15 Terrible Moments That Almost Made Us Give Up on The WWE

The wrestling fan is among the most diehard in the entire entertainment world. Sports fans support a team or a player and root in a more transparent way, considering not every team can win the championship. The unlikelihood of winning a championship and the goal of feeling like part of a title adds to the sports fandom. There’s no such feeling for a fan in wrestling. Sure, you can root for your favorite wrestler to win the World Title or main event WrestleMania but performers have a shelf life unlike a sports team. Wrestling fans have to commit to watching a product with rotating talent and various stories causing dramatic changes through the years.

Fans that have stuck through it all truly love the industry and will likely support the art for the rest of their future. Unlike other sports or forms of entertainment, wrestling gets its fair share of detractors that go after the fans of the business. The notion that wrestling is only for children or is fake is always thrown at fans as a way to disparage someone for liking wrestling. The majority of wrestling fans are well aware that the product is scripted but appreciate the dangerous work that wrestlers put their bodies through all for the portrayal of the art form.

Sadly, the WWE has not always protected the integrity of the business as much as fans try to. The industry’s biggest wrestling company has delivered their fair share of mistakes and horrible moments that gave the anti-wrestling mind more motivation to trash the entire culture. Even the most avid of WWE fans can’t deny these incidents were shameful and actually made us doubt our pride for the business we love so much. We’ll break down the worst of the worst and try to pinpoint the specific moments that caused us regret. These are the top fifteen instances that almost made us give up on the WWE.

15 Vince McMahon Says The N-word

14 The Big Bossman Crashing Funeral Of Big Show’s Dad

13 Eugene

12 Stephanie McMahon Compares 9/11 To Steroid Trial

11 Beaver Cleavage


10 Papa Shango


9 The Montreal Screwjob


8 Val Venis Choppy Choppy


7 Dr. Hiney


6 The Gobbledy Gooker

5 Pepper

4 Mae Young Gives Birth To A Hand

3 The Kiss My Ass Club


2 Katie Vick

1 Randy Orton Says Eddie Guerrero Is In Hell

The sudden death of Eddie Guerrero may be the most heartbreaking story in WWE history, as the gifted performer was in his prime when he passed away. WWE exploited the death by using Eddie’s name in various storylines to get fans more emotionally invested but one specific idea went too far. The hated villain Randy Orton was instructed to tell Rey Mysterio that Guerrero was in hell following his death and would not be able to watch over him. Most of the moments on this list were dreadful ideas, but could be passed off as harmless things that happened on a silly television show. The use of Guerrero’s name in such a terrible way went way too far and made us all embarrassed to support this company.

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15 Terrible Moments That Almost Made Us Give Up on The WWE