15 Takeaways From WWE Roadblock: End Of The Line

We've reached the end of the line (pun very much intended) for the year 2016, and so too WWE presents their final PPV of the year in Roadblock: End Of The Line.

Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns continue their storyline as KO defends his Universal Title against The Big Dog while The Architect looks to beat Y2J to get to Triple H. Sasha Banks and Charlotte face off in the final match in their epic feud of the year. Also on the plate is more championship gold: the Tag Title match features The New Day defending against Sheamus and Cesaro, and the Cruiserweight Title match pits champion Rich Swann against TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick. Rusev takes on Big Cass on the pre-show while Sami Zayn looks to give Braun Strowman his first loss.

15. How Is Rusev The Bad Guy?!

Look, we get it - he's the Bulgarian Brute, he's a heel, and people love Enzo and Cass. But how in the world is Rusev the guy who's in the wrong in this situation? Enzo flashed his goods at the man's wife, and continued to disrespect the couple by going after Lana. Rusev rightfully kicked Enzo's butt, but then came big buddy Cass to bail out his jerk of a friend.

Rusev, using Lana, outsmarted Enzo and Cass and got the win by countout, setting up a rematch on Raw (using a PPV match to build your TV show - smart). All members of this feud deserve more, and unfortunately the monkeys on creative can't give them anything.

14. Sheasaro FTW!

Well, The New Day broke Demolition's record, so no need to prolong the reign, apparently. After 483 days with the belts, the bootyful trio lost their gold to the non-tag team of Cesaro and Sheamus.

While it's always good to see Cesaro with a championship, it was fairly obvious that the titles were going to change hands and took away from the dramatic outcome of the match (which wasn't a bad match, but nothing to write home about either). It'll be interesting to see where the Raw tag team division goes from here.

13. A New Day For New Day?

The New Day has finally lost the tag titles after a record-breaking run despite their dastardly attempts to keep their gold. The question now arises: where do they go from here?

Do they remain a group and go after the titles they lost? Or will dissension finally arise and lead to each member going their separate way? We like Big E's chances of singles success, but what about Kofi and Woods? Only time will tell, but until then, we hope New Day keeps on rocking *hip swivel*.

12. So Sami Zayn "Won"... Now What?

Can #SamiZayn last against #BraunStrowman? #WWERoadblock

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This wasn't a very exciting affair. Since when is lasting 10 minutes considered a win? No need to celebrate here, SZ, because unfortunately you're being booked more and more like a glorified jobber. We get that WWE wants to save Braun Strowman's first loss for a big time event, and the winner would certainly get a decent push following that victory. This, however, was a poorly booked cop-out that was painfully boring. In no way shape or form do Sami Zayn or Braun Strowman come out looking stronger, so why bother?

11. The Architect's Title Match Streak Ends

"1 down, 2 to go." @wwerollins #WWERoadblock #WWE

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Here's a fun little tidbit for you: before tonight's Roadblock, Seth Rollins had been in 17 consecutive world title matches at PPVs. Ever since joining The Authority, winning Money in the Bank and finally cashing it at WrestleMania 31 against Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, every single PPV match The Architect has been involved in has had a world title on the line, whether it was the WWE Championship or the Universal Title.

10. Chris Jericho: G.O.A.T.

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It's been said before, but it has to be said again: Chris Jericho keeps reinventing himself with every run his has in the company, this go-around shining with his friendship with Kevin Owens and of course, The List Of Jericho.

Not only is he killing it with his persona, he's delivering in the ring, bringing out the best in his opponents, and having great matches with just about every person he wres Just as his tights not-so-modestly state on the back, Jericho really is (among) the G.O.A.T.

9. Neville Is Here To Save The Cruiserweight Division

#Neville put the entire #Cruiserweight division on notice... #WWERoadblock

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It's universally agreed upon that the Cruiserweight division on Raw has very little going for it, from the oversuage of purple to the lack of actual characters to care about. Besides TJ Perkins' Nintendo-inspired entrance and Rich Swann's dancing, there's little that geenrates buzz among fans, this title match included.

Enter a heel Neville. FINALLY! WWE figured out how to use this uber-talented wrestler to hopefully inject some life into their failing division.

8. One Down, Two To Go

After his win against Chris Jericho, WWE.com caught up with Seth Rollins, who had some interesting thoughts to share about one Triple H: "I’ve laid it out for the past few weeks. It starts with Chris Jericho, now it’s on to Kevin Owens, and it ends with Triple H. I’m going to pay him back for everything he ever did to me."

7. "As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Person Sharpens Another"

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We've told you numerous times before, but it has to mentioned every time: the WWE is hitting the ball out of the park every single PPV with their video packages. Every important match had one, but the package shown right before the Women's Title match is one to remember, perfectly summarising the story between Shasha Banks and Charlotte, selling the match and feud. Iron does indeed sharpen iron, and these two women have shaped each other's future, as their pasts will always be tied. Kudos WWE, no one is going to take that away from you.

6. Shades Of Austin vs Bret

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Whether it was done on purpose or not (the ref didn't seem in any hurry to clean her up...) Sasha Banks was busted open during her match with Charlotte during OT of their Ironman match. While in the Figure Eight, Sasha held on as long as she could as blood dripped down her face, painting a picture that looked all too familiar: Stone Cold refusing to tap out to Bret Hart's Sharpshooter at WrestleMania 13. Sure, it would've been much cooler if Sasha would have just passed out instead of tapping out, but we'll take it.

5. The Queen Reclaims Her Throne

With a 15-0 record at PPVs, Charlotte became the 4-time Women's Champion with her victory over Sasha Banks in their Iron(wo)man match. While it was a solid affair, these two have had much better encounters in the past, but it was a fitting end to the rivalry that put the Women's Division on the map.

4. The Shield Dominates The World Title Scene

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Here's another fun little todbit, also involving Seth Rollins: for the past 2 years, every single world title match (whether it be the WWE, World or Universal Championship) has included at least 1 member of The Shield (and even included all 3 for the first time ever at Battleground). Tonight it continued with Roman Reigns challenging for Kevin Owen's Universal title, ultimately coming out the losing end.

Even though they've gone their separate ways, the Hounds of Justice continue to dominate the main event landscape.

3. It's The Little Things, KO...

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Kevin Owens is arguably the best heel in the WWE today (I'm sure The Miz says hi, but this is a Raw show, so he can wait his turn). Whether it's his screaming at his opponents ("If you're so tough, why isn't your title on the line?" to Roman) or his mocking of them (imitating Reigns' taunt before going for the corner cannonball), KO is among the best and we thank him for it.

2. Can We Lay Off On The Shield Stuff?

Another Raw event, another Shield reunion. When they did at first, it was fine, and it got the crowd excited. But now they've done it so much in the past few weeks, it's already lost its luster and the magic is ruined. They did it on Raw, at Survivor Series, the Tribute to the Troops show and now tonight at Roadblock. Too much of a good thing, WWE...

1. Jeri-KO No More?

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So is Jericho REALLY friend with KO again? Or are there bigger things ahead? At first, we though he attacked him ebcause he truly wanted to beat up his ex-best friend. Then, he made it seem as if it was all part of the plan to keep the title on Owens, screwing over Reings in between. BUT, in between all this, Jericho looked at the Universal title, holding it in his hands, one thing on his mind: "I want this." What is Jericho's agenda - to help his buddy out, or to gain the title for himself? Only time will tell...

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