15 Things PG Era Fans Are NOT Supposed To Know About The McMahon Family

The McMahon family is one of the most successful and polarizing in the history of sports entertainment.

You have Vincent Kennedy McMahon, who has turned the WWE into one of the most beloved entertainment companies in the world. The man is a billionaire and has found countless ways to bring excitement into your living room every week.

There's his wife, Linda. She's stayed with Vince for over 50 years and has been a key part in making the company worth billions. She also had a crack at a political career, too.

There is Shane McMahon, the eldest of Vince and Linda's two children. He became a top superstar during the Attitude Era but left the company for a while before returning in 2016. Shane is now the commissioner of SmackDown.

Then there's Stephanie, their youngest child who is the commissioner of Raw and basically gets the spotlight on Monday Night Raw every single time.

On paper, their lives seem perfect and untouchable. But like all of us, the McMahon family has had to deal with some tough moments that they don't want us knowing about; especially those who are new to the product. The PG babies if you will. So here are 15 things that new fans are not supposed to know the McMahon family.

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16 Shane Was a Father Figure for Stephanie

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While Vince and his wife Linda were busy running a company that is now worth billions, it gave them very little time to take care of the children. Shane, who is six years older than sister Stephanie, was more of a parental figure than an older brother to her when the children were young.

Shane was forced to raise Stephanie a lot of the time while their parents were on the road and running the WWE. Vince had a horrible upbringing with his stepfather and was estranged from his real father for many years. It only made sense if a responsible Shane could take care of the billion dollar princess.

Shane and Stephanie definitely have a more brother-sister relationship now, but when they were young, Shane acted more as her father.

15 Shane Almost Lost Millions In Maxim Magazine Scam

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According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Shane O'Mac is worth $35 million dollars. Even if he were to lose some of that, we're sure his billionaire parents would be able to supply him with even more cash. In fact, he almost had to turn to them recently for financial support.

That's because the New York posted reported back in 2014 that Shane was supposedly about to put in a bid to buy Maxim Magazine. McMahon nearly put in $20 million to take the popular magazine, but the fraudster was caught and went to court for the evil schemes.

Thankfully, Shane O'Mac didn't lose anything from his bank account. He survived a potential disaster and learned his lesson to always be careful who he trusts when it comes to spending money.

14 Family Screwed CM Punk

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CM Punk was one of the top and most important Superstars of the late 2000s and early 2010s in the WWE. The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar were only part timers, Edge had to retire from injuries and John Cena had fallen out of favor from a large portion of the WWE Universe. Then there was CM Punk, who had top-notch microphone skills, incredible in-ring work and could cut a promo like few others of his generation.

Unfortunately, Punk was getting screwed over by the McMahon family too often, and it led to a major disaster for both parties. In late January of 2014, Punk failed to attend the Raw and SmackDown shows and told Vince and Triple H he was going home. Punk was suspended indefinitely but then got fired on his wedding day with A.J. Lee, of all days.

Punk reportedly left WWE because of being underpaid compared to main stars and not headlining a WrestleMania -- which was long overdue. The WWE now pretends Punk doesn't exist -- a major disservice to the WWE Universe and Punk himself.


12 WrestleMania 32: All About the McMahons

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The McMahons tried to cover it up as much as possible, but all signs point that the family wanted WrestleMania 32 to just be a golden opportunity for the whole family to shine. It was Triple H who got to headline WrestleMania as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion against Roman Reigns. It was Stephanie McMahon who got to make an over-the-top entrance that must have cost more to perform than my house.

It was Vince who kept appearing on Raw to feud with Roman Reigns to get him over. It was Shane McMahon who got to fight The Undertaker at WrestleMania instead of Sting (who wanted that match), or John Cena. It just had to be Shane.

WrestleMania 32 was a huge disappointment, and seeing how all the spotlights flashed on the McMahons and virtually nobody else makes it easy to see why.

11 Tension Between Shane and Stephanie/Triple H

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One of the toughest decisions Vince has had to make in his life surely has been the decision on who should control WWE when he's ready to give it up. As of now, he's clearly chosen Stephanie McMahon and her real-life husband, Triple H to take control of the company from here on out.

Keep in mind that Shane has struck a fortune in being the CEO for YOU on Demand, which is a form of entertainment servicing. But over the years, tension has reportedly arisen between the children and Triple H when it comes to control of the WWE for the long run.

Ian Frisch from Vice Sports had this to report (via Cageside Seats):

"When Stephanie found out Shane was going to be there, she went white in the face," the source told me. "And Paul freaked out." Shane had set up the meeting through Kevin Dunn, WWE's executive vice-president of production and Vince's right-hand man for nearly three decades...And there's tremendous tension between Kevin, and Paul and Stephanie."

This is always a parent's worst nightmare. Perhaps the McMahon family has found a resolution to this, and we don't know about it. But right now, it appears as though Shane and Stephanie/Triple H have a lot of feuding when deciding who should control the WWE for the long-term future.

10 Stephanie's Sexual Segments

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The last thing you'd expect from most fathers would be to approve of their daughter going on television in front of millions to do rather sexual and revealing segments. But when it comes to Vince McMahon, he seems to have no problem with Stephanie and the many sexual segments she's done since joining the WWE.

Stephanie has been involved in many awkward segments -- ones we have no idea why Vince McMahon approved. She had John Cena spank her on an episode of SmackDown to prove his character. She has worn many extremely evealing costumes which is clearly just a way of trying to appease the crowd.

And there was that very odd backstage segment where she made out with Eric Bischoff. Given how she's Vince's daughter and married to real-life WWE superstar Triple H, it's anybody's guess how these ideas got through with Stephanie's family.

9 Vince Wanted An Incest Angle

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If you're eating as you read this, finish your food first or take a long break from eating. You'll thank me later.

When Stephanie was pregnant with her and Triple H's first child, Mr. McMahon came up with another terrible storyline idea that's as gross and disgusting as you can imagine. He wanted an incest angle where he would be revealed as the father to his own daughter's child. Yes, we are serious.

Thankfully, Stephanie used common sense and shut down the idea right away, and she deserves plenty of credit for doing so. There is just nothing funny or entertaining about incest, which happens to be a very sensitive topic.

But is anybody surprised? This is Mr. McMahon, after all. The man has come up with some of the worst storylines imaginable.

8 The XFL

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Mr. McMahon was already a billionaire as the chairman of the WWE, but he wanted to get even richer while pleasing the general American football audience. His idea? Create the XFL! The idea of this football league was to take place during the NFL offseason to that fans could have something to turn to in the meantime. The XFL was also meant to be a more anything goes league, with more big hits and fewer penalties.

NBC would broadcast the games and there were eight teams from across the country competing for the championship. This whole thing was a mistake from the very beginning. The XFL lasted one season until the plug was pulled on the operation.

The WWE and NBC lost a reported $35 million after putting $100 million into the league. Vince may be a great businessman when it comes to professional wrestling, but not in creating football leagues.

7 Stephanie's Alleged Relationship with Randy Savage

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'Macho Man' Randy Savage was one of the greatest wrestlers than Vince McMahon ever hired. He was a wonder to watch in the ring and he could cut an epic promo like no other....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAH!

Savage and Mr. McMahon helped bring the WWE to new heights, but their relationship started to experience plenty of tension. McMahon moved him to commentary after deciding he wanted younger competition in the ring. Macho Man wanted to wrestle again, but Vince wouldn't have it and the two parted ways. This led to Savage heading over to WCW.

But a long-standing rumor suggests that Savage had an inappropriate relationship with Stephanie McMahon prior to his departure, which led to McMahon dismissing the Macho Man. Savage was 24 years older than Stephanie, and if Vince ever found out about anything going on behind his back, he surely wouldn't have wasted a second in firing Savage.

Whether or not this alleged relationship took place, it's not something the McMahons want to think about.

6 Stephanie Contributed to Chyna's Career Downfall

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Chyna was the real-life girlfriend of Triple H, and the two worked together on-screen in the D-Generation X alliance. Chyna was one of the first true female Superstars to get over with the crowd and was undoubtedly a major contributor in the diva's division growing.

Unfortunately, Chyna's career went downhill after Stephanie McMahon got herself involved in a love triangle. This supposedly led to Triple H leaving Chyna for Stephanie, which led to the former being dismissed by the WWE sometime after.

Stephanie and Triple H became happily married and have three children together. Sadly, Chyna struggled with mental illness, alcohol and drugs aplenty -- which contributed to her untimely passing last year.

Perhaps if this love triangle didn't get so out of hand, Chyna could have built off of her impressive career and would have been able to stay away from the addictions that took over her life.

5 A.J. Lee Owned Stephanie on Twitter

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Despite her major accomplishments in the WWE, A.J. Lee chose to walk out on the company alongside her husband, CM Punk. Lee was the top female superstar in the WWE during her brief time with the company, but doesn't have a good relationship with the company at this point.

Back in 2015, Stephanie posted a photo on Twitter where she thanked actress Patricia Arquette for promoting women's rights. But then Ms. Lee came along on Twitter and absolutely exposed Stephanie as a hypocrite:

Unfortunately for Stephanie, A.J. makes a strong point. The female division had been largely ignored for many years by the WWE until the emerges of Charlotte, Bayley and Sasha Banks. This was just one of the many chapters involving two strong and powerful women and a real-life rivalry.

4 Linda's Okay With Vince Cheating on Her

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It's no kept secret that Vince has cheated on his wife Linda many times over the years. The two have known each other since they were young teenager and have been married for 51 years. That's a loyal wife if we've ever seen one. Unfortunately, billionaire Vince wasn't able to resist the temptation of having affairs with the many gorgeous women that have worked for him over the years.

Vince has had some inappropriate relationships with some of the divas in WWE. That goes without mentioning he booked himself in segments where Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus stripped down to seduce him.

Despite all of this, Linda has been okay with it and has stayed by Vince's side all this time. Don't believe the McMahons want everyone to know that he's cheated on Linda and that she's been okay with it.

3 Linda's Political Career

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Linda McMahon has helped Vince turn the WWE into a company that is worth billions of dollars -- acting as its President and CEO. Despite all of this business success that netted her millions, Linda opted to take a different career path -- politics!

She put her WWE career on hold and ran as a Republican of the 2010 U.S. Senator from Connecticut campaign. Like Donald Trump, she self-funded her own campaign and didn't take any donations. It was reported that she spent $50 million on her campaign. It was all for nothing, as Richard Blumenthal from the Democratic Party won the election.

With all due respect to Mrs. McMahon, she didn't have much (if any), background or experience in American politics. She wasted a ton of money on a campaign that was all for nothing. We know how much a billionaire family hates losing, so it must infuriate them that we know all about it.

2 Stephanie Compares 9/11 to Vince's Steroid Trial

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The 9/11 terrorist attacks became one of the most devastating tragedies in American history. Nearly 3,000 people lost their lives from terrorists who hijacked plans and crashed them into the World Trade Center. No other U.S. event in recent memory can compare to 9/11 in terms of horror, heartbreak and disgust. But don't try telling that to Stephanie McMahon.

Shortly after 9/11, WWE Superstars and employees shared their inspirational words for fans watching the programming. Stephanie compared her father's steroid trial to the 9/11 attacks, saying how the McMahon family felt stronger after trying to be "ripped apart." She said it was how Americans felt. Wow.

With all due respect to Stephanie, a man on trial for allegedly distributing steroids is not even close to being a tragedy the way the 9/11 attacks were. I suppose it's just a billionaire people thing sometimes....

1 Vince's Steroid Trial

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Even though Vince McMahon has been a darn good businessman and successful worker his whole life, almost everything came crashing down in the '90s. The chairman of WWE was indicted for allegedly distributing steroids to his wrestlers. He had to hand over control of the company to Linda while he fought in court.

Kevin Wacholz claimed that McMahon forced him to take steroids. But considering that he attacked Vince violently backstage some time ago, Wacholz' testimony could not be deemed as reliable and relevant.

It all came down to Hulk Hogan, the greatest superstar the WWE ever produced. He saved Vince by testifying that McMahon never told him to take steroids before. McMahon was acquitted and came out a free man.

But given how it somewhat damaged his reputation and almost put him behind bars, it's no secret that Vince and his family would like everyone to forget this.

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