15 Things Stephanie McMahon Doesn’t Want You To Know About WWE’s Ex-Divas

The progression of women’s wrestling in WWE over the past few years is one of the things Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are most proud of. Both Stephanie and Triple H will have to eventually replace Vince McMahon by making all of the decisions that will impact the company’s future. Stephanie has been adamant about wanting the women in the company to receive the opportunity to shine the way the men do. Before the recent surge of talent female performers having stellar matches, the ladies hired by WWE were there primarily for having good looks. Fitness models and bikini contestants were the main focus of WWE in terms of trying to sell sex through their Women’s Division.

Stephanie has made it known that she is a strong proponent of the women’s roster getting equal opportunity. The prior era of women’s wrestlers never had this going for them. Between their wrestling careers and their off-screen lives, there are many stories that WWE and Stephanie would not be proud of. The re-writing of history by WWE as they continue progressing will see these stories hidden by the company. These are fifteen instances of things Stephanie McMahon doesn’t want you to know about former WWE female stars.

15 Gail Kim Calls Vince McMahon EXACTLY What He Is


WWE bringing Mickie James back into the company for one final run has been a nice story. Many fans wondered if Gail Kim would be next. Kim is one of the best women’s wrestlers of all time that saw her two stints in WWE lead to disappointment. WWE never viewed her as being worth investing the television time into and she played a background role for the most part.


Gail proved her worth in TNA by putting their Women’s Division on the map. Various interviews have seen Kim reveal that she will never work for WWE again due to how Vince McMahon treated her. The comments of Gail claim that McMahon considered her unattractive and treated her with minimal respect. Jim Ross revealed that Vince didn’t believe she was marketable due to being Asian. Stephanie McMahon clearly wouldn’t want fans realizing her own dad treated a legend so poorly.

14 WWE Influenced Lita's Depression


The end of Lita’s in-ring career came in 2006 when she decided to leave once her contract ended. Lita spent the majority of her final few years playing the heel girlfriend of Edge. This stemmed from the real life love triangle that featured Lita cheating on Matt Hardy and leaving him for Edge to change their careers forever.

Fans treated Lita poorly once the story broke by chanting extremely rude chants her way. The wrestlers also viewed her with less fondness backstage. It all led to her being absolutely miserable. Lita has gone on record that she struggled to even eat or sleep during the last couple of years in WWE. The reason for leaving was more so about finding happiness rather than being tired of wrestling. WWE making the real life incident a storyline just gave fans more reason to say things to her that made her life a wreck.

13 Randy Orton Bullied Amy Weber


Amy Weber is a name many wrestling fans have no memory of, but she certainly had a noteworthy backstage run-in with Randy Orton. The hiring of Weber came when WWE added a bunch of runner ups from the Diva Search contests. Amy ended up getting called up to television on the SmackDown brand as a manager for JBL in The Cabinet faction.

The story goes that multiple wrestlers in the company felt Weber didn’t show proper respect to the locker room. Orton’s retort to someone having this controversy was to poop in her luggage. No one has confirmed or denied but the reports all indicate that Orton wanted to leave a disgusting surprise to humble her. Weber has only stated that Orton made her life miserable and did inhumane things. One of the ladies being bullied to such an extent by an active WWE star is such a horrible look.

12 Terri Runnels’ Relationship With New Jack


The career of Terri Runnels peaked during the Attitude. Terri did great work as the manager of her then real life husband Goldust. WWE eventually moved Runnels into other roles from being a fixture in bikini contests to a manager to a backstage broadcaster. Life after WWE has been relative quiet for Terri aside from a wild situation.

An odd couple of Terri and ECW legend New Jack started dating after meeting at an independent wrestling show. The two worked together and were an item for a few months before it all fell apart. Following the break-up, New Jack started sharing nude pictures of Runnels with any wrestling fans willing to pay for it. Terri threatened him with a lawsuit. Dating New Jack would have been bad enough but the drama to follow it is something Stephanie McMahon and WWE doesn’t want associated with them.

11 The Kat Caused Jerry Lawler To Quit


A forgotten WWE story featured Jerry Lawler’s short absence from the company in 2001. It was the only time Lawler has walked away from WWE since signing in the mid-90s. Lawler was married to Stacy “The Kat” Carter at the time. Carter was already a controversial figure due to being the first woman to go topless on a WWE PPV by flashing without censorship.

WWE pushed her as the top face in the Women’s Division for a short time period before giving up on her. Kat’s release led to Lawler walking out in anger with her. That is the main reason why Paul Heyman called WrestleMania X-Seven and spent the majority of 2001 at the commentary table. WWE reportedly had shame regarding how this all played out. Lawler had his job back once the couple split and was offered to return to the company.

10 Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler Hated The Wrestling Part 


The biggest difference between today’s women’s wrestling approach by WWE and the past is shown in the match stipulations. WWE recently gave us the first ever Hell in a Cell and Money in the Bank matches featuring women. The first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match is expected to take place in 2018. Prior eras of women’s wrestling featured ladies like Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler ripping each other’s clothes off.

Wilson and Keibler were two of the biggest women’s wrestling stars of all time. However, neither Stacy nor Torrie enjoyed wrestling and actually preferred the vanity work. Both ladies confirmed they didn’t like taking bumps and preferred showcasing their physical beauty. Stephanie McMahon would not be happy about two major names actually admitting they enjoyed the exploitation days over the current athletic competition being portrayed by the ladies.

9 Taryn Terrell Attacked Drew McIntyre


A rare romantic couple gone wrong in WWE that doesn’t get much discussion years later is the story of Taryn Terrell and Drew McIntyre. Both performers were very young into their careers in WWE. Things went awry when McIntyre allegedly cheated on Terrell and she exposed him on social media. Shortly after, a story broke that Taryn was arrested for attacking Drew.

The incident led to them breaking up and going in different career paths. Terrell left WWE and became a star for TNA in their Knockouts Division. McIntyre struggled in WWE before getting released as well. Drew ended up working with Taryn again in TNA and it was apparently peaceful. WWE has once again hired McIntyre. Stephanie and Triple H don’t want you remembering the volatile relationship that existed between these two performers.

8 Dawn Marie Claims WWE Fired Her For Being Pregnant


Dawn Marie was one of the few women from ECW to thrive after leaving the company. WWE hired Dawn and she found a lot of success. Marie was Torrie Wilson’s top rival as the only female feud on the SmackDown brand for quite some time. The heel character of Dawn definitely impressed and she contributed to WWE during her time in the company.

WWE however chose to release Marie right around the time she got pregnant and could not compete. Dawn sued WWE for wrongful termination due to losing her job for having a child. The lawsuit was settled out of court. Considering both Maryse and Maria Kanellis are both pregnant right now, WWE doesn’t want this story about Dawn floating around. It appears both ladies will be on maternity leave as their husbands wrestle without them which is a major change from Dawn’s story.

7 Brandi Rhodes Trashing WWE For Using Dusty's Creations


The drama between WWE and Cody Rhodes following his decision to leave the company has continued over a year. WWE denied Cody the use of the Rhodes name despite the fact that his late father made it an asset. Brandi was able to secure access to the Rhodes name and uses it on the independent circuit. The recent instance of drama comes regarding WWE using the Starrcade name.

Dusty invented the show Starrcade in WCW and it became the biggest annual show of the year for the company. WWE is bringing is back for a random live event that won’t even be televised. Brandi ranted on social media about how disrespectful and hypocritical WWE has been. This comes right when the company sent a cease and desist letter preventing Bullet Club from using the “too sweet” sign. Brandi’s comments make WWE look terrible and the company badly want fans not to know about her recent allegations.

6 Ashley Massaro's Escort Controversy


One of the more surprising stories regarding a former WWE women’s wrestler featured Ashley Massaro accused of being a part of a high end prostitution company. The allegations stated Massaro worked as an escort with other high caliber models and adult stars. This story broke when Ashley was off television and shortly before she decided to leave the company.

Massaro left wrestling to spend more time with her family when her young daughter had an illness. The story never really took off after more than a week or two of online speculation. Ashley has never confirmed or denied the allegations. WWE didn’t have to address it due to the lower profile of the story. The current landscape of the company would have Stephanie McMahon throw a fit if happened again with an active talent or if she was asked about Massaro.

5 Sable Sued WWE For Harassment


Sable was without a doubt one of the biggest female stars in WWE history. The popularity of Sable passed the majority of male wrestlers during the Attitude Era. Fans would pay more attention to Sable and cheer for her than watch the matches going down in the ring between the guys. Sable’s run as the top women’s wrestling name in WWE ended when she left the company in 1999.

The aftermath of Sable’s departure saw her sue WWE for sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions. WWE and Sable eventually made peace bringing her back in 2003. Sable met Brock Lesnar and the two got married. Considering Brock is still married to Sable today, the story of Sable suing the company for sexual harassment is a fascinating one. Stephanie, Vince and everyone else in power would rather it stay in the past.

4 WWE Didn’t Allow Victoria Backstage At Recent Show

One of the women that actually performed great matches at a time when the women were limited in opportunities was Victoria. The talented woman had classics against Trish Stratus that helped add some short term credibility to the Women’s Division before WWE delved back into the eye candy priority. Victoria deserves to be mentioned among the better female wrestlers in WWE history.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t treated as such a few months ago during a WWE show in San Diego. Victoria tried to get access backstage to visit her friends that work in the company. WWE apparently blocked her and security told her to go back into the crowd with the fans. Victoria ranted about the disrespect on social media. Given how much Stephanie McMahon is trying to portray respect to Beth Phoenix, Alundra Blayze and other past stars, Victoria’s claims make Stephanie look like a huge hypocrite.

3 Triple H's Rumored Affair With Christy Hemme


A story that is more personally directed towards Stephanie McMahon focuses on why Christy Hemme was released so quickly from WWE. Hemme was the first ever Diva Search winner, had a lot of fan support and showed potential. No one saw it coming when WWE released her less than a year into her stint with the company.

An urban legend has been floating around the internet that Hemme slept with Triple H and Stephanie found out leading to her firing. This is all speculation but the story has become more popular through the years given the mystery surrounding WWE releasing a valuable asset for no apparent reason. Obviously, Stephanie doesn’t want you to know about this rumor, regardless of if it is true or not. All it does is make her and Triple H look bad.

2 Everything Sunny Related


Tammy “Sunny” Sytch may very well be the most shameful people in the wrestling business at this stage. The stunning looks and charisma made her a standout personality in the 90s as the original Diva. Sytch took the term “Diva” to a literal definition backstage. Some of the antics in WWE saw her cheat on her boyfriend Chris Candido with Shawn Michaels. Sunny and Michaels had intercourse in the locker room which is something WWE is ashamed of.

Recent years have been worse for Sytch as she’s been arrested countless times while going in and out of rehab for addictions to drugs and alcohol. The hatred of Sunny has also been spewed with racist tirades towards multiple minority groups on social media. Perhaps most publicized, Sytch took part in an adult film that featured her showing off the WWE Hall of Fame ring. All of these are things likely make Stephanie McMahon wish WWE never employed the train wreck known as Sunny.

1 AJ Lee Calls Out Stephanie's Hypocrisy


Stephanie McMahon has tried really hard to market her role in WWE as fighting for equality. While Stephanie likely definitely does have the passion to create a better industry for the women, it took her a very long time to speak up against her father. AJ Lee called this out when Stephanie referenced Patricia Arquette’s Academy Awards speech about equality.

The comments from Lee asked Stephanie why WWE doesn’t provide equal television time, merchandising opportunities and overall pay for the women in the company. Stephanie replied by thanking AJ for the criticism and refused to give a public answer. This was the biggest public hit towards Stephanie by a former WWE woman. Lee left the company similar to her husband CM Punk due to the drama with Stephanie and Triple H. This is one of the bigger stories Stephanie doesn’t want you to discuss.

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