15 Things Ric Flair Doesn't Want You To Know About His Kids

Ric Flair. The Nature Boy. One of the most prolific, legendary wrestlers of all time. We grew up watching him WOOOOO his way through the WWE, NWA, WCW and TNA. He’s won pretty much every championship belt there is, multiple times. With his signature colourful robes, bleach blonde hair and loveable personality, Ric Flair’s name is synonymous with pro wrestling.

Mr. Flair has had an incredible career, with a personal life marred with controversy and tragedy. We’ve watched him on television throughout his career, and as he grew older, he had kids of his very own; kids with their own lives and problems. Some more than others.

At the Sportster, we love to take a look into the lives of our favourite pro wrestlers. Hulk Hogan has had a very public life and his kids seem to be following suit.

Let’s take a look at Ric’s children; Reid, David and Ashley. All three have attempted to follow in their father’s footsteps. Some had success. Others did not. Ashley, the only daughter, is the most well-known and a total smoke show (you’re welcome).

Let’s take a look at the 15 Things Ric Flair Doesn’t Want You To Know About His Kids.

15 Like Father Like Daughter


Ric Flair has had his fair share of wives. He’s been married to four different women, to be exact. He was married to Leslie Goodman from 1971 to 1983, right after that he wed Elizabeth Harrell in 1983 and was married until their divorce in 2006, Flair and Tiffany VanDemark were married from 2006 to 2009, and finally he married Jackie Beems in 2009, only to divorce in 2014. That’s quite the resume, Mr. Flair. It seems that his daughter, stage name Charlotte Flair, real name Ashley Fliehr, married Riki Johnson in May of 2010, only for that marriage to end horribly (more on that later), then, she married Thomas Latimer, also known as the wrestler Bram in 2013, to be divorced in 2015. Like father like daughter, I guess.

14 David Flair Meme


Apparently, David Flair never wanted to be a wrestler growing up. He wanted to be a State Trooper. But, later in his life, he was training to be a pro wrestler just like Daddy. David began training and eventually made appearances in WCW, NWA, WWE, TNA and the independent circuit. He’s been around, just like his Dad, but was never anywhere near as popular. There is one popular thing about the crowbar wielding David in the wrestling community, however; his incredible entrance music and video. This is about as good as it gets when it comes to cringe-worthy entrance videos. Riding on the coat tails of his father, the video is mainly footage of Ric Flair doing his thing, with some weird cutaways to David, holding his crowbar, swaying back and forth, doing some strange, non-intimidating dance. Enjoy.

13 Reid Flair Arrested


Just like his brother David, Reid was becoming a professional wrestler to follow in his father’s footsteps. And just like his brother, he was never able to catch on to the gig. He appeared in the WCW for a short time as well as the NWA, but at the end of his career mainly stuck to the independent circuit. Reid’s life was unfortunately troubled with addicted and run-ins with the law. Reid was arrested three times. Once he was arrested in 2007 for assault and battery, for which he posted bail. Again in March of 2009, he was arrested for impaired driving, again being released after posting bail. Then, Reid was arrest merely a month later in April 2009 after crashing his car. The police found heroin inside the vehicle after a search, for which he faced felony charges.

12 No Fans of David


Do a quick search online about David Flair’s wrestling career and you will be shocked at how much hate the dude gets. Aside from the hilarious entrance video which we already covered, apparently David’s skills were just not up to the task. Being the son of one of the best, most beloved wrestlers of all time apparently had to influence on him. There are countless forums on the internet (because of course there are), ripping David’s moves and techniques to shreds. He was professionally trained, yes, but it seems that no amount of training can make somebody do what they’re not passionate about. David didn’t want to be a wrestler from the start. We can’t blame the guy for not putting in 100% in the ring if his heart wasn’t in it, can we internet?

11 Charlotte Arrested

Reid Flair isn’t the only one of the Flair children to have a run-in with the authorities. Charlotte did as well. Back in 2008, before her rise through the WWE ranks and her failed two marriages, Charlotte was arrested in South Carolina for assaulting a police officer. No, not with a steal chair. The fight included her then-boyfriend and her father, Ric. The circumstances around the fight are unclear; however Flair himself was seen with lacerations on his face and neck, apparently from his very own daughter. Ric refused to press charges, but Charlotte faced charges of resisting arrest. Later, she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and was sentenced to 45 days in jail, which eventually turned into supervised probation and a $200 fine.

10 Death of a Son


On March 29, 2013 the Flair family was hit with a devastating loss. After a life of addiction, Reid Fliehr was found dead in bed at the Residence Inn in Charlotte, North Carolina. A call was made from an anonymous person who found Reid in the room, unresponsive. When the authorities arrive, the concluded that Reid was in fact deceased. No foul play was suspected, and upon the autopsy and toxicology reports in June, it was revealed that a mixture of heroin and the muscle relaxant clonazepam and Xanax were found in his system. It was a tough period for the Flair family. Ric was quoted saying; “I loved him…he should have been on top of the world but he was fighting a battle he couldn’t win.”

9 Death of a Storyline


The WWE has been known to throw in real, personal problems into their storylines, but this one goes way, waaaaaay too far. Ashley, or Charlotte as she’s known to the WWE crowd has made an incredibly successful wrestling career for herself, even recently winning the WWE Divas Championship. During a segment in 2015, played off as a faux-contract signing with her rival Paige, they stepped over a line. Paige threw out a line, calling out the deceased Reid, saying; “Your little baby brother didn’t have much fight in him, did he?” To which Charlotte began to throw down. It was an ugly moment for sure. Even the crowd didn’t quite know how to react to it. The WWE apologized, somewhat passing the blame, to absolutely nobody’s surprise. The line was never mentioned on-air again.

8 WWE Blames Charlotte


Carrying on with the absolute mess that was the ‘contract signing’ between Charlotte and Paige, the WWE has never been known for their sincere apologies. To mention the death of a loved one, which is obviously not a WWE storyline is going too far, especially when you don’t even ask for permission first. That’s right; nobody in the WWE, writing staff or otherwise, thought it would be smart to check with Ric Flair or the Fleihr family on whether they’d be offended about mentioning Reid’s death, especially in the manner it was mentioned. Ric Flair himself was brought to tears when he heard the words. However, all is well in the WWE’s eyes, as they place the blame squarely on Charlotte herself in this statement; "Subject matter this personal is only approved as a result of the strong advocacy of the talent themselves. Notwithstanding that, WWE is ultimately responsible for what airs in its programming." Classy.

7 David Retires


Finally, after trying to make the most of it, David Flair had enough of the wrestling business. David Flair would wrestle his last match on May 11, 2007 against Dustin Rhodes, now known as Goldust. His short-lived wrestling career, which began in 2000, never reached the pinnacles of his father. His heart wasn’t in it. His passions lay elsewhere; even when he was dating the lovely Stacy Kiebler while they were both in the WCW. There’s a reason to stay in the business. Anyway, David retired from the business in 2007. And while he still will make the odd appearance with his father, he’s walked away from wrestling entertainment and now manages a successful wiring company. He’s married with two children. See? There are happy endings after all.

6 Charlotte’s Missing Father


Our fathers are a big part of who we are. They influence who we will become when we grow older, as is purely evident with Charlotte Flair. That being said, Charlotte was also quoted by saying at times it was tough growing up with a Dad who was a wrestling superstar. He would be gone a lot, travelling with whatever wrestling brand he was attached to at the time, all over North American and the world. Hence, we was absent for much of Charlotte (Ashley’s) childhood. While he was around, apparently Ric left his wrestling personality in the ring and was a normal, everyday father, with homework and curfews. Sounds like everything was great when he was home, but it sure must’ve been tough growing up with a globetrotting father like Ric Flair.

5 David and Stacy Wed


The WWE has a weird affection when it comes to staged weddings broadcast live. Of course, these weddings never go well. I mean, why would it? There’s no fun in a nice, romantic wedding where the couple rides off happily ever after. That doesn’t get ratings. So, the WWE writers craft long-winded story lines and segments that drag on for far too long and pretty much to nothing but annoy everyone. Of course, WCW were no strangers to this concept either. In fact, when they were giving David Flair his push they constructed a storyline where he would marry Stacy Keibler. The big day arrived, and of course the authorities showed up to arrest Ric Flair, then, Stacy dropped a bomb about having a another man’s baby and called the wedding off. This whole segment did nothing but showcase David’s horrible acting ability and the whole thing turned into an episode of Maury.

4 Ric Calls 911


We could only imagine the panic a father would go through upon discovering their child’s body. Ric was the one to call 911 when Reid Flair overdosed in 2013. The call is incredibly difficult to listen to. It’s not for the faint of heart. The emotion is purely evident in Ric’s voice, as Ric frantically tells the operator, "He's out cold! He's out cold and he's purple!" Reid had just completed a wrestling tour in Japan, and was home in Charlotte for the first time in a while. As previously mentioned, Reid had a long running struggle with addiction, particularly heroin. Once again, do not listen to the attached audio if you’re squeamish or easily offended. This was obviously one of the hardest moments of Ric’s life, but being in the spotlight means it’s now online for everyone to consume.

3 Body Image Struggles


This is crazy – but even a gorgeous, confident, successful woman like Charlotte Flair can have body image issues. The internet is a crazy place where anybody can post anything about anybody, and that goes for wrestling superstars as well. The WWE Divas put it all on the line every night to entertain, while wearing some incredibly tiny outfits while they do it. For the heels, it’s an even tougher gig. They have to receive ridicule from the internet haters who can message them directly, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever else. Charlotte Flair has received her fair share of hate. "Negative comments in terms of body image are the hardest thing the women probably struggle with," she said. “No matter what your job is or what you want to achieve in life, anything you set your mind to, you can do." Well said, girl.

2 Reid Flair’s Funeral


Not long after his death, a funeral service was held for Reid in his hometown of Charlotte. Over a hundred visitors came to the service, which ran over 90 minutes. Reid’s father Ric gave a 10 minute speech about his son, reflecting on his troubled life but his happy, friendly personality. “I want to make sure he knows this turnout isn’t because of me,” he said, “it’s because of who he was and who he affected.” There was also a 17 minute slideshow set to music about Reid’s life. A private burial was held afterwards for friends and family. Later, Ric shared an amazing story about slipping one of his WWE Hall of Fame rings onto Reid’s finger before the casket was closed; truly the perfect way to honor his late son.

1 Real Life Rivalry


Charlotte and Paige have recently gone through a fairly heated rivalry in the WWE. They put on some of the best matches in Women's history. We’ve already discussed the controversy with Paige’s comments regarding Reid Flair, but apparently there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than we thought, and it all centered around Alberto Del Rio. Apparently Del Rio was dating Charlotte, but in swooped Paige, and Del Rio switched a blonde for a brunette. This caused some tension in the locker room between the two WWE Divas. After the Reid Flair remarks, the WWE writers broke up the Paige and Charlotte rivalry and maybe for the best, as it seemed things may have gotten really out of hand backstage, with these two former friends fighting for real.

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15 Things Ric Flair Doesn't Want You To Know About His Kids