Things About Hulk Hogan's Family That He May Want Forgotten

Hogan Knows Best was the title of their hit TV series on VH1 involving Hulk Hogan and his family. However, over the years, it’s become obvious that actually none of the Hogans know best. This family is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to outrageous stories, scandals, allegations, rumors and broken dreams. Admittedly, the lives of celebrities are often abnormal. Still, who would have guessed that the greatest icon in professional wrestling would have one of the most ridiculous private lives in all of entertainment?

The Hogan family is an absolute circus with each member playing an intricate part: Brooke, the struggling actress/singer, Nick, the thrill seeking racer, Linda, the vindictive cougar, and Hulk, the pro wrestling icon who’s private life seems more scripted than his wresting career. The Hogan family is an absolute train wreck that we can’t stop looking at.

With each member going their separate ways after Hogan Knows Best, Hulk and his family are trying to move on from their scandals and embarrassments. Hulk Hogan has found a new wife and is trying to stay relevant, hoping for a return to the wrestling world once again. The Hogans are under constant watch for the latest piece of juicy gossip, and unfortunately for Hulk, his family continues to deliver. Hogan’s sketchy past, unpleasant rumors, and bizarre family life are simply too odd to overlook and remind us just how eccentric the Hogans really are. As much as we’d love to help Hulk Hogan out, here are 15 recaps about his family that he would love for us to forget.

15 Brooke on social media

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No one is going to hold it against Hulk for being a protective father, but you can bet he’d rather not think about how attractive his daughter is. It’s hard enough for a dad to have a daughter and not worry sick about her. It’s another thing when your daughter is stunning and knows it. It’s yet another thing altogether when your daughter is Brooke Hogan. Even worse is Brooke’s proximity to beaches and pools for her to flaunt her revealing swimsuits and other steamy outfits on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

With social media at her disposal, Brooke can post her pictures and flaunt that beach bod for all of her endearing fans to see. Having a daughter is hard enough, but having a daughter who’s a stunning, bikini strutting celebrity has to wear on the Hulkster. There's no doubt, he would love for us to forget her social media accounts.

14 Hulk's Tape With Heather Clem

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A short time after the divorce between Hulk and his wife, Linda, he apparently had an intimate encounter with Heather Clem. What’s wrong with his hooking up with another women after being divorced? Well, Clem, at the time, was the wife of Hogan’s friend, Bubba the Love Sponge (don’t laugh, that’s really his legal name). With Bubba’s blessing, Hulk and Heather Clem got it on in Bubba’s bedroom, but unknowingly, Hulk had the entire encounter recorded by Bubba. Bubba then sent a clip of the encounter to Gawker who published the clip for the world to see.

Naturally, Hulk sued his former friend and Gawker for publishing it without his consent. The whole ridiculous ordeal is definitely the lowest point in Hogan’s life, and a tape like that is definitely not something anyone would want at any point in their life.

Hogan won his lawsuit and would love to move past this terrible incident. For a while, that seemed to be the case, until the racist comments stemming from the tape came to light as well.

13 Hulk on Brooke's choice in men

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At the time of Hogan’s lovely coupling with Heather Clem, Hogan, at one point, can be heard talking about Brooke’s dating habits. What resulted were racist comments that Hulk definitely wishes he could take back. The rant is filled with uses of the N-word, claiming he was “racist to a point.” His rant included his objections to Brooke dating African American men, unless they were “worth a hundred million dollars. Like a basketball player.” Yeesh!

Hulk embarrassed himself, came off as a total racist, and got Brooke involved, surely embarrassing her as well. Brooke has defended her father for his stupid, racial comments, but this is clearly not the Hulkster’s finest moment. Surely this is a moment in Hulk’s life that he, and Brooke for that matter, would love to erase from our memories.

12 Hulk applying sunscreen

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One thing is for certain, the Hogans can never be too careful when it comes to harmful UV rays. Hogan, like a good dad, is applying sun screen to his daughter to protect her from the sun. It’s just a bit weird that he appears to be applying it a little too carefully and a little too… everywhere. This isn’t the first odd thing daddy Hulk has done around his daughter, and it certainly won’t be the last.

This picture could be (and honestly probably is) completely innocent but that hasn’t stopped the creepy rumors from spreading. This is just another curious picture and peculiar father/daughter moment that Hulk would love for people to forget. Is it just people overthinking? Who knows, but it's definitely unwanted attention.

11 Brooke's look-a-like

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We’re happy Hulk is getting his life back together after a painful and ugly divorce. Jennifer McDaniel seems like a good fit for Hulk, who has stood by him through all the scandals and legal troubles. She is also drop dead gorgeous, sporting the beach bod that seems to be a staple of the Hogans. There’s just one oddity. Jennifer looks an awful lot like Brooke.

There are many pictures of Hulk with Brooke and Jennifer, and sometimes it’s hard to tell which one is which. Hopefully, Hulk doesn’t have problems telling the two apart or that may cause one awkward situation. This be just be a figment of our imagination, but like Brooke, Jennifer is a beautiful tall blonde who enjoys the beach and spending time very close to the Hulkster. Jennifer’s likeness to Brooke certainly isn’t killing any of the creepy rumors between Hulk and his daughter. For more on this, keep reading.

10 Hulk's "relationship" with Brooke

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There’s normally nothing strange with a daughter spending time with her dad, but there have been some disturbing rumors of Hulk and Brooke being a little too close. Now, they’re just rumors, but they refuse to go away, and Hulk isn’t helping. Pictures with Hulk creepily oiling Brooke, Hulk appearing to expose his junk in Brooke’s presence during a "Def Jam Rapstar" video game promo, marrying a woman that looks like Brooke and posting creepy tweets about Brooke’s legs raise a lot of eyebrows.

These rumors should be ridiculous, but instances like the one previously mentioned keep them alive. In fact, the rumors were so bad, Brooke had to comment on them and deny them. As terrible as all the other scandals have been for Hulk, he certainly doesn’t need these rumors circulating and wants them gone. Maybe Hulk not being weird would help us forget.

9 Linda on social media

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Now that the ugly divorce is over between Hulk Hogan and Linda, both can move on with their new lives. Linda seems to be doing just that and is very active on social media, posting plenty of half-naked pictures of herself all over the internet. Hulk Hogan likely couldn’t care less about what Linda does now that she’s out of his life, but that’s still Brooke and Nick’s mother. Brooke and Nick are still invested in their mother, and her actions can affect Hulk’s kids. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with Linda’s posts on social media, and what she does in her private life is her business, but it’s a little odd that the 58-year old posts so many pictures of her in revealing bikinis. Her posts seem like cries for attention, and it’s attention Hulk likely wants forgotten.

8 Linda’s choice in men

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For Linda, age is just a number, and who are we to judge? After the divorce, Linda moved on with her life, and that couldn’t have been any more apparent when Linda found herself another blonde hunk, Charlie Hill. As it turned out, Hill was 19 years old at the time who started dating Linda when Linda was 48. Maybe Hulk didn’t care, but the thought of a young buck dating his ex-wife must have been a little strange for him.

Brooke, on the other hand, was having none of Charlie Hill, ripping him for using his relationship with her mom for financial gain, calling him a “loser” and a drug user. To make matters worse for poor Linda, the relationship with Charlie ended, and Hill has sued her for using their relationship as a means to get him to do work for her. Hulk has enough on his plate, but his ex-wife’s former relationship and lawsuit with a man 29 years her junior is surely not something he wants anyone to be thinking about.

7 Linda’s wild allegations regarding Brutus Beefcake

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The unpleasant divorce is over, and Hulk would love to move on, but his ex-wife just refuses to go away. When she’s not rocking the cradle, she’s making accusations against Hulk Hogan even after taking millions away from The Immortal One. She accuses Hulk of “serial cheating” and blaming Hulk for throwing away 25 years of marriage. Even more, Linda has written a “tell-all” book detailing Hulk’s alleged unrestrained outbursts, physical abuse at home and homosexual experiences. Hogan allegedly pounded walls, broke furniture, grabbed Linda by the throat and had a sexual relationship with Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. That’s right. Not even poor Brutus is safe for the train wreck of the Hogans.

Hulk has denied these accusations and has sued Linda for defamation. The accusations in her book scream for attention, and keep Hulk’s past front and center, much to his chagrin.

6 Linda’s run-in with the law

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Poor Hulk just can’t get away from Linda as the saga of Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife continues. Linda was arrested for allegedly driving a vehicle while under the influence. She pleaded guilty to DUI after adamantly denying the charges. After being pulled over for erratic driving, Linda claimed to only have a glass of champagne, but that a mix of antibiotics and an empty stomach worsened the effects. Linda posted bail and was sentenced to three years of probation.

What makes this story more interesting is that the arrest came just hours after Hulk Hogan’s tape with Clem leaked to the public, keeping the hits coming for the Hogan family. Linda’s extensively circulated, wide-eyed mugshot is another Hogan embarrassment that the Hulkster would love to put to rest.

5 Brooke’s Wrestling Career

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Unless you’re a die hard wrestling fan, you probably don’t even know about the wrestling promotion, Total Nonstop Action (TNA). If you do know of TNA but blinked, you probably missed Brooke Hogan’s involvement with the company. At 29, Brooke isn’t looking for a career in pro wrestling. Everything she does is to support her music/acting career, and she saw TNA as a launching point. While I’m sure Hulk was proud seeing his daughter in the same profession that he was in, he was probably a little disappointed at the minimal impact she had in the company.

I’m sure he would have loved seeing Brooke play a bigger role in the company and maybe even wrestle a few matches. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and Brooke was only involved as an ineffective authority figure and as part of a weird marriage angle seen in the next entry. The gif of Brooke tripping and falling on Impact sums up her time at TNA, and it’s a time Hulk wishes we all could purge.

4 Brooke and Bully Ray’s "marriage"

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The most notable storyline in TNA for Brooke Hogan involved her and Bully Ray (known as Bubba Ray Dudley in WWE). In a confusing, nonsensical storyline, Bully Ray would save Brooke after being kidnapped by the notorious heel group, Aces & Eights. Brooke, in storyline, would fall in love with Bully Ray and even get married on TNA Impact for a craptastic moment in wrestling history. There were even pictures of the “happy couple” together to sell the angle leading to the awkward photo above.

The storyline swerved like only a TNA storyline could, and Bully Ray ended up being President of Ace & Eights all along in order to become number one contender to the TNA World Title. Needless to say, the angle was very cringy at best, and the storyline ended with Brooke getting a divorce. Both Hulk and Brooke would leave TNA shortly after leaving an unforgettable tenure in TNA for all the wrong reasons.

3 Brooke’s Music and Acting Career

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Brooke Hogan seems to have all the connections and has multiple avenues for which to start and break out with a music and/or acting career. Despite the best efforts of her father, Hulk Hogan, and his resources, her career hasn’t exactly soared. I’m not here to knock Brooke. Her appearances on reality shows like Hogan Knows Best and Brooke Knows Best and on TNA Impact, and other B-level shows are definitely accomplishments she can hang her hat on. Her music career is her passion, and despite her albums selling poorly, I’m not going to knock her for doing what she loves. However, her father apparently can.

During the secretly recorded tape released to Gawker, Hulk can be heard complaining about how much he’s spent trying to kick start his daughter’s music career and having virtually nothing to show for it. Now, this secret conversation isn’t the most concrete evidence of Hulk’s true feelings, but he has to be a little frustrated at the lack of progress in Brooke’s career despite all the time and money dumped into it. I’m sure Hogan would love to have us forget about his daughter’s musical shortcomings. Perhaps sending her to college would help.

2 Nick’s run-ins with the law

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While Brooke may be pursuing a music and acting career, for better or worse, Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick, is pursuing his passion for fast cars. What he wants to do with those cars is up in the air, but he’s clearly a fan of drifting and street racing. Drifting is one thing, but the street racing, aside from being illegal, is extremely stupid and dangerous to himself and others. Nick receives speeding tickets like they’re receipts, but those are drops in the bucket compared to the accident Nick was involved in during a drunken street race. The wreck seriously injured his friend, John Graziano who now needs 24-hour care. Several charges were laid on Nick, including a felony. Nick pleaded no contest and was sentenced to eight months in jail. Needless to say, this was another disgraceful moment for the Hogan family.

1 Nick’s "career"

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While Brooke’s music and acting career may be struggling to take off, at least Brooke is pursuing a legitimate career. What is Nick doing? Nick is a wannabe street racer. That’s not a legitimate job and has gotten him in serious trouble. Nick has laid low since the accident that nearly killed his friend, but the guy seems to have no direction whatsoever. If he wants to compete in drifting competitions, that’s cool, but even “professional” drifters would tell him to “stay in school” and “don’t quit your day job.” Unfortunately, Nick neither has a job nor goes to school. Nick has the passion, but likely none of the wherewithal to make a living off of drifting. If Brooke’s faltering music/acting career is something Hulk Hogan would like us to forget, then certainly Nick’s nonexistent career is right up there with it.

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