15 Sweet-Looking Wrestlers You Wouldn't Expect To Be Jerks In Real Life

WWE Superstars are globally recognizable athletes, which means that even when they are not performing on WWE TV. They are recognized in the street, in the supermarket, and sometimes at the airport.

Some of the stars are aware that this comes with its drawbacks and there are fans that will hunt them down for autographs and not wait for meet and greets like many others. But some WWE stars are not happy about this. There have been many stories about WWE stars who have been jerks to come fans but lovely to others.

Much of the time it can be dependent on when the stars meet fans, how annoying the fans are to them or sometimes even based on how much sleep they have managed to have.

Fans have shared many horror stories about WWE stars but there are also actual stories about these stars that prove that they are really jerks outside of the ring. Obviously, it's understandable that some wrestlers have egos, but some of these stars just need to tone it down a little bit.

Here are 15 of your favourite superstars that you didn't realize were so different from their character on-screen.

15 Seth Rollins

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The former member of The Shield and reason that the group eventually disbanded, has become a firm fan favourite over the past few months since his battle with injury and the fact that he went on to defeat Triple H at WrestleMania despite not being medically cleared.

Rollins may be a firm favourite with the fans, but it seems that he isn't with many of the production crew. As seen on an episode of swerved last year, Rollins was locked out of the building without any ID and went on to shout about how the show couldn't happen without him because he was the main guy. This was a new side for the fans to see of Rollins, who recently even tweeted about his hatred of fans stalking him at airports.

14 Brooke Adams

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Brooke Adams' route into WWE was through the 2006 Diva Search, before she was inevitably released and went on to make a much bigger name for herself in TNA. Brooke had a simple route into the business, so it would be thought that she would respect the women who had worked their lives to be there, but it seems that she didn't.

Brooke had problems with many Divas backstage in WWE and even caused a problem with Melina when she wore the furry boots that she had become famous for. Brooke then headed over to TNA where her attitude meant that once again she became a problem to deal with. Management had such a headache when they told anyone to work with her, which is a complete contrast to her on-screen character.

13 Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler is one of the most popular stars in WWE. He constantly has fans shouting about how WWE should push him and it seems that Dolph holds the same opinion of himself and is very outspoken about it. Even though Dolph is one of the most talented wrestlers that WWE has, it seems that this has allowed him to develop a huge ego.

This ego has led to him speaking very highly of himself all the time even though many people don't agree with his opinion of himself. Dolph is a great wrestler and he often does 'steal the show' but recently he has seemingly become complacent as a heel Superstar on SmackDown. The fact that he's OK with that, could not be good news for his future.

12 Sin Cara

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Sin Cara is one of the best wrestling stories, and considered to be the gift that keeps on giving. Most of the time Sin Cara isn't talked about for what he does in the ring, it's more about what he is doing outside of the ring when he's backstage getting into fights with WWE employees.

Over the past few years there have been high profile problems with Sheamus, Simon Gotch, and most recently Chris Jericho that have forced WWE to step in and deal with them. Sin Cara was forced to attend anger management classes after his latest problems with Jericho, in the hope that they will finally straighten him out. He was recently switched to Raw as part of the WWE Shake Up, but he hasn't been seen on the red brand as of yet.

11 Lana

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Lana is actually one of those Superstars who looks like she could be a jerk in real life, despite her seemingly being really nice on Total Divas. Lana is another Auperstar with a huge ego, even though she has only wrestled one match, admittedly, it was at WrestleMania.

Lana obviously has had a huge push with Rusev over the past few years and she's played a big role in many storylines, but her ego has made her one of the most unpopular stars in the locker room. The fact that she often publicly rants about other females on Twitter is a bad thing as well. Real women sort their problems out face to face, they don't try to cause problems online for the world to see. Hopefully, Lana is different when she finally makes her SmackDown debut.

10 Lita

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Lita is a legend in WWE circles. She is one of the women who will always be remembered for inspiring a generation of young girls to step up and try to wrestle with men and it would be great if this is what she was remembered for.

It seems that Lita's jerk path began when she decided to cheat on Matt Hardy with Edge. That was one of the biggest angles that WWE has ever had to come up with and the WWE Universe hated Lita for it. She was hated for a long time for that and it seems that it was the turning point of her career. She could never be seen as a face Superstar again after that, but it was the person she chose to be.

9 Renee Young

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Renee Young isn't technically a wrestler, but she is part of the WWE and she does play a huge part in their programming. Renee is very good at her job but it seems that she does have a problem with a lot of WWE fans, and has had many run-ins with them. She also has some not very many nice things to say when it comes to fans of her husband Dean Ambrose.

Not only that, but in a recent episode of Total Divas, Renee was seen being really rude to Lana, who later talked about how much she hated her. Lana had lost all of her friends in the WWE Draft, so she really wanted to spend some time with Naomi and Renee ruined that with her loud mouth and her partying ways.

8 Austin Aries

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Austin Aries is a fantastic wrestler and accomplished a lot before he came to WWE. But the problem here is the fact that Aries knows just how good he is and he won't listen to anyone who says otherwise. Aries once punched a fan in the face for heckling him and has become famous for the insults he hands out to fans on a regular basis.

Aries has butted heads with many wrestlers as well, because he just can't listen to anyone who does anything but stroke his ego. Aries is in a pivotal position in WWE right now and could be Cruisweight Champion one day. But if he causes problems backstage in WWE, then his ego could well cost him dearly. Hopefully he's changed his outlook on life since joining WWE.

7 Dana Brooke

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It shouldn't be that much of a surprise that Dana Brooke is a bit of a jerk in real life. She comes across as quite a jerk in her character and she was once dating Dolph Ziggler, who is quite an egomaniac.

It seems that one of the main stories about Dana that the WWE Universe has latched to is the fact that Dana and Lana were once training together, which was seen on an episode of Total Divas. Brooke then took the move that Lana had created in training and used it on Raw before Lana could then head to NXT and use it. It is a bad thing in wrestling if you steal someone else's move? Especially from someone who thought you were their friend?

6 Mickie James

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Mickie James is a recent referral over to Raw after the Superstar Shake Up and it seems that she is out to make a statement. A statement is definitely something Mickie is used to making. For example, who can forget the fact that she cheated on her fiance with John Cena and then cost him his job?

She was then released from WWE a few years later and made her way to TNA where it is reported that she was once again seen as a controversial figure, with many talents opting to not hang out with Mickie backstage. It's sad that Mickie isn't more like her likeable character, but it seems she is much different in real life, even though she is both a mother and a wife this time around.

5 Simon Gotch

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The Vaudevillians were known as a heel tag team for much of their spell with WWE and their superiority gimmick led them all the way to the NXT Tag Team Championship. But it seems that when they were promoted to the main roster, they lost their way and Simon Gotch wasn't happy about it.

Gotch apparently rubbed a lot of people the wrong way backstage and even had a run in with Sin Cara in late 2016. He was released from the company a few weeks ago after it was reported that Gotch had fell off his own chair backstage in catering and caused a huge scene about it. A day later he asked and was subsequently granted his WWE release. It was said that he had very few friends backstage.

4 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton is known to have something of an ego and a lot more of a temper. But it seems he is also one for playing pranks. In his early days with WWE, he was known to have annoyed a lot of people because of a few backstage incidents. It is believed that he would have grown up by now.

Back in 2007, Orton was sent home from the European Tour after he trashed his hotel room and it is thought that his anger stems back to way before he joined WWE. He's a father now and has recently married Kim Kessler, who already had three sons. They now look to Randy as a role model figure, so maybe Orton is trying to set a much better example now he's older.

3 John Cena

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John Cena is the face of WWE. He is popular with the WWE Universe and the fans who hate him are very vocal about it, which he enjoys. The problem isn't with the WWE Universe, sometimes John Cena is a jerk to his own girlfriend.

Nikki Bella is now his fiance and many genuinely expected her to refuse his proposal because of the way he used to belittle her on Total Divas and in many of their videos together. Many fans talked about how Nikki gave up a lot of John but he didn't give up anything for her and he often uses the fact that he's much smarter than her against her which is just mean. Obviously, Cena is lovely to fans and other wrestlers, but he comes across as such a jerk to the woman he says he loves.

2 Goldberg

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Considering how much WWE had to depend on the WWE Universe to accept Goldberg after 12 years of absence from a wrestling ring, it is a shock that Goldberg isn't much nicer to the fans.

It seems that Goldberg's career has been dictated by his ego since day one. The undefeated WCW star was pushed way too soon and this made him big headed. He got into numerous fight with other stars and this was one of the reasons he left the business, to begin with. In recent years Goldberg has become a family man who's devoted to his son, which means that he should have become much less rough around the edges and fans can approach him for autographs now, when they couldn't or were much too scared to before.

1 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is a former Raw Women's Champion and a firm fan favourite when it comes to the WWE Universe. The problem is that when it comes to Sasha and the way she treats her fans outside of the ring, there are different stories for and against her.

Sasha is expected to turn heel soon and many fans think that this will be closer to her actual personality because she once called out a fan who waited for her in the airport and referred to him as 'a creeper.' Sasha got a lot of backlash from this, but it seems that the fan in question was stalking her and waiting for her for a while, so maybe she acted in a completely normal way by calling him out on social media.

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