15 Teams Who Would Have Made Better Champions Than Sheamus And Cesaro

Cesaro and Sheamus shocked the WWE Universe at this year's Roadblock: End of The Line event when they defeated The New Day to end their record-breaking reign as Tag Team Champions.

The New Day only broke the record last Mondy night after a hard fought win over the teams of Jerk-KO and RollReigns. Cesaro and Sheamus then won the right to face The New Day at Roadblock when they defeated The Shining Stars, The Golden Truth, and Gallows and Anderson at this year's Tribute to the Troops.

There is no doubting that Cesaro and Sheamus deserved a shot at the Tag Team Championship, but were they the right team to end an almost 18-month reign? There are so many teams coming through developmental that could have used a push that has been given to two unlikely stars who are already established wrestlers in WWE.

It seems that WWE just wanted to offload the titles onto another team as soon as The New Day broke Demolition's record and didn't think twice about what team they wanted to benefit from the push that would come from such a big win.

Here is a list of 15 teams from all over the world of wrestling who could have joined WWE or jumped rosters to Raw and gained so much more from that win that Cesaro and Sheamus could.

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15 American Alpha

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It's hard to not feel bad for the team of Chad Gable and Jason Jordan. They stood out above all teams in NXT and were even one of SmackDown's biggest draft picks back in July. But they are still not good enough to become Tag Team Champions on the main roster. And many fans are left to question why? After all, WE decided to go with Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. American Alpha.

WWE opted to give the titles to a team that they have thrown together and American Alpha were overlooked once again when The Wyatt Family were the chosen ones to defeat Heath Slater and Rhyno. If American Alpha were given the option of joining the Raw roster then they would have been a perfect choice to end the reign and prove that they really do have what it takes to make it big in WWE.

14 The Young Bucks

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The Young Bucks have been making waves all over the world as of late. And since WWE already signed four former members of the Bullet Club, why not bring in arguably one of the greatest Tag Teams in the world?

Nick and Matt Jackson have already established an issue with The New Day and the two groups have had a slight back and forth on Social Media with nothing really coming out of it. These two young guns would have been the perfect ones to pick up the win. It could have been an open challenge and they would have then set themselves up for a successful career in WWE. No to mention the surprise debut element followed by actually winning the WWE Tag Team Championship? What a great way to begin a run with the company.

13 Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

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Two more former members of the Bullet Club. Poor Gallows and Anderson must have been promised much more when they left NJPW to join WWE. But sadly WWE have failed to deliver and now the team is lacking a lot in credibility. WWE should never have taken A.J. Styles away from his Bullet Club team. Instead they should have drafted them to the same roster.

If things were different, Gallows and Anderson would easily have been the favourites to lift those titles, but because of WWE's booking, it would be hard to believe that they could defeat The New Day after losing so many times. Hopefully, a lengthy Tag Team Championship reign is in their future for these Bullet Club partners as they definitely deserve it.

12 Jeri-KO

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You could argue that they were defeated by The New Day on Monday Night Raw last week, but as a team that has stolen the spotlight on Raw over the past few months, there is no reason why Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens shouldn't have been considered as one of the options for this match.

Up until a few days ago, it seemed that the troubles between the duo couldn't be fixed and they proved at Roadblock that they are still the best of friends. WWE should have made these two Tag Team Champions. It would have been an amazing feat to see them be both Universal and Tag Team Champions together. This is not entirely out of the question but it seems these two will likely collide sometime in the near future.

11 Seth Rollins And Roman Reigns

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These two are former Tag Team Champions in their own right and after they destroyed Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho at this year's Roadblock and proved that after two years apart they are definitely back on the same page, why shouldn't they be given the option to challenge once again for the WWE Tag Team Championship?

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are two of the biggest stars on WWE's Raw roster and handing the titles over to the popular duo would not only help Roman get over better with the crowd, but it would definitely heat up the speculation that a full Shield reunion would be on the horizon. The company are set on Reigns remaining a babyface and a another title run with Rollins could have helped push that forward.

10 The Revival

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There is no way that anyone can talk about deserving tag teams and not factor in The Revival. These guys have put on five-star matches against every opponent they have been given in NXT and there is no reason why they can't do that on a higher level.

The Revival are unlike anything that the WWE Universe has ever seen. They have proved how different they can be to regular teams and if WWE asked their fans opinion then it is likely that they would agree that The Revival would have been the best option here. A promotion to the main roster and a shot at the Tag Team titles would have been the perfect debut on the roster for Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder.

9 #DIY

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Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa are the current holders of the NXT Tag Team Championship and would have made great opponents for The New Day. Not only great opponents but great duel Tag Team Champions.

Only one Superstars has ever held an NXT and WWE Championship at the same time. That Superstar was Paige who once held and d the NXT Women's Championship and the WWE Divas Championship. With the team of #DIY coming up to the main roster already holing gold, they would prove to be worthy contenders to The New Day and would shake things up with a title victory.

8 The Shield

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Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins as a duo is one thing. But there is only one reason why they kept their Tag Team Championship as long as they did, and his name was Dean Ambrose. 'The Lunatic Fringe' is currently plying his trade on SmackDown Live, but a switch over to Monday Night Raw in the near future could have made this possible.

If WWE had allowed The New Day to keep their titles until the Royal Rumble then it could have been a Six-Man match for the Tag Team Championship and it could have been the night where The Shield finally reunite, having them win the titles and placing Ambrose back on Raw. included both rosters. The Shield would come back just as strong as they used to be and fangirls everywhere would finally get their wish.

7 The Usos

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Ever since The Usos turned heel, they have been waiting for opponents that they can really get their teeth into. The Usos need a decent, lengthy storyline that will establish them as heels and a feud with The New Day could have definitely been the way to go here.

The Usos and The New Day have history and they could have played on this if they had been drafted to the same roster. The Usos are masters at telling a story and are former Tag Team Champions themselves. This would have made this rivalry make sense and a win like that over the fan favourites would have really cemented The Usos as heels. While the twisn are doing well in their new role, they really need that extra push to make it work in the long run.

6 The 'Broken' Hardys

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Matt Hardy may have his eyes set on Bray Wyatt right now, but there is nothing stopping him from changing his focus, picking up his brother, and aiming his hostility towards The New Day. Matt and Jeff Hardy are one of the biggest tag teams in WWE history and for them to come back and end The New Day's record would be a dream come true for many fans.

Matt has established himself in TNA now with this new character along with Brother Nero and they would be a huge hit with the WWE Universe. It would also be the birth of a new generation of Hardy fans (while keeping the old ones) as the popular brother tag team would be the perfect team to have seen in this New Era.

5 The Shining Stars Turned Back to Primo and Epico

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Perhaps the biggest laughing stock of the Tag Team Division on Raw right now, The Shining Stars have also been known as Los Matadores and Primo and Epico during their lengthy WWE career, but it seems that there is never a gimmick that fits.

It would have been almost storybook-worthy for the duo ton be given a tag team title shot and for them to 'accidentally' roll up The New Day and get the win in a comedic kind of way (WWE has done it before). It would be a great way of pushing them forward because as a team they haven't had tag team success in a very long time and every time they change their character they are losing more and more credibility with the WWE Universe. WWE could of had them win before sending them back to simply Primo and Epico.

4 Bullet Club

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Gallows and Anderson have already been mentioned, but there is one thing about them that could make them credible and that would be the addition of the WWE Champion A.J. Styles. They were shown backstage with The New Day at Tribute To The Troops and they were arguing over who the best team really was. This would be the perfect way to find out.

The Bullet Club have accomplished so much outside of WWE that fans would love for them to be given a push at that level and it could easily happen at a dual brand event such as WrestleMania. This would of course mean that A.J. would drop the WWE World Championship at some point between now and WrestleMania. But it would be incredible viewing for any fans who watch more products that just WWE.

3 The Golden Truth Turned Dustin Runnells and Ron Killings

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The New Day have been accepted as one of the best comedy tag teams in WWE, but Goldust and R-Truth also have a comedy element to their gimmick. R-Truth is one of the funniest Superstars in WWE when he's running into Royal Rumbles with ladders, and Goldust brings in the veteran experience and wisdom. They really do make the ideal team.

As a duo, they haven't been given many real opportunities in WWE, but it would have been great for R-Truth to have accidentally won the match and not realized what that meant. The duo can then strip themselves of the rapping and face painting and operate as Dustin Runnels and Ron Killings (real names) and move forward as a serious tag team in WWE.

2 Enzo Amore and Big Cass

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The team that came up to the main roster with The New Day firmly in their sights. It seemed for a long time as though Enzo and Cass were going to be the ones to dethrone the record breaking team, but sadly this never came to fruition and the popular team have since moved onto bigger things in WWE.

Enzo and Cass are yet to win gold at any level as a team in WWE and it would have been great if they were given a shot at The New Day more recently, instead of putting them in an odd feud with Rusev. After all, established teams are always thought to be better than teams the WWE has recently created. Singles runs may be coming next for Enzo and Cass.

1 SAnitY

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If at least one member of WWE's creative team doesn't see the potential that they have with this team, then none of them deserve to have their job. Sanity has shown what they can do in recent weeks on NXT and if they went up against The New Day, they would have an extra person.

The New Day have used the numbers game to their advantage so many times over the past year and a half, that it would be interesting to see how they would react when the tables are turned. This team is definitely one for the future and one that will continue making waves in NXT for the time being. It will be exciting to see when and if they finally get called up to the main roster.

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