by then she's much more interested in going out and looking good than rising to the top of the ranks down in developmental. She's often pictured alongside pal Liv Morgan on some kind of outing and whilst they are more than entitled to a social life outside of the business, it just comes across as something that a bad girl would do.

12 Zack Ryder


Zack Ryder may be one of the most loved superstars of recent times, but that doesn't tell the whole story behind the scenes. Essentially, for years and years now people have been complaining about Mr Woo Woo Woo due to his attitude during autograph signings. It makes sense that he has a chip on his shoulder after a long period of bad booking, but come on man - people paid money to see you.

We aren't sure what it is that has made Zack a little bit more rough around the edges, but perhaps it is indeed all down to how he's been presented on WWE television. Either way you should know what you're getting yourself into when it comes to mastering all aspects of the job as a WWE superstar, which is something we assumed Zack would understand by now.

11 Natalya


The Neidharts are absolutely bonkers. Seriously. Natalya seems to have one of the most dysfunctional families we've ever seen, and not just in the pro wrestling business. Plus, this "nice girl" persona that she seems to have gotten away with for years and years on end has been completely exposed as false throughout Total Divas.

Natalya comes across as mean, whiny and a backstabber at times. She likes to stir the pot between the other women on the show and whilst that may be done to increase the drama of certain situations, she seems way too comfortable in the role and there's a reason why she's so much more believable as a heel on WWE television. Oh, and we've heard more than enough about her cats for one lifetime.

10 Summer Rae


In the same kind of mold as Natalya, Summer was far too convincing in her bitchy role on Total Divas. She comes across as a woman who has the ability to pick up and drop a man at a moment's notice, and it always seems as if she's angry about something. Maybe she likes to cause alot of drama or perhaps she's just frustrated about a lack of opportunities on TV over the last few years.

Whatever the case may be, Summer doesn't really resonate with the WWE Universe and that kind of "I don't care" attitude seems to have followed her around ever since she debuted. We aren't saying this isn't redeemable, but from everything we've seen of her so far there just doesn't seem to be much to her apart from the stereotypes that everyone associates her with.

9 Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar has openly admitted to being that kid on the playground that bullied everyone else when growing up. Brock Lesnar has openly admitted to not liking other people. Brock Lesnar is one of the scariest men on the face of the planet. How on earth can you see this guy as anything other than a heel? Right down to his core, the Beast Incarnate is a bad ass.

Sometimes we question why he'd choose to do things like the Stone Cold Podcast if he truly did hate being around other humans, but then we remember what motivates all of Brock's decisions - money. He wants to provide for his family which is admirable, but in terms of his actual personality we can't exactly imagine warming up by the fire with the former WWE Champion.


8 Brie Bella


One half of the Bella Twins and the woman who has decided to name her daughter Birdie after her own company. Like, seriously? That alone should make her the biggest heel in wrestling because who does that? Anyway, aside from that Brie doesn't come across all too well on Total Divas as she always seems to contradict herself when it comes to her opinions.

Once again, we'd blame this on the storytelling or writers behind the show but we can't because it just all feels way too organic. Brie likes to present herself as the more dominant twin, which naturally makes her seem like the smarter one above anything else. Unfortunately that's been proven to be false on a number of occasions, and we question the sincerity of her babyface character that she portrayed during her 'retirement tour'.

7 Roman Reigns


Roman had to embrace the hate sometime, and it appears as if that time has finally come. After a few years of being rejected by the WWE Universe, Reigns appears to have started hitting back at fans both over social media and in person when it comes to his character. It's not surprising, either - anyone would be driven to that point if they had "you suck" shouted at them enough times.

But that's not all. Good old Roman also picked up a suspension in the summer of 2016, which sent the WWE Universe into an absolute frenzy. They were given even more ammo that they could launch at The Big Dog, with a few of Roman's tweets starting to give fans the impression that he's done trying to win them over. Fair enough.

6 Nikki Bella


Nikki Bella is not a babyface in any way, shape or form and the world needs to realise that. She's spoiled, overly opinionated and despite all the protests from her legions of fans she is where she is today partially due to her relationship with John Cena. She's definitely come on leaps and bounds in terms of her in ring work, but do you really think that Maryse was lying about the contract story on SmackDown?

Because we don't. In fact, we think it was 100% accurate because if we've learned anything from Total Divas it's like the twins enjoy looking out for themselves. There's nothing wrong with that, and they'd likely do anything to protect their family - but beyond that they seem to be driven by success and nothing else. In that sense, Nikki certainly takes the leading role.

5 Seth Rollins


Seth Rollins clearly has anger issues - that much is obvious. The Architect has shown time and time again that he can't help but let the heel inside of him out of it's cage, whether it be through video games on UpUpDownDown or because of some lost luggage on Ride Along. Whatever the case may be, Rollins is one angry dude.

But that isn't the only feather in his heel cap - no sir. Mr Rollins has also been involved in quite the scandal a few years back when he was caught cheating due to a social media blunder. It was so bad that it probably could've cost him his position at the top of the card, but thankfully for fans around the world it didn't. Still, adultery isn't exactly the work of a babyface.

4 Emma


First of all, she used to date a member of this list so the writing was kind of on the wall. Second of all, there are numerous reports suggesting that Emma has had a bad attitude backstage for quite some time now. Alot of her frustrations have apparently been directed at the Emmalina character that she was given and whilst that's understandable, you've got to know how to be professional with the whole situation.

WWE officials apparently weren't happy with the work she'd been putting into the project, and that just isn't acceptable at this level. Emma needs to get her priorities straight because this isn't an opportunity that lands on your doorstep every day, and given how long she's been with the company you'd think that she'd have learned that by now. Oh, and she stole an iPhone case by accident once - or something like that. The end is nigh!

3 Road Dogg


Oh Road Dogg. Aside from the fact that he was likely gifted his current position due to his association with Triple H, the guy is a pretty solid hand for WWE backstage. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to defend WWE on a regular basis over the likes of Twitter. We can't imagine that the company are all too happy about it, either.

Dogg likes to stick up for his employers, as you'd expect, baiting a number of fans into an often very lengthy debate. He ends up backtracking alot and biting his tongue, which kind of negates the impact of what he's trying to say. We're all for showing passion, but Road Dogg always seems to feel like he's got a point to prove and that never ends well when you're coming up against the WWE Universe.

2 Triple H


How many guys have come out and said bad things about Triple H over the years? Quite a few, is the answer - with CM Punk and Ryback being two of the more recent culprits. Look, the guy is doing some great things for the company and there's no doubt in our minds that he'll do a great job of running the show once Vince McMahon rides off into the sunset.

However, it can't be a coincidence that everyone always goes on about his arrogance behind the scenes. The Game is indeed a character within the professional wrestling, but we're starting to think that he actually believes he's one of the greatest of all time. Plus - you can't be a babyface if you insist on having the kind of entrances that HHH has at WrestleMania year in and year out.

1 John Cena


John Cena is one of the most self-centered superstars in the history of WWE. Well, at least that's what the man himself tells us. Big Match John has certainly cooled off in terms of his apparent selfish attitude since meeting Nikki Bella, but he always talks to people as if he's better than them. Most of the time he probably is, but that isn't the point.

Cena comes across as someone who always feels like he has to talk down to the person he's communicating with. Yes, he does alot of great work with charities like Make a Wish, but that's not what we're focusing on here. When it comes to his actual personality we imagine that his Total Bellas persona is pretty accurate in comparison to the man himself.


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