15 Things That Can Happen If Vince McMahon Retires

The WWE might have attained much of its popularity because of its amazing on-screen wrestlers who have been taking it to newer heights with every passing year, but it's the backstage genius of Vince McMahon which has made everything possible. Vincent Kennedy McMahon has been the brains behind the biggest empire in wrestling history for more than three decades now, as he inherited a relatively small company from his father and turned it into a multi-billion dollar empire. But over the years Vince has focused more on the business standpoint of the company rather than the wrestling one, thus affecting his decision-making which has been questionable for the past few years.

Be it pushing the superstars who the hardcore fans cannot stand or holding back some ingenious talent in the company, Vince has seemingly lost the praise of the fans in the past few years. He might be 71 years old but still has 100% creative control of everything that happens on the main roster and will not bow out of the industry he helped to set up that easily. But with this rigorous work taking a toll on his aging self, we may see him bid adieu to the WWE in the next few years especially since there are people to succeed him right now.

While the wrestling fans might have extremely polarizing views about the boss right now, it's without a shadow of a doubt that his brain made all the entertainment possible over the years. But that genius is wearing out as he's aging, as he seems to have lost some of his magical touch over the years and could call it quits if he doesn't think the product is good enough. If that does happen, we can expect many changes in the WWE as we take a look at the 15 things which can happen if the chairman of the company retires from his backstage role.

15 WWE Recruiting More Independent Wrestlers

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The WWE has always been very hesitant at signing well-known Independent stars, as Vince McMahon loves to create his own superstars whom he signs before they attain much popularity and aims to get them over on his own. While that is quite reasonable, there are some Independent wrestlers who do not want to come to the WWE because of how some Indy wrestlers have been buried in the company and they fear that their momentum can be tarnished. But that might change if Vince calls it quits, as newer heads will probably see the upside of signing more renown Independent talents and like we've seen in Triple H's NXT, the Indy wrestlers are given their shining moment in developmental. WWE will definitely see the talent all over the world and recruit more once Vince's hesitation is out of the way when he's gone, and we could see it filled with more world-class talents.

14 Greater Chance Of Newer Titles Being Introduced

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The Championships in the WWE are what the superstars thrive for, as the World Championships can take one to the top of the ladder while the others are also extremely prestigious ones. But WWE has become somewhat monotonous in introducing newer titles. While the Championships in NXT are just right, the ones on the main roster don't feel relevant because of numerous reasons as newer, more vibrant, well-designed championships can be introduced once Vince McMahon is gone. The European Championship could make a comeback, as this could add a new layer to the entertainment in the company and actually get us intrigued into some of the un-popular mid-carders as well.

13 WWE's Wrestlers Making Appearances For Other Promotions

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The Golden Rule for a WWE wrestler is once you are signed, you cannot show your face in any other promotions if you want to keep yourself in the good books of Vince McMahon, who prides his own company and restricts his talents from wrestling for others. But one thing we've seen in Independent wrestling promotions is that the wrestlers are allowed to make appearances for other promotions despite being signed to one particular one, and it would be amazing if the WWE also allowed that. WWE wrestlers have the potential to up the viewership of an Indy promotion if they make an appearance, as Triple H has allowed NXT superstars to do so in the past as well. It would be amazing if the WWE allows their superstars to appear in other promotions once Vince is gone, as it can tease so much in itself and also raise the reputation of the other promotion as well.

12 "The New Era" To Properly Kick Off

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The WWE Might have cherished the beginning of a "New Era" after WrestleMania 32 last year, but they haven't done anything to make things seem anything "new" for the fans. It has been the same old of Vince pushing his favorites to the top while keeping some amazingly talented wrestlers in the lower card and even though Smackdown has called itself the "Land of Opportunities", it hasn't done much to prove this to be a "New Era". With part-timers hogging the spotlight and goofy matches being unlimited, a proper "New Era" can only be kick-started once Vince leaves the proceedings. Once a more younger, open-minded person like Triple H or even Shane McMahon is in charge, we can expect it to be the real "New Era" and see some real talent getting opportunities to get to the top and staying there.

11 Vince's "Favorites" Turn Into "Triple H's Boys"

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While Vince McMahon loves his talent and treats them with utmost respect throughout their tenure in the company, there are some of his favorites which he continuously pushes down our throats. The likes of Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar pop up to mind in the recent years, but that bias towards his "favorites" will definitely be gone once Vince has left. That will probably replaced by Triple H, who also has his own favorite boys from NXT and has a soft spot for some of the particular wrestlers who come up from NXT. But one can argue that the likes of Finn Balor and Kevin Owens are better fits to be top men than Vince's "big guys" because of the talent they bring to the table, as it'll be for the better once Vince retires and Triple H's men takeover the main roster.

10 More Than Just A Handful Of Wrestlers Being Pushed To The Top

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Getting to the top of the WWE is quite the hellish journey for most right now, as only a handful of wrestlers whom Vince McMahon sees fit gets pushed as a permanent top star instead of many like some years back. Most of the superstars only see little success at the top before they are degraded to a mid-carder or worse, and that can change if Vince McMahon's morale's of pushing certain "big-bodied" stars is out of the way. We can see much more wrestlers who would've otherwise never made it to the top being pushed by the company once Vince goes, as this can also provide a healthy competition level at the top levels of the wrestling in the company and encourage wrestlers to work harder to stay at the top. With the amount of talent WWE possesses, more superstars deserve their shining moment which is being held back from them by Vince and that can definitely change once someone more open-minded is in charge.

9 No Restriction On Unique Wrestling Styles

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Ever since the Chris Benoit tragedy a decade back, Vince McMahon has become very protective of his wrestlers as he quickly turned to make WWE PG after that incident. He has restricted the wrestling styles of numerous wrestlers as well, as some risky moves which can cause long-term effects are banned altogether from the WWE right now because of Vince. He disables the wrestlers to wrestle to their full potential as he controversially banned many moves, mostly recently Seth Rollins' Curb Stomp and is denying the fans of much entertainment with this restriction, as it is something which will be lifted once Vince goes. While something like the Attitude Era or Ruthless Aggression Era will never return, we can at least see more free,hard-hitting actions and wrestlers can perform without any restriction and make up for more enthralling matches and rivalries which can in itself uplift the quality of the product as well.

8 NXT Invasion On Main Roster

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WWE NXT has escalated to something amazing over the past few years, as it has gone from being just a "developmental" territory to one of the hottest shows in wrestling right now. Triple H has set it up perfectly over the years, as it has been competing with the main roster for supremacy and arguably even winning that battle. An invasion angle could be amazing some-time down the line with NXT invading the main shows, but Vince McMahon will never go through with that. And knowing the way he treated the Nexus invasion angle, we can hope that he doesn't even try that. NXT invading the main roster is something that can happen only when Vince is gone, as we can see it perfectly played out if Triple H is handling the storyline and if it played out well, it can be something really amazing.

7 Part Timers No Longer Taking Up Main Event Spots

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The WWE product is getting more and more aggravating for the fans mostly because of the fact that the part-timers are hogging the spotlight someone else deserves. When the likes of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar who barely work 10 matches a year are getting to main event WrestleMania, you can realize the frustration of fans and the wrestlers themselves as well. Vince is too stubborn to realize his mistakes at pushing these part-timers(which he does just for the financial benefit) and push someone more deserving in his place, as this can change only when he leaves. Whoever else comes in his place will realize the mistake and put an end to it, as these part-timers will be treated as such as they'll still be in rather high-profile matches, but the spotlight will be on those who work their butts off 24x7 for the company and deserve to get all the spotlight.

6 WWE Pushing Smaller Guys As Top Stars

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The WWE always hires the relatively smaller and extremely talented wrestlers to put on much entertainment for them, but always pushes the "big guys" to the very top as their main event level talents. Hence the gradually light-weighted and shorter superstars who have bags of potential never manage to get to the top, because Vince only wants the bigger, more "intimidating" looking guys to be the faces of his company. But that might change once Vince McMahon is no longer at the helm, as Triple H has already shown to give smaller guys main event level pushes and gotten them over with the audience. If he's in charge, WWE will mostly start to push the relatively "small" guys as their top stars as well, as we might even see a Cruiserweight win the WWE Championship and become a main eventer. Some of the Smaller wrestlers are way more talented than the main eventers and need to be appreciated at the top,something which will not happen until Vince McMahon is gone.

5 NXT Becomes A Live Show

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While many might argue that the product in WWE NXT is better in comparison to Raw and Smackdown, it still remains as a developmental territory for the WWE where the "rookies" are honed and trained to get the main roster call. But it would be more interesting if NXT actually becomes its own brand, with its own unique roster and stuff as it could also participate in the Brand Wars of the WWE between three shows. NXT also needs to go live in order for something like that to happen, but Vince McMahon won't allow any of that because of his fears of Triple H's brainchild taking over the ratings. But once the Chairman is gone, Triple H will make sure that NXT goes Live every week rather than the taped shows, as that could attract more eyes to the product and take it to newer heights, as a live new brand like NXT will definitely help the WWE financially as well as serving the fans perfectly as well.

4 Co-Produced Shows With Other Wrestling Promotions

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WWE is a company at such a massive scale that it doesn't really need the help of anyone or anything else to gain popularity, as it has more PPV's and shows than any other promotion in the world. Vince McMahon prides his company's 24x7 work policy and doesn't want coalition with anyone else, but that could change one he bids adieu to the WWE. We've seen wrestling promotions like Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling announce partnership and co-produce annual wrestling shows in the past, as it could be amazing if WWE did that as well once Vince is gone. The amount of possibilities are endless, as a WWE-NJPW co-produced show could be absolutely amazing with the talent both promotions possess and this could benefit both the company's and the fans as well and produce a sensational show every-year, as this possibility can only be a thing once Vince McMahon goes.

3 Shane and Stephanie Fight For Majority Ownership Of The Company

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The major question which will occur if Vince McMahon retires anytime soon is going to be who takes over the company, and that's not only about who takes over creative control. WWE is obviously a billion dollar company, as their financial situation right now is pretty good with Vince at the helm. But the question is what might happen financially when Vince bows out, as his children in Shane and Stephanie will be eying for getting the majority themselves. Vince is a very rich man who will mostly give away his shares after retirement, and Shane and Stephanie will definitely want to become the majority owner of the company and take control after their dad is gone. It's still up in the air about who will exactly become the next in control of the WWE after Vince leaves, but one can definitely expect a heated sibling rivalry for control of this huge empire built by Vince McMahon, as this will be a battle none would want to lose.

2 The PG Rating To Be Dropped

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One of the main reasons for the wrestling and segments in the WWE becoming so watered-down over the years is its PG rating, which means that any edgy or raunchy stuff cannot be shown on WWE TV. This has also affected the violence level in the company and it has become a bit too soft with the "entertainment" feeling very child-is and the wrestling unconvincing. This is especially horrible for the old WWE fans who have been watching since the raunchy Attitude Era, as the WWE does nothing to serve to them. Vince McMahon won't ever let go off the PG rating because of how safe he has become, but the rating might be changed once Vince is gone. Even if it doesn't become too raunchy for the kids, it might get back the TV-14 rating which can bring back the vibe of the old WWE and make for some real entertainment, as things have become too soft under the over-protective Vince and the rating needs to change as soon as possible.

1 Triple H Takes Over Creative Control

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Triple H might have been The Game, King of Kings and The Cerebral Assassin in the past, but he's current The Creator and a very good one at that, as his work on NXT over the past few years has been amazing. He took over the old, horrible NXT and revamped it into a new developmental territory, where he not only made stars for the main roster but also brought world-class talents and gave them an opportunity to shine at a big stage like WWE. Regardless what is said about how Triple H sucked up to Vince to get where he is, he's doing a fantastic job now and once Vince is gone, he'll definitely be the guy to take his position as WWE's head booker. His work creating stars in NXT proves how he's definitely the right guy to replace Vince, as many are hoping for Vince to retire soon so that Triple H can take the helm of the main roster and make the WWE exciting again.

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