15 Surprisingly Hot Photos Of Bayley

There is no female superstar who has gotten more attention in the last few years as Bayley. From her humble beginnings in NXT, to her reign as RAW Women's Champion, her highs and lows are some of the most criticized in the whole company.

One of the reasons for Bayley's extreme popularity is her overall character. Fans can't help but feel happier when this plucky, energetic girl comes on our screen and into our ring. With this pluckiness also comes a sense of innocence. Bayley is less like a WWE Superstar and more our kid sister. We want her to succeed because she's happy and adorable and has heart!

Bayley is a founding member of the Four Horsewomen of NXT/WWE and is currently enjoying a lengthy WWE career, all while hugging fans the entire way.

Her kid-sister like image, and her dedication to character, may prevent some viewers from realizing just how hot Bayley is. Her ring gear, while bright, covers most of her body, her official WWE photoshoots don't reveal too much skin and outside of the ring she is as good of a girl as we hope she would be.

That being said, there are no shortage of pictures that show just how hot Bayley is. And better than her being hot, she has a natural beauty that doesn't need a lot of manufacturing on the WWEs part. All it takes is an angle of the light, or the right outfit, and you can see just how surprisingly hot our Bayley can be.

15 Photoshoot Bayley

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It's rare, although not unheard of, for Bayley to do an official photoshoot with the WWE outside of her ring gear. This image, taken from early in her career, is from one of these rare shoots. You'll notice Bayley's trademark smile right away, as well as a surprisingly high amount of skin showing. Given the timeline of this photoshoot, it's entirely possible that the WWE didn't quite have a handle on her character and simply wanted to show off their new girl. The muted tones of her dress and the background also point to this being an early version of Bayley. Why else would the WWE not put her in her trademark bright colors? This photo proves that Bayley doesn’t have to be bright and colorful to show her beauty.

14 Showing off Her Stomach

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Anyone who watched her thrilling Takeover Brooklyn battle with fellow Horsewoman Sasha Banks will never forget the joy we felt when Bayley won the NXT title for the very first time. This was the first title she won, and it certainly won’t be her last. Bayley was already hot, but putting her next to the title makes her all the hotter, and that’s not even going over one of Bayley’s best features: Her stomach. For as covered up as she is in the ring (we don’t see her legs after all) one thing the WWE costume department was sure to do was allow Bayley to show of her lean stomach. Her stomach is toned enough to see a 4-pack of abs and has nice, clean lines all the way around. Any photo showing Bayley’s stomach is automatically a hot one.

13 Bayley with Long Hair

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It’s an old trope in teen comedies that the ugly girl instantly looks hotter when she puts her hair down. If that’s the case, what happens when an already hot girl puts her hair down? Bayley is famous for her ponytail, so we’re used to seeing her with it. However, when she puts her hair down, we can see her in a whole new light. Maybe it’s because it’s a change in image, maybe it’s because it instantly makes her seem more relaxed or maybe it’s because it helps shed her kid-like image, but when Bayley puts her hair down it’s like she’s a whole other woman. Hair-down Bayley is going to be a popular theme in this list because it’s truly the hidden gem of Bayley’s hotness. She’s hot enough with her hair up, she’s downright blazing when it’s down.

12 Bayley Hugging

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Despite Carmella looking so drab about it, this picture instantly makes us smile because this is the Bayley we all know and love. Bayley is a beloved character on-screen because we know that she is exactly the same off-screen. We know that she’s a happy-go-lucky girl who is living her dream of becoming a WWE superstar and loving every minute of it. Nothing brings out a girl’s natural beauty than watching her do something she loves, and that’s what makes this picture so hot. Bayley is just doing what she does best, sneak up behind you and give you a big hug while laughing. Scientists have shown that smiling and laughing make you more attractive, and this is proven time and time again by our girl Bayley.

11 Covered Up Bayley

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There are few girls out there who are so naturally pretty that trotting them out with a full face of makeup and wearing scandalous clothing actually takes away from it. This picture is all the evidence you need to show that Bayley is one of these girls. By all accounts, this picture shouldn’t make the list. She’s wearing a heavy coat and shirt and is even covering some of her hair. However, because of Bayley’s natural beauty, it actually does the opposite. Covering her up makes her even more hot because you can see just how little it takes to make her look that way. This picture is also a great example of how much hotter she looks just being herself. She’s not wrestling or preening for the camera, she’s just talking to a group of people. The hotness is simply in her being herself.

10 Formal Bayley

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Bayley can obviously be described as the kind of girl you take home to meet your parents, and one of her photoshoots proves why. She looks absolutely gorgeous in an understated black and white dress that still manages to show off her best features. The dress is sleeveless in order to show off her muscle-toned arms and has the cuts in the side to show off her toned stomach, yet the neckline doesn’t plunge and show off a tone of cleavage or expose too much on the sides. Actually, knowing Bayley, this is probably a scandalous choice in clothing because it shows off an under-utilized part of her hotness, her legs. Another positive to this picture is the look Bayley is giving to the camera, it’s as if she knows how much this picture breaks her character.

9 Hugger for Life

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Bayley is eponymous with her hugs. It’s what she’s been doing since her first day in NXT and it continues in her current run as a WWE superstar. Very few people have had the privilege of receiving a genuine Bayley hug, but this image can help all of us who really want to. Bayley’s hotness comes through in this picture for three main reasons: Her smile, her t-shirt and her posture. Her t-shirt shows that Bayley is just as silly and nerdy and friendly as we all hope she is. You don’t wear a '60s Batman shirt unless you have a sense of humor after all. Her smile and her posture work together to create the image of her coming toward you looking for the hug. She looks so happy to see you that she just wants to embrace you. Don’t we wish this was actually happening?

8 A Wish Fulfilled

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When grooms are getting married, they say the most beautiful their wife has ever looked is when they’re coming down the aisle. This is because after years of working and planning, the bride is finally getting her wedding. This same theory can apply to this picture of Bayley. The way she’s looking at her action figure shows a true sense of amazement, wonder and fulfillment. You can almost read her mind as she thinks “I can’t believe this is happening, I can’t believe this is me.” The happiness and joy and fulfillment cause her to be hotter than any shade of lipstick or any cut of bikini. Instead of her giving you a hug, you want to walk over to her, put your arm around her, and say, “Congratulations Bayley...you deserve it!”

7 Natural Bayley

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A lot has been said about Bayley’s natural beauty, but it’s never more evident than this picture right here. The first clue comes from the background, which is a radio studio. Since you’re not on TV you don’t need to do anything to your face when you appear on the radio. The second clue comes from her hair and outfit. Like many of these pictures, you see casual hair-down Bayley with her patented plaid shirt. The last clue comes from the lighting. You can tell there is no professional lighting on her, which means this interview was impromptu. Yet, despite being on the radio, and being casual she still looks amazingly hot. Bayley proves that you don’t need to try to be hot in order to actually be hot.

6 Athletic Bayley

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With all the talk of her natural beauty, it’s almost easy to forget that Bayley is an athlete with an athletic body. Her natural beauty comes out when she’s not trying, however when she’s dialing up her toughness, she becomes an entirely different kind of hot. This picture shows off her confidence as well as her figure. She’s a battle-tested athlete and she’s not going to let us forget it. The way she’s pointing to her shoulder not only gives off an air of “I got this” confidence, but it also shows off her toned arms. One of the most attractive things about a person is their confidence in themselves. No one wants to be with someone who’s meek and acts like a beaten dog all the time, and Bayley shows off her battle scars with a proud air of confidence.

5 Happy Bayley

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It doesn’t take long to notice the most obvious aspect of this picture which makes Bayley look so hot. However, instead of talking about her chest, it’s important to focus on her smile. Bayley’s exuberance is one of her key features. It defines her as a character and it’s what leads to the greatest connection to her fans. Her exuberance is best shown in her smile. Bayley’s full-face smile does more than just convey her happiness. It’s the kind of smile that lights up her entire face, and the entire room. When she’s happy about something, you can’t help but smile yourself and bask in the glory that is her hotness. By receiving one of the hugs she so selflessly gives out, she is happy and laughing, which brings out the best in her looks.

4 WWE Superstar Bayley

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It’s important to remember the reason we all know Bayley in the first place: her WWE work. The entire reason we get to enjoy Bayley on a weekly basis is because she’s willing to don her outfit and wrestle. Her wrestling outfit is the reason Bayley is so recognizable hot in the first place. Her outfit is perfect for who she is. She doesn’t come out dressed in a bikini like some superstars do, but she doesn’t cover herself up entirely either. She is only as exposed as she needs to be. Her bright colors also bring out her bubbling personality. The bright pinks and blues show the world that she loves what she does, she has a good time, and she’s just as bright and hot as her colors show.

3 Pretty Bayley

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So many entries on this list talk about how naturally pretty Bayley is, and how she doesn’t need a whole treatment system to make her look good. But what about when she does want the full makeover? This picture proves that Bayley’s hotness flies off the charts when she decided to don the makeup and sexy clothing. A two-piece top and short skirt may seem against her character, but girls just wanna have fun sometimes and be sexy. Even when she’s at her sexiest, Bayley doesn’t forget to show off in bright colors while showing us her immaculate smile. Thankfully for us, there aren’t many photoshoots like these out there with Bayley in them. If that were the case, the internet might truly break.

2 Bikini Bayley

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Not only is this one of the hottest pictures of Bayley, this may be one of the hottest pictures ever taken. This picture hits all the marks. Bayley has long hair, she’s flashing her smile, she’s out with her friends Carmella and Sasha Banks and, to top it all off, she’s wearing a bikini top! There are barely any pictures of Bayley outside of her ring gear, and even fewer of those in a swimsuit, yet here she is wearing a bikini top. Bayley doesn’t show off her body very often, but this picture gives evidence as to why she maybe should. Everyone knows she has the body to wear outfits like these, but because of the dedication she has to her character and because of who she is, you simply don’t see pictures like this very often.

1 Just Bayley

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This picture is the best picture of Bayley there is, and that’s because it’s just a picture of Bayley. She doesn’t have any super-sexy bikini or outfit on, she isn’t trying to portray a character or show some false emotion, she isn’t preening for the camera or trying to show off for anyone and she isn’t doing anything different than what she does every day. This is because a happy Bayley in the wrestling ring is all we need. This is the hottest Bayley we know because this is the Bayley we pay to see. Despite all the other Bayleys that are out there, the Bayley that we love and think is the hottest of them all is simply the wrestling superstar we watch every week.

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